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Sarah's Exam


Sarah's Exam

She was a very shy girl...

Shy and modest in all regards; she had been raised in a very strict puritan family and had only had female physicians in the past, now she was just out of college and had landed a job with a large corporation, but as life would have it, she would have to jump through a few more hoops before she could settle in to her new job and the affluent, yuppy lifestyle she had desired and sought after for so long.

Her new job was one which included a large salary and full medical and dental as well as profit sharing and a myriad of other benefits; the only catch was, she would have to have a complete physical exam by one of the physicians registered with the companies health care provider; for insurance purposes.

When she was told of this requirement, she immediately asked the human resources director (who was a woman) if she could see a female doctor for the exam? the woman said that she could request a female but it would cause a lengthily delay in scheduling the exam, because there was only one female doctor in the program and of course she was booked for weeks in advance, but she said that if she wanted to schedule an appointment right away, she could take her chances and she might get lucky and get one of the female nurse practitioners, that were also in the program.

Sarah decided that she would take her chances, even though the thought of a male doing the exam completely horrified her, she didn't want anything to delay or get in the way of her new career! so she said O.K.; the woman said fine then, I can get you an appointment for tomorrow morning; how will that be? Sarah said o.k., that's fine and right away she started mentally preparing herself for the compromising position she might soon find herself in; she figured that if she was unfortunate enough to get a male doctor, that she could handle basic stuff and the breast exam if she had to, but there was no way she was going to take off her panties in front of a man; it was just too contrary to her modest puritan nature and she felt that; there was just no way she could do that. She would just tell the doc that everything was fine down there and it wouldn't be necessary to take off her under pants; Sarah had led a very sheltered life and really didn't know how these things actually worked.

The following morning Sarah got up and got dressed knowing that she would probably have to expose herself at least somewhat during the soon approaching and dreaded exam; so she chose a very attractive matching panty and bra set, laid it on the bed and proceeded to shower and bathe extra thoroughly, as she always had prior to a visit to the doctor.

Sarah was a petit woman, just under 5' 5" and scarcely over a hundred pounds; her Irish, English ancestry gave here extremely fair skin with the faintest of freckles still remaining over most of her body; which had been much more pronounced in her youth, she had rich auburn hair which was thick and slightly curley and her hair "down there" was the same; thick and bushy, unshaved, completely natural.

After drying off, she chose some perfume and dabbed it here and there, over her body, she slipped the lacy silk panties on, pulling them up tightly, symbolic of covering her most private female parts, she thought to herself, I don't think I'll be letting any man see down there today; not if I can help it! she put the matching bra on; well fitting on her small but firm breasts, as she did she started having some thoughts about the exam that she hadn't had before.

She started thinking about not only the embarrassment and humiliation that she might encounter during the exam, but she started feeling a little bit of curiosity about what it would be like to reveal her most private female parts to a male and the thought of this brought a slight arousal; she quickly repressed the feelings and reminded her self of her plan to get the female nurse practitioner and to keep her panties on in the event that she had no choice, but to have a man.

She showed up a little early to the doctors office and signed in, she told the nurse at the desk that she was there for an insurance physical and asked if she could have a female to do the exam, the nurse seemed to relate to her need of a female examiner but she said that all the female practitioners were booked for at least 3 weeks and if she wanted to wait that long she would be guaranteed a woman doctor or nurse practitioner.

Now Sarah had the dilemma of protecting her pride, modesty and dignity or delaying her assimilation into her new company; she didn't want to jeopardize her yet un-established rapport with the company, so she said she would go ahead with her appointment for today; figuring that it couldn't be that! bad going to a male doctor, especially since she didn't have any problems "down there" and wouldn't be taking off her panties, as I said she really didn't understand the nature, of an "insurance physical"

The nurse said; fine then, you'll be with doctor Anderson, and handing her a clipboard said; fill out these forms on both sides, sign and date them and we'll call you shortly. So Sarah sat down in the waiting room and began filling out the extensive questionnaire about her health history.

Despite Sarah's puritan upbringing she wasn't technically a virgin; for that, she had to thank an over ambitious boyfriend that she had in her 3rd year of high school and in part; her own lack of will power, she had let him penetrate her wearing a condom once! but other than that, all she had ever done was a little bit of foreplay and fondling.

Her mind was now permeated by the thoughts of her high school escapades, she remembered the pain of her hymen being broken and the subsequent spot of blood on her previously clean, virgin white panties.

Suddenly the door to the waiting room swung open, jarring her out of the trance she was in; the nurse said you can come back now Sarah, she thought Ut! Oh!, this is it and followed the nurse into the back offices, she felt like she was being led into a torture dungeon; nervous and not knowing exactly what to expect.

Right in here please? the nurse said, directing her into the exam room. Now you'll need to take everything off, you can go behind the curtain and put this on, open in the back; the nurse pointed to an exam gown sitting on the exam table, you can set your clothes on the chair, I'll be right back to take your blood pressure and get your temperature, she left and closed the door behind her.

The nurses words "you'll need to take everything off" was reverberating in her head like a bad nightmare, she decided that she would nullify the nurses instructions and keep her panties on and if they questioned it, she would say "Oh I thought that's what you meant by everything" so she undressed down to her lacy, well fitting panties and put the exam gown on; open in the back as the nurse had instructed, she tried to tie the two ties in the back but could only reach the lower one, though try! she did, to tie the top one; her arms just didn't bend that way, so she left it open and was starting to feel very awkward and queasy about her level of exposure. She went over and sat on the exam table and crossed her legs and arms tightly, in a gesture of defiance...

She started to look around the exam room a little and the sterile-ness of everything as well as the sight of certain medical supplies; in particular the box of latex exam gloves sitting on the counter; made her very uncomfortable and she was becoming intimidated by her environment, she hadn't ever had any internal exams by a male doctor, but her girlfriends certainly had, so she knew what the gloves were for! she assured herself by saying to herself; I'm glad I won't be having that! kind of exam today.

Just then the door opened and the nurse returned and quickly began taking her blood pressure, temperature and a small blood sample; Sarah of course had to uncross her arms for this, but her legs remained crossed, the nurse sensed her level of modesty and that she was a little nervous, She said O.K. just relax now the doctor will be right in to do your exam; If the nurse was trying to comfort her? it wasn't working and as the nurse left Sarah resumed her crossed arm position.

Now the waiting was driving her nuts and she just wanted to get all this over with so she could get dressed and go home to the comfort of her privacy, finally after what seemed like forever, the door opened and in came the doctor; he was an average looking man in all regards; average height, weight, middle aged and somewhat balding, but he seemed pleasant enough; he was wearing a typical white doctors coat and had a stethoscope around his neck and was carrying a clipboard. He said Hi! Sarah, I'm doctor Anderson and I'll be doing your exam today, how are you doing today? she answered in a subdued voice; I'm fine thank you.

He said, looks like your here for a complete physical then? why don't you uncross your arms and legs and relax and we'll go ahead and get started, she complied readily enough with his request. Looks like your BP and temp is normal, I'm going to go ahead and listen to your heart and lungs now, he came up close to her and placed the steth on her chest, he didn't ask her to drop the gown, she started thinking, maybe he's a nice guy and this won't be so bad after all, he moved it a couple different places on her chest then moved it around to her back; by her kidneys, he said; take a couple deep breaths please and moved to the other side, again please? she breathed in deeply... and out, exhale... thank you!

He took the steth out of his ears and said; everything seems fine, he walked over to the counter, opened a little drawer and picked up a little light scope; again he came close up to her and said; open wide and say ahhh!, she was feeling more relaxed at the moment, being that the focus was not presently on the more personal parts of her anatomy.

She complied enthusiastically, opening her mouth wide and saying a pronounced ahhh! , very good! now tilt your head back a little, and he looked in her nasal passages with the light and proceeded to do the same with her ears; he then asked her to look at his finger as he moved it slowly from side to side and focused the light into her eye, he then set the instrument down and with his fingers pressed lightly up under her jaw line, he asked; feel any pain there? no she said.

All right then, I'm going to need you to drop your gown down in front so we can do the breast exam; she wasn't quite prepared for this but at this point the doctor was in control and there was no point in arguing with the request; she slipped the gown over shoulders and let it fall down about her waist, the doctor came in front of her matter-of-factly and looked at her fully exposed breasts, he said O.K. why don't you lay back and we'll get started; as she did, he loomed over her.

He took her left arm and gently placed it above her head; she obviously was not familiar with the procedure and would need some prompts, he produced a little cushion from somewhere and shoved it underneath her shoulder, he said O.K. just relax! and began to feel her lymph nodes under her arm, working his way down towards her breast; it tickled and she pulled her arm down in a natural reflex, he said sorry! I know it tickles and placed her arm again above her head, he now began to examine her breast, she felt her heart start to race as he moved the pads his four fingers in a sweeping motion from the outside in, towards her nipple, he palpated each quarter of her breast in a clockwise fashion, then he moved to her areola, depressing into her with two fingers, she was feeling pretty embarrassed at the moment, fully aware of his "maleness" examining her "femininity" but what could she do?

He finished examining her areola and briefly squeezed her nipple between his thumb and forefinger; he noticed a very uncomfortable look on her face and said; sorry I have to check your lacteal duct for any discharge, he gave her nipple another little squeeze and then brought her arm down, removed the cushion and repeated the procedure on her right breast; as embarrassed as she was, she was also stimulated by the sensation of the man touching her and her nipples were now protruding outward, poised and tense; it was not a so much a sexual feeling but mostly nerves, she couldn't control her level of arousal and this made her that much more embarrassed.

He completed the breast exam and began palpating her abdominal area, he lowered the gown down to her waste and she could see that he noticed that she was still wearing her panties, he gave a wry grin, indicating that he knew he was dealing with an overly shy and modest woman; he knew the nurse had instructed her to remove everything; it was the standard routine for a complete physical and pelvic exam.

He completed the abdominal exam and said; you can sit up! she sat up and out of natural habit pulled the exam gown up over her breasts; the doctor said; I'll be right back, she was relieved and thought that the exam was pretty much over, she figured he was just getting some paper work or something.

The door opened and in came the doctor followed by the nurse! the doctor said to Sarah; you didn't request that a nurse be present during your pelvic exam but you seem kind of uncomfortable with this whole thing so I've asked the nurse to be present and assist.

Sarah sat there in a semi frozen state, the words PELVIC EXAM causing her great distress; she said as she had fore-planned; Oh! doctor that won't be necessary, everything is fine down there; really it is!, the doctor said; I understand how you feel, a lot of women don't like the pelvic exam, but your chart indicates that you're here for a comprehensive insurance physical which does require a complete vaginal and rectal exam as well as a pap smear, so I'm afraid you'll need to remove your underpants so we can continue.

The words vaginal, rectal exam tore through her like cold knife and the command "you'll need to remove your underpants" didn't do much for her either; the doctor now let the nurse take over, the nurse approached Sarah, still holding the exam gown up covering her breasts.

You'll need to go ahead and slip your panties off now dear, you can go behind the curtain and put them with your clothes if you want; Sarah knew she was being beat in her plan to keep her panties on no matter what; but the two professionals were now in control, so she slipped the gown back over her arms, got up from the table and went behind the dressing curtain to remove her underwear, she slipped her panties down around her ankles and stepped out of them, and put them on top of her clothes; she now returned to the exam table pouting and feeling defeated.

The nurse instructed her; go ahead and lay back on the table and and put your knees up; when Sarah did so her exam gown fell down about her waist revealing her now naked genital area, naked except for the thick bush of unshaved, auburn pubic hair, which was now in full view, the nurse now unfolded the retractable stirrups at the end of the table, as Sarah watched her getting them into place; they reminded her of some kind of medieval torture device. go ahead and put your feet in here, the nurse instructed and you'll need to slide down a lot more so that your bottom is at the edge of the table; as Sarah complied she felt more and more embarrassed because her legs were now completely spread, she was watching the doctor in her peripheral vision to see if he was gawking; completely oblivious to the fact that the doctor did this all day long and her particular vagina was not the first he'd ever seen; he was in fact looking at the clipboard and completely ignoring what was happening.

The nurse turned some handles on the table and Sarah's legs spread even farther apart; this was very humiliating, now the doctor went out of her field of vision from her compromised position on the table, but she knew he was putting on the exam gloves; she could hear it, she heard the squeaky rubber sound and then a snap as the glove snapped on his wrist and then a second glove and another snap! she almost couldn't bare what was happening and she felt like she was going to cry.

Now the nurse backed away from the table and the doctor replaced her, at the end of the table. At this moment Sarah fully realized her defeat in this matter; her pretty panties now far away, on top of her clothes, instead of where they should be, covering her pretty pubic mound, protecting it from the gaze of intruding eyes.

There was no way of denying the male physician standing before her, her legs completely spread and her genitals on display for his examination and inspection.

The doctor spoke and it seemed like a nightmare; O.K. Sarah I'm going to examine your external genitalia first and then we'll do the internal exam; without hesitation he brought his fingers to her vagina and began brushing through her thick pubic hair trying to inspect the underlying skin, he examined her entire groin area, palpating and pushing on certain places with his forefingers; Then! to Sarah's shock and amazement and with out warning or the benefit of even asking her permission; he spread open her outer lips, he separated the labia majora with his thumb and forefingers, leaving her inner lips, prepuce and clitoris; completely exposed, she wasn't ready for this at all, she wished the doctor would have warned her of what he was going to do, but he was intent, no more small talk to try and put this overly modest woman at ease, but just complete and thorough examination of her vagina.

Now the doctor held her open with the thumb and forefinger of one hand and with the other he pulled back her prepuce revealing her now swelling clitoris; she was extremely embarrassed but still couldn't help becoming aroused and this caused more embarrassment as she knew the doctor could see that her clitoris was now engorged, he slid his finger under her hood and palpated her clitoris; this caused her to squirm and she squirted a little vaginal fluid; she couldn't help it, he then moved his finger underneath her urethral opening and palpated there, with his fingers still at the base of her vagina and holding her open he told her to cough; she complied with a little cough, he said again please, she coughed again, he said O.K. thank you, I was just checking for any UTI's she said what's that? he answered; urinary tract infections.

He now slid his fingers down between her inner lips and spread her vagina open revealing a pink moist vulva, he held her open with one hand and examined the surface of her vulva with the fingers of the other; he continued to hold her lips open with his left hand and withdrew his right hand which he now extended out to the nurse who know had an open tube of KY jelly; the nurse applied an amount of lubricant to his two fingers.

The doctor now said to Sarah; I'm going to begin the internal exam now so just relax if you can; she thought to herself; easy! for you to say; the doctor brought his fingers to the base of her vulva and spread the lubricant around her vaginal opening, then with out hesitation, he inserted his two fingers up into her vagina, this was a little more than Sarah could bare and she let out a little moan, her vagina was now wet, not only from the KY jelly but from her own vaginal lubrication was was being steadily secreted.

His fingers were now inside her up to the knuckle of his hand and he was feeling around inside; he said O.K. I'm going to check your ovaries now and with the fingers of his left hand depressed downward outside of her pubic mound, with the fingers inside he palpated the ovary holding it in place with his outside hand; he then changed the position of his hand and examined her other ovary, he then held his fingers straight in her vagina and told her to cough again; she coughed and he withdrew his fingers.

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