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Sarah's Dilemma


After talking with three people who have suggested some changes, most of which I have gone with I am going to publish this. Constructive feedback is welcome, especially as I don't feel it is quite right yet.

How I had changed, born in a Parsee family I had been brought up to be submissive to males. I had never had an orgasm through intercourse. I shocked my parents by joining the womens liberation movement, bits of which chewed me up and spat me out! - Some of those I knew in the movement thought that to be a real womens libber you had to be a lesbian. I even tried a couple of times but it never did anything for me so I gave that up.

I did divorce my Indian husband much to my parents horror! Despite my views I ended up with a bastard, Mark who was a worse deal than my husband had been.

I was generally in a pretty unhappy mood. I had been on my own for more years than I was happy with. I was feeling a bit under the weather as was normal for the few days before my period came and not really looking forward to my trapeze class.

So I was at the circus school I attended on Mondays normally but this time it was a Thursday. I had arrived early and saw that Dave had a new partner for his cradle class.

He was dressed just in leggings and either I hadn't noticed before or he had really been working out since I had been in a class with him. - He had always been strong but now his back looked like a picture from Grey's Anatomy. I thought back to when I had been one of his, "bodies" for him to practice on for his massage training. Not too long after my divorce as I remember it. He never even tried to cop a feel of the sides of my breasts or anything.

Iwondered if I would object if he did now? Then my womens' lib credentials would have memade me outraged.

I watched his partner climb the rope and then as they held each other in a wrist to wrist grip took their first practice swing. She was small but incredibly muscled for such a small woman. She would be much sought after as a partner for acrobatic balancing as well as doubles work for aerial stuff like the cradle.

Now she was standing between his knees as he hung down. He was supported by his knees hanging over one bar and his feet under another. His knees being the pivot of the swing for all the tricks etc. By now his back was glistening with sweat, There was a time it would have put me off but for some reason now I felt a tingling that I hadn't for a long time.

She jumped backwards and once she was level with his outstretched body they swung away together under the cradle. At the front she stretched out and then the next swing the same but then she folded in two and she came up to standing on the cradle between his knees again.

It was as if they were making love. They were so in time together and everything just seemed to work perfectly. I knew Dave had lost his partner in an accident a year earlier.

I suddenly wondered if they were lovers? I was suddenly thinking about them moving together in that perfect harmony in bed, his mouth kissing every part of her in ways I had only read about but never experienced. Maybe he would massage her first, to work out the kinks from the public face of their love-making?

When he came down, Dave was covered in sweat, but then he always did sweat a lot during exercise. He introduced me to Jane who despite my fantasy was only a partner for the cradle class.

On a whim I asked if he would give me a massage in exchange for me cooking a meal for him at the weekend. We arranged a time and then I was warming up for my class.

I struggled a bit during the start of the class, finding it difficult to just enjoy the freedom of swinging on the trapeze. When it wasn't my turn I found myself day-dreaming, watching Dave in the handstand class. He was a lot stronger than he had been a couple of years ago – that was clear.

Stepping into a handstand was easy for him now and he would hold it for twenty seconds or more before coming down. He was also managing to tuck up to handstand on a regular basis and managing some of the exercises which work towards being able to lever up to it from a straddle.

I looked at the powerful muscles in his back and how they stood out as he worked. It would be nice to snuggle up to him in bed. I felt myself getting wet and thought that some of my women's lib friends would chastise me for concentrating on his body and not his mind.

Eventually the class finished and having nothing better to do I stayed on to watch the next class. There was an advanced flying class as well as the acrobatic balancing where this time Dave was working with a French girl, Delfine.

She, though not as small as Jane was also very strong and powerful. She performed gymnastic moves using his body as a piece of apparatus. Again it was as if they were making love.

I suddenly got a fit of the giggles at the thought of Dave having two lovers! Some of the comediennes on the circuit do a joke about being stuck with their best platonic male friend for the night who says that they could sleep together and promises that nothing will happen. ..... And .... Nothing Happens!

Well someone had told me that it had happened to them with Dave. I don't know for certain it was true but I could believe it of him.

And yet, his hands as he reached for her before lifting her over his head like in, "Dirty Dancing" - It was as if he was caressing a lover. For the first time I understood why his partner used to feel jealous of his, "Other women."

I couldn't tell if she had any but with his finger tips just over her hip bones, the heals of his hands would be up against her pubic hair, - did he ever think about that when lifting one of his flyers?

Next he somehow manipulated her so her body was at ninety degrees to the way he was facing and taking a wrist and one leg in a hold I couldn't quite suss out she rolled down, stopping inches from the ground rather than hitting it as looked likely.

Dave then swung her gently and put one arm round her waist to lift her to vertical. Again every movement seemed charged with sex, even though as far as I could tell he didn't have a hard on. I guess maybe concentrating on the technical side of it stopped him thinking about that but it sure as hell looked sexual.

Eventually the class was over and I saw Dave kiss Delfine gently on the lips before she left. I moved in quickly for a kiss of my own as we arranged what time I would go round to his place for my massage and to cook him a meal. I half turned the kiss into a snog, I was feeling so turned on by what I had been watching.

I also had the satisfaction of seeing Dave get an erection that was plain for all to see in his leggings.

Saturday was so hot, even I was sweating. I had taken some spare clothes to put on after the massage rather than the sweaty ones I arrived in, (short shorts and a crop top which showed off my large expanse of flat stomach.)

That comes from having a long back. - people often think I have long legs because I am slim but it isn't true. Dave is about two inches taller than me standing but sitting it is the reverse as he pointed out once.

Dave asked me if I wanted a shower first, he had clearly just had one, judging by his hair. I gratefully accepted and taking the proffered towel I made my way to the bathroom.

"Just turn it on with the pull switch and the temperature should be fine after about five seconds he called.

It might have been fine for Dave but it was a bit hot for me and I turned it down a bit to try and slow the sweating down. Once I started to feel clean again I decided to play with myself a bit. I started with my nipples and once they were hard and tingling I started to explore the nooks and crevices of my lower lips. I almost always did this at home but in Dave's house it felt incredibly naughty for some reason.

I hadn't yet decided to seduce Dave but I had decided to tease him a bit. I kept going till just short of orgasm.

The bathroom was next to his practice room and so I let myself in, and lay down on the mats he used instead of a massage table and covered myself with a towel.

What was different was that instead of wearing an albeit skimpy set of pants I was naked under the towel as Dave would discover when he folded the towel back to expose my back. - Normally he would tuck the towel into my panties. The thought of him not knowing how wet I was made me hornier still.

Dave came in with the oils he had mixed which included rose and something I had never heard of as well. His hands were soon making long slow strokes down my back and over my buttocks.

"You know your skin feels wonderful to work on."

Dave had told me that before and I do think I have good skin even if, so close to my period it felt a bit puffy to me. Also that was typical Dave – far more likely to comment on what my body felt like than what it looks like.

I loved the firm pressure as his weight transferred through his hands onto my back and he leant forward from the knees rather than just moving his arms like some massage therapists do.

I also loved feeling his hands on my bum. I always liked it but had never thought it that sexual before. Was Dave doing anything different or was the difference in my mind?

I guessed the latter and tried to work out why even as I enjoyed the sensation. And why had I decided to give Dave his own private titillating show? My women's lib friends would be horrified!

But as I think about it now, surely true liberation is the freedom to pursue my own goals? Not to perpetuate and keep alive a largely false battle between the sexes?

Dave was now working on the backs of my thighs, his strong fingers wrapping around my legs as they pushed up from my feet, up the outside of my legs and back down the inside, with his fingers just on the edge of where I would have complained when I was one of his bodies during his training.

I felt myself relaxing more and more and had fallen asleep by the time Dave asked me to turn over. Once on my back I threw the towel covering me to one side, saying it was too hot for that. At the same time I opened my legs a little more than I usually did to allow him to do the fronts of my thighs and still have room to take his hands up the inside. Of course I also gave Dave a prime view of my pleasure centre.

"It's certainly getting hot in here." Dave observed cryptically before continuing with the massage. The other difference from before which he couldn't fail to notice was that I had shaved off my pubic hair the night before.

Was it my imagination or had Dave taken his hands just that bit closer to my cunt without actually touching it compared with before? I was certainly getting wetter by the minute.

Next Dave worked on the expanse of my abdominal area, taking advantage of my having shaved to go over an area he normally missed out. His hands felt hotter than I believed possible and the last vestiges of pre-menstrual ache went completely.

All too soon Dave's hands were slowly moving away from my head having held it for about five minutes at the end. He tried to explain it to me in terms of energy. My explanation that it feels nice has always seemed a lot simpler to me!

My next move would have me dropped by my remaining women's lib friends if they ever found out. I asked Dave if he could massage my tits as well as they often get sore before my periods, even though they weren't on this occasion. Dave asked if I was sure before taking what was left of the oil and starting to work it into my firm if small orbs.

I had been drifting off into a world of my own when Dave's hands were round my head and part of me must have still been there in some fantasy because as his hands gently squeezed my boobs one of my own made it's way back down towards my slit and my clitoris.

Dave had been watching my face and didn't notice straight away but when he did he was far more direct than I imagined he would be.

"I could massage you there as well." The way my mind or more to the point my body was going meant that was an offer I couldn't refuse, even though a small, very small part of me felt I should.

I felt him squeezing my nipples hard and at the same time his mouth was replacing my own hands. Strange that even before this Dave knew more about my body than anyone I had ever had sex with. - He could tell to within a day or two where I was in my cycle, just from the feel of my skin.

As my excitement mounted his hands slid under my buttocks to squeeze as he nibbled and tongued my clit with increasing vigour as my breath became faster and more ragged. My own hands kneaded my tits and then as I felt my tension building I squeezed my nipples hard.

My legs clamped around Dave's head as I screamed without words as I came with an orgasm that seemed to go on for ever.

"How far do you want to go?" Dave asked as he quickly shed his shirt and shorts?

"All the fucking way!" I replied. "Just keep off my clitoris for a few minutes. I'm a bit sensitive there right now."

Seconds later Dave was rubbing the engorged head of his penis up and down the length of my slit, his own pre-cum joining my own lubrication.

Dave knew I was on the pill because he always asked questions about what medication I was on before starting a massage and it was not long before I was pushing Dave onto his back so I could kneel over him and lower myself down on his genuinely average six inches.

The length may have been just average but he was certainly thicker, (in the penis) than any of my previous lovers/sex partners. I took it slowly till I got used to feeling stretched and then gradually built up the pace.

I think Dave was worried about exploding too soon because I felt him reach between my legs to play with my lips and my clitoris with a steadily increasing amount of energy. As it was my second orgasm was almost finished when I heard Dave start to gasp. I felt the heat of his cum as he filled me with wave after wave of it before I finally collapsed on his chest.

After I had enjoyed licking our mingled juices from his now flaccid member Dave led me to the shower again where we fucked once more before he dried me off and I headed for the kitchen. We didn't bother getting dressed again and while I cooked I quizzed Dave about the changes I thought I saw in him.

I concluded that possibly related to his much improved fitness he was much more confident about his body in general. Certainly his posture had improved one hell of a lot.

That just left me to think about. Why then did I suddenly decide that I could go for what I wanted sexually. Why never before? Could I have done it for the first time with anyone but Dave where I could have backed out at any point?

And the one question left in my mind about Dave that I couldn't bring myself to ask was, "Did he ever become sexual partners in reality with his circus skills partners?"

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