tagBDSMSarah's Games Ch. 04

Sarah's Games Ch. 04


I couldn't wait to get home and be alone again – to scold and punish myself for being so naughty. Or maybe Melissa would do it for me. Grin. She frequently did.

I'd often confess little things to Melissa in my guilty girl voice and she would admonish me in a stern mature manner that made me melt.

"It made me feel... dirty."

"But you liked that didn't you?"

"Mm hmm." I looked down at my ratty tennis shoes. Melissa was wearing an incredible dress that I could NEVER afford: Kimono-like, hand-made, very soft, predominantly butterscotch in color but elegantly accented with tiny green leaves and... mmm... so sexy.

"I bet it made you feel mischievous. Like you did something you weren't supposed to do. Huh?"

"Um hmm..."

I was supposed to be helping her get ready for a business reception downtown, but I was lost in dreamy thoughts about how I had scolded myself for being such a slut. How I had left the taste in my mouth all night to savor the naughtiness. How, later, I had made myself wear the clothespins on my nipples and sent myself to bed without any dinner. And how, with tears in my eyes, I had humped the corner of one of my pillows in the dark...


Fuck, I snapped back to reality a moment too late and dropped a glass of red wine on the floor. The glass shattered and wine splashed onto Melissa's new dress. Oh fuck!

"Ohmigod! Melissa, I'm so sorry, I..."

"You clumsy little BITCH! Go fetch some water, quick."

I didn't matter; the dress was ruined. I felt horrible.

Melissa left me on the floor trying to clean the dress and the rug and what-not. She had stripped down to her white satin slip. She was looking through her closet for something else to wear.

I couldn't help but notice how voluptuous she looked. When she bent over I would steal little glances at her trying to figure out if she was wearing sexy underwear or maybe a thong or maybe (gulp) her big ass was naked under the slip? I pretended to keep scrubbing the floor.

"You're not going to get anything clean by staring at my ass Sarah!"

Umph. Totally busted. "I...um..."

She smiled wickedly, rubbing her butt a little, "I suppose I could make your punishment as ass-themed as possible. Would you like that?"

"Melissa, I'm sorry, I...."

"Shut up and crawl over here."

I did.

"I've had to deal with your mistakes before haven't I?"

Oh God, not again. The last time I couldn't sit down for a whole day! My mouth opened and closed but I didn't know what to say. I was so ashamed. I felt like a child again.

Melissa sat down on the corner of her low European-style bed and waved me over, "Sarah, tell me what happens to foolish little girls who've been bad?"

I stood next to her lap and caught myself staring alternately at her tan chest and legs. "Um, they get... spanked," I murmured under my breath, looking away, feeling stupid.

"Right. Now, over my lap!"

I didn't want to but I crawled onto her big satin lap and rested my hands on the floor. Melissa began rubbing her hands over my shorts. That felt nice. Then the spanking started.

She smacked me with every word, "Girls / who / have / been / bad / get / spanked!"

Smack! Smack!

"Don't they?"

"Ouch. Yes ma'am." I hated being forced to answer her rhetorical questions.

"And how, exactly, do they get spanked little Sarah?" Smack! Smack! Smack!

"Umph." My voice took on an embarrassing quiver, "They get... spa-spanked, um, hard? And, um, ow, damn. Nooooo!"

She was pulling my shorts down to my knees and I knew my pink cotton panties made me look even more immature.

"I'm really s-sorry. Please don't..."

She spanked me really hard with her bare hand, over and over again and I new I deserved it so I just bit my lip and let her spank me.

"You will learn young lady..." smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack! smack!

"...what happens to naughty girls like you." Smack! Smack! Smack!

I thought maybe she was done, but she grabbed the back of my little girl panties and pulled them down! She'd never spanked me bare before. I sulked and whimpered and squirmed and tried to stop her but she would have none of it. My panties came down to my knees.

"I'll give you something to moan about," Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

I was sure my ass was getting redder than my underwear. Way redder. She kept hitting the same two spots over and over.

Finally pausing to rub my ass a little bit she said, "And do you know what happens to girls that have been... especially... naughty?"

"No," I sniffed though my runny nose and watery eyes.

"Really bad girls... get fucked... up the ass."

"No! Wh-what? But Melissa, I..."

Her practiced hand was raining down on my bare ass again and again, even harder than before. I was choking back my tears and wriggling on her lap trying to get one hand behind my back to protect my tender ass.

"Owww! Owww! Please, I..."

My pleading was unsuccessful.

She cut me off, "I'm not through with you missy, get up on the bed, NOW!"

I felt the heat on my tender ass as I crawled up onto her bed with my shorts and underwear tangled at my knees. She pushed me onto my back and held me down. I looked up through my teary eyes and tried not to cry.

"Bad girls get spanked Sarah, but really bad girls get fucked in the ass. And you have been a very bad girl!"

My eyes spilled over with tears of guilt, shame and fear.

"I'm sure when your boyfriend is fucking you up the ass - this weekend - you'll think of me won't you? With every hard stroke."

I couldn't... let him...

"And I hope you'll think about how sorry you are for being so clumsy. So bad that I had to let him punish your ass for me."

I whimpered and watched Melissa hike up her sexy slip, just a little. With her free hand, she was rubbing a finger across my mouth, teasing me, and humiliating me, the way she knows I like it.

"Do you think he knows that you try to look up my skirts?"


"That you think about my skimpy underwear? Hmm?"

"No..." I bet she was wearing something sexy right now. She was teasing the slip even higher.

"Does he know that you do all the dirty things I tell you to do?"

Would she let me look? "Noooo...ummm."

My mouth was watering around her fingers – two fingers, sliding in and out of my mouth now – sucking on them. Her slip was almost around her waist and I could finally tell that she was... bare underneath. Oh God. I sucked harder on her fingers.

"You like?"

"Ughmm, hmmm."

"You want a closer look don't you?"

I didn't want to admit it. I gasped when she lifted one leg and began to straddle my face. I was finally looking up her slip – leering at her neatly trimmed bush and luscious ass. She smelled divine.

"When your boyfriend is pounding your naughty ass this weekend will you be thinking about this view little girl? About looking up my slip. About my steamy pussy? About my big virgin ass? I bet you will."

She grabbed the headboard and lowered herself slowly onto my face. "Do you know how wet your little adventure will get me?" I stuck out my tongue tentatively hoping to taste her velvety folds. Would she let me?

Darkness. Mmm, tangy.

She knew I needed to be used. She rocked her clit over my nose while I serviced her pussy with my mouth for the first time.

"Oh yeah. You have been a very naughty girl Sarah."

I knew she was right.

"Are you sorry for being such a clumsy slut?"

"Mmm hmm." I could barely breathe.

"Are you sorry for breaking my wine glass?"

"Mmm hmmmm!" She was soaking my face.

"Are you sorry for ruining – my – new – dress?!" She punctuated each word by grinding hard into my face.

God I felt so bad. I wanted to make it up to her. I wanted to get her off. I was licking and probing with my tongue as best I could. Unfortunately she was sliding further up my face, smothering her pussy into my nose and bringing her big ass towards my mouth.

"How sorry are you Sarah?"

Oh God, her ass was on my face. She wanted me to lick her ass! Oh fuck, I was going to let her make me do it. I was going to stick my tongue in her ass. I was so sorry that I would do anything she asked. She slid forward another inch. Just when I stretched my tongue to touch her wrinkled pucker, she pulled up.

"My, my, you ARE a dirty girl. But you'll have to wait. You can kiss MY ass as soon as you get YOUR ass fucked. It's going to be a long ass-themed weekend for you."

"I want you to think long and hard about what a bad girl you are while I finish getting ready." She slapped my face, "I don't have time to finish punishing you today. Go stand in the corner with your red ass facing the room," she pointed sternly.

My world was reeling. I must have been in the corner half-naked for over 30 minutes but it seemed like just a few seconds. I was thoroughly humiliated. My face was wet and smelly. My ass was throbbing, mostly from the spanking but also at the thought of anal sex with my boyfriend. And, as if that wasn't enough, I knew I would be back here later with my tongue obediently shoved in Melissa's luscious ass. I didn't even notice that I had two fingers buried in my pussy.

"Sarah! When you finish tossing off, please wash your hands and lock up ok?"

The door slammed in the distance and Melissa was gone. But I didn't stop. The indignity just pushed me on. I didn't care. I forced my clothes down to my ankles and bent my knees apart. I screamed LOUD into the corner, pumping hard, again and again with my red ass on display.

"Oh. God. Oh. Yes. Yes! Such! A! Bad! Little! Girl! Ahhhhhhh!"

I collapsed in the corner. Melissa's voice in my head was a broken record, "Bad girls get spanked; but really bad girls get fucked in the ass; and you've been a really bad girl."

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