tagLoving WivesSarah Steps Out

Sarah Steps Out


Sarah got in this evening from spending the weekend with her friend Christine. Christine recently ended an ugly marriage through an even more vicious divorce the week before. Sarah drove up for an "Independence" Party with Christine to celebrate her freedom. The girls got adjoining rooms in a swanky hotel. They had a spa day on Saturday then planned on a fancy dinner followed by drinks and dancing at a club near their hotel.

I kissed her as she got home and helped her with her bags up to our room. "Babe, I'm drained. Let me take a shower and then I want to tell you something." She said.

"Sure, honey. " I responded unwittingly. I was reading on our bed when she exited the bathroom, freshly showered. She sat on my lap

"I need to tell you something about this weekend." Sarah said cautiously.

"Ok, what's up?" I asked quizzically.

"We went out Saturday night to a club. There were a lot of guys there, and Christine was all over this one. His friends were flirting with me hard.."

"Wait...did you hook up with someone?" I cut her off

"And then some." Sarah said matter of factly.

She searched my face desperately looking for my response. Then a look of confusion crossed her face as she adjusted her seat on me. "Babe, are you hard right now?" she asked perplexed.

"Jesus, you are ROCK hard. I mean I know we talked about your fantasy sometimes but my gosh you are turned on right now." She exclaimed.

"Is this from you thinking about me fucking someone this weekend?"

"Yesss." I stammered.

"You want some help with that hard cock?" she cooed as a devilishly lustful look came over her face.

"Yess!" I stammered again.

She slid off me between my legs and removed my shorts. My engorged hard on sprung up free from its container. She made a circle with her thumb and index finger and gently ran it up and down my cock.

"Hearing about your wife fucking some stranger turns you on doesn't it? You aren't even mad. You wanted me to fuck a total stranger didn't you?" she demanded.

I was completely in her grip and simply nodded.

"Okay, but you are going to get every lurid detail." Sarah said with conviction. She was intoxicated with the current power she had over me.

As told by Sarah

We checked into the hotel Friday night and had a couple of drinks but called it an early night due to the big day planned for Saturday. We had brunch at the spa and enjoyed being pampered all day. We each bought a dress and shoes for the night, and the following was an excellent dinner downtown. We hadn't spent this kind of quality time with each other in years and were enjoying it. Following dinner, we walked a couple of blocks over to a high-scale club near the hotel. Christine was pretty adamant about finding a hot man to fuck tonight to consummate her divorce. We entered the club packed with young professionals enjoying themselves.

For the first hour, we had a couple of drinks and danced together. Christine attached herself to a very handsome lawyer named Jefferson on the dance floor. He and several of his friends had reserved a booth at the club and invited us over. We partied with them the rest of the night. Christine and Jefferson started to make out at some point, and it escalated through the evening. I danced with Jefferson's friends who all were flirty and handsy through the evening but one after another figured out I wasn't going home with them.

As the bar was almost closing, Christine and I made one last bathroom stop. "I'm bringing that guy back to the hotel and fucking him tonight. Do you see how gorgeous he is? Are you going to fuck one of his friends?" she drunkenly asked.

"One of us is still married sweetie." I reminded her.

"You said he had a fantasy about watching you with another guy....just sayin!" Christine quipped as she strutted out of the bathroom back to Jefferson.

It was a short walk back to the hotel, but Jefferson had a driver for the night and had his car pulled around to escort us back to the hotel. As I entered the Lincoln, I noticed the strong odor of Marijuana. Christine and Jefferson were passing a joint back and forth. I hadn't smoked in a long time but figured they'd be pretty loud in the room later so a couple of hits might help me sleep. The ride to the hotel and an elevator ride up was awkward as they pawed at each other and made out. Jefferson was, in fact, a gorgeous man. I was pretty buzzed, and a little jealous my friend was about to have what looked to be great sex. I was happy for my friend but being alone and intoxicated, I was just ready to lie down. The booze and weed were really starting to catch up with me. I should take a shower and wash my face but didn't care. I kicked off my clothes, put on a nightie and slid into my bed. I could hear Christine giggling next door and Jefferson's deep voice. They sounded like they were having a lot of fun. A few minutes later I heard a knock at the door that connected our rooms.

Christine was at the door in a disheveled state of undress. "Sarah, you have to see this come here!" and she pulled me by the wrist into their room and over to the bed. The lights were off, and it took me a minute for my eyes to adjust with just the moonlight coming through the window. Jefferson was naked and lay back on the bed with his legs hanging off it looking at us with the biggest cock I'd ever seen.

"Look at that magical cock right there!" Christine swooned.

Still holding my hand, she pulled me down to my knees, so we were face to face with the cock that looked like the length of my forearm and at least too thick for me to fit my hand around.

"Just look at it Sarah...isn't it mesmerizing?" she said dreamily.

I had to agree.

"Touch it with me." and she put my hand on it. I don't know if it was just the weed, but it seemed magnetic, pulling me toward it. It was both soft and firm at the same time and warm to the touch. I had both hands on it and was working them up and down the shaft almost reflexively. Christine was overcome with it and started to suck on Jefferson's head enthusiastically. He moaned and cheered her on. He guided her mouth up and down it. The mix of her saliva and his pre-cum made it slick and shiny. I continued stroking him up and down. Jefferson was very Alpha telling us just what to do and calling us his cock whores. It was making me very aroused.

He pulled Christine up to him, and they started to kiss deeply. He was working one set of fingers in and out of her, and she was already edging close to an orgasm. Watching them was a turn on, but I started to have some second thoughts. With them engrossed in each other, I released his cock and began to step back.

He suddenly grabbed me by the wrist "Where are you going? Start sucking." he commanded as he gripped me by the back of the head and pulled my mouth down around his cock.

"Isn't it delicious?" Christine whispered. After the initial startle, he gave me I submitted and started sucking his cock as deep as I could. It was delicious. It felt amazing to have something so powerful yet soft in my mouth, and he pumped his hips with my rhythm letting me know he liked it.

Christine straddled Jefferson's face and was screaming with ecstasy as his tongue brought her over the edge time and time again. Finally, she collapsed to the side shuddering from pleasure.

"Let me watch you fuck my girlfriend with that huge cock then give me some." she purred. I'd been worshipping his cock for the last several minutes without realizing how dripping wet my pussy was or how I was aching to be filled.

Jefferson wasted no time and lifted me up, turned me around so I could take a reverse cowgirl position. I stood on the balls of my feet, gripped his cock by the base and could watch myself lower my aching hole down onto his massive cock in the mirror on the wall in front of me. It was very erotic to see my body in the ambient light and watch as I lowered down around his bulbous head. I fucked just the head for a moment. It was intoxicating to feel it part me again and again. I then started to take another inch each down stroke. Jefferson was moaning loudly and grew tired of my slow sensuous sex. He grabbed me by the hips and pulled me down while thrusting up deeply. An orgasm had been building but the sudden complete fullness I experienced caused an intense orgasm to wrack my body. I couldn't quite steady myself anymore, so Jefferson rolled over and put me face down and ass up. He fucked me hard and fast from behind. He started with both hands on my ass for grips then slipped his right thumb into my asshole. I love that and ground back against him.

I'd recovered enough from the first orgasm and was fucking back against him screaming "yes, yes, YES, FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARDER!" Christine was playing with herself watching us fuck like animals. My orgasm came, and it was earth-shattering.

I moaned hard and deep "YES, SO FUCKING GOOD!" Jefferson came right after, pumping a huge load into me. He pushed me off his cock and still working his cock with his hand started to move it back towards Christine.

"That was just my first nut tonight. I'm fucking both yall some more." he proudly proclaimed. And he did. He fucked Christine twice, me again and both of us once more in the morning. I'm not sure I'll ever be fucked like that again.

End of Sarah's story.

This final sentence by Sarah put me over the edge as her soft expert hands finally coaxed a massive load out of me like a geyser. She looked at me, so pleased with herself.

"Glad we had this talk babe. I feel much better now."

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous02/11/18


Just another sissy coward husband and a heartless Cunt wife story. Boring!

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by 26thNC01/14/18


His magnetic clock in her aching hole. Such drivel. Another story about a drunken, druggy wife cheating on a cucky husband.

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by TediumsShadow01/13/18

keep writing

I'd recommend the use of present tense in a short story...always.

I don't know that I have ever, ever seen point of view shifts in a short story produce good results.

keep going!

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by Anonymous01/13/18


wimpy cuck shit.

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by Anonymous01/13/18


Couldn't you give him some realistic reaction? Did he ask about STD's or whether she wants to leave him for others? Wasn't he concerned about her comparing him to the others? Was she on the pill?

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