tagCelebrities & Fan FictionSarah Young and the Time Tunnel Ch. 15

Sarah Young and the Time Tunnel Ch. 15


Note- My final entry in this series. As Patrick McGoohan said to Lew Grade about his iconic show 'The Prisoner' I cannot figure out an ending. So, after watching the Merlin episode of the Time Tunnel I have managed to scrape together a story. Dedicated to Sarah Young, we miss you big time.


"What seems to be the trouble?"

General Kirk walked around the complex anxiously, his eyes on the large screen ahead.

"Sarah is frozen, frozen in time." Said Doctor Swain.

"We need to get her moving before she is frozen to death in the time vortex." Said Ann McGregor as she looked up from her console."

"Isn't there anything we can do?" Kirk looked into the imposing tunnel.

Ann read the data. Bad feedback was threatening the health of the female time traveller. Before Swain could answer everybody in the room was held in a kind of suspended animation as a mysterious cloaked figure appeared out of thin air. An old looking man with greyish hair and beard wandered around the throng of technicians and operators and chuckled to himself.

"Toys, mere toys, how amusing."

He peered closely at the extremely expensive computers and equipment that powered the Time Tunnel and scoffed. His black cape flowed around him as he studied the machinery. Then he looked into the tunnel itself and observed Sarah Young, caught in time on the video screen. The young English woman had previously, somewhat recklessly, entered the tunnel to prove that it works and had experienced extraordinary visits to various periods in history. The astronomically expensive project, funded by the United States Government, had been under threat of total shut down and the brave Sarah had taken it on herself to test it. Only trouble was she had not been able to return to her own time period of 1993.

"Listen to me traveller in time, it is I, Merlin, mightiest of all wizards who commands you to leave the limbo of time and return to this place before me."

Merlin gestured with animated shapes of his hands and with a big flash and loud bang Sarah appeared at the entrance of the tunnel. Stark naked. At five feet three in bare feet the voluptuous brunette had a mass of back combed curls spread out over her shoulders and back. Her amazing body featured soccer ball sized breasts, trim waist and stomach. Curvaceous hips drew the eye to her trim little triangle of dark pubes above a juicy pussy, the pouty labia smooth of hair. Her red lips were parted to show her white teeth and her dark brown eyes looked ahead under arched brows and high bangs.

"I have monitored your lurid adventures in time my dear and have thoroughly enjoyed myself. Yes, welcome, welcome home."

Sarah looked straight ahead, unmoving but still able to see and hear. Merlin circled her and took great joy in examining her stunning form with an unhurried manner.

"Nice, very nice. Permit me to introduce myself. I am Merlin, court wizard to the greatest English Monarch of all, King Arthur of the round table. In the year 544 AD things are terribly simple and rudimentary and I struggle for personal entertainment, most distressing. The tragedy is the King is a colossal bore, unable to enjoy himself in any way whatsoever. His wife Guinevere seeks solace in the arms of another and the King has no interest in the fairer sex."

Sarah looked ahead transfixed, still staring glassy eyed as she was held in suspended animation like the other members of the staff of the complex. Her enormous tits thrust out like cantaloupes as Merlin continued.

"I am considered a voyeur, I get great satisfaction from watching humans naked and engaged in sexual activity. I cannot achieve earthly pleasure but the visual is suffice stimulation. I wish to see you, dear Sarah, participate one final time in a debauched orgy, to see you ravished by many males and their manhood's fucked silly by their hard organs. I will arrange everything, when next we meet you will remember nothing of this but you will do whatever I ask. And, so be it."

Merlin clapped his hands twice and melted into thin air. At the same instant Sarah also dissipated and reappeared naked in a low lit chamber on top of a beautifully crafted round bed. With soft crushed velvet, accented cushioned buttons and high headboard the bed had a solid structured bed and was covered by Jasmine Silk sheets in a smooth scarlet.

"Now where am I?"

Sarah sat up and brushed a single errant strand of hair from her face.

"Oh my."

She exclaimed as she saw that the bed was surrounded by a dozen naked men, all erect and ready for action. Sarah realised that they were the staff members of the headquarters of Project Tic Toc in Arizona, and wondered if she had at last returned to 1993. The attractive former porn star also wondered why she was in this particular scenario. But at the back of her mind was Merlin's instruction, which was to partake willingly in a wild orgy of sex and lust. With this thought the only thing in her head she opened her arms in welcome.

"I'm all yours boys."

Point of fact although Sarah Young was composed and demure in real life she was a pure slut, having spent years as number one porn star in Europe around 1990. She had been fucked, sucked, gang banged in every conceivable shape or form. Possessing no inhibitions Merlin had chosen well in the stacked brunette as she laid back on the circular bed and casually stroked the insides of her thighs.

"Lets get to it." Said one of the horny men.

As one reached down to feel her soft pussy two others took the hint and grabbed a handful of tit each. Sarah's nipples were erect and hard as they began to suck merrily on her nipples and kiss her huge globes of flesh. One man buried his middle finger up her cunt and she writhed under the attention of the eager males. She spread her legs out wider as another bent over her face and gave her a deep and open mouthed kiss. The same man jerked his stiff cock in his fist and placed it in the palm of her left hand.

"Rub it."

Sarah mumbled a response as her throbbing clit was thumbed and she squeezed and wanked the hot knob several times, her eyes on his the whole time. A man on her right held her hand and drew it to his rampant erection and made her wrap her slim fingers around the fat girth. With her cunt being frigged, her boobs being mauled with from either side and two cocks in her fists Sarah was in her element.


Her clitoris was teased by a rotating finger while another probed the depths of her pussy and she mewed in response. Two wet mouths now locked on her big boobs and her nipples became coated in spit. Still pumping the cocks in her hands she began to twist the solid shafts with her warm palms until both men panted in her ears.

"Suck this."

A muscular dark haired bumped his bulbous glans against her lips and with no hesitation she took it in her mouth and sucked on it, curling her tongue around and flicking the underside. The man moaned and leaned over her and made gentle thrusts with his pelvis.

"Gagh!" She cried out as her head was grasped and forced forwards.

The prick in her mouth was shoved further into her mouth and the hot brunette choked and gurgled as the thick length impacted with the back of her throat. She was made to move back and forth with a hand in her hair on the cock and a stream of saliva ran down her chin. Her hands squeezed the two men in her tight fists as she gagged and drooled and the experienced former adult movie legend relaxed her throat.

"Hah, splendid, I chose well." Said a concealed Merlin who looked on with keen interest.

Sarah was surprised when she was hoisted up from the bed by strong hands and a tall man slipped under her with his back on the bed. Then she was promptly lowered onto his face with her knees splayed out around his flanks. She felt hands cup her buttocks and a mouth clamp to her cunt, the tongue out and twirling around salaciously.

"That feels good," she mumbled and closed her eyes.

Sarah began to happily ride the mans mouth, moving her hips so that her erect clit thrummed against his lips. He parted her soft cheeks and lapped at her from anus to clit with broad swipes that made her whimper with delight. She stopped moving and wallowed in the long tongue painting her nether regions, just as her face was held still and a plum sized cock head jammed itself between her lips.


The sandy haired male was standing on the bed in front of her as he fucked her stretched out mouth, her face in a firm grip in his hands. Sarah felt her nostrils flare as she desperately took in oxygen through her nose. Surrounding the round bed three naked men beat their rampant cocks frantically as they watched enthralled. They crowded in as her eyes bulged on the big boner in her mouth and her cunt was licked from below until she seeped fluids. Another cock came into her viewpoint and she switched over and let the massive head slide between her lips. Sarah gasped and slurped feverishly as she alternated from one to the other.

"Let's give it to her guys."

All the technicians on the project had observed Sarah's lurid adventures through the different time periods and all had been highly turned on by the little fuck bunny who knew no limitations in the bedroom. She had given her body to many lust crazed males including Tarzan, D'Artagnan, Calico Jack and the Sundance Kid.

The man with sandy hair laid back on the bed and Sarah draped her curvaceous body over his until his erection rested between her ass cheeks. Her doe like brown eyes returned his intense gaze as she shifted her hips and lowered her slick cunt with aching slowness onto his thick pole.

"I want this so much." Whispered Sarah as she sank down all the way to his balls.

She paused for a moment as two men loomed over her and she absorbed the wonderful sensation of being filled by his manhood. With her palms on his chest she started to slide up and down, gliding with ease on his whole length which shone with her juices. His hands reached up and held her enormous hooters as she smoothly humped him, relishing the rigid pole that scraped her inner walls with a sublime friction.

"Ooh yes!"

From behind a fresh pair of hands moved over the curve of her buttocks and she felt a boner pillow itself in between them. The man spat on his palm and smeared his shaft with saliva before popping Sarah's anus open with the tip. As the man below her stopped moving in her cunt her rectum was slowly penetrated inch by inch. Sarah leaned forward so that she mashed her boobs on the mans chest under her as her back passage was speared and the mans groin met her ass.

"Fuck me boys." She begged.

With two gorgeous cocks in both her holes, her body hemmed in above and below, Sarah was in heaven. The cock in her ass moved back and forth with painstaking slowness in order to lubricate her sphincter, then she moved her hips on the man under her, joining in with an urgent writhing. All three humped together, their combined motions giving Sarah a sweet friction in both her filled holes.

"Please, fuck me faster." She muttered and brushed scattered hair from her eyes.

The man under her bucked up and gave her swift thrusts, withdrawing half his length before plunging back in hard. Her hips were clutched from behind as she was shunted to and fro on the prick in her anus as she was screwed in unison. The one behind her pushed his frame against her back and pressed her tits onto the others chest until they were all sandwiched together.

"Love it!"

Both men fucked the shit out of the retired porn star, rocking her vigorously on their cocks, their sweaty flesh smacking against each other. Then their swollen cocks erupted, the one behind her first followed quickly by the other, flooding both her tight spaces with their hot cum. Sarah was unable to move and remained slumped between the two panting males until they withdrew with matted pubic regions and let her rest.

"Superb, superb," muttered Merlin unseen.

With a beating heart Sarah laid on her back, her cunt and ass leaking white cum onto the sheets under her glowing body. Before she could draw another breath a bulky man dropped atop of her and sank into her with one full push. Sarah gasped and held onto his developed biceps and threw her head back into the pillow under her.

"Oh my."

The man was blessed with an iron hard cock, and despite her sodden cunt making her quite slick he felt gigantic inside her. His cock moved in and out as his body settled on hers and soon enough he delivered long and even strokes, each of which filled her juicy pussy. Sarah could hear her own plaintive little moans over his manly grunts as he speared her. She hooked her feet around his back and looked into his steely grey eyes as he shafted her. His tight body was tensed as he rose and fell on her soft frame and all his muscles flexed with the effort.

"Move over rover."

Her lover pulled out as a swarthy man with a dark haired chest bore down on her, his member swaying in front of him like an enormous beast. Her wide eyed innocent look belied her lust crazed demeanour as she allowed him to crawl between her open legs and paw at her full and curvy melons. He entered her well lubricated quim and crushed her big tits into his broad chest. She felt him drive forward and proceed to screw her with a barrage of furious strokes that threatened to push her through the mattress.


Sarah loved it, this man was drilling into her like a machine, banging into her to depths she hadn't known in quite a while. He held her by the ankles and spread her legs almost horizontal. Sweat prickled her skin as she was pounded relentlessly and her big globes bounced on her chest. By her head someone inserted his solid length into her gaping mouth and drilled her drooling face. Another man hovered behind him eagerly awaiting his turn, his erection in his fist. The man between her parted legs ran his fevered hands all over her curves as he fucked her with long strokes that saw his cock emerge almost all the way out.

"Such a sweet mouth."

The man face fucking her roared and unloaded all over her heavy chest in a downpour of cum that washed around the curves of her tits like a stream. Before she could react Sarah was bundled onto all fours as one of the men grabbed her by her pert ass and gazed at the swollen labia of her heated cunt between shiny inner thighs. She felt a hard cock plunge into her liquid depths and yelped when he smacked the palm of his hand on her right cheek. He gripped her by the shoulders and gave her a series of hammer thrusts which took her breath away. With both her hands on the bed for balance Sarah took the brunt of the unseen man's driving pelvis which cushioned on her soft bottom. She found herself propped against him in the shape of a V as he fucked her with relish.

"Suck on this babe."

She looked up as she was presented with a rigid hunk of man meat which she bathed in saliva. The man who had patiently been hovering shoved forwards and jammed his engorged tool down her throat causing the lustful woman to choke. Sarah recovered quickly and gobbled him up as her lips slid intently along his veiny shaft. He grunted at the sight of Sarah's mouth stretched wide around the base of his upstanding cock before she released him as she came up for air.

"What a mouth!"

Sarah smiled as she looked at her drool make its way down the underside of his prick to his balls. He took the spit covered cock in his fist and pumped madly until his body went into wild spasms and fired off several jets of cum into her face from chin to brow. She closed her eyes as the semen ran down her cute nose to her upper lip.

"What a shot!"

The man fucking her from behind was replaced by another person who squeezed his middle finger into her cum drenched anus which brought tiny squeaks from a delirious Sarah Young. She heard a low moan as a steel hard cock slid up into her asshole and her hips were gripped tightly.

"Fucking nice ass!"

Sarah screamed at the sudden intrusion and was astonished at how her elastic sphincter took in his stiff tool. Plundered over and over Sarah dropped her head which dripped with a combination of sweat and cum. Then he tightened his grip on her waist as he gave a final heave and his cock exploded into her anal passage. He eventually pulled out and Sarah collapsed breathless onto the bed. She looked up as she wiped her face with her forearm and gulped at the sight of six men surrounding the bed. A circle of cocks reared up from their groins as they looked upon the bountiful sex goddess. She pointed to a rugged looking man with a square jaw and got up on her haunches.

"Lie down,"

Sarah squatted over the mans midriff in a reverse cowgirl and looked down at the wet spot between her thighs that was her sodden cunt. The ripe angry cock head of the man under her swiped back and forth across her slit and the English woman nibbled her lower lip. With intense concentration she eased down on the thick column with a prolonged sigh as she swallowed him up. From behind the lucky man watched her firm butt with his stiff dick inserted in between and gulped.

"Ride that cock woman."

Sarah settled with an undisguised joy to the very root of his boner and her cheeks pillowed against his balls. She cupped her enormous knockers as she commenced an energetic pelvic grinding, her belly undulating as she consumed his pole. Both groaned in aching delight as Sarah bounced up and down on the top three inches of his cock, plunging down hard on the downward stroke.


She bent forward and placed her hands on his calves as she ground along his shaft without letting it leave her pussy.

"Fuck that's so good, I'm gonna cum!"

Sarah bathed his cock in her juices as she came and swung up and away from the man who fucked air for a few more moments. She turned back to him and propped herself up on her knees and cupped her huge breasts together to make one big boob. He needed no guidance as he slid his slick cock between the DD sized tits and pumped up and down the offered channel.

"Your tits are amazing."

Sarah drove him wild as he fucked up between her boobs faster and she mashed them together with both hands. Her doe like eyes looked into his with a wide innocence, despite the dried cum on her face which told the real truth of her slutty side. His butt muscles tensed as he carried on thrusting up and down and Sarah further teased him with the pointed tip of her tongue at the top of her boobs.

"Here I go."

Sarah pursed her lips and put his throbbing glans inside her mouth as he let fly with four huge loads of cum onto the back of her throat. She swallowed hard as she reared back, leaving the spent man shaking. Totally abandoned to the needs of the remaining studs Sarah watched the five of them close in for the kill.

"Finish me off boys."

The first shot hit the babe on the chin then another man to her left took her full in the face with a thick glob of cum. A fountain of cum slammed into her face and mouth as she spat at the same time. She blinked uncontrollably as two cocks erupted into her eyes and forehead, so that her bangs glistened with tiny droplets of their sticky goo.


Further splashes painted her huge tits and rivulets ran down her great cleavage. Blast after blast hit her face, sticking to her rosy cheeks, lips and mouth forming slow moving globs that hung off the end of her chin. Once spent Sarah yelped as five wilting cocks slapped her about the face viciously, smearing their semen into a face mask of cum. An awkward silence followed as all the men retreated and Sarah was left alone on the soaked bed sheets.

"I am most pleased by your performance, quite, quite remarkable. And now, I shall release you from your interminable travels through the ages and deliver you to the moment your adventures began."

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