tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSarah Returns Home Ch. 03

Sarah Returns Home Ch. 03


Part 1

Sarah was squirming again. As if yesterday hadn't been bad enough, today was promising to be even worse. She had woken to the sound of Church bells. In the small town where her mother lived everyone went to Church on a Sunday. That included her mother and also included Sarah, Linda and Sandy. Only John had managed to find a good reason to be excused, football practice; but even he had to promise to attend a later Mass. Now she sat in the front pew awaiting the signal from Sandy when she would have to humiliate herself once more and simply hope that her mother was too busy praying to notice what she was doing.

Sandy had been waiting for her in the bathroom that morning but all she could think about was the taste of her nephew's cum on her teeth and in her mouth, no matter how often she had brushed and gargled. She wasn't sure if it was because she was thinking about what John had made her do the previous evening or because she was still half asleep that she didn't even notice her brother-in-law at first.

He was hiding in the large walk-in closet in the bathroom when she had entered, wearing her usual night-time attire, an oversized T-shirt and a pair of skimpy knickers. She sleepily turned on the shower then walked over to the toilet and lifted the lid. Turning round, she faced him, still oblivious to his presence just a few feet from her and started to lower her tiny knickers as she sat on the toilet. A large sigh escaped her lips and that's when she realised she wasn't alone.

She nearly cried out in fright even though she knew who it was immediately; who else could possibly wear such a smug grin. What made her face burn in shame, however, was the fact that she was sitting there, pissing, right in front of him. She tried to stop but her flow was too strong; did it always sound so loud? Sandy simply stood and watched, stroking his fat cock through his trousers, as she had no choice but to finish peeing then open her legs to wipe herself. Of all the things this evil man had watched her do, had made her do, this was the worst, and he hadn't even said a word.

She reached around, flushed the toilet and stood, her knickers still at her ankles, waiting for Sandy to leave so that she could have her shower in peace. Instead he sat down and she knew that he was going nowhere. Realising she had little choice, she turned her back on him before pulling her T-shirt over her head and stepping out of her knickers. Let him sit there, she thought; he's seen anything that I have anyway. This defiant thought strengthened her resolve but it didn't do anything to hide the blush in her cheeks as she stepped into the shower, very aware of her brother-in-law staring at her round cheeks.

Trying to hide as much as possible behind the shower screen, she let the water run down her back and over her long hair. Pouring some shampoo into her palm she proceeded to wash her hair. Closing her eyes to protect them from the suds but all the time she was worrying what Sandy was doing. By the time she had rinsed her hair and he still hadn't approached, she wondered if he had actually left the bathroom. Pushing her hair off her face, she looked out from behind the screen, hopefully, but he was still sitting there, still smiling, still waiting. Waiting for what, she wondered; I can't get any more naked, any more vulnerable than I am now. Why doesn't he say something, do something?

Tired of his games, she reached for the soap and her face cloth, quickly producing a luxurious soapy lather. This is going to be the quickest shower ever, she told herself but, as she began to wash her arms, her breasts, even her legs, she knew she was avoiding the one area that was aching for her attention.

Covered in suds she stepped back under the full force of the shower and allowed the steaming water to run down over her body, allowing it access to all the areas she longed to touch herself. There was no chance of that, not with Sandy waiting. The last thing she wanted to do was to give him any encouragement.

Stepping out of the shower, she immediately wrapped herself in one of her mother's soft towels. Once she was covered, another towel wrapped around her hair, she finally relaxed a little even though her brother-in-law continued to stare at her, watching every move she made. She couldn't pretend that he wasn't having an effect on her but she tried hard to remain composed and walked out of the bathroom as if he wasn't there.

She knew it was too much to hope for that Sandy would not follow her but she would have been even deeply embarrassed if she had realised that the towel wrapped around her wet body wasn't covering everything it should. Even though it looked fine at the front, it must have caught on the moistness covering her back and now rested just above her pink cheeks. Sandy walked a few steps behind her, revelling in the way her cheeks wobbled just a little as she strode purposefully across the hall to her bedroom.

Vainly she tried to prevent him from entering her room but he was too strong for her. It wasn't his strength that gained him entry, however; he simply whispered in her ear how he would love to take a photo of her in her towel to remind her that he had much more incriminating photos of her. She stepped back and allowed him in, standing there wondering, worrying just how far he is going to take this before they all have to leave for Church.

Cursing him for blackmailing her like this, she pleaded with him to leave her in peace but all he did was sit on the edge of her bed and wait. As she hesitated, he turned to the side and leaned over her pillow, inhaling the heat and the scent she had left there from her sleep. That simple act seemed to embarrass her greatly, as if he was stealing something personal from her. When he took his phone from his pocket and snapped her as she stood there, however, she knew that he had even worse ammunition than that.

She unwrapped the towel from around her still moist body and, once again, she was naked in front of her brother-in-law. As Sandy stared at her sexy body, he couldn't help but compare it to her sister's and he almost purred in delight that he was the lucky man honoured to be able to sample the delights of both women's charms. He could feel his cock stirring again and he longed to release it but he was saving that for tonight, for something really special.

Sarah slowly started to dry her neck and arms, before speeding up as the towel began to move down her body. She didn't want him to be staring at her breasts as she dried them but she knew she had no choice; all she could do was get it over with as quickly as possible. She drew the towel under each of them in turn, before running the towel up the small valley between them and finally drying around the top of them. She was trying desperately not to look at Sandy but he had no such inhibitions and, in fact, opened his legs to allow her to see the growing bulge at the front of his trousers. Even though her cheeks were already red, she could feel the heat in them blossoming again and hurried to finish drying herself.

She brought the towel around to her back, holding it in both hands, knowing she had no choice but to totally expose herself to her brother-in-law. It didn't matter how often this happened; she was never going to be comfortable with her sister's husband staring at her naked breasts and bald pussy. She trembled in her embarrassment as drying her back caused her breasts to swing gently back and forth and she knew Sandy was storing this moment in his mind's eye, even if he hadn't brought out his camera.

If drying her breasts and then her back had been embarrassing enough then it was nothing to what she felt when she realised that she would now have to rub her pussy and her bottom to dry them too. Looking at the man sitting only a few feet away from her, she could tell from his widening grin that he knew what was coming next too and he was obviously looking forward to it.

She brought the towel down to dry her lower back and bottom, twisting as far as she could so that one hand held the towel up while the other dried as much as possible. After a few moments, she changed hands and repeated drying her other cheek. As habit took over, she brought the towel back round to the front and seemed to slightly spread her legs, despite her audience. With one hand she pushed the towel between her legs and quickly dried off her pussy, almost moaning in pleasure at the long awaited touch. Sandy looked forward to the time when it was his tongue which was brushing her pussy lips but that time was not now, not yet.

Finally dry, she held the towel in front of herself, at last shielding her naked body from Sandy's piercing eyes. He now seemed to think it was time for him to play his part as he got up from her bed and began to select her clothes for the day. He knew that his new wife was now in the shower and that his mother-in-law was making breakfast for them all so he could allow himself time to enjoy Sarah's embarrassment and there wasn't a thing she could do about it.

Rummaging through her wardrobe, sifting through her chest of drawers, he presented his sister-in-law with an outfit that she would have never dreamed of wearing to Church and she doubted very much if her mother would approve. Once more depriving her of any privacy, he stepped back, pleased with himself, and waited for her to dress herself as he watched her examine the clothes he had placed on her bed.

Sarah took a step forward and she knew, even before she looked, that the first item would be stockings. She had come to the conclusion that Sandy, like most men, loved the idea of a woman in stockings, loved the idea of the tops of her smooth thighs being naked, vulnerable to his touch and loved the idea of her pussy being so much more accessible. Much as she hated to admit it, the silk stockings felt good on her bare skin and she allowed herself a small sigh as the smooth silk covered her smooth legs.

The stockings were black, as was the next item, a satin four strap suspender belt with a black lace front panel; ensuring the stockings were taut and wrinkle free, she attached them to the metal clasps. She liked wearing stockings but she knew that they, coupled with the knickers that Sandy had chosen, would show off her nicely rounded bare bottom. The only thing preserving her modesty was a black satin string settled snugly between the bottom cheeks belonging to the smallest thong from the collection Sandy had bought for her.

Her matching black bra seemed a least one size too small but at least the final item actually seemed suitable for Church, a nice summer dress which, although it only came down as far as mid thigh, still covered everything she would have wanted to cover. What worried her, though, was that it had buttons all the way down the front and she had no idea how many her brother-in-law might allow her to fasten.

Part 2

After breakfast, they all drove to Church together. Marching to the very front of the incense filled building, Sarah trembled at the prospect of exactly what Sandy had planned. He had given her very explicit instructions as to how she should behave this morning before they had even sat down to breakfast. If she had had her way, they would have sat in the back row but her mother was adamant that she was going to show off to the rest of the congregation that she had both her girls with her today. Sandy, of course, was delighted, as this fitted his wicked plan perfectly.

Sitting in the front of the Church, Sarah could hear rather than see the congregation building; her mother had assured her there would be at least a couple of hundred people here today. Once again, Sandy had manipulated where they were sitting so that she was separated from her sister and mother by the large figure of her brother-in-law.

She sat on his left hand side and felt totally alone but that was maybe a good thing given what was about to happen. She knew she should never have agreed to this; she knew she should get up and walk out, feigning illness, but she knew that Sandy had agreed to hand over all his blackmail material if she did everything he asked of her for one more day. She had to do this, she told herself, and the fact that her pussy was becoming moist in anticipation was no more than a natural reaction.

A bell rang to interrupt her thoughts and the organist began to play the opening hymn. As Sarah heard the sounds of hundreds of holy people rising to their feet she looked at her brother-in-law, silently pleading with him not to make her do this. Sandy replied with his usual grin and began to sing. This was the signal for her first move and, unseen by her sister and mother, she opened the first few buttons at the top of her dress.

As the priest reached the altar at the front of the Church and took his place behind the lectern, Sarah could see how young he was, only about twenty four, maybe twenty five, obviously just ordained for a matter of months. As he stood looking down on his flock, he noticed her mother had some visitors with her. Nodding to the older woman, he smiled at the others in turn until he came to Sarah. It was at that moment Sandy surreptitiously brushed her thigh and Sarah, hand trembling, reached up and opened another button, all the time smiling at the young priest. From his position a few feet away and on a higher level as he was, he couldn't help but see the first hint of her black bra and his smile instantly disappeared.

The hymn ended and the people all joined in their prayers with the suddenly nervous priest. He had to physically tear his eyes from the sight of Sarah's open dress and concentrate on what he was saying. Only when it was time for the readings from the Scriptures and his place was taken by a man from the congregation, did he seem to relax a little as he stepped back from the lectern. Sarah thought she would be damned for all time but she wondered if the young priest was as aroused as she was, wondered if he was as hard as she was wet. She thought how lucky he was to be wearing such long vestments over his body when she knew that very soon there would be practically nothing covering her own.

As the readings ended, the priest knew he had to make his way back to the front and deal with the Jezebel sitting in the front row. He had used the readings to compose himself, to remind himself of all that he had been taught in the seminary, and now he steeled himself to look her straight in the eye. As soon as he did so, however, his new-found resolve collapsed as Sarah once again reached up and opened another button.

Now her dress was open below the level of her bra and, with an unseen tug from Sandy, both sides of the dress opened up, exposing her barely covered breasts to the young celibate staring down on them. Sarah didn't know if her face was as red as the young priest's but she could feel her cheeks burning and she was sure he was burning up inside too. She knew it had to be the sight of her near naked breasts that was causing the heat to build in the holy man facing her but dared to wonder if that heat was also building in his groin. She knew that between her own legs was on fire and she longed to touch herself, right here in the front row of her mother's Church.

Somehow the priest managed to stumble his way through the Gospel reading but, as his people all sat down to listen to his sermon, he knew that the whore sitting in the front row was continuing to distract him, to tease him, to tempt him. Unfortunately, he had no idea just how far Sarah was about to go or how much her brother-in-law was blackmailing her into doing. As they sat down, Sandy slyly knocked her dress from her thighs and Sarah knew that was her signal to open her legs.

The priest was trying to concentrate on his sermon notes, doing anything but looking at the slut in the front row. As he began to preach on the evils of the flesh, Sarah began opening buttons from the bottom up, until soon her black knickers were in full view of the young man. The more he preached, God forgive him, the harder he became. The more he tried not to look, the more his gaze was drawn to the woman in the front row pulling down her bra and exposing her breasts. The more his voice raised in anger at the works of the Devil, the more he was sure he could hear the small wet sounds from the woman's pussy as she pulled her tiny knickers to one side and began to stroke her wet lips. When she suddenly inserted two fingers between those luscious looking lips, he felt a sudden release he had never felt before and a warm wet patch growing around his crotch.

As if his sudden stop was enough to alert her, Sarah sat back up straight and pulled her dress over, covering herself as if nothing had happened. The priest seemed to take a moment or two to recover and the congregation bowed their heads, joining him in what they thought was a moment of silent reflection.

The rest of the Mass continued without incident until it was time for to receive Holy Communion. Sarah had not been to Church in years but she knew what was expected of her. Standing up from her kneeling position she made the mistake of slightly loosening the grip on her still unbuttoned dress. All of Sandy's prayers were being answered, as he deliberately stood on the edge of his sister-in-law's dress and simply smiled as she stood up.

That one action was enough to pull the dress from Sarah's grip and suddenly she found herself turning to face the rest of the congregation. She was only doing what her mother wanted her to do; she was only making her way to the end of the pew so she could join the quickly forming queue for Communion; but now she was the first woman ever to expose herself to the whole congregation in this Church.

There were gasps all around as the people in the rows behind her saw her, as the people queuing for Communion saw her, as the Choir stopped singing when they saw her. For a moment, all she could think of was that this was so unfair, so unjust. None of this was her idea, none of it was her fault. But then she looked down and saw what everyone else was seeing. Her bra was still pulled below her breasts, pushing them up and out, showing them at their very best. Her knickers were still pulled to the side, exposing her bald wet pussy that she longed to touch. She screamed out loud in her embarrassment, pulling her dress from under Sandy's foot and running for the door.

Of course, being in the front row, she had to run the length of the Church, the women shaking their heads, some glaring at her in disapproval, some openly declaring her as a "Slut!", a "Whore!". The more she ran, the more her dress seemed to flap around her, even as she tried to pull it tight. The more she ran the more her breasts seemed to wobble and eventually escape from the confines of the dress. The more she ran, the more she heard the accusations from the women, the more she noticed the smiles on the men in the congregation. As she finally reached the door at the back, the more she wanted to reach down and touch her aching slit.

Of course, what she hadn't realised was that the door was always locked during Mass to prevent any interruptions and now she wrestled vainly with the handle to escape. Frightened to do so, she forced herself to turn around once more and face the disapproving looks of the congregation but it was only one face she saw. Her mother was now marching down the central aisle and Sarah had never seen her so angry.

Part 3

Not a word was said in the car ride home and, for Sarah, that somehow seemed even worse. She sat in the front alongside Sandy as usual while Linda sat in the back with their mother. For once, her sister thought it best to keep quiet but it was the weight of her mother's stare, the feeling that older woman's eyes were boring two very large holes into the back of her skull that frightened her.

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