tagMatureSarah's Awakening

Sarah's Awakening


The party had been going well until Sarah put her hand on her husband's leg under the dinner table at their friend's house. She was surprised when moments later he gently pushed her hand off. She brushed off the encounter and continued talking and laughing with their friends.

There were four couples at the dinner party; a group of old friends that got together a few times a year for good food and a late night of drinks. Each of the couples had children that were either in college or would soon be entering and they were determined to enjoy their newfound freedom as married couples without the daily responsibilities of parenthood that had dominated their lives for so long.

Sarah got along well with everyone and enjoyed the adult conversation but the encounter under the table left her feeling hurt and vulnerable. To help her take the edge off she drank a little more wine than she usually would over dinner.

After dessert it was time for coffee. Sarah's husband Jeff offered bring it out and she decided to follow him into the kitchen under the pretext of helping, hoping to steal quick kiss.

"Sarah, what are you doing?"

"I just wanted a little kiss, that's all."

"Our friends are out there, this is not the time."

"It's never the right time with you anymore Jeff!"

Pouting she swung her hips around flaring out her dress.

"Don't you think I look good tonight?"

"Sarah, I think you might have had too much to drink. Maybe I should take you home so you can sleep it off."

"Why don't you loosen up a little and have some fun?"

"My idea of fun isn't making out in front of our friends Sarah."

"You know Jeff, you can be a real jerk sometimes. I'll get my own ride. You stay here and have fun without me."

Sarah grabbed the tray and stomped off to the dining room. At the table she refilled her wine and send her son a text message asking him to pick her up. She hoped her son would be available because ever since he came home from college for summer break he had spent most nights out with his friends. She turned to the table and said that she was tired from a long week and that she would be leaving early but that Jeff would be staying behind. Twenty minutes and two more glasses of wine passed before she got a reply. She did her best to act like everything was ok but she felt insulted and embarrassed.

She and Jeff had always had a good sex life but she felt like she was always the one who had to initiate everything. She was hoping that the atmosphere of the night would loosen him up a little but clearly she had been wrong.

The text from her son said that he would be there in a few minutes and that she should wait out front for him.

Pulling up to the house Jason saw his mother leaning against the house under a porch light holding her high heels at her side. The fact that his mother was still pretty hot at 37 wasn't lost on her eighteen year old son. She usually dressed conservatively around the house but whenever she wore a tight shirt he couldn't help but noticing her ample breasts. They had a pool in the backyard but his mother only ever wore boring one piece suits that showed off her sexy body without showing too much skin.

Sarah had long red hair that framed her head like a lion's mane. She was about 5'7" tall with long lean legs. Childbirth left her with hips that were wider than she liked, but gave her body a perfect hourglass figure. On that night she wore a simple black cocktail dress that clung to her bosom and stomach but fell loose around her hips.

Jason could tell that she needed help getting to the car and walked up the path to retrieve his apparently drunk mother.

"My hero!" She gushed as she threw her arms around his neck.


"Every girl dreams of having a strong young man rescue her."

"Did someone drink a little too much wine tonight?" He teased her.

She fell into him with her arms tied around his neck. Jason was in no hurry to push his mom off of him but he knew he couldn't stand there with her breasts pressed against him all night.

"Ok, let's get you home, your chariot awaits."

Walking down the path to the car was a challenge. Jason did his best to hold his mother up and ended up wrapping one of her arms around his neck and one of his arms around her waist before she was able to regain her balance.

Jason lowered his mother into the car seat and watched as she awkwardly pulled her legs into the car giving him a generous view of her red panties before closing the door. Sarah noticed her son staring but didn't realize until he closed the door that she must have just flashed him.

Sarah thought to herself through her drunken haze "What a naughty boy... Sneaking a peak at mommy's panties..."

She felt her face get flush at the thought of someone other than her husband Jeff seeing her panties. She was even wearing her sexiest pair hoping to seduce her husband that night.

Jason saw that his mother had lowered the back of her seat as far as it would go and had already closed her eyes by the time that he got into the car.

"Mom, you need to put your seatbelt on before we go anywhere."


He poked her arm and got no response.

"Great" he thought "she passed out."

Sarah was not asleep and wasn't quite sure what compelled her to pretend but she could feel her body quiver when her son's warm breath caressed her neck as he reached across her for the seatbelt. His right hand briefly rested on her thigh and his left arm brushed against her chest as he brought the belt across her lap to buckle her in. Sarah's heart was racing.

She was no virgin when she married her husband but had remained monogamous through the years. Over time her sexual appetite waned to the point that she had become satisfied with the few times that her husband still wanted to have sex with her each year. The intimate warmth of another body against her, even if it was her son's, had jump-started her memory and suddenly she felt long forgotten feelings flow through her from whatever place she had kept them locked up over the years.

On the drive home she peered through half open slits in her eyes and thought that she saw her son stealing glances at her legs. She was always proud of her long legs and enjoyed showing them off. Years ago she wouldn't wear anything but short dresses or skirts that barely covered her. Now she mostly wore pants or long dresses. The dress she wore that night was the shortest one she owned and even that nearly came down to her knees.

Sensing an opportunity for a cheap thrill, like the good old days, she slid her body several inches down on the seat and pushed her knees further apart.

Jason was having a hard time keeping his eyes on the road. His drunk mother was passed out in the passenger seat and the way that she was sitting was giving him a great view of her long beautiful legs. He slowly approached each intersection hoping that the light would turn red and allow him the chance for a better look. When the opportunity finally arrived he put the car in park and openly ogled his mother. Her dress had inched up her bare legs which were spread out in a lewd display. His eyes lingered on the soft curves of her inner thigh. Thoughts of the red panties that he knew were hidden underneath her dress played through his head.

His revelry was broken by the sound of a car honking behind him. He quickly snapped out of it and put the car in gear. The vehicle lurched forward as his foot stumbled on the accelerator.

Sarah felt a rush knowing that just a glimpse of her legs could distract her son like that. She knew she had a great body, especially for her age, she just forgot how to use it to turn men on.

Back at the house Jason walked around the car knowing that she would need help getting inside.

"Mom, we're home" He said as he gently nudged her arm.

Sarah slowly shook her head from side to side pretending that she was just waking up.

"Huh, where are we."

"Mom, you're home now. I picked you up at the party, remember?"

"Oh yeah, my hero." She cooed with a smile.

"I think I'm going to need some help, do you mind?" Her voice was noticeably slurred.

She held her arm up for him and swung her right leg out as far as she could. Again Jason stood froze as his mother's red panties came into view. With her dress still pushed up from the ride he could now see all the way up to the waistband of her panties.

Her heart fluttered as she watched his face. Sarah pretended to struggle so that she could prolong the show but eventually kicked her other leg out and let her dazed son pull her up out of the car. Jason had to put his arm around her waist again as they made their way up to the front door. As he struggled with his keys his mother dropped her purse and turned around to retrieve it. She knew that his eyes would be eating her up as she bent at the waist while keeping her long legs straight. The hem of her dress rose up over her firm round ass as she shifted her weight from side to side.

Jason couldn't believe his luck. First, he had two good looks at his mom's hot red panties then she didn't even realize that she had her legs spread wide apart during the whole car ride, and now this! He watched as her dress rose up her thighs until it was only barely covering her red panties.

Sarah reached for her purse but the alcohol had left her a little more wobbly than she realized. As soon as she began to lose her balance she felt a pair of strong hands grab her hips and hold her tightly. He could feel her panties through the thin fabric of her dress.

"Be careful down there!"

Still bent over she craned her neck around and demurely said "What would I do without my hero."

Jason couldn't believe that he was holding on to his hot mother's hips like this. He had lusted after her for years and spent many nights thinking about her while he played with himself. And here he was. He didn't want to let go and she didn't seem like she was in any rush to get back up.

After what felt like an eternity she slowly lifted herself back up. Jason held on tight to her hips leaving her dress bunched up around his hands when she finally stood up. Sarah spun around before he could let go and his hands slid around her waist as she turned towards him. She paused inches from her son with his hands on her hips holding up her dress. Breaking the moment she reached passed him and pushed open the front door.

He let go of her and tried to compose himself as she leaned in and kissed his cheek.

"Thanks for helping your mom get home safe and sound" She whispered into his ear before walking into the house.

Her perfume lingered in the air after she had gone. Jason's head was swimming by the time he got up to his room. His cock was already rock hard and he needed relief.

"Jason, can you come here for a minute. Your mother needs a little more help."

Her voice rang through the second floor of their house.

"One minute" He frantically threw on a pair of pajama pants and went over to help his mother only to find her door closed.

"Come in" she replied to his knock as he pushed the door open.

Sarah was standing at the far end of the room in front of a full length mirror with her back to him.

"I need your help with this zipper"

She was holding her crimson hair up with both hands exposing her neck to him. Her eyes followed him across the room as he walked up to her pausing for a moment before nervously reaching up to the zipper.


"Yes, mom"

"Do you think I'm attractive?"

"Wwwhhat?" He stammered while holding the zipper in his fingers.

"I don't think your father finds me attractive anymore, what do you think?"

Feeling his face reddening he said "Well, yeah I think you're attractive. You're much better looking than any of my friends' mom's."

"I don't mean like that. If I wasn't your mother would you think I was sexy?"

His hand slowly pulled her zipper down as they spoke. Inch by inch her soft skin was revealed as the back of her dress opened for him. His eyes hung on the red strip of fabric that stretched between her shoulder blades until his hands rested at the small of her back.

Sarah turned to her son holding her dress up to her chest with her arms.


She dropped her arms to her sides letting her dress fall to the floor. Jason was stunned at the sight of his gorgeous mother standing before him in nothing but a red lace bra and matching panties.

Sarah was thrilled to see the tent forming in her son's pajama pants. His eyes widened and his mouth opened while he took in the sight before him.


"I guess that's as much of an answer as I'm going to get out of you."

She stepped closer to him and in a low voice said "Does this make you uncomfortable Jason?"

He weakly shook his head.

"I've always liked it when men look at my body. It's a big turn on for me to know that someone is thinking about my naked body. Have you ever thought about what I look like naked?"

Jason nodded.

"I thought so"

Sarah reached out and pulled on the elastic waistband of his pants pushing it down past his hips.

"It looks like you're enjoying the show young man." Her voice wavered but was getting more steady.

After a brief pause she spoke up again "Do you like to touch yourself."

Unsure of what to say he feebly nodded.

"Have you ever thought about me when you did?

Jason again nodded nervously.

"Can I see what you do" Sarah surprised herself with the forward nature of her question. The wine had clearly gotten to her head.

Jason stared at his mother for a moment before he nervously reached up and took his penis in his hand.

"Like this?" He asked while slowly stroking his cock.

"Yeah, just like that"

Sarah stepped back and unclasped her bra. She had been blessed with breasts that though they were large had never sagged. Her hard nipples pointed straight at her son who was still stroking his cock. Sarah had always liked using her body to get men to do what she wanted but years of marriage has dulled her sexual desires. As much as she enjoyed sex, an even bigger thrill for her was using her body to control men. She had learned at an early age that a pretty face goes a long way, but a little bit of skin can make men do just about anything. All of her old desires came back to her that night while she watched her son rub his hard cock in her bedroom.

While her son's pace quickened she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and slid them down her legs. She watched as her sons lips tightened and moved her hand to her hairy red pussy massaging herself while he kept stroking.

"ohhh" She lightly moaned at her touch.

His hand stopped abruptly as a ribbon of cum shot out of his hard cock. Sarah felt a hot glob of her son's sticky cum hit her thigh and run down her leg. Jason resumed his stroking while his cock continued to empty itself onto his mother's bedroom floor.

Sarah let him bask in the moment for a minute before reaching for his pants and pulling them back up. She leaned into him again and gave him a soft kiss on his lips before whispering into his ear "I think it's time for someone to go to bed."

She stepped back again so that he could take in her body one more time and led him to her door.

"I don't know what I would have done without you tonight. It's nice to know that there is such a gentleman in the house. Goodnight honey."

He managed to say "Goodnight mom" as she closed the door behind him.

He stood outside of her door for five minutes before heading up to his room and jerking himself off again, with the image of his mother's naked body burned into his memory, before going to bed.

Sarah soaked up the adrenaline as she slipped into bed with her favorite vibrator. She barely even touched herself before her body shook from the biggest orgasm she had in years. She drifted off to sleep thinking about the fun she was going to have reasserting her sexuality. Her husband might not be interested in her anymore, but she knew that plenty of other men would be.

The next morning Sarah sauntered into the kitchen where her son was finishing up his breakfast. She poured herself a cup of coffee in a travel mug and grabbed her car keys before saying that she was going out for the day and would be back later.

Jason couldn't keep his eyes off of her body as she walked through the kitchen. She wore a pair of tight leggings and a tight white t-shirt that looked at least one size too small. He wasn't sure what would happen that morning but he expected it to be awkward. He was actually relieved that she didn't mention what happened between them the night before. He wondered if she blacked out and maybe didn't remember.

Sarah did, in fact, remember. She knew that if she was going to have any more fun teasing Jason, or anyone else for that matter, she was going to need a new wardrobe.

She spent the day at the mall shopping for everything from every day clothes, which now would mean short skirts and tight revealing tops, to lingerie and sexy underwear, to new bathing suits.

After finishing her shopping for the day she popped her head into the living room to check on her son. Jason and two of his friends, Mark and Tony, were on the couch watching TV. She expected him to be alone and had planned on giving her son a show. Her disappointment quickly faded as the thought of showing off to Jason and two of his friends started getting her really excited.

"Are you guys busy?"

"Not really, what's up mom?"

Jason's blood pressure rose immediately when she walked into the room in her tight outfit. He still couldn't shake the image of her naked body.

"Well, I just got back from shopping and wanted to get a man's opinion of something."

"Sure, whatever mom." He tried to be nonchalant.

"Great, I'll be right back down." Sarah turned and practically skipped out of the room.

"Dude, your mom is so fucking hot!"

Jason punched Tony in the arm.

"C'mon, that's my mom."

"Yeah, your hot mom!"

After a few minutes of Jason fruitlessly trying to get his friends to change the subject Sarah walked back into the room. All three of them froze immediately.

"What do you think?"

She was wearing a white string bikini that was tied high on her hips and came together into a small panel in the front just big enough to cover her hairy pussy. The top consisted of two thin triangle panels that only covered half of her breasts and a small gold loop that connected the two side together between her mounds.

"Wow, you look great Mrs. Walker." Tony was the first to speak up.

"Yeah, that suit looks real good on you." Mark chimed in.

"I'm glad you like it, I wasn't sure if I should keep it or not. What about you Jason, you haven't said a word."

"Uhhh, yeah you look good mom." It was hard for Jason to hide his lust for his own mother in front of his friends who were clearly enjoying the show."

"What else did you get today Mrs. Walker?" Tony decided to push it a little.

"Oh, just a few things. Do you want to see my new shoes?"

"Yeah, why don't you go get them?"

"OK, I'll be right back."

Turning to leave the room she made a conscious effort to move her hips with every step. Sarah felt her pussy getting wet just thinking about those three young men openly leering at her nearly naked body like that. She recognized the look in their eyes - they wanted to fuck her.

Minutes later she walked back into the room wearing the same bikini with a pair of shiny black stiletto heels. She paused in the doorway before walking into the center of the room. She could feel the tension in the air as she stood before them. Their hungry eyes were devouring her body and took in her every curve. Standing in the middle of the room she slowly turned her back to the couch and spread her legs apart before bending over until her hands touched the ground.

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