tagErotic HorrorSarah's Confession Ch. 03

Sarah's Confession Ch. 03


Sarah waited, as Delilah had asked her to but she never saw Velvet again. She asked Ruth about her but she pretended that she'd never known her. "What the fuck is going on here?" she asked Ruth at breakfast some weeks later.

"You don't understand." Ruth said quietly, "We are watched." she whispered, we are NOT alone- even now."

"You're fucking CRAZY!" Sarah flipped her tray up and stood to leave but found two strong hands holding her in place, both of them belonged to Delilah.

"Don't be foolish Sarah- your mouth is too precious to lose."

"Get off me!" She pulled away from the guard, only to stumble back into another. There was an uproar among the prisoners that would have caused enough confusion for Sarah to slip away- had she been in her right mind but she was fuming at moment and incapable of such forward thinking. In the end, two guards took her to a holding cell along with three other women. They were stripped and hosed down with cold water and then placed into individual dark cells, which were too small to stand up in. The concrete floor was cold and the air was stale.

Sarah wasn't sure how much time had gone by but the door eventually was opened and a woman in a tight fitting gray suit looked in with a light behind her: "Sarah?"

"What?" she blocked her eyes from the glare.

"Come out here- I have a question for you." the woman's voice was stern and commanding but as her appearance, not at all unattractive. Her hair was cropped short and she was blond. her cheek bones were high and her lips were full, unlike Sara's long-full nose she had a little button.

Sarah stood up, feeling naked and cold.

"Here." the woman snapped her fingers and the guards tossed a long white t-shirt at Sarah. "Put that on." she held out a hand nonchalantly and the other of the two guards handed a clipboard to her. "Thank you Rose."

"What is this about?" Sarah asked but before she finished her words she was surprised by a smack on the side of her face with the back side of the clipboard, it left a red mark and drew blood. "Hey!"

The guards moved in and restrained her as the slender attractive yet violent woman continued to read the information from the blood stained notes. "You have a violent streak Sarah."


"And a dumb streak as well." she nodded and turned away as the guards systematically began to pummel the prisoner. When they were finished, they were out of breath and Sarah was on the floor.

She spit out blood on the floor, "I think whatever you ask me at this point." she gasped, "The answer is yes."

The lithe woman squatted before Sarah and put a hand to her chin, holding her face up so that their eyes would meet. "Good, I am glad to see that your survivor tendencies are STRONGER than your stubborn ones!"

"Yeah, lets open a bottle of wine."

The woman caressed Sarah's face and then tugged her hair violently back. Sarah was surprised by the extreme strength of the little woman.


"Your nothing but a party animal... a pervert... and a pig... a parasite." she said, "I like that about you." the woman stood up: "That is also why you are still alive, now answer this question and I won't have to shoot you like we had to the other two."

Sarah took a moment to look around the dark long hall. There were four small metal doors like the one she had come out of, the others were left open but there was no sign of the women. She scratched at the ground and tried to sit up, swallowing her own blood she asked: "What's the question?"

The woman ran her hand through Sarah's hair again, patting it kindly this time, "Would you like to see the warden?"

Sarah was confused. Part of her knew this was wrong, that seeing the warden was obviously NOT the thing she should want to do. Velvet still hadn't been seen and Delilah had warned her that the Warden was not a typical man, certainly not one to be taken lightly- but that the other prisoners would choose death over seeing him she thought was ludicrous. "Sure. OK." she said.

"Very well... lets get you cleaned up, my pretty." the woman stood up and dusted off her slacks.

The two guards came in without a word from her and snatched up Sarah, they hosed her off in the holding cell as they had done before and then took her forcefully up several flights of stairs, through numerous gates and locked doors until she found herself out of the stone and metal caverns and inside a cozy wood paneled room with a leather sofa a desk and three leather chairs. There was also a small wood burning stove with a kettle of water on top and soft music that played from an antique record-player. The room smelled like expensive cigars and a hint of brandy.

The guards turned and left her alone in the room. Despite the homey look, it was very cold and she could see her breath as it came out in clouds. She was shivering, the long t-shirt stuck to her still soaking skin.

"Is it cold in here?" a man's voice asked her. It sounded familiar but she wasn't sure if it was the voice that came from the speakers at night or not- it was only the first male voice that she'd heard in months.

Sarah nodded, "Freezing." her teeth began to chatter.


She turned around and stepped forward towards the middle of the room, but there was no one there, that she could find. "Who am I speaking to?" she asked.

There was a sigh but nothing else. "Care for a cigar?"

Sarah shook her head, though she considered taking one to use as a toy later on if the evening didn't pan out the way she'd hoped it would. There really weren't too many options for her to be considering, and she knew this. IF the other girls chose death over meeting the guy he had to be a little worse than a nipple biter.

"You haven't answered my question." Sarah said to the silence as she began to look for something to cover up with.

"There is no single answer, you asked to questions. First, WHO ARE YOU?"

Sarah swallowed hard and fell back into one of the two chairs on her side of the desk. A fast moving shadow had tripped up her sensibility and the loud voice had startled her. "You know who I am." she stuttered.

"Yes, but do you?"

"This is crazy... is this some trick to keep order in this place or a scheme to get money from someone?"

Laughter filled the room. "Money?" more laughter erupted, "Be not so mundane..."

A form came together of the shadows made in the corners of the room, from their combined dark depths emerged a man, quite handsome with a mustache and well cropped hair. "You have been in this world too long Sarah."

"What?" She gasped and tried to pull away from the man-creature, but could not move. Her eyes were fixed into his.

"You are a dark child, I know, we are the same we are one."

"You're fucking CRAZY you are! And I am fucking delirious from the beating or from a drug..." she closed her eyes wishing everything away, but she was disappointed when she re-opened them. The man had taken a seat behind the desk and he began to recite poetry: "This little number is part of 'The Sleeper' from a good friend of mine, Poe, 'Oh, lady bright! can it be right this window open to the night? The wanton airs, from the tree top, laughingly through the lattice drop... and there yes there do the dead bodies rot!"

It was a moment before Sarah realized he was no longer speaking the words that were coming from the speakers throughout the prison below them, but that he was now standing besides her. She blinked, "You misread Edgar Allan Poe... she said." adding, "I have old friends that were librarians and I used to get books for the flights all the time... as a stewardess." she silenced her words as an icy long finger came to her lips.

"Sshh!" he said, "I know... who you are- even if you don't." he pointed to the door where she came from. "You could vary easily have chosen to be dead, rotting with those other ladies, but you didn't. You chose to come to me."

"Like the others before me?" she asked, now fear giving way to her temper, "Like Velvet?"

The man-creature smiled, "Velvet..." his eyes narrowed on her. "I should like to enjoy you both at once."

"Like that's going to happen." she realized she wasn't shivering anymore. "Is it getting warm in here?"

"No.." he shrugged, "You are dying."

"Yeah right." she said.

The Warden smiled.

"Here is the deal." the man said after a long moment, "I will satisfy you and then you will satisfy me."

"I assure you what I want will satisfy both of us." she said, nervy and with a smile.

"And I you- yet we are NOT talking about the same things... how ironic is that?" he grinned then nodded behind her.

She turned as the door opened to see Velvet enter the room. She almost didn't recognize her for how she was dressed, in black on black leather and latex with a mounted dildo at the front which was a good ten inches erect. She carried a whip at her side and an artificial tail popped up from her exposed cheeks, like a pony, as she entered the room- slow and sultry. "You called?" she smiled at Sarah and the man, a long black leather gloved hand on her full hip.

"Yes... pleasure me."

"Velvet, you're!" her words were cut off as the Black woman cracked her whip across the room and snapped it inches from Sarah's face. She had to jump back out of the seat not to get hit by the second crack.

"C'mon bitch on your knees!" Velvet swung the whip around in the air to bring it back down on Sarah if she didn't comply- but she did.

"OK!" Sarah dropped to her knees.

"On all fours girl." she said as she walked up to her and gently raised a long spiked heal to her face, "Kiss me."

Sarah did.

"Lick it."

Sarah began to lick Velvet's leather boot, the top, the toe the ankle.

"The bottom, the tread, where I walk, suck it clean you white whore!" Velvet ordered and Sarah complied.

"Excellent!" the warden shifted behind his seat, watching the display of power. "She's a naughty one isn't she?" he cheered.

Velvet didn't reply, only kicked Sarah on the side of the head with the foot she'd been licking. "Turn around and pull up your shirt. That's it hike up that ass girl!"

Sarah complied, a deep excitement starting to build. The humiliation, the fear the anxiety of the last few months and the denial of any full satisfaction was all coming to a head right here right now, in this moment as Velvet pushed the unlubricated ten inch latex pole right up her back side, without mercy. Sarah cried out in agonizing pain. Velvet took hold of the blonds hair and yanked on it as she began a slow rhythm of pumping her from the back.

Sarah began to buck as Velvet bucked into her, their thighs made a slapping noise and Sarah stopped screaming, beginning to moan from the pleasure. "Uh... I want you in my pussy!" she whispered.

"Shut up." Velvet sneered as she continued to pound the long black latex dildo into the other woman. She slapped the white girls ass and called her a whore as she continued to yank on her hair and fuck her anus raw.

Sarah yelped as she began to touch herself. She could feel the massive dildo enter her back side with her hands over her mound as her abdomen expanded to make room for the thick pole. "Oooh" she cooed, "Fuck me!" she said, "Fuck me!" she shouted as she began to rub her own clit violently. "Fuck me!" she screamed, "Yes Fuck me!" She began to buck wildly as the orgasm seized her and her body shook from the frenzies.

But Velvet wasn't done yet. She pulled the long rod out slowly and then pushed it into the soaked pussy, from behind. Then continued to pump into her. Their thighs slapped together, Sarah's breasts bounced forward and backward and Velvet squeezed Sarah's ass cheeks. Pulling them apart, she spit down into the gaping whole.

"Oh you're soo good!" Sarah cooed.

"Fuck you, you're a whore." Velvet said back as she spit again, down into her.

Sarah didn't think about it but just let the Black woman fuck her.

The spit that had landed in her ass was burning, at first Sarah thought it was because the sides of her bung were raw from their mistreatment, but as time went on and the burning continued to expand- she knew it was something else. However, Velvet by then was fucking her relentlessly and she couldn't keep a strait thought about anything except how good it all felt- to finally get fucked.

She didn't know how much time had passed, but eventually, after she had cummed numerous times, Velvet lifted her up and placed her in a chair, then wrapped her legs up over her head and holding them there, continued to fuck her, switching from pussy to ass-hole, and back again. Sarah wanted to stop her, she wanted to say no, that she'd get an infection, but she didn't care. It felt to good.

When Velvet was driving the dildo into her ass, she held Sarah's pussy open with two fingers and spit inside of her. "You're a whore." she said, "A slut."

"It burns!" Sarah said of Velvet's spit in her pussy. "It burns bad."

"That's right. Burn witch burn!" Velvet laughed and repeated herself as if chanting it as she continued to fuck Sarah.

The last thing Sarah remembered, was biting Velvet's hand as she put her fingers in her mouth saying, "Suck em you whore!"

After that, it was darkness. Cold darkness on the outside and a burning on the inside.

Then at some point the door opened to the Warden's office, and it was herself who entered in the black latex and leather costume, with a whip and a tail and a mounted dildo in the front. And there too was the warden behind the desk compelling her forward with a nod that she could not refuse, and before her in a chair a damp and frightened Ruth.

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