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Sarah's Education


She was going to hell, she just knew it. Her college professor, Greg Sumner, was the hottest man on earth and she knew she was going to pay for having all these perverted thoughts about him. She’d tried to get his attention with subtle things, but he never seemed to pay her even the slightest bit of attention. It was always, “Here’s your paper back Sarah, you got an A, see you in class next week.” She spent entirely too much time fantasizing about him in class. And out of the classroom, too, for that matter.

Well, she aimed to change that next week. She had it all planned out, what she was going to wear, how she was going to approach him, even how they would spend the night making love. Probably on the couch in his office, but they would spend it there together. She had gone to the local smut store and picked up the first pair of crotch less undies they had, a pair of white cotton underwear with white lace trim, very innocent looking until you noticed the gaping slit in the center. She had paired it with a matching white bra, then completed the outfit with a short skirt and a white button down shirt. Professor Greg may have ignored her advances so far, but he wouldn’t last in the face of her determination to have him.

She spent several hours in front of the mirror, practicing how to cross and uncross her legs, trying for the maximum flash of skin without showing herself off to the whole class. She almost had it perfected then noticed that her shirt needed to be undone just a little bit more. The white bra pushed her tits out against the soft fabric, thrilling her with their boldness. No sir, he would not be able to resist.

The next week, dressed to knock Professor Greg out of his socks, I made my way into the classroom. Professor Greg looked up at me and our eyes met briefly. He looked away quickly and went back to his papers scattered on his desk. Darn! I was hoping to exchange some really hot looks with him, but he must have been made of ice.

I chose a spot near the top of the classroom, towards the left side, away from the other students and positioned myself so Professor Greg would have a full view of me. I dropped my things on the ground and rummaged around for a pencil and some paper. The pencil was purely a prop. I had planned to use it to nibble on and occasionally drop it down towards my nipples to keep them hard for him.

I tugged at my skirt a little, pulling it higher on my thighs, wiggling in my damp panties, already thinking about what I was going to do. I sat and waited while the other students filed in.

Professor Greg waited patiently until all the students had been seated, then began his lecture. Today’s was about Human Emotions and Their Effects. That’s about as far as I got, as I got lost looking into his eyes and listening to the gravelly smooth rhythm of his voice. His voice always seemed to reach out and stroke the inner most parts of me, sending little shivers through my body.

I stopped daydreaming and began my plan to entice Professor Greg into my bed. I started to uncross my legs, stretching ever so slightly in my chair, my nipples jutting out against the too tight fabric of my shirt. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Professor Greg glance my way. He stopped speaking for a second, not long enough for the other students to notice, but enough so that I knew I had gotten his attention. Professor Greg never made a mistake.

I let a slight smile play on my mouth as I looked boldly into his eyes, telling him with my eyes what I was going to do. The look I received in return was filled with hot searing passion and a thrilling desire full of dark sadistic thoughts. A shiver raced down my spine as suddenly I was afraid of what I was getting into. What was behind those intelligent seeking eyes, that looked ready to consume me in one tasty morsel?

I didn’t have time to find out as Professor Greg broke our contact and continued on with his lecture. I knew he was now fully aware of my desires and I planned to make the most of it. I circled the tip of the eraser against my nipples, alternating between them, drawing them into swollen peaks. Not stopping until they were heavy and aching with need. I was surprised by my brazenness, but the sweet ache between my thighs was keeping all thoughts of modesty away. I watched him talk as my body began to hum in anticipation.

I wiggled my bottom into the chair trying to ease the ever growing need there. I let my legs part just a little and dropped my hand on my thigh. Casually waiting to see if he would notice. He did and immediately his eyes were drawn to the hand resting on my thigh. He seemed to be telling me something with his eyes, and I followed his gaze. And got it. I started to stroke my thighs, little touches designed to tease and not satisfy. Watching for his reaction, it was imperceptible at first but there, a slight flaring of his nostrils, a drawn in breath as if to speak, then a hand dragged through his hair.

I tried to hide the self satisfied smile growing on my mouth, but he saw it and I saw an answering gleam in his eyes. He was letting me know who was ultimately in charge of the situation. But I ignored his challenge and continued stroking my legs open. Careful to make sure the other students couldn’t see me. He turned to the white board and began to write something down but I knew he couldn’t ignore me any longer.

I was now dangerously close to those innocent white panties, almost letting my finger touch the edge. I could feel the wetness seeping through the thin fabric, shocking me with it’s heat. I willed him to look back at me now, almost daring him to keep his control when I was showing him the results of my desire.

He finished writing and turned around, his eyes locking onto mine with a ferociousness that startled me with it’s intensity. It’s as if he knew what I had been doing behind his back and he showed his disapproval by turning his back on me once again. He wanted to show me that he wasn’t to be messed with, his control was firmly in check. His show of power was impressive but it didn’t stop my clit from throbbing, nor did it stop my finger from grazing it lightly. I shuddered in my seat as I waited for him to look back at me again and see me wet and waiting for him.

He turned and walked to the podium, presumably to finish his lecture. But I knew the real reason, the bulge straining against his pants was too large to ignore any longer. The podium was the only safe place he could stand. I continued the light stroking of my slit, working the slick wetness over the panties, making sure he could see the dark spreading stain of wetness there.

He quickly concluded the lecture, gave out homework assignments, then let us loose for the day. The other students began making their way out of the classroom, glad for the extra time out of class. I took my time gathering up my things, straightening my clothing and smoothing my hair down, before getting up and walking down the stairs towards Professor Greg.

As I got closer to him, he cleared his throat and asked, “Sarah, I’d like to talk to you about that paper you wrote last week, could you stay for a minute after class?” He did this for the benefit of the other students still dawdling in there.

“Sure, Professor Greg, I’m not due in my other class for another 3 hours.” I practically purred with satisfaction.

I waited next to his desk until the other students had left. Then watched in growing trepidation as he walked to the class door, locked it shut and pulled the blind closed. I swallowed in fear, this wasn’t exactly what I had planned.

He started to walk back towards me, his eyes never leaving my face. I met his stare and felt a clutch in my stomach as I realized what I had just gotten myself into. I had no idea who this man was, what kind of man he was, if I would be safe even. The uncluttered reality of what was happening started the panic roaring through my ears and I quickly moved to the other side of the desk, hoping to put some distance between us.

He saw my evasiveness and just smiled. “Why, Sarah, whatever is wrong? You look as if you’ve seen a ghost. I assumed when you were giving me that wonderfully sexy show in class today that you wanted me alone. Isn’t that right my sweet Sarah-girl?” He said the last part while moving closer to my location.

I stepped back even farther and stammered out a reply, “Please, Professor Greg, I’m sorry, I don’t know what I was thinking. Please, I’ll just go before I embarrass myself any more. Please.”

He chuckled at her innocence. Did she think she could just come in here, show off her wet pussy and walk away without letting him taste the sweetness she offered? Without being punished for her daring sexual exploits? Obviously she did. Well, he was going to have to show her how wrong she was. As she was pivoting to leave, he reached out and grabbed her arm.

“Sarah, it’s not embarrassing yourself to show me that sweet wet pussy of yours.” He whispered into her ear, “It is, however, very naughty of you to tease me like that when I have a class to teach. I don’t think you understand the way a man’s desire works. You shouldn’t tease if you aren’t willing to pay the price. And you are going to pay the price Sarah. Of that you can be certain.”

The fear of his desired retribution immobilized me temporarily, trapping me in his heat filled gaze and pooling low in my belly.

I snapped back to focus, and began to try to pull my arm out his grasp while saying, “Professor Greg, now be reasonable. I’m your student, how would that look if other people found out. It was stupid of me to try and tease you. I thought I wanted, . … oh, well, it doesn’t matter what I thought I wanted. It was wrong and I’m sorry. Please let me go. No one ever has to know about this.”

“What did you want Sarah? Hmmm? Did you want to take my cock in your mouth and milk the cum out of me? Or did you want me to fuck you until you were screaming? By the way you were touching yourself in there today, I think you want it all. Am I right?” Professor Greg asked while stepping behind me and placing his hands on my hips, pulling me flush against him. He lowered his head and nuzzled my neck, grinding his hips into my backside, the hard throbbing heat snuggled tightly against me proving how effective my seduction was.

His touch was making me lose my concentration and I murmured, “Yes, that’s what I wanted.” Any thoughts of escaping were quickly being replaced by my original desire and now something even darker, as I realized the game he was playing with me.

He grasped my shoulders and spun me around. “Sarah, that was very bad of you today. I don’t think I can just let you walk out of here without knowing that you have learned something from this. I’ve been watching you since the first day you walked into my classroom. I’ve wanted to fuck that tight pussy of yours from day one, but now you put me in an awkward position. If I give in to you and give you what you want, you will have won. And I just can’t have that. So I’ve decided that the best course of action is to punish you for your insolence.”

“MY WHAT?” I sputtered. How dare he! How dare he think he had that much control over her actions that she would let him punish her. Of all the nerve. “I don’t think so, Professor.” My voice dripping sarcasm, I proceeded to tell him that no man would ever punish me for any perceived wrong, insolent or not.

He just smiled at my protest, leaning towards his desk to pick up something. His ruler. Oh no, he didn’t think, no, no,….NO! He couldn’t possibly think he was going to do anything with that ruler. Smack! He did think he was going to do something and he did. He smacked my bottom hard with the ruler, causing me to fall against him in the process.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing Professor Greg?” I asked, as a little thrill of excitement coursed through me.

“I’m punishing you Sarah, for teasing me, for trying to get me to lose my control. Now I’m going to show you that it isn’t wise to try and break a man’s control. It could backfire on you, it fact I predict that before this is over, it will be your control slipping our of your grasp.” His voice was low and thick with lust.

“Never!” I practically shouted, trapped in his arms, my bottom still stinging from the sharp smack.

He moved quickly then, by the time I noticed that he was moving, it was too late. He pushed me down onto his desk face first and lifted my skirt up and over my ass. Exposing the white cotton panties I had picked out and the redness of my skin where the ruler had slapped it.

I heard the whoosh of the ruler coming down again and I winced in fear as I felt it connect with the fleshy underside of my bottom. I was so humiliated. My bottom was exposed completely to him and he was tapping it softly with the ruler, running it up the crack of my ass, never letting me know what he was going to do next. The fear was quickly being replaced though by desire. A desire to submit to him, to show him who could ultimately win in this competition.

He leaned down close to me and asked me if I was enjoying my punishment.

“You know you deserve this Sarah, you deserve to be spanked because you’ve been a very bad girl. And I’m just the man to do it. I’m going to show you what it means to submit to your sexuality completely. To me, and only to me Sarah.”

As he said this I felt the tip of his finger slipping into my panties, tugging them down in an excruciatingly slow manner. His finger caressed the top of my ass, sweeping across the rounded cheeks and ending with a slight grazing up my slit.

I gasped at the soft caress, noting the inconsistencies between his soft touch and his sharp slaps. Which is exactly what he had hoped for. He completed his stripping of me, pulling the panties down to mid-thigh. Leaving me stranded in the position of his choice, he used his foot to get me to spread my legs for him.

I was now practically laying on his desk, my ass pushed out for him to see, my widespread legs causing me to grip the desk for balance. He reached out and tugged on my hair, telling me without words to arch my back. I arched into him, hoping for more of his soft caresses. But he wasn’t obliging to my needs. This was strictly to show me how much control he could exert over me. And exert it he did.

He started to softly slap my ass cheeks with his palm, making sure that the contact was sharp and yet gentle at the same time. He slapped at my slit lightly. Telling me all the time that I was his for the taking, that before he was done I would be begging him to stop. Stop, God no, he couldn’t stop doing this to her. She’d seen enough S&M on the internet to know it wasn’t really her thing, but this, this was different. This wasn’t really S&M, she couldn’t be this turned on by that. She couldn’t want more of his slaps. Oh, but she did. She wanted to submit to his dark passion. And submit she would.

All too soon he stopped. I remained still, moaning softly, saddened by the loss and yet anxiously awaiting his next move. Both of his hands came down on my hips, where he used his fingers to caress the rounded softness there. Light, flicking strokes, designed to tease with their feather light touch. And to leave me wanting more. He drew a finger over my bottom, tracing the outline of my sex, while sliding one hand lower onto my thigh. Gripping the flesh there fiercely he let out a slight groan.

He didn’t stop there. He used both hands and parted my ass cheeks, exposing my ass to him and giving him a peek at my pussy lips, slick with my arousal. He was staring so intently at me and for so long it made me squirm against the desk, suddenly unsure and shy. But I couldn’t stop showing him, I wanted him to see all of me. I felt the rough fabric of his pants as he rubbed against me, wetting the front of his jeans.

“You’ve been so very bad Sarah, but your pussy looks so good, so hot, so wet. Oh God, I don’t think I can wait to take you. You’ve been teasing me far too long. Would you like that, Sarah? Hmmm? Would you like my cock buried in your pussy right now?” Professor Greg asked, his voice husky with need.

“Yes, oh yes, please.” I answered back, my voice almost gone. This was nothing like I had imagined it would be with him. It was much better. His hands, Oh God, his hands were so insistent, yet so eager to please. The way he handled her, as if she was his for the taking whipped her into a frenzy of lust.

I felt him shift his weight for a just second then felt the hot contact of the head of his cock pressed against my backside. Rubbing it over my cheeks, letting me feel the warmth emanating from within. He pressed farther down until he was nestled up against my pussy lips.

“Oh Sweet, Sweet Sarah. How I’ve waited for this moment, when I know how wet and ready you are, when your pussy is mine for the taking, when you’re at my mercy, of which I have none to spare. I will teach you to never tease another man, to never try to take his control, because you just might break it. And I never want you breaking another man’s control but mine. You are mine for the taking Sarah, never forget that you’re mine.” He completed his branding of me, by pushing the head of his cock into my pussy.

His thick head pulsated violently inside me, my entrance stretched taut by his force. I arched into him, telling him with my body what I wanted. But he kept me there, his cock head teasing my entrance, one hand gripping a hip, the other busy at my breast. Reaching under my bra, and pulling my nipple into a hard little nub. I moaned in response, my pussy aching for the full weight of his cock to fill me.

“Say it Sarah, tell me how much you want this cock. Beg, sweet Sarah girl, you’ve got to beg me for more. Let me have your body.” Professor Greg rasped out. His control a notch away from slipping.

“Please, please” I whimpered, “I can’t think anymore, I just want your cock. I want you buried in me Greg. I have to feel you in my pussy. I’m sorry I teased you but please, oh god, please don’t make me wait any longer.”

Finally satisfied with my lack of control, my submission to him, he fed the length of his cock into me. Thrusting long and deep, he made sure to stroke my inner walls, my pussy collapsing onto him. Squeezing my muscles tightly, I gripped the fullness spreading through me. Arching into his every thrust, I took all that he had to give. Settling into a rhythm, our bodies met over and over, in a violent clash of heat and wetness.

He kept his control tight at first, his thrusts measured. Now knowing the game he was playing, I tried to stop my body from responding to his touch and to his thick cock stroking me. But it was useless, and I felt my pussy tighten in response to his lovemaking. The contractions were coming even faster now, my pussy clenching him, pulling him even deeper. Snapping the fine silky thread of his control.

Somewhere out of the fog I heard him say, “Cum for me Sarah, give me that sweet pussy. You know how I want it, you know how I like it. Now give it to me. Yes, Sarah, yes.”

His words sent the blood soaring to my already swollen lips and I felt the orgasm building deep within. My muscles tightened one last time and then began to spasm around his cock. Giving him what he asked for and in turn asking for his unconditional surrender. He gave in, and with his hands holding my hips firmly, he gave one final thrust as his seed spilled from him in a violent burst of wet heat.

I felt the satisfaction of knowing I had given Professor Greg what he needed and I in turn had gotten what I wanted. Professor Greg as my lover.

He stood up and rearranged his clothing. I stood up as well and fixed my clothes, a little unsure of what to say. Professor Greg winked at me and said, “You got an A+ Sarah. See you next week in class.”

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