tagBDSMSarah's Friend Ch. 02

Sarah's Friend Ch. 02


Amy woke slowly the next morning, gradually remembering the previous night. She smiled and rubbed herself against the mattress. It felt different and she reached downed between her legs to find out why. The feel of the warm metal where her clit should have been jolted her awake and she kicked off her sheets and sat up. The crazy thoughts that had aroused her as she woke must have been real, the chastity belt was certainly real and so was the lock to which she didn't have the key.

She adjusted it slightly around her waist, wow it was tight. She followed the chains that ran down her backside, over the pink silk underwear that she was now well and truly locked into. The chains connected to a steel plate that went between her legs, covering up everything that made her a woman, and led back up to the belt and to an empty keyhole at the front.

She pulled the covers back over her body, naked other than for the chastity belt, and giggled as she buried her head into the big white pillows. She was wearing a chastity belt, oh my God, how cool, how exciting. Last night she'd also worn handcuffs, she'd been a prisoner! The thought excited her. Hey, she'd even had her head between a woman's thighs and kissed a woman's panties!

Amy folded the pillow so that her head was wrapped inside and pretended that she was once again between Sarah's legs. They had felt so good, so tight and restraining and yet so warm and sexy. Sarah had held her there for ages and even when she had released her grip it had only been to push Amy's face deeper into her and then her thighs had closed again a moment later. Sarah's smell still lingered on Amy's face and hands.

'Ha', she thought as she felt the chastity belt, how ironic. She may have had her clit locked away, yet she couldn't remember the last time she'd been this aroused. Amy's smug feeling soon faded though, as she tried to stimulate herself further only to find that to be impossible. Shit, she was halfway there and was now desperate to reach orgasm, but the steel plate kept her vibrator and even her fingers at bay. Now she wanted the key.

Amy sat on the edge of her bed and pulled her key ring from her bag, surely one of her keys must be close enough to open this damn lock. When that failed, she tried to wriggle out of the belt, but while her waist was small, the steel waist band was smaller. The steel device that she was locked inside was now taking on a whole different persona.

Resigned to the fact that she and the belt were inseparable, Amy used her fingers as best she could before removing her panties with a pair of scissors and consoling herself with a hot shower.

A few floors above in the same building, Sarah was also waking up and also remembering the night before. She put her hands between her own thighs and squeezed them together. Just like a pair of handcuffs she smiled as she pretended to struggle to free her hands. But this was just hands, having someone's head in there had been much more thrilling, especially when it had been a cute woman who had kissed her clit.

She then saw the teddy bear that an old boyfriend had bought her sitting on a shelf in the open wardrobe. Teddy wasn't quite the same as the cute brunette from downstairs, but in Amy's absence, he would have to do. Anyway it certainly wasn't his first time at this.

A few minutes later and Sarah was again under the blankets, but this time with the soft toy squeezed between her thighs. With help from Sarah's hand, the soft toy was even good enough to rub his nose against her clit. 'You have been sentenced to life imprisonment between my thighs' she purred to herself, her emotions overriding any self conscious concern she might have about talking to a teddy bear.

Once teddy had served his sentence, Sarah left it crushed and slightly damp beneath the sheets. As a parting gift, Sarah had even had the audacity to wrap the bear's head up inside her now very used black panties. That was partly for the bear's benefit, but it also made her feel better about the bastard of a guy that had given it to her.

Sarah showered and dressed in black lace up boots, ripped blue jeans and a black and grey woollen jumper. She wore her brown hair down, beneath a grey brimmed hat that she knew suited her attractive face. She wasn't sure why Amy liked to be dominated by her, but she was as sure as hell going to encourage it.

It was almost 9am when Sarah walked down to reception. Amy was already there dressed as discretely as she could in thick white jumper and baggy yoga pants, her hair again in a pony tail and with perfect make up that was at odds with the casual look. They smiled at each other sheepishly.

"Coffee?" Sarah suggested.

"Sure! Assume this is OK?" Amy asked as she checked her outfit, making sure that nothing showed through.

"You look good, no one will ever know our secret." Sarah replied.

"Do you have the key?" Amy asked, her hands going automatically to her waist and feeling the keyhole through her clothing.

Sarah nodded, her hand touching the back pocket of her jeans that was discretely hidden from view under her jumper.

Even in baggy clothes, Amy was an unusually attractive woman, although today her professional confidence had been replaced with a sort of jumpy excitement and a new habit of constantly touching between her legs. Plus a new found obsession with her dancer friend.

"You know you're a thief?" Sarah smiled as they walked out of the building and towards the cafe.

"What do you mean 'thief'?" Amy asked.

"Well I believe that chastity belt that you have hidden under your pants is actually mine."

Amy laughed. "Yes, but thanks to you, it and me are currently inseparable. I couldn't really have left it behind."

"Well maybe you should have stayed at my flat last night." Sarah spoke slowly and deliberately as they both imagined what that might mean.

The friends sat next to each other, on the same side of a large table at the back of the cafe and talked. Amy kept looking down at Sarah's lap and her well fitting ripped jeans.

"What?" Sarah asked.

"Just thinking about last night." Amy replied as she reached down and adjusted her belt.

"It's just as well you're all locked up you horny girl." Sarah smiled.

"Any chance of having the key? I only need it for a second."

Sarah crossed her legs and lowered the rim of her hat. She wasn't even going to respond to the question. In her fantasy Amy would be wearing more restraints, not less. And in Sarah's mind this fantasy was very real and very tempting.

When they returned, Sarah suggested that they take a swim in the pool that was also in the basement of their building. Sarah took the lift up to her flat and slipped into a purple one piece swimsuit. She had just put denim shorts and a white t-shirt over the top when Amy arrived, still fully dressed and holding a pair of yellow bikini bottoms.

"Chastity belts and bikinis don't go." she said, hands on hips as she dropped her bikini bottoms on the floor.

"No I guess not." Sarah said as she walked into her bedroom and pulled a key plus a pair of handcuffs from the pocket of her ripped jeans that were strewn across the bed.

"You had the cuffs with you this morning?" Amy asked.

"Aha, you never know when your wrists might need a little extra jewellery." Sarah smiled. "Like now for example."

A tingle of excitement went down Sarah's back as Amy followed her command and took off her jumper and pants and put her hands behind your back. Sarah loved this, a cute slave that would obey her completely. She cuffed her before starting to explore Amy's body, naked other than for a skimpy bikini top that hugged her modest breasts and of course the locked chastity belt.

Sarah had always been turned on by the idea of dominating someone, she knew that, but feeling this woman's body up close and personal seemed to hold an increasing fascination. She ran a finger up Amy's back and watched the goose bumps appeared. A second finger ran around her waist made Amy cry out in pleasure.

Sarah slowly tucked the key to the cuffs into Amy's bikini top, keeping her fingers inside longer than was necessary. She was even tempted to kiss her breast, but was unsure how Amy would react and was also unsure what that would mean for her own sexual direction.

"You can have the cuff key." Sarah offered as her hands continued to caress Amy's naked, chain up body, she just didn't want to stop.

With her hands locked behind her back, Amy shook her breasts in an attempt to free the key, but the key remained squeezed in place. "Thanks Sarah, but that doesn't help."

"Maybe you shouldn't have worn such a tight bikini." Sarah replied. "Not that I'm complaining." Sarah worked her way down her slave's body. "Cute ass, particularly when it's all locked up inside a chastity belt."

Sarah started to reflect on her own words. Shit, she was starting to sound like a lesbian again, surely this was only a bondage thing.

Very gently, she unlocked and removed the steel belt, using her hands to gently caress Amy's waist which was slightly red from rubbing against the belt. Sarah knelt down and picked up Amy's bikini bottoms and tenderly eased them up her long legs.

This time Sarah couldn't stop herself and after a couple of seconds admiring Amy's tight little butt squeezed into the yellow bikini bottoms, she kissed her left butt cheek. The sensation made Amy cry out in delight. Sarah then kissed her right cheek before finally burying her face right into the yellow fabric. Amy cried out again, Sarah moaned quietly to herself.

Worried about where all this was taking her, Sarah stood up and draped a cotton robe over Amy's shoulders and led her down to the pool, which as usual was empty. Sarah rescued the key from inside Amy's bikini top and unlocked the cuffs. Having regained her freedom for the first time in over twelve hours, Amy ran laughing over to the pool and jumped in.

"Hey!" Sarah laughed as she dived in and within a few stokes caught up with her escapee.

She put her arms around Amy and held on as Amy laughed and fought to get free. Exhausted and still not free, Amy turned around and they stood face to face in chest deep water in the middle of the pool. They were close to kissing, the thrill of their bondage games continuing to bring out their bi-sexual side. They looked at each other for another minute, but didn't kiss, both too apprehensive about what that would mean.

"Do you trust me to hold you under just for a moment?" Sarah asked, breaking the tangible silence.

Amy lowered her head until her mouth was submerged and blew bubbles as she looked up at Sarah. Sarah grinned and pushed Amy's head under water and took a step forward and opened her legs such that when Amy started to come back up, her neck fitted neatly between Sarah's legs. Once there, Sarah closed her thighs, locking Amy's head in place under water.

Sarah looked down at the distorted image of the slim brunette. The fact that Amy had entrusted her with her life gave Sarah a thrill. It would have been all too easy to hold her underneath for the few minutes it would take to die. Not that she ever would and indeed Sarah only waited a few more moments before she let her go and Amy's cute face came panting back to the surface.

"A little bit longer this time?" Amy asked.

The girls stayed in the pool for another half an hour. As Amy finally climbed the ladder to get out, she saw two bare feet standing above her. As she climbed she worked her way up the legs, to the tight purple swimsuit and finally to the long dark hair that had been towelled dry and now lay untidyly around Sarah's stunning face.

"Turn around." Sarah order as soon as Amy's bare feet with painted red nails reached the top.

Amy obliged and felt her hands being lightly pulled behind her back and then tightly handcuffed.

"You're taking no chances." Amy smiled as she turned back around to face her captor.

"This is nothing, I'm thinking of shackling your ankles as well... with a very short chain." Sarah purred as she brushed Amy's hair back over her shoulders and out of her eyes.

The words had the planned effect on Amy, who shivered slightly with excitement and then bit softly on to her lower lip as she wriggled against the cuffs.

"Let's go to the sauna next, I've notice it has a very useful feature." Sarah explained as she led the way.

The sauna was only small, with a single bench that ran the full length of the small room, constructed of thick pine slats on both the front and top. Sarah the lifted the slats that formed the top of the bench, which opened on hinges to reveal a small space beneath, effectively the inside of the bench.

"Now I understand." Amy smiled, "And I guess I go inside."

"I guess you do."

"And it locks with....?"

Sarah turned around and tapped her own butt. Amy looked carefully at the way the purple swimsuit stretched over and around what was a very trim backside, but with particularly well developed glutes. 'Yes, I guess that should do it', Amy thought.

Sarah unlocked the cuffs and Amy happily stepped inside the bench and lay down on more pine slats that formed the base of the bench. Once Amy was comfortable, Sarah lowered the top of the bench back down so that Amy's small space was completely enclosed. Sarah then sat on the bench trapping Amy inside, the wooden structure creaking slightly under her weight.

"It's perfect, I can relax safe in the knowledge that you are going nowhere."

Sarah slid along to one end until she was sitting directly above Amy's head as Amy tried to push up on the inside of the lid. After a minute of pushing and groans of effort from beneath her, Sarah closed her legs so that she could no longer see Amy. Sarah then lent back and closed her eyes with a smile on her face as the futile escape efforts continued to bang and puff underneath.

"What are you doing down there?" Sarah asked eyes still closed.

"Escaping." Amy replied, hoping to get a reaction from the beautiful woman sitting on top of her.

"No you're not." Sarah purred as she started her meditation exercises.

Amy was a little disappointed and tried to push her fingers up between the small gaps in the wooden slats. She could just about reach through and touch the fabric of Sarah swimsuit but still there was no reaction.

A drop of perspiration dropped from Sarah's thighs and down on to Amy's cheek. It felt nice and Amy moved her head slightly and waited. The next drop that fell landed in Amy's open mouth. She closed both her mouth and her eyes and tried to taste the woman above. The next drop of moisture followed, it glistened on Sarah's thigh, rolled down passed her crotch and again into Amy's mouth.

She may have been trapped in a box, but for once she did have access to her clit and vagina. As she slowly stroked herself, she realised that she wasn't dreaming of her guy, or indeed any guy, but of Sarah.

Amy had been as quite as possible, although with Sarah meditating or maybe even asleep above her, it hardly mattered. But Amy was now starting to get frustrated. She could see Sarah's body through the slats but was unable to touch it or do anything else to it.

Although the thought would have been crazy a couple of days ago, Amy was now totally into Sarah and her body. Not girl's bodies generally she kept telling herself, just Sarah's. This was just a one off experiment with girls, everyone should try everything once, shouldn't they?

It was over an hour later when Sarah freed her, although the word 'free' should be interpreted loosely as after opening the box, Sarah had immediately handcuffed her and led her back into the woman's changing room and after the briefest of showers had put her back inside a locker.

Sarah closed the locker door and stood with her butt resting against it, holding it closed. She could feel Amy pushing trying to get out, but the force exerted by Sarah's body was enough to hold Amy inside. Although after finally deciding that she wanted to shower, Sarah simply turned the locker key and left. Inside, Amy just as frustrated and just as desperate to explore further her brief lesbian 'thing'.

As she showered Sarah was having similar thoughts. This thing with Amy was turning her on so badly, she could barely stop touching herself. Even then, she was massaging herself with the locker key. 'Fuck it' she thought, why shouldn't she have a bottle of wine and spend the rest of the day with Amy. She doubted that Amy would object.

"Let's go back to my place." Sarah said as she unlocked the locker and the coin clattered into the tray.

Sarah helped Amy out and slowly relocked the empty locker and tucked the key inside her swimsuit. This was mainly for Amy's benefit, but Sarah also enjoyed hearing the lock mechanism slide shut just one more time.

"Can you keep me locked up until morning?" Amy asked hesitantly as she bit on her lip. "Even if I ask to be let go?"

"Sure." Sarah smiled. "But shouldn't we have a safe word?"

"Can't I completely waive my rights to freedom now?"

"And I can do anything to you?" Sarah checked.

Both women were now struggling to control their emotions and with Sarah's face only inches away, they again had to defy the urge to kiss. Sarah managed to distract herself by putting on her denim shorts and t-shirt over her still damp swimsuit and wrapping the white robe around Amy. Then checking that the corridor was clear, Sarah led the handcuffed bikini girl back to her flat.

By the time they were inside and Sarah had locked the door behind them, the moisture from Sarah's swimsuit was seeping through the butt of her denim shorts. As she felt her butt to check how wet she was, Amy turned around and was rattling her cuffs in the hope that they would be unlocked.

"No, no sweetie, not until you are safety back in chastity." Sarah was adamant and Amy was in no position to argue.

Sarah knelt down and again couldn't resist kissing Amy's yellow bikini clad butt.

"It's not fair, I haven't got to kiss your butt." Amy complained as she turned around.

"Hey, disobedience from my slave?" Sarah joked as she stood up straight to make the most of her couple of inches of height advantage and looked into Amy's big brown eyes.

"Just saying..."

"Trust me sweetie, you will be well acquainted with my 'butt' before morning. But now I'm going to seal you up."

Amy's heart beat was back up to crazy levels as Sarah encircled her waist once more with the steel chastity belt. As Sarah pulled it up between her legs she let out an audible moan. And as the lock clicked shut she breathed 'oh my God'.

"Any dissent from you now?" Sarah asked as she waved the keys in front of the cuffed and chastised woman.

"No mistress."

"Mistress, I like it." Sarah replied, the rush of having free rein over this cute woman for the whole night already making her giddy even before she considered all the things she could do to her prey.

Sarah opened her cupboard and brought out a small bike lock, a cable lock covered in red plastic. Not particularly high security, but adequate for her purposes. She looped the lock round Amy's neck where it hung harmlessly, but Amy knew that she was only a click away from losing what little freedom she still had.

"Where oh where to lock you?" Sarah smiled, holding the lock in one hand.

After a moment's thought, Sarah sat down on the edge of her bed with her legs apart and ordered Amy to kneel on the floor in front of her. Amy complied and inched forward until her head was between Sarah's thighs. Sarah then looped the open end of the bike lock around the crotch of her short denim shorts before locking it shut.

"Chained to the crotch of my shorts, that should keep you out of mischief." Sarah said.

Amy tried to pull away but was it was clear that there was no way to separate her neck from Sarah's denim shorts. Amy's attempts to reach up and unbutton Sarah's shorts with her mouth only resulted in her getting a gentle slap on her cheek.

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