tagInterracial LoveSarah's First REAL Man

Sarah's First REAL Man


Hi let me introduce myself. My name is Sarah and I am now a part time college student. I am about 5'6, blonde hair, and brown eyes. I have a sexy butt (I mean come on my boyfriend is black!) and pair of 36DD Tits that drive the guys wild. And of course my best feature (aside form my tits) is my sexy little waste. I get a lot of compliments on having such nice curves while maintaining such a small waste line (If your wondering my secret I eat a lot of junk food but get out and try and exercise a lot too). And yes I am a white girl (although I keep a nice tan), but in today's world I think there is nothing wrong with interracial couplings, and if you have a problem with it it's probably because you haven't tried it.

It all started in High School. I was 18 at the time and I was dating this guy named Allen. Allen was your average High school guy. He wasn't all that tall maybe 5'8 and on top of that he was pretty scrawny. But I really wasn't with him for his looks. Of course he loved having a girl with big titties to brag to his friends about. I really just like that he had a car so he could take me around town when I needed and of course take me shopping. What kind of girl doesn't love getting free stuff?

My main problem with Allen was his small dick. His dick could not have been anymore then 5 inches. My previous boyfriend had a nice 7 inch dick that was so thick and veiny I just salivated at the thought of putting it in my mouth. Perhaps I was just spoiled but after a cock like that I needed something big. I tried sucking Allen off once after he had bought me a necklace for my birthday and well, to put it bluntly I got so bored I asked him if he wouldn't mind masturbating to finish me off. Of course he would do that for me, because the other problem with Allen was he was such a nice guy. That's nice and all but it gets really boring and nothing dries a pussy up faster then a nice guy.

Me and Allen's relationship really consisted of him taking me around places, him buying me stuff, and him eating me out when I was horny. And man did that guy eat pussy. I had made up a bullshit excuse that I don't like sucking cock after that one incident on my birthday, but I had told him that he could eat me and jerk off if he needed to. Tell me how sweet it is after going out and having someone buy you stuff to go home and get your pussy eaten as a reward! It was routine that we would go out and do some shopping, come home and I'd hop on AIM to tell me friends what I got and what we'd do later tonight while I laid on Allen and fucked his face.

Life was good. But a girl can only get by so long without a big cock. Me and my friend Ashley had been planning a weekend at the beach. Ashley was my girl, we did a lot together, and we usually would go out and get drunk together and find some hot guys to fuck. She is a little shorter then me at about 5'3, she is a little paler then I am (she has a membership to go tanning but she never seems to actually go), she has dark brown eyes and brunette hair. She also has pretty decent size tits herself (Still not as big as mine), but man does she has a massive ass. She is like a size 13 pants size. She still has a fairly tiny waste, but I have seen that huge ass of hers catching more then just a couple eyes. Me and Ashley love to go to the beach and see all the guys checking us out, plus I could usually slip away from Allen for a few hours and get a good fuck. But this trip would turn out just a little differently.

Me, Allen, and Ashley were going to share a 2 bed hotel room at the beach. Allen just got paid and said he wanted to do something nice for me and offered to let me bring my friend along. Not that he had much choice. And looking back in hindsight he couldn't have done a nicer thing for me.

As usually once we got to the beach I told Allen me and Ashley we're going to hit up some shops and we would meet him on the beach. I knew Allen hated it when I went off at the beach without him and I could see that sad look on his face but being the bitch boyfriend that he was he just agreed.

So me and Ashley headed out to the boardwalk. Before long we ran into a group of guys that apparently knew Ashley. There were six of them, and all of them were black. One of them in particular caught my eye. It was this guy Brian, I knew him from school he was a star athlete. He was such a big guy easily 6'6 220 lbs. But he wasn't fat in the least. He had perfect muscle definition; his stomach was a perfect set of ripped abs, his arms we're bulging with muscles and veins. I started to feel weak in the knees.

Suddenly I broke out of my dream like state when Brian began to talk. "So Ashley we still on for tonight at your hotel right?"

Ashley smiled at him and started rubbing her hands on his abs "You know it, meet me there at around 11."

Brian slapped her on the ass "Alright then girl, I'll see you then." The group of guys started to walk away. I felt my jaw just hanging open.

I finally looked to Ashley "Oh my god Ashley, how do you know those group of black guys?!"

Ashley sighed and started looking at the ground. "Well that one big guy is Brian, who I'm sure you know from school. Well one night we hooked up at a party and he took me back to his boy's house. Well while were there I got a little drunk and well I slept with all of them."

I was shocked. I had been gangbanged before, but never by black guys! I had never really thought about black men before, I mean I always believed that was wrong and gross. But after seeing Brian my views on that really started to change. But there was something I had to know. "Is it true...you know what they say about black people?"

Ashley smiled and looked up at me "Girl you have no idea, you wouldn't believe how big they were if I told you."

I looked back at her "Try me."

Ashley looked kind of shocked but responded "Well some of them were more average around 7 inches or so, but a few of them looked about 10 inches and that guy Brian has to be about 14 fucking inches."

My jaw dropped again. Could there really be a cock that big. I could only imagine what something that would feel like inside of me.

After the shock of the "cock talk" wore off we went on with our day. I skipped out on fucking anyone and instead bought a new bathing suit and met back with Allen on the beach. I laid out in the sun for awhile trying to work on my tan. All I could think about all day was Brian coming over to our apartment tonight. Time simply couldn't go by fast enough. I could tell Allen was getting horny because he kept asking me if we could rub more sun tan lotion on me, or if I felt like coming back to the hotel. Finally I told him that we should go grab something to eat and then we could go back.

After dinner we came back to the hotel. I went and hopped in the shower and Allen of course wanted to come with me. While I was getting washed up I was getting pretty excited thinking about Brian coming over. "Allen babe, would you mind licking my ass for me?" I asked him in my sweetest voice. He just nodded and got down on his knees. I bent over for him so that he could really get in there. I could feel his tongue darting around my ass. Before long he slid as much of his tongue as he could into my asshole and tried tongue fucking it. It was nothing like some cocks I'd had before but it still felt pretty fucking good. I backed my ass up into his face for a little longer, but then figured I'd better be getting out since Brian would be coming soon. When I got out of the shower Allen tried to kiss me but I pushed him away and told him to wash his face off. He turned red but he just shook his head and agreed.

I went in and laid in the bed like I was getting ready for sleep. Before long Allen was out of the shower and joined me in bed. Ashley was sitting on her bed checking the time. Suddenly I heard the knock on the door and Ashley hopped up and sprinted to the door. She opened the door and welcomed Brian in. He had a tank top on but you could still see his beautiful arm muscles. Allen asked who that was Ashley told him that she was having a friend sleep over. They kissed around a little bit, but to my disappointment went into the bathroom.

I didn't hear anything for awhile just some kissing sounds; fortunately I had the bed next to the bathroom so I could hear them at all. Finally I heard Ashley's voice "Oh my god it's so fucking big."

I heard Brian's voice follow "Stop fucking talking and put it your mouth already you ho." After that I heard load slurping sounds and Ashley's whimpers.

Was she really sucking him off? Ashley had told me before she hated sucking dick, so why would she change now? I thought to myself this dick of his must be something pretty special.

I heard Brian "Oh god fuck yes take it in your throat bitch, take it." Ashley's whimpers turned to louder cries followed bow a banging sound on the wall. It sounded like he was throat fucking her head into the wall.

I looked over at Allen who I could tell was trying to ignore it. I was so fucking horny right now I didn't care. I slid my underwear off and grabbed him by the head and pushed him under the covers. He seemed a little shocked at first but it wasn't long before he started eating that pussy like a champ.

I heard the noise in the bathroom stop. Suddenly the bathroom door burst open with Brian carrying Ashley in his arms. Allen tried to pull his head away from shock, but I grabbed his head and shoved it back into my pussy. Brian threw Ashley onto the bed and grabbed her by the hips. That's when I saw it. Brian was standing over the bed next to mine completely naked. His fully erect cock had to be nothing shy of 14 inches. It was the most amazing thing I'd ever seen.

Brian yelled down at her "I'm gonna fuck the shit out of you, you stupid white bitch."

Ashley got on her knees on the bed and bent over for him so he could hit it from the back. At that she shoved his monster cock into Ashley, it slid all the way in. I couldn't believe anyone could fit something like that inside of them. He started pounding the living shit out of her pussy. Ashley shoved her face into a pillow and was screaming her head off. All the while Brian was calling her a whore and a bitch.

Needless to say I couldn't take all the excitement. I clamped my legs around Allen's head and experienced one of the most mind numbing orgasms of my life. I took both hands and tried to shove his face as far into my cunt as it would go. As my orgasm subsided, I looked over and still saw Brian fucking the mess out of Ashley. I felt Allen go to lift his head away from my pussy; I quickly grabbed him by the head and shoved him back into my pussy. I was going to need a lot of head tonight.

Ashley and Brian fucked for well over an hour. I couldn't believe the stamina of Brian the entire time he fucked her like a mad man, dick pistoning in and out of her like a jack hammer. The whole while I enjoyed four orgasms thanks to Allen's pussy eating. Finally

I saw Brian pull out "Turn around you fucking ho, take my nut in your fucking face!" Ashley was slow to turn around, no doubt exhausted as hell from the fucking she just took. Brian grabbed her by the head and held her face close to his dick. She started jerking him off and smiling at him.

Brian looked down at her "That's right smile bitch, I'm gonna fucking blow all over your dumb bitch face!"

At that Ashley's eyes opened wide and I heard Brian let out a growl that sounded more like a Lion then a man. His cockhead swelled up and he started to release gush after gush of his hot nut all over Ashley's face. It landed into her eyes, all over her cheeks, and nose, up into her hair, and finally she opened up and started to take some into her mouth. She seemed to savor his cum in her mouth before she swallowed the cum in her mouth. She smiled up at him cum all over her face. Brian looked pissed though. He took one hand and shoved her off the bed onto the floor. She hit the floor with a loud thud.

Brian shouted "Bitch did I tell you you could swallow any of my cum, that's the problem with you stupid bitches!" Allen's head jerked up from my pussy, and amidst all the excitement I pulled his face back in with one hand and kind of punched him a little with the other one. After I did it I realized what I just did, but Allen just went peacefully back down to eating my pussy, so I shrugged it off and paid more attention to what was going on with Brian and Ashley. Brian walked over and put his clothes on and for the first time since he walked in the door he looked at me. He looked at my face and down to where he could see I had Allen pushed under the covers eating me out.

He walked over to me and whispered in my ear "Tomorrow, here at noon." Wait did that mean he wanted me? The thought was too much for me.

As Brian put on his clothes and walked out the door. The thought of what could happen tomorrow was too much as I exploded into another orgasm. I held Allen's face firmly in place as I rubbed my cunt on him just a little more, before finally letting him free. Brian rolled off the bed onto the floor. Sweat was dripping off of him all over his body. It never occurred to me how hot it was probably under there for him all that time.

Then for the first time with my mind clearing a little from ecstasy I thought about Ashley. I hopped out of bed and ran over to her. She was still lying over on the floor. "Ashley, you alright girl?"

Ashley finally rolled over, she appeared to be okay "Yeah I'm alright I just didn't want to do anything else to upset him while he was hear so I figured I'd stay down here were I belong.

Allen chimed in "Who was th-"

"I interrupted Allen "Go take a shower Allen you stink like the pussy you are." Allen looked embarrassed and walked dejectedly into the bathroom. I asked Ashley bluntly "So how was it?"

Ashley smiled at me a little still seeming a little dazed and exhausted from the whole thing "Brian really fucked my brains out; I don't think I'll be able to ever fuck another white guy again." That really hit home to me.

I asked Ashley "Hey Brian told me he wanted to meet me here at noon tomorrow...could I ask you a big favor and go out with Allen for a little while to get him off my nuts?"

Ashley gasped at me and then let out a big smile "Girl you are going to love it. Of course I got your back, just come up with an excuse to stay home; all I want in return is to get Allen to buy me some stuff too."

I smiled back "sure thing this is Allen we're talking about." I couldn't believe what was happening to me. After tomorrow I too would never be able to fuck a white guy again either. I could hardly wait.

The next morning I feigned illness. Allen was ready to go back out to the beach, but I told him I wasn't feeling well. He offered to stay with me all day if I wasn't feeling well. What a bitch. Anyway I told him if he really wanted to be helpful for me he could go out with Ashley and have her pick me our some new clothes. He wasn't real warm to the idea but I had to make sure he stayed gone.

I crawled up next to him Allen's and whispered seductively to him "Maybe if you get me something really nice I'll let you put your dick somewhere really nice." At that he jumped up and was ready to go. I knew the promise of actually letting have sex with me would get him motivated.

Noon couldn't come quickly enough for me after Allen and Ashley both left to go shopping. I put on a white tank top making sure to show off plenty of cleavage and my little black skirt with no underwear to allow for easy access. But sure enough right around noon time here was a knock on the door. I hopped up and quickly opened the door for him. He wasn't wearing a shirt again, his body looked so tight and strong I just wanted to give myself to him then and there.

"Hi Brian, would you like to come in?" I gave him a cheesy smile.

Brian looked back at me "Actually I was wondering if you wanted to take a ride with me over to my boy's beach house."

I wasn't expecting that but how could I turn down this black stud. "Ummm...sure thing." I said again making sure to give him a big smile.

We got into Brian's black Jeep Wrangler. He had the top down and the doors off, making it perfect for the beautiful beach weather. His boy's beach house was about 20 minutes away.

On the way he asked me "So what's your name exactly?"

I was rather uneasy still; I really wanted him to like me I answered a little slowly "My name is Sarah we go to the same school." Right after I said that I felt like that was kind of a stupid thing to say.

He chuckled a little and asked "So what is up with you and that little pussy eater from last night?"

I knew he must of meant Allen since I had him under the sheets the whole time Brian was over. "Well he's nothing serious just a way to get around and let me bust a nut once in awhile."

Brian looked pleased "That good, to hear. But trust me after today you won't be needing him anymore, especially if your out to bust a nut."

When we go to the beach house I was pretty stunned by it. It wasn't much bigger then a town house, but it was up on a hill secluded somewhat from all the congestion at the beach. It had two floors and a deck in the back which overlooked part of the boardwalk. When we walked in there were about eight black guys sitting around drinking.

One of them who I recognized from the group from the other shouted out "Yo Brian that's a fine piece of pussy you got there."

Brian laughed and responded "Yeah she's even more of a slut then her friend his. Check this out; she has her guy out buying her shit while she is gonna hang around here fucking us."

All his friends started laughing like crazy. I didn't know what to say I had just been expecting sex with Brian not him and eight other dudes.

Just the same after last night I needed to be fucked. I gave a big smile and looked around the room "So who's going to fuck me first?" The guys all started hooting and hollering to that.

Brian took a seat on the couch and looked up at me. "Get over hear bitch, I need my dick sucked."

I didn't need to hear that twice. I climbed over into the couch next to him and slid down his shorts. I guess he wasn't wearing any underwear because as soon as I pulled his shorts down his semi-erect dick just popped up. My eyes grew wide at the size of it. I heard his friends in the background "Look at the bitch she's scared of it, she ain't never seen nothing like that before." I hadn't ever seen anything like this before yesterday. I wrapped my hands around it. It was so thick I couldn't even put my entire hand around it. The thing was the fucking size of my arm. I held his cock with my hands and got up on my knees in the seat next to him on the couch sticking my ass out for all his friends to see. I went to try and kiss Brian, but I felt him shove my face down to his dick. Brian scolded me "I don't kiss bitches like you; I nut in their throats and let them go home and kiss their boyfriends." I looked up and gave him a big smile one last time before I opened my mouth and took the cockhead into my mouth. It felt so fucking big in my mouth I had to strain my jaw just to get my mouth around it.

I tried sucking on just the head but Brian would have none of it. "Bitch are you fucking stupid? I said suck my dick." At that he grabbed my head with his huge hands and started forcing my head down his dick. I started to adjust my throat muscles to his cock size and was able to take quite a bit of his dick into my mouth. "Damn girl once you get the real slut in you out your pretty good cock sucker. That's why I like you white bitches. Nobody sucks a cock like a white girl, especially ones with boyfriends like you desperate for a real cock. I just kept bobbing my head up and down and moaning in agreement.

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