tagBDSMSarah's Friend Ch. 04

Sarah's Friend Ch. 04


Amy walked out of the bathroom, her wet hair held up in a ponytail behind her model face. Her model legs looked longer than ever in the short white negligee. The once professional brunette had composed herself a little, but the crotch chain was still sending waves of pleasure through her, pleasure that she was totally unable to stop.

Sarah opened the second bottle of wine and poured two large glasses and took them to the table. With very few inhibitions left, Sarah peered closely into Amy's classically attractive brown eyes. They were wide and dilated and seemed to have a loving and devoted look that she'd never experienced from a guy.

"How's the chain?"

"She's fine, thanks." Amy replied as she again touched herself and sighed with pleasure.

Amy's legs were fidgeting madly in an attempt to reduce the stimulation on her clit and the short negligee did little to hide the silver chain that was now glimmering from the moisture in Amy's damp crotch.

"Maybe I'm a little jealous of that chain." Sarah smiled.

"Maybe you and her should swap places."


Amy looked up to see Sarah running her tongue across her lips.

"You know you keep referring to the chain as a 'her'." Sarah observed.

"Do I?"

Amy fell to her knees and climaxed again before lying down on the white rug in the middle of the living room. Her eyes were closed and her long brown hair fanned out all around. She soon realised her mistake, though, as Sarah walked over and stood on Amy's hair, with one high heeled shoe on either side of her head. Amy looked up into the darkest recesses of Sarah's dress and sighed.

"Well, if you will lie on the floor beneath me,.." Sarah smiled.

Amy tried to pull her hair out from beneath Sarah's shoes, but was soon distracted as she admired the elegant black high heels. The straps circled Sarah's ankles twice, reaching halfway up Sarah's calves before being secured by silver buckles. She would have to borrow these.

"Need some scissors honey?" Sarah teased.

Amy remembered where she was and struggled again to get free. But again she stopped and touched the leather that smelt so sexy at such close quarters.

While still standing on Amy's hair, Sarah picked up the chastity belt. "Deal?" She asked as she held the belt in one hand and her keys in the other.

Amy nodded.

Sarah crouched down above Amy's face with her dress forming a small tent around Amy's head. In this position, Sarah reached forward and unlocked the chain around Amy's tiny waist and pulled it clear from her crotch. Amy then lifted her hips so that Sarah could slide the chastity belt around her waist.

Amy had always felt the need to control situations and whenever possible used her looks and her position to intimidate people. But with Sarah that wasn't possible. Sarah was equally attractive and her professional position meant nothing while she was locked inside Sarah's apartment. Sarah was leading her into a whole new world and being subservient to her felt wonderful.

Amy felt the cool steel of the chastity belt around her waist and then up between her legs. She felt it pull tight around her and finally lock into place.

Sarah walked over and sat on one of the kitchen stools and sipped her wine. Amy smiled slightly self consciously as she followed and hopped up on to the other bar stool.

"I can't believe what we're doing." Amy breathed

"You like it?"

"Fuck yeah".

"You know you're still my prisoner."

Just the look in Sarah's eyes was more than enough to enslave Amy, but Amy remained hopeful that Sarah would take no chances with her captive.

"You want me to handcuff you again don't you?"

"No!" Amy was a little cross that Sarah could read her so easily.

"Look at your hands."

Amy looked down and saw that she had subconsciously positioned her hands with her wrists together. Embarrassed, she quickly moved them apart. Sarah smiled at her guest's reaction and led Amy back over to her bed and handcuffed her hands behind her back.

"Now you have no way to protect those beautiful lips." Sarah purred.

She moved closer to Amy's slim face with its high cheek bones and slightly upturned nose. Amy's lips were already slightly parted and glistened from red lip gloss.

To Sarah, passionately kissing Amy on the lips seemed more intimate and more taboo, than kissing her clit. Down between her legs things could be anonymous. Kissing on the lips was personal. She was looking into Amy's big dark eyes and therefore into her soul. She was kissing a real person, a real woman.

Amy was also a woman who was helplessly chained up and who both physically and mentally had no possible hope of escaping from Sarah that night. Their lips touched and Sarah slipped her tongue in a little further. The feeling made them both jump. They started again and this time both tongues began to explore.

With their inhibitions fully breached, they kissed passionately for next ten minutes. Amy's hands were being squeezed beneath her own butt and the ratchets of the cuffs had tightened further and yet she barely noticed.

Sarah's lips then started to work their way down Amy's body, her neck and then her breasts. Amy's pert nipples were very erect and Sarah enjoyed slipping them in and out of her mouth. She continued down to Amy's waist and then hit the steel of the chastity belt and placed her face against the steel. The steel was now as warm as the contents locked inside.

"Unlock me please!" Amy panted.

"It's all about you." Sarah joked.


"Why isn't your head inside my dress?"


"That's what I want!"

Amy showed amazing agility for someone in tight handcuffs and with seconds she was inside Sarah's dress and her mouth had even breached Sarah's black panties.

"I knew I liked you." Sarah smiled as she pulled her dress down so that it fully enclosed Amy's head.

"If only I had a needle and cotton." Sarah purred as she rolled on to her back and opened her legs.

"Huh?" Amy's eyes peeked out from inside the dress.

"Then I could sew up my dress with you inside."

Amy looked out again and smiled.

"Then there'd be no more peeking!" Sarah laughed as she flicked her dress back over Amy's face.

It was now midnight and both women were drunk, spent and exhausted. Having a cute brunette who would go down on her to order was almost too good to be true. Sarah knew that she needed some time out if they were to make it through the night. But timeout seemed impossible with her new toy. Plus she had another little dominant fantasy that she just had to try.

Amy still had her head between Sarah's legs and was watching the goose bumps as she ran her lips around Sarah's crotch. She knew that she had no control over what happened next and was enjoying an almost childlike lack of responsibility.

Unable to take any more stimulation, Sarah released Amy's head and pulled away. She returned a few seconds later with a large hard shelled suitcase.

"Time out, babe." Sarah said as she pulled open the large lid.

As usual Amy didn't object and instead eased herself off the bed and down on to the floor where she sat obediently by Sarah's feet.

"You won't fit inside with your hands cuffed behind you." Sarah thought out loud. "I'll have to take them off."

"I might escape."

"Amy. You won't."

"You never know..."

They watched each other intently for a few moments enjoying the challenge. Sarah then knelt down with her legs apart as she thought through what would be the most inescapable way to do this.

"Your head between my legs!" Sarah announced.

Amy edged further towards where Sarah's was kneeling, but she was out to tease her captor and with her head only part of the way through, stopped and kissed Sarah's thighs.

"All the way inside sweetheart!"

"Or what?"

"Or the cuffs don't come off."

Amy slowly complied and was soon kissing the back of Sarah's open thighs. Then without warning, Sarah snapped her thighs together around her neck. Amy took a quick intake of breath and then laughed.

Sarah leaned forward and examined the cuffs that she had locked tightly around Amy's ever so slim wrists. The heavy steel was infinitely stronger than the delicate bones that they encircled and had inevitably started to rub against Amy's smooth skin. The restraints forced Amy's perfectly balanced figure into an awkward position, completely immobilising her arms. Yet Amy had delighted in being locked up and at that moment would have happily worn the cuffs forever.

Sarah slipped the key into one cuff, before rolling Amy over on to her side and re-cuffing her wrists in front. It took less than ten seconds during which time Amy had struggled to get her head free, only to find that Sarah's thighs held her even more tightly.

"Was that my chance?" Amy panted.

"Yep and now you have another thing to contend with."

Sarah was still kneeling with Amy's neck still between her thighs. With Amy lying on her back, Sarah started to sit back on her haunches. Little by little building the pressure.

"Have you've seen what those car crushers can do." Sarah smiled as she went down further.

Amy was laughing madly as she tried to stop her head going the same way. It didn't work and her head was soon crunched between Sarah's legs and butt. Every muscle in Sarah's lower body was now tensing with the same objective.

Sarah reached forward and ran her nails around Amy's waist. Amy shrieked with laughter and, still unable to see, tried desperately to stop Sarah's teasing fingers. Amy was half laughing and half crying when Sarah finally released her.

Amy climbed into the open suitcase and curled up on the blanket that Sarah had placed inside.

"You locking me in here?" Amy asked excitedly.

"Well I'm about to lock it up... so if you're inside at the time."

"Can you come in with me?"

"Don't tempt me."

Amy seemed to be beyond making any rational decisions, with the alcohol and sexual excitement giving her a breathless, dazed look. She looked up at Sarah's face and her greenish brown eyes which seemed to be constantly smiling. This woman was about to lock her up in a tiny space from where she would never be able to escape. If those big greenish brown eyes chose never to release her she would die in the case, but yet she wasn't in the least bit scared.

Sarah was now standing and from Amy viewpoint her long legs seemed to go up forever. Then one leg easily flipped closed the lid. Amy felt safe and snug inside, a feeling that became even stronger when she felt Sarah sit on the lid. She watched the zips move until they were touching each other and waiting eagerly for Sarah to padlock them together. She hoped she would.

On top of the suitcase, Sarah took a four dial combination padlock and didn't look as she reset the code to a new random number. She placed the padlock down on the lid, between her open legs and used her phone to take a photo of the combination. She then used an app to time delay the photo for an hour. This way she couldn't see the photo until the time was up.

Sarah was confident that there was enough ventilation, but was still slightly apprehensive as she threaded the padlock in place and spun the four dials between her fingers. Only a couple of turns, but she knew there was no way back.

"Am I locked in?" Amy asked innocently, her fingers playing with the zip from the inside.

Having checked that Amy was comfortable, Sarah took yet another shower. When she returned, her bedroom seemed very quiet with no sound coming from inside the suitcase. The combination padlock hung there innocently, unfortunately neither of the women knew the number.

Now completely naked, Sarah knelt down and tried the lock. 'Fuck', she really wanted Amy again and she knelt down crossed legged with her legs open wide as she ran through some possible combinations.


She hit the combination lock with her hand, grabbed her phone and opened the time delay app. 46 minutes to go. Fuck! Sarah stood the suitcase up and sat on top with one leg either side. She sat with her vibrator in one hand and her phone in the other and waited.

Inside the suitcase Amy could hear Sarah's moans of pleasure and her own cuffed hands were desperately trying to achieve the same. Her fingertips pushed frantically under the edges of the steel plate that sealed her clit. She could almost reach. She listened and felt the suitcase shudder as Sarah climaxed again. The chastity belt had beaten her, but her imagination could still enjoy what she knew was happening just above.

Finally the padlock combination flashed up on Sarah's phone and within seconds Sarah was spinning the dials and seconds later the suitcase was open. Abstinence had only increased their feelings and they were kissing even before Amy had climbed out of the suitcase. With their tongues touching, Sarah felt for the chastity belt's keyhole and slipped the key inside.

During the next two hours they used the vibrator and their fingers and tongues on each other. Halfway through, Sarah had even unlocked Amy's handcuffs, but only so they could enjoy each other in a certain intimate position.

They were now lying with their arms around each other already almost asleep. Sarah playfully wrapped one of her legs around Amy's body in a sleepy attempt to secure her. After all, she had promised that Amy's would be her prisoner all night and it was only 4am.

Her mind went back to something she'd seen at a party, an idea for which Sarah had her own twist. Completely naked, Sarah searched her kitchen for a small tube of superglue. When she returned, Amy was sitting on the edge of the bed with her un-cuffed hands held up in front of her.

"I'm free!" She said in a blatant challenge to Sarah's promise.

"On your back girl!" Sarah replied as she pushed her down and sat stride her naked body.

As always, Amy had kept her arms down by her sides so that they would be trapped beneath Sarah's thighs as she sat astride her. Helpless pinned, Amy just giggled.

Sarah pulled Amy's long dark hair back into a ponytail before removing the top of the superglue. Amy's big eyes watched her carefully. Their lovely brown colour and long lashes would soon be looking at only one thing. As always, Amy eyes showed complete trust.

Very carefully, Sarah placed two small drops of glue on each side of Amy's forehead and then two more on each of her cheeks. After screwing the lid back on tightly, Sarah lay down on her front on the bed.

"Now put your face in here." Sarah instructed as she tapped her naked butt.

"Won't we get stuck together?"


Amy thought back to when they first met in the gym, even back then she had been obsessed with Sarah's strong fit body and that certainly included her pert round butt. She was no longer tired and again giggling like a schoolgirl at the prospect of what would happen next.

She positioned herself carefully and pushed her face into the lower part of Sarah's butt. Her nose was deep between Sarah's cheeks and her long lashes brushed against Sarah's skin with every blink.

"How long will it take?" Amy asked.

"Oh, it's already done."

Sarah was as tired as she'd ever been. She lay motionless on her side enjoying Amy's touch and the way Amy was worshipping her butt. The best part was that there no need to wake early in the morning, Amy would still be down there worshipping her when she woke. The brunette had no choice about that. Only when Sarah was ready would they shower while still bonded together. A long shower followed by patient use of nail polish remover. With any luck they might be unstuck by lunchtime.

Amy's muffled giggling filtered out from deep inside Sarah's butt. She carefully tried to pull away but the glue had long since bonded their skin together. Her face and Sarah's butt were now one. Amy knew that Sarah was already asleep from the small twitches that ran through Sarah's body.

Sarah gently broke wind, the force of which Amy could feel against her face. Even that smelt sweet. 'I'm bi-sexual' Amy whispered proudly, her words fittingly muffled by Sarah's butt.

Amy pushed both of her hands between Sarah's closed thighs and as she did, Sarah's thighs seemed to tighten around them. Perfect, they would be her handcuffs tonight.

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