tagInterracial LoveSarah's First REAL Man Ch. 02

Sarah's First REAL Man Ch. 02


It had been a couple months since the whole beach incident with Brian. We were all back in school, and of course Brian was the hottest guy there. Our relationship had been great, it was very open as he frequently had sex with other girls, and I of course found other guys to keep me busy every now and again. But there was no other guy anywhere as good as him. He was special, and that's why I understand he had to be with other girls as well, I don't know anyone who could keep something that special all for themselves. And as long as he was my boyfriend I don't care who else he fucks, because I know I get it the most often and the best.

That morning I made sure to wear my 4 inch clear heels, they were Brian's favorites. He said they made me look like the whore that I am. I knew that I was getting some action today, so I wanted to be ready. It was the day of our schools big basketball game. Both teams were undefeated, and it was the school that had knocked our school out of the play offs the year before. Brian especially hated them since they were a private school and their whole team was white. I don't know how an all white basketball team could be any good, but what do I know about sports. I ran into this guy Walter earlier in the day. He's one of my bitches. He's all sweet on me, and he gives me rides places, and takes me home when I stay after school. He thinks that I am some kind of innocent girl. Whatever. He's my "booty call" of sorts for some head though. Since Brian won't do it, and Allen is long gone, I kind of play Walter on the side so I can get some head. He's just kind of a nerdy white dude, but hey, head is head. I told him I needed a ride home after the basketball game tonight, and sure enough he said he'd be there. What a pussy.

After school got out that day I decided I was going to hang around to see Brian play his game tonight since he had been talking so much about it. I came down to the gym to see him since I knew the game wasn't until a couple hours later, and that maybe I could give him some "good luck".

I smiled as I saw Brian standing on the other side of the gym. The mere sight of that boy is enough to make me smile cheek to cheek. I walked up to him and gave him a big hug.

"So what's up hotty? I was just checking in with you to see if maybe you needed a pregame warm up?" I said smiling up at him.

Brian smiled back holding my waste. "Yeah why don't you go ahead and meet me in the downstairs boys bathroom, I'll be there in like 5 minutes."

That was good enough for me, I gave him a big squeeze a trotted away all giddy like a kid on Christmas. I headed down to the boys bathroom downstairs, usually we didn't get any interruptions down there after school. I Went into the boys bathroom and waited. Sure enough a few minutes later Brian showed up with a couple friends as well.

I recognized one as Wendell, who I know was Brian's best friend and team mate. The other two guys I recognized as his team mates as well but I didn't know their names. One of them was really tall and kind of lanky the other one was about six feet and had a pretty nice build to him.

"Damn Brian this white girl has some big fucking titties" I heard one of the guys remark.

"Yeah that ain't nothing, wait til you get some of this broad's dome." Brian reponded back.

I quickly threw my hair back into a ponytail knowing that I had some cocksucking on the way. I moved up to Brian and moved my hands up his shirt and started to rub on his tight abs. He put his hands around me as well and started to rub on my ass cheeks a little. He finally gave me a big slap to the ass through my pants. And told me "Suck my dick bitch."

I wasted no time sliding down to my knees for him. I unzipped his pants to reveal his semi erect monster. I held it in my hand and looked up at Brian and giggled at him "Wow all this for me? I'm flattered." I said smiling sweetly.

"Why don't you do me a favor and shut the fuck up already and suck my dick you stupid white whore?" Brian barked back at me.

I heard his boys howling in with laughter and making remarks about how retarded I was. Honestly it all just made me more turned on. I love it when Brian talks all dirty and degrading to me. It makes me feel like such a pussy to him. I took his semi erect prick into my mouth and was able to fit little more then the head of his thick 14 inch monster inside. His dick continued to engorge with blood, and he started thrusting into my head a little, I head tears swelling up in my eyes trying to resist the urge to gag from his massive cock.

Brian slowed his thrusts pace a little and pulled his dick out of my mouth. "What's the problem, I know you can suck a dick better then that you dumb bitch!" With that he angrily slapped me and knocked onto the cold bathroom floor.

I continued to lay there my face throbbing and disappointed in myself for letting Brian down. I heard him walking over when suddenly he grabbed me by my hair yanked me up off the floor and pulled me over to the wall.

"Now this time your going to do a better fucking job you stupid bitch!" He snarled at me.

I adjusted myself on my knees and started jerking the shaft of his dick then engulfing the rest of his dick into my eager mouth. This time I was determined to do a better job for Brian. It felt humiliating since I felt that all my life I had specialized in giving head, only to come up short today when Brian really needed me. I wasn't going to let him down this time though.

I jerked his dick wildly, and bobbed my head like a mad woman trying to be privileged enough to taste his heavenly seed. I felt him grab the back of my head then begin thrusting his dick as fast and as hard as he could into my throat. In the process he slammed the back off my head continually into the back of the hard concrete wall. The pain was horrible, but my pussy was absolutely on fire, the pleasure seemingly numbing out the pain of getting skull fucked.

After awhile, I started feeling light headed and dizzy, but I heard Brian screaming "Here it comes, drink it bitch." He pulled back leaving just the tip of his dick in my mouth, and quickly put my hand back around the base of his dick and jerked it furiously until I was rewarded with one of his trademark mouthfuls. He jetted spurt after spurt of his sweet and copious cum into my mouth, making me swallow at least 4 times before his orgasm finally subsided. I moaned sucking the tip of his dick as hard as I could trying to suck out that last little drops of his precious seed.

Brian stepped back away from me and helped me up to my feet. "Now that's more like it." He turned behind to his boys "I told you white girls suck the best dick."

I licked my lips and smiled sweetly at Brian "Thanks for giving me another chance, I didn't want you to doubt who's the best cocksucker around."

Brian smacked me on the ass "Ain't no problem girl, but I gotta roll, why don't help the rest of my boys prep for the game, and I'll get at you later."

I agreed and he went ahead and left me alone with the other three boys. I felt really sad to see Brian leave, and it was times like that where I wish he would ever let me kiss him. He always told me that he could only kiss someone he respects, and that all I am is a warm white mouth to him. I know that he'll come around eventually though, and I still had three well hung black guys that needed that warm white mouth as much as he did. With that I moved over to Wendell and slid to my knees.

Wendell undid his pants and unleashed his own monster cock. I smiled and licked and kissed all over the shaft of his dick. I gave the head of his dick a few tiny sucks and popped it out of my mouth hand started to jerk it off.

"Mmmm, looks so good Wendell." I gave him my sweetest little voice. "You think you could do me a favor and come in my mouth for me?" I giggled and swallowed his whole dick into my throat.

I loved sucking Wendell off. His dick is definitely the second biggest one I've ever seen only to Brian's. But on top of that I know that he doesn't like me at all. He is way more into black girls, and he always talks badly about me to Brian and his black girlfriend. But at the end of the day here I am usually sucking his dick. I know it's because his girl refuses to suck dick, so no matter how much he dislikes me because I'm a "ditz", he still needs me.

I saw the two other guys behind Wendell taking their clothes off and start playing with their dicks. God I love the sight of big strong black men and their big bulbous dicks. I sucked Wendell's dick into my mouth making sure I moaned as loudly as possible while sucking him off to rub it in his face.

As expected with all the moaning he didn't last very long. He grabbed me by the hair and started grunting like some kind of animal. "Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck yessssssssss bitch." He managed to wheeze out.

I felt his delicious black nut started sliding across my tongue. With each spurt I moaned even loader, which just seemed to make him cum more. I made sure to hold the whole thing in my mouth. When he cum finally subsided he stepped back and looked down at me. I opened up my mouth showing him the thick wad he had just put in my mouth, and then I noisily swallowed the whole thing.

Wendell starting getting his clothes back "God your so dumb all the fucking time." He said under his breath.

As he finished getting dressed and walked to the door, I shouted out to him "I love you Wendell, thanks for the mouthful you're the sweetest!" And with that he stormed out of the bathroom. Score one for me!

I looked over to the two remaining guys in the bathroom. I sat there kneeling in the same spot, two fresh loads in my stomach. I reached back and fixed my ponytail "So who's next?"

Both of the guys approached me, already completely naked for me. The shorter of the two asked "Why not both of us?"

I smiled at them "Sure why not?"

Both of them stood on either side of me and put a hand on each dick and started to jerk them off while I smiled up at them. The tall one looked to have about a nine inch dick, while the shorter guy looked to be about 10 inches.

The tall one said "Girl you have got some really big fucking titties. Guess it's true what they say about white girls and sucking dick."

I continued jerking off his dick while giving him a playful smile "I guess it is, just like the legend about black dicks huh?" I laughed a little and bounced my boobs up and down a little for him. "Did you like that?"

He put his hand around the back of my head "Yeah, but not as much as I like this."

He pulled my head towards his crotch and I quickly opened my mouth and slid his beautiful black dick into my mouth. I bobbed good and fast for him, trying to get him to feed me his hot cum. I could hear him moaning really loud so I quickened my pace.

I heard him shout "Oh fuck, here it cum's baby, I'm gonna cum in your mouth."

Soon as I felt the first shot in my mouth I felt the other guy pull his dick out of my hand and start moaning himself.

"I'm gonna bust all over this white bitches face!" He shouted to the tall guy.

I looked out of the corner of my eye while the tall guy continued to spew his nuts into my mouth, the short guy jerked himself off until he too started to cum all over my face. The tall guy finished cumming and pulled out of my mouth and stepped away, the other guy quickly replaced him and pulled him head closer to his dick while he continued to have his cum pour out of his dick, get all over my face, my hair, my shirt, and even onto my jeans. The cum was really thick and clingy to my skin, it felt really hot with my mouth still full of the tall dudes thick wad.

When the shorter guy's cum stopped he let go of my head and started laughing "Hah look at you now bitch! Hope you liked that you dirty slut!

The tall dude and the short guy gave each other a high five and started getting dressed. The tall guy turned around which a digital camera and started taking a few pictures. I was savoring the cum in my mouth so I could do little more then make a whining sound.

I finally swallowed the load in my mouth "Thank you guys, it was a real pleasure meeting you." I said as they got dressed. I then started wiping the cum off my face and into my mouth with my finger.

They both laughed and finished getting dressed the tall guy turned to me as the walked out the door "Your welcome you slut." Then they both left, leaving me alone in the bathroom covered with cum.

I tried my best to get washed up in the bathroom. The cum had hardened in spots in my hair. And there was a huge spot of it on my t-shirt where my boobs were. The spots on my jeans weren't too bad. After I finished washing up the best I could I went to my locker to get my coat, so I could try and cover my cum covered shirt which was a little too obvious.

As I went into the stair well I hear load slapping sounds, the unmistakable sounds of getting fucked coming from behind the stairs. I crept of and peeked around the corner. There was this girl Amanda she went to that private school that we were playing today. She had a pretty fair completion, one of the few people I know with boobs as big as mind, and like shoulder length brown hair. I always hated her. She was always such a good student, she was always miss popular, and she had such a nice boyfriend. In fact her boyfriend was the captain of their schools basketball team. I know that he had even proposed to her over the summer and they were planned to be married after the school year. And then it all made sense to me. Brian held her up against the wall, her legs wrapped around him, pumping his massive black dick into her relentlessly.

I could hear Brian talking into her ear "Where do you want it bitch, where do you want it?"

She squealed back in "Inside me, PLEEEEEEASE! I need it inside me! Fill me up with you hot cum. I need it!"

Brian whispered back "You want my baby? You and that bitch ass boyfriend of your want to raise my black child!"

She screamed back "Yes! Anything, Just please cum inside me. I want is so badly, you can have anything you want. Please! PLEAAAASE!"

With that Brian thrusted deep inside of her, undoubtedly emptying his large nuts inside her tiny white womb. I couldn't believe Amanda, little miss goody-goody, was fucking Brian, and allowing herself to be impregnated by him. I know Brian hated this team they were playing but this seemed rather excessive. As they finished up I slowly crept away, not wanting to be noticed and hurried on up the stairs towards the gym.

Game time was just around the corner, I looked around for a place to sit, and I found Jabari and some black girl sitting down so I went up to sit by them.

"Oh well if it isn't my favorite white girl, looking all fine and everything today." Jabari said to me looking me over as I sat down next to him.

I leaned over and gave him a hug and smiled at him "It's been awhile Jabari , haven't seen you around much lately."

"Yeah, yeah it's all good, we can get around to all that in a little bit you know." He responded putting hand onto my ass.

I smiled and agreed. The players were all out warming up, except for Brian who was running a little bit late, for reasons obvious to me. The most entertaining part was yet to come. On the other side of the gym showed up Amanda. She was all beat red and sweaty looking, and she marched over to her boyfriend who was out taking warm up shots. She pulled him aside away from the floor and started talking to him about something. What I would have paid to her what she was saying. After she finished talking her boyfriend got down onto one knee and started crying. After a minute or so he got back up and gave her a hug. What a pussy. They ended up walking out of the gym together, and never came back. By the time the game started it was not contest. Our team was blowing them away, and by the time half time rolled around, I was ready to do a little blowing of my own.

With our team winning big, me and Jabari decided to head out to his SUV for some celebrating. We got into the SUV he turned on his cd player so he could bump his rap music. That loud base always gives me a headache, but whatever, I just wanted to suck some dick. At least rap is good music to suck dick to. I kneeled in the seat next to him, unzipped his pants and started jerking off his dick slowly with my hand.

"Mmmm, Jabari I knew you always knew how to show a lady a good time." I said smiling the sliding down and licking on his balls.

He rubbed my ass through my cum-stained jeans "Well maybe not, but I sure know how to show ditzy white whores a mouthful of cum."

I kissed the underside of his dick a little more and smiled at him "Mmm that sounds good to me daddy, why don't you blow your buts into my mouth for me, pleeeeease."

He pulled my head down onto his dick, pulling my head up and down by my ponytail. I loved Jabari's dick because it was always so thick and covered with veins. He rubbed my ass a little "Yeah that's it white girl, suck that dick. I'm gonna blow my nuts off in your retarded slutty mouth. And your gonna swallow all that shit, cuz that's all you can do you retarded slut. It's a shame that someone as pretty a you is so fucking dumb, you serve no purpose other then letting black men blow their loads into you stupid fucking mouth! Ohhh. fuuuuuckk......take this bitch, drink it, I know your slutty fucking white mouth needs it, drink it biiiiiitch!

Jabari started to unleash he's hot manly load into my hungry mouth. God each spurt felt so magical inside my mouth, filling it up with exactly what it was that I needed, thick cum, from a hot black guy. His rap music was shaking the whole car, but his nut in my mouth made my body start to shake in orgasm. I finished sucking him off making sure to get every last precious drop from him, before swallowing my sweet reward.

I sucked on his head one last time "Mmmmm, that was so good. Thanks Jabari, you always know how to make me feel special."

He laughed "Yeah if that's what you wanna call it. Your one crazy ho, but your sexy, and that's all that matter to me. No matter how fucking stupid you are. Now get out of my car I need to go."

I sat up and adjusted myself real quick "No problem, thanks again Jabari we'll have to do that again real soon." I gave him one last hug and hopped out of the SUV. He wasted no time speeding off, his car thudding from the base.

It wasn't too long before Walter came along to get me. Right on time, after the day I had, my pussy desperately needed some relief. As I hopped into his car I gave him a big hug.

"Thanks for coming to get me Walter, I really appreciate it." I said giving him the innocent act.

"Oh it was no problem, ummm...you need anything before I take you home." He stuttered.

I pretended to be thinking to myself "Wellll, hmmmm.....I'm kind of embarrassed to say this Walter. But I was thinking of you today. I missed you.....alot. It's gotten me all hot and excited, I was wondering if you could, you know, do that thing you do for me..."

Obviously the fake shy and bashful act I gave him worked because in no time we were in the backseat and I was sitting on his face grinding the hell out of my aching pussy onto his loser face. I came multiple times, giving me the relief I so desperately needed. After I finished about my 3rd orgasm I was spent and ready to go home. Another wonderful day with my lover Brian and his sexy friends. My stomach was full of cum, my hair and clothes hardened with cum, and my pussy finally well attended to. I needed some damn sleep.

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