tagCelebrities & Fan FictionSarah Young and the Time Tunnel Ch. 12

Sarah Young and the Time Tunnel Ch. 12


Note- Further adventures in time on the greatest and most secret project, the Time Tunnel, with former porn star Sarah Young.


Sarah Young wrinkled her pretty nose as the foul smelling soup of mud, garbage and animal droppings assaulted her nostrils. The odd chicken pecked at the dust on the ground and a mutt sniffed her shoe then walked off.

The time traveller had appeared from the vortex in a rather putrid and hot city in what seemed to her to be the seventeenth century. Scruffily dressed citizens came and went about their business and on occasion gave her sneers and arrogant looks as they passed her.

"Salope!" Said an old bent over crone as she crept by in rags.

Sarah looked around and discovered that she was seated on a wooden bench outside some sort of tavern. It looked busy inside as the sun set low in the summer sky.

France again she thought, seems like she had travelled in time but not distance this time. The last jump through the corridors of time had sent her to 1770, and the court of the horrid Marquis De Sade, where she had been submitted to obscene and harsh treatment. The strange manner of travelling in the time tunnel meant that she didn't seem to suffer any long lasting ill effects. Indeed, she felt fine, no bruises or abrasions of any kind, and her bottom didn't feel like it had been assaulted with a whip.

Sarah was also constantly amazed that her attire changed to suit each different period she visited. She felt her head and found she wore a powdered wig over her mass of tight curls. It had side swept bangs, a teased crown and a curly ponytail.

Dressed to the nines in a formal and elegant mint green dress of lace and satins with a ruffled neckline and hem she felt quite the lady. Sheer half sleeves came to her elbows and on her hands she had a pair of green gloves. A tulle petticoat came down in a flattering V shape from bust to waist in embroidered gold, and around her back Sarah felt a bow at the base of her spine. Thigh high white stockings covered her shapely pins with satin bows at the top and her delicate feet were in white shoes with solid two inch heels and buckles on the toes. Around her sexy neck she felt a lace choker.

Suddenly Sarah was brought back to reality when a hen clucked loudly and four costumed men cast a shadow over her. Some sort of soldiers she thought, all with identical blood red tabards slit from the shoulders, and plain black trousers.

"Is this the woman?" Asked the first man.

"Must be, are you Madame De Bonnacieux?" Said another.

Bewildered and not knowing where she was the English girl nonetheless stayed calm.

"You've got the wrong person, I'm named Sarah, from London."

"Is that right? Tell us what you know woman, otherwise..."

Sarah yelped when she was grabbed by a man behind her and another by her left side.

"Get off of me, let me go!"

She was tugged to and fro roughly, then the first man gripped her face hard in one leather gauntlet gloved hand and squeezed her mouth together.

"When I say or else I mean this!"

With an almighty wrench he ripped the bodice of Sarah's dress so that her huge breasts tumbled free from their confinement.

"No, not that, I'm not the one you want." Protested the frightened girl.

"My my, she's a comely one and no mistake." A small fat soldier licked his greasy lips.

The man leered at the impressive globes that hung large on Sarah's tiny frame as she wriggled in the firm hold on her arms.

"Unhand the lady you villains!" A voice boomed.

The scoundrels turned to see three debonair men, fencing swords drawn.

"We are musketeers of the King. Be you rogues under orders of that devilish Cardinal Richelieu?"

Without another word the men ran off and scurried off through the throng of people.

"Cowards! You are lucky I didn't carve you up!" Yelled the eldest looking musketeer after them.

Shivering with fear Sarah tried to cover her bosom with the torn front of the dress and petticoat. The tall dashing man with dirty blonde coloured hair and vivid blue eyes smiled down on Sarah.

"Good morrow Milady, how do you fare?"

He lowered his rapier and doffed his wide brimmed cavalier hat with the white feather on the left side. He twiddled his long moustache as he stood up to his full height.

His ivory shirt was flouncy with a wide collar and puffy long sleeves gathered in at the wrists. Over the top he had a sleeveless tunic of dark brown with some emblem on the chest. The breeches were full around the mans thighs, then tighter just below the knee where his black leather boots came up to.

"Forgive me Sire, I don't...that is I..."

"Are you harmed good lady?"

"No, I don't think so." Sarah gulped and regained her composure.

"The scoundrels asked you to reveal information. What secret do you carry that makes you to be violated?"

The charming man helped her to her feet.

"I am mistaken for someone else, my name is Sarah Young."

"Greetings Lady Sarah, D'Artagnan of Gascony at your service. And these two are named Athos and Aramis, they are Bearnese. We serve King Louis."

D'Artagnan! The three Musketeers! Sarah was thrilled. She had read the story by Dumas when she was a little girl and thought the character romantic and handsome. She guessed the year must be around 1625. There was something at the back of her mind of a plot or trap that the Cardinal was to set with the aid of Milady De Winter.

"Oh right, King Louis, er, which one?"

"Why King Louis XIII of course, surely he is known in England?"

Sarah felt slightly embarrassed and blushed like a schoolgirl in front of the dashing cavalier.

"Are we in Paris?" Said the woman as she tried to arrange the tattered front of her dress.

"Just outside, but that is where we are headed. You are a brave soul milady and I suggest we retire to yonder inn for refreshment and respite."

This idea was most welcome, she needed time to think and adjust to this new adventure. D'Artagnan took her hand and led her inside, the other two musketeers followed.

The big room was busy, all men, drinking from large jugs and laughing loudly. Sawdust covered the floor and a big unlit hearth dominated the tavern. Sarah sat at a corner table as her hero joined her. Athos and Aramis joined a serving girl in a floor length dress and flouncy hat and they ordered wine.

Another servant brought two jugs of wine to the couple and D'Artagnan held his to his lips.

"Drink my dear, refresh yourself."

Sarah took a huge gulp and then coughed and spluttered at the crude fare.

"We must get you some new attire, this dress is done." His gaze lowered to her large bust.

She agreed and also took the wig from her head and removed the gloves, her big hair was swept up on top of her head. The young man admired the breath taking woman with the wonderful king size breasts. What a body, her skin was flawless and her red lips looked extremely kissable.

"Janet my child, prey prepare a room for this lady and one large for myself and my friends."

He hailed a young helper who scurried up a wooden staircase to the next level.

"So, you are a musketeer of the King, it is said the Cardinal is not tender with them."

Sarah had relaxed and the thought of a bed was attractive to her right now.

"'Tis true, but a Gascon fears no one. My friends and I are to meet with another fair friend, Pathos, and then we shall ride to Paris."

The others roared and drank as they told tales.

"And then they ran off like the cowards they are. Hah, hah. We will protect the Queen from any plot or trap never fear."

D'Artagnan grinned as he perceived his friends then turned back to the English woman.

"Know ye of any secret doings in London against our fair Queen, milady?"

Sarah had no idea of the current politics of this land or home, her only thoughts were of this mans bewitching eyes and fair complexion. Her dark brown eyes were lost in his as she paid rapt attention.

"I honestly cannot help you, forgive me."

"Very well, you are but a fair maiden and these matters are for men to decide. Hark! It's ringing eleven."

The sound of church bells could be heard through the open door of the inn.

"I'm going to my bed my friends, tomorrow we will ride to Paris."

There was a hearty huzzah from the other table and then Sarah was gently taken by the elbow and steered toward the stairs. Her heels clattered on the wood as she followed the brave man to the furthest room. They entered and Sarah looked around the modest room with bed and cabinet.

"I shall leave thee to your grace. I shall be next door if needed."

D'Artagnan again doffed his hat and vacated the room.

Sarah sighed and went to the small square window and peered down on the busy scene below. She made sure it was shut firmly to keep the stink of the air at bay.

Without the wig she fluffed her wild brown curls so that they tumbled about her shoulders and down her back. The five foot three was absolutely stunning as she stepped out of the large dress and stood naked in her thigh highs and shoes.

Her pair of lovely slender legs sheathed in the stockings enhanced her creamy skin to perfection, and her wide hips swayed seductively as she went to a small table and poured water into it from a big jug.

Once she had washed her body Sarah took one of the three lit candles and put it beside the bed as she kicked her shoes off and laid back. The dark room felt safe somehow, more so with the brave musketeer next door. The mattress was thin and the straw scratched slightly.

As her thoughts went to him she slid her arms over her huge boobs and awakened her nipples. She caressed the soft skin and felt the curves of her figure with eyes closed. Then her hands found their way urgently to the raging fire between her upper thighs and she lightly touched her slick vulva. Teasing herself the brunette beauty traced out her tuft of pubic hair that marked the top of her bald labia.

With a sharp intake of breath Sarah pushed her middle finger tip onto her clitoris, then made slow circles around the hard nub. She spread her legs wide and bent them at the knee and applied pressure to her cunt. Two fingers now pushed up into her tightening vagina as she arched her back and she rubbed herself with vigour. Harder and harder, faster and faster Sarah frigged her pussy, her thighs and calves tensed, her toes curled as she longed for her orgasm.

Yes, D'Artagnan, what a man! She smiled as her breathing became erratic and her heart raced.

Sarah Young was an intense sexual creature who had made her name in Europe as the most successful porn star of the early nineties. Simply because she loved sex, loved her sexuality and put her heart and soul into it.

Wishing the young Frenchman was here beside her Sarah moaned softly as her body throbbed and tingled. Her pelvis lifted as she continued to thrust her fingers deep inside her tunnel, drenched with her juices. Perspiration and gooseflesh caused her warm body to shudder with delight as her climax ripped through her. After a long minute Sarah relaxed and pulled a rough blanket over her bare skin and rested her head on the single pillow until sleep took her.


As soon as the dawn broke D'Artagnan opened the door to Sarah's room and peered in. He gasped at the incredible nude figure of the brunette as she laid on her side facing the window. Her blanket had slipped from her body and he took a long look at her firm and rounded posterior. The white stockings came up to just about where her buttocks sat atop her upper thighs, and he observed two faint dimples at the base of her spine.

A cockerel crowed outside and Sarah began to stir as the rays of sunlight dappled the floor of the room. She became aware of his presence and turned and raised up on her right elbow, her massive tits dominated her slender frame.

"D'Artagnan, you seem to be an early riser." Her eyes dropped to the obvious erection that thrust up under his night shirt and laughed.

He coughed with embarrassment and ran a hand through his fair locks, unable to turn his gaze from the sight of the prominent mound between her parted legs. Acutely aware all of a sudden Sarah realised she was probably ten years older than the twenty year old man in her room. Filled with a lustful passion she parted her red lips and poked out her tongue and placed it on the corner of her mouth.

"Why don't you get undressed and join me?" She said with a sexy cock of her head.

The youthful man wasted no time and pulled his shirt over his head which let his stiff cock free to bounce out from his finely haired groin.

Sarah tossed her head and her mane of lush curls fell over her right side. She placed her left hand on top of her thigh as she bent her left leg at the knee, further exposing her cunt for him to ogle. Beads of moisture glistened on the soft curls that sat above her shaven lips which were slightly parted like petals of a flower.

She saw he had a very nice body, totally hairless and nicely sculpted, firm yet supple. His hard on was smooth and white, not overly large, maybe around seven inches and an average girth.

Unable to wait any longer D'Artagnan moved to the bed and knelt on the floor and dragged her dangling legs either side of his upper body. He stared at her bare labia a moment then licked her inner thighs just about an inch from her snatch.

His tongue swiped inwards and met her outer lips which made Sarah squirm on her delectable rump, and when he slid inside her wet slit she lifted her stocking feet up onto his shoulders. With two fingers the young stud spread her cunt and licked her inner folds, teasing and flicking the sweet opening.

"Such a delicate touch, you make me most happy."

Sarah moaned and smiled as he expertly pulled her clitoris from under the hood with his teeth and licked the top, bottom and both sides. His hands came up above his head and up to her womanly hips and Sarah clamped her hands on his.

"My love, let me taste you now." Sarah moved back, content for a moment, and he slid up on the single bed.

She brought her head to the level of his groin and popped his stiffness into her eager mouth. Sarah sucked on the gorgeous cock hard, her soft lips closed tightly around it.

This was her specialty and the English goddess hollowed her cheeks out as she moved rapidly back and forth. D'Artagnan thought her lips were like silk and her tongue possessed by the devil as she fluttered it around his sensitive crown. As she blew the lucky man Sarah gripped his toned thighs, enjoying the feel of the virile mans tender flesh.

"Truly you are a dream come true Madame." He groaned.

Sarah held his knob end in her pursed lips and stroked his smooth shaft a few times, a long string of saliva drooled from the left side of her mouth. The wet sumptuous lips played with his crown then licked down the pulsating shaft. Her smouldering dark eyes met his and he desired nothing in the known world at that moment than to fuck the adorable woman.

"I pray thee good woman, let me send my tail inside your sweet cunnie before my blood boils over." "Gladly my brave musketeer, take me."

Sarah quickly got onto the crude and creaky bed as her young paramour pressed his body upon hers, her enormous jugs mashed against his solid chest. Their mouths met and they kissed with increasing passion, their tongues flicked in and out as they hugged tightly. The hot brunette badly needed to feel him inside her, just as much as he desired to fuck her.

His heart beat fast against her pillows of flesh as she pressed her quivering curves up to him. Their arms and legs became entwined Sarah reached down between his legs and moved his rampant erection to the opening of her cunt. Her fluids flowed freely and ran down her upturned ass crack as she waited impatiently for him to enter her.

In turn D'Artagnan held his hand on hers and with eyes burning into each others they stroked his rigid prick together. When his stalk was coated in her nectar he thrust in deep with a single pelvic push and Sarah cried out and pushed her body up off the bed into his torso.

"Darling, that feels so divine." She cooed.

He said nothing, totally enthralled with the stacked creature and commenced fucking her with the urgent strokes of a youthful and virile man. Sarah immediately wrapped her white stocking covered legs around his upper thighs and draped her arms about his neck as he pounded in and out.

"By all that is glorious, your cave is fearsome hot milady!"

Ever bolder the musketeer pushed Sarah's limber legs back behind her ears and pinned them to the bed by the ankles. His cock drove in until his swollen balls smacked against her ass. Their mouths roughly sought out each others again, their moans swallowed up in each other.

Sarah felt her heart beat like a hammer on his warm chest and in her frenzy raked her fingernails down his back. Waves of pleasure ran through her body as she was overwhelmed by the mans desire to possess her.

"Your tail is mighty hard my love." She whimpered in his shoulder.

"Merci beaucoup, I am your bull, my dart is yours."

He paused his love making and looked down at the vision under his sweaty body. Her dark brooding eyes with the sensual arched brows looked back at him from a flushed face, her lips were parted and soft sighs came from the bottom of her throat. Her great boobs rose and fell and her mass of hair was tousled and damp. He buried himself inside her again, the woman was so wet, so hot.

All of a sudden Sarah was rolled onto her side and her young lover raised her left leg into the air. Still deep inside he scratched the smooth inner thigh as she swiveled her head to face him. His hand pinched her ass as her cunt was pumped with regular upward strokes.

"Ooooooh, I love the way you fuck me."

Her left hand came up to caress his chin as he restlessly plunged into her pussy.

"Fuck me like a cur." She said and gently pushed him on the chest.

He withdrew from her sodden pussy and rolled her onto her stomach. Her massive tits meant she was unable to lie flat down as he spread her outstretched arms and then opened her slim legs.

D'Artagnan knelt and pressed his face to her and licked her from cunt to anus with the tip of his tongue before sitting up and pointing his prick to her pink channel. Sarah pushed back against him in an obvious welcome sign and slowly rolled from side to side grinding herself on his stiff pole. With a cry and a huge thrust he pushed in as far as he could.

"Fuck!" Whispered the grateful woman as his balls rested on her butt.

He leaned over and gave her back gentle kisses that made her shiver with delight. Then he settled on her and started to move to and fro, his stiff prick barely leaving her pussy as he ground his hips in a seductive circular motion that drove her wild.

"Yes my love, fuck me hard."

The pair of them sweated profusely as the man increased his tempo. As he plunged in, Sarah thrust back. She gasped and made little throaty noises as her pussy pulled him in. D'Artagnan leaned forward and buried his face in her lustrous hair then reared back with his hands on her big boobs.

They fucked like dogs in heat, the loud sounds of skin slapping on skin filled the tiny room. Sarah had always adored this position and yelped with delight as the devilish young man grabbed her thick hair and then playfully smacked her left buttock. The young Frenchman let go of her hair and she dropped back down with both hands outstretched.

His enthusiasm urged him on to hammer the curvaceous woman harder so that their joined bodies literally bounced on the bed. She turned to look back at him over her left shoulder, her eyes half lidded, then she felt his left arm twist her left leg up so that her weight was on her head and right shoulder.

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