tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSarah's Games Ch. 02

Sarah's Games Ch. 02


Hmm... what to wear... what to wear? It will have to be something sleazy won't it? A mischievous smile crosses my face.

I'm fumbling through my underwear drawer and I pull out my white thigh-high stockings. Sleazy, huh? White thigh-highs are always a good start. Now for underwear. Or maybe no underwear? Hmm, could I? No underwear? And let's see. A skirt. A thin skirt? A short skirt? An old short pleated skirt? Blue plaid. Grin.

T-Shirt. No. A blue sweater maybe? I have a loose v-neck knit sweater I like. What if I don't wear a shirt underneath it? Oh God that's so revealing. You can almost see through it! The room is getting warmer now.

I slowly turn in front of the mirror. I tug at the bottom of the skirt trying to make it cover the top bands of my stockings. It's really close. Hmm, I walk to the window and back looking in the mirror. When the skirt moves you can definitely tell I'm wearing stockings! I try to pull them up a little more. It's getting really hot in here.

I face the mirror and look at my chest. You can see my pale chest through the knitting but not my nipples. Not yet anyway. I give each one a hard pinch and things become more disgraceful. The scratchy sweater heightens my sense of awareness. I would never normally expose myself like this.

I spin around in my Keds and watch my skirt float up enough to catch a glimpse of my bare ass! God I hope it's not windy. I bite my bottom lip and reconsider my outfit. I'm sweating and my eyes start to water.

I toy with the hem of my skirt one last time and plunge out the door into my car and race to the mall. To the middle of the mall. To the really nice camera store in the middle of the crowded mall! I swallow hard and realize that I can't feel my feet as I walk into the store. I'm certain everyone is staring at me. I hope I don't bump into someone I know. I would die.

I stumble, winsome, into the store. "Can I help you with something?" Thank God it's a woman about my age. Her plump figure is hidden behind her designer suit. Her name tag says, "Melissa. Store Manager."

"Um yeah, thanks Melissa. I need to get a small digital camera, um, something like this," I hand her the clammy newspaper clipping of a specific model I want.

"Sure, we have a few of those left over here... blah blah... but you might like... blah blah." I have a hard time concentrating on what she is saying when we walk past a glass display cabinet and I catch the lacy tops of my stockings under my skirt. I realize I look like a total slut. And then I see that she is also looking at my reflection in the glass! Gush. She's probably thinking the same thing – what a slut!

I start to fumble with my questions and then I get more nervous and, um, I start feeling and sounding like a silly schoolgirl. And then it gets worse.

I have to ask her how to use the automatic timer. She smiles. Fuck, she knows. I know she knows. Is she looking at my chest now? My nipples feel itchy. I'm blushing.

My checks get really flushed and splotchy when I'm nervous or when I'm... emotional... or when I'm... totally desperately turned on!

She suppresses the smile. I think she's trying not to laugh at me. I feel like a naughty little girl caught in a lie.

She shows me how to set the timer and I try not to look too embarrassed thinking about the naughty poses the camera might catch me in. I can't wait to get home and... bend over and...

"Is there anything else you need?"

Oh fuck. I give an audible whimper. I can't look her in the eye. I glance down and confess, "Um, yeah, um, do you sell, um, tripods?"

"Sure!" She grabs my hand a pulls me to the back of the store. I lurch forward using my free hand to barely hold down the back of my skirt.

She bends down and fumbles around in the bottom shelves. "We had some on sale..." she's on her knees reaching way back.

I know it's wrong but I can't stop myself from shuffling closer to where she is kneeling. I pretend to reach up to investigate things above her, above both of us, on the topmost shelves. Then I compel myself to be really bad.

I spread my legs a little. I'm hovering right over her - terrified of what's going to happen. I know. I'm going to get caught and I know it's wrong but I have to make myself act as naughty as possible. I stand with my feet unnaturally apart. It makes me so wet.

Finally after an eternity of rummaging she scoops out a pile of gear and turns and slowly looks back up. Up my pleated skirt! I can feel her looking up my legs past the tops of my thigh-high stockings. And I'm not wearing any underwear! I've never done this before. I can't make myself look, but I know she can see my dripping wet pussy. The store gets incredibly hot and perfectly quiet. I hold my breath and I feel my nipples getting hard under my scratchy sweater.

She doesn't do or say anything! Silence. My whole body is tingling. More silence. Fuck she's probably still looking up my skirt. Why won't she say something or shift around me? Oh God, I can't move. Finally when I feel my pussy literally dripping down one of my legs I give up and step a bit to one side and peek down at her. She looks me dead in the eyes and grins. I am soooo embarrassed. The heat in the store converges between my legs. I wobble.

At last she says, "Want me to give you a quick demo, for using the whole setup, before you go?"

But her tone is more like, "Want me to give you a quick spanking, for being such a naughty girl, before you go?"

My eyes are watering; I nod and try to swallow but my mouth is dry. "Uh huh."

So right there, at the back of the store, Melissa arranges the tripod for me. Her voice seems more commanding and I'm doing what I'm told. She makes me attach the camera and I have to bend over to zoom and focus and then, for practice, "click," I take her picture.

"Good, that's right. Make sure you can tell where the picture cuts off, ok? Now, leave some space right here next to me." She has me fiddle with more of the settings which kills me because I have to bend over to look through the camera and I'm sure my little skirt is riding up my bare ass. I can feel strangers looking at me but I'm too afraid to check.

I'm told to set the timer and come around and stand next to her. She puts one arm around me. 10, 9, 8... every second seems like an eternity. The little red light is blinking red, counting down, and her arm is sliding down my back. Oh God. I feel her hand brush across my butt. Mmff I bite my lip and shudder. Her hand travels down my ass to the hem of my skirt.


"Go see if you got that and we'll do one or two more, ok?"

I shuffle to the camera and check everything and set it up again and then return obediently back into place. I wait. I want her to touch me. To make me feel dirty – even dirtier than before. I'm a dripping eager mess now.

Blink, blink, ... and then... oh God... I feel her hand at the edge of my skirt. I arch a tiny bit forward onto my toes and she drags her nails up one of my legs, under my skirt, up towards my naked ass. I want her to keep going. I'm blushing deep red now, mmmff, my eyes are squinting. I don't even hear the camera click when her fingers come to rest between my wet folds. So naughty. I can't believe I'm letting a total stranger feel me up! In the back of a crowded store.

Back in front of the glass counter, I make myself pay with a personal check (which I would never normally do) – so I have to give her my address and telephone number. I still can't look her in the eye. I feel so used and humiliated. But in such a satisfied way.

I mumble, "Thanks for helping me. I'll, um, try to come back if I have any questions, from now on."

But really I'm thinking, "Thanks for violating me. I'll, um, try to be a good girl, from now on."

Gush. My legs are slippery. I can't wait to get home and look at the pictures. Especially the one with my eyes closed, my mouth slightly open, my feet apart, and Melissa looking at me knowingly – with her hand up the back of my skirt.

Mmmm... so naughty. I'll recreate the scene dozens of times in front of my new camera...

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