tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSarah Shows Off Ch. 02

Sarah Shows Off Ch. 02


I would like to thank everyone who enjoyed my first story. I hope you all will enjoy this one too. This happened about two months after the last chapter. I am still dating Jason and I have only become closer to his family since the little incident two months ago. His mother has started called me "my little nudist" which, for some reason, turns me on. (I didn't Jason told her I was into nudism to explain why I was naked in her house.) It seems as if she enjoyed seeing my bare body as much as her husband and sons did.

It was now summer and the weather was touch 90 degrees everyday. Lucky for me, Jason's family has a pool that is quite large and beautiful. I decided to accept the offer made by Jason to come over on a Saturday and enjoy the pool. I appeared at the gate to their back yard around two in the afternoon. I opened the latch and let myself in.

I came down the walk and past the hedges and I saw a truly beautiful site. I saw Jason's mom wearing an extremely tight fitting all black bikini. I knew she was in great shape for a women her age but I was truly shocked! Her long gray tinged brown hair cascaded over her shoulders. She had the body of a teenager, all tight and thin and sexy. She looked like an older Jennifer Love Hewitt. She had nice size breast for a woman her size; they had to be small b cups. She saw me and waved.

"Hi Sarah! How is my little nudist?” she said with a wink. I smiled and said I was feeling good. She looked my body up and down and said, "Where is your bathing suit?"

I said it was in my bag and excused myself to go to the changing room. She looked and me and said, "You don't need to worry about that Sarah. Its not like I haven't seen you before."

I was surprised to say the least. I thought about it for a second, was had to be a recipe for disaster, but then the exhibitionist in me took over. I smiled at Jason's mom and I grabbed my tank top at my shoulders and gave a good yank. I pulled the fabric over my head and stood there in my bra in front of my boyfriend's mom. I then reached behind my back and took a deep breath. I unhooked my bra and I let it fall on the grass. Jason's mom didn't say a thing. She just watched. I then proceeded to unzip my pants and they dropped on the ground. I grabbed the waistband of my panties and gave a quick pull. I was now completely nude in front of my boyfriend’s mom. I started to wonder if I should get into my suit right away or let this moment last for as long as I could stretch it. I decided to stretch it.

I leaned back and straighten my back so she could see me in all my naked glory. I asked her where Jason was as I proceeded to look through my bag for my bathing suit. She told me Jason and his father went to the pool store to purchase some chlorine they should be back at anytime. I continued to ruffle though my bag and looked for my bikini. “I think I must have left it in my car. Darn it. I don’t want to put all my clothes back on. This sucks.”

“Here honey”, said Jason’s mom, “just wrap my towel around yourself.”

I took her towel and wrapped it around my waist and headed towards the gate. It was such a turn on thinking about walking out to the curb with my breast exposed. I came to the gate and my heart was racing. I lifted the latch and proceeded outside the fence.

I didn’t see anybody as I slowly crept to the car parked on the curb in front of the house. My pussy was almost dripping it was so wet. I got to my car and saw my bikini on the floor in the back. I was just about to grab it when I changed my mind. This day was getting interesting and my bikini would only get in the way. I turned around and walked back towards the gate. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Jason’s elderly neighbor staring at my naked tits! I just waved to him and said “Nice day isn’t it?” I don’t think he would complain!

I walked back to the pool and said, “I can’t find that darn thing anywhere. Whatever shall I do?”

“Don’t worry about it Sarah. You don’t have to pretend that you can’t find your suit. I have the feeling you just want to be naked in front of me and my family. Am I right?”

I lowered my head. “Your right. I’m sorry for lying. I can get dressed if you want me too.”

“You don’t have to apologize Sarah. When I was your age I never wore clothes unless I was at school or church,” She laughed and continued, “If I still had a body like your I might join you.”

I was about to tell her that her body was as good as mine if not better but I decided there was a better way to express this. I walked up in front of her, our breast almost touching. I reached around her neck and in a quick motion I untied her bikini top and I watched as it fell around her waist. Her breasts were simply perfect and her nipples were small and perky. I reached around her back to unhook her straps and our nipples pressed together. I unhooked her straps and her bra fell on the ground.

I didn’t know what to do next but then I heard a loud noise to my right. I looked over and saw Jason and his father with their mouths gaping open and the bucket of chlorine on the ground. “Hey guys. Sarah is here. I hope you don’t mind if she swims nude. It makes her feel more comfortable.”

Not surprisingly, Jason and his Dad were very agreeable. I decided to break the tension by taking off my towel and jumping in the pool. Jason and his Dad went to their bedrooms to change and Jason’s mom, still topless, hoped into the pool with me. It seems to take 20 seconds for the two men to change into their suits. I could clearly see the bulges in both of their trunks and they came to the pool. They jumped in and everybody tried to act normal. But with two topless females, this swim was anything but normal. We swam, we tanned, we sat around the patio table and chatted and I never bothered to put my clothes on or wrap a towel around me. I was surprised to see Jason’s mother didn’t bother to cover herself either.

I said, “Now I can see why you are always so horny Jason. With a mom like that you should be.”

Everybody thought this was funny but I could see the lust in his eyes. Imagine discovering someone your mother turned out to be an exhibitionist and a very sexy one at that. I wondered if their house would ever be the same after today.

We swam for a while longer and it was getting near dark. I didn’t want the day to end but I had to work early the next morning and I would have to at least get myself off twice before I go to bed. I said goodbye to Jason and his parents and then I put my bag over my shoulder and walked to the gate naked. “Mom do you mind washing these clothes for me? I can pick them up tomorrow after work.”

She smiled and said yes as I walk out of the gate once again nude. I saw the same elderly neighbor in his yard. I don’t think he had moved since six hours before. I waved and told him I would be by tomorrow. I couldn’t wait to get home and masturbate myself to sleep.

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