tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersSarah visits Hooters

Sarah visits Hooters


This story is dedicated to the bartender who inspired it. You know who you are and thank you for accepting Sarah. I will give you a paper copy when I see you next Wednesday. I will sign it for you and you will have the first original story signed by Sarah.

It was my day off, a Wednesday but still a day off. After my wife left home for work I picked out my clothes for my day out as Sarah. I chose pink panties and bra. It was 38C and I used socks to pad it to fill the breasts a little. An ankle length blue skirt and a loose fitting floral top finished of my clothes. I did my mascara, eye shadow and light lipstick.

I walked out feeling so comfortable dressed as a girl. I walked down to our local shopping mall. I wandered into a couple of women's stores. I looked at dresses, running my fingers over the material and holding them up against me. I was a girl.

After shopping for a while, I needed to go to the bathroom and so I cut through Target. They have a "transgender" restroom. I checked my makeup in the mirror and adjusted my purse. I was out as a girl.

To finish off my day out I felt like a drink. I went back upstairs and went into Hooters from the entrance in the mall. I love their orange shorts. I wish I could look like the girls there.

I sat down at the bar. The bar attendant greeted me and said "I've not seen you for a while." I smiled and blushed that she remembered me dressed as a girl. She asked what my name was and I said "Sarah". I was proud that I gave her my girl name.

She was dressed in cute orange short shorts and a white t-shirt. Her body was exactly what I like, petit, slim and so sexy. Her shorts left the bottom of her butt showing. I could see her cute butt so clearly; I wish I looked like her. Her breasts were so pert I got hard just looking at her. I wish I could look like that and turn guys on.

When I am dressed as a girl I always order a girly drink. So I ordered a Cosmo'; a delicate drink for a girl. I love Hooters' big beers but not as a drink for a girl.

I was the only customer at the bar so she came over and chatted with me. I told her that I was a published author; well, on-line at least. I told her I had stories on an adult web site. She was so genuinely interested I wrote down the details, the web address and my pseudonym. I even promised to write her into my next story.

We chatted and she could tell how I felt about her. My eyes kept tracing her arms and my hand wanted to be behind her head to gently kiss her. She had to break off at times to make drinks for the table servers but always came back to chat with me.

She was so cute I got hard just looking at her. We talked about the importance of subtlety in making love. How a gentle touch was so important in sex. I thought about making love to her. She saw it in my eyes; a kiss just touching lips, finger tips stroking down her neck and onto her arm, a smile into her eyes as we bend forward to kiss.

We talked about strip tease and how the fun is in the slow reveal. After all, I know what a naked girl looks like; the fun is from the anticipation of watching each item of clothing come off; the subtle hint as she undoes each item and lets it fall away; the naughty glance over her shoulder before she lets her bra fall away.

We both loved getting our nails done but our respective jobs did havoc on nails.

I recommended the movie "The Danish Girl", powerful, moving. I said "You might cry". But a movie you will always remember. The audience was silent the whole time and no one went out, not even once.

I had a second Cosmo' and saw that they had Key Lime pie on the menu. I had to have a slice.

Then she said, "I'm about to go on break. Follow me but keep it casual."

She left and I trailed along behind her.

We went into a back storeroom. She turned and faced me. This cute hot girl was just inches from me. I looked into her eyes and leaned forward to kiss her, just a touch of lips at first, I put my hand on her cheek and moved to stroke her neck she moved forward and we kissed more deeply. I slid my hand down her arm and held her hand.

We backed off and smiled at each other and then fell into a deep French kiss. I put my arms around her and pulled her butt into me. Our passion was so hot I could feel my cock pressed against her.

She said "Oh Sarah, Sarah".

She knelt down, lifted up my skirt and looked at my panties. Her delicate fingers stroked across my cock just barely covered in lace panties. She took my cock out and smiled up at me. We both knew what was about to happen.

Her lips closed around my cock and it was wonderful. I rested one hand on her head and followed her as she bobbed up and down on me.

It didn't take long and I gave her a mouthful of cum.

She stood up and we French-kissed. I could taste my cum in her kiss.

I hope I met my commitment to her in telling our story.

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