tagFetishSarah's Journey Pt. 02

Sarah's Journey Pt. 02


"Tonight, Sarah, my slut, I am going to show you off, you will be groped, fondled and fingered, but you shall not be fucked...Get dressed."

There was a strappy top & school sports skirt, both were several sizes too small. There was a pair of 5" heeled shoes. Sarah, mumbled an objection & Maddie simply slapped Sarah's face. When she was dressed, the lipstick on her nipples rubbed against the white nylon, making them obvious, and the skirt didn't cover Sarah's cunt fully, it peeped out at the bottom. Maddie, herself crudely applied make up to Sarah's eyes and mouth. She looked a parody of a street prostitute. Sarah was getting more scared by the minute.

"Come..." Sarah followed & the pair went out into a small car, that Maddie herself drove. It was still light and from the direction they took Sarah guessed where they were going. On the fringe of the city was a club and bar known to be for sexual services. It was one of those members clubs that were tolerated by residents and the police, as there was no fuss or trouble. It was called Fantasy, and Sarah did not know if this was hers. She was learning to speak when spoken to, so mimed a cigarette, Maddie pointed at her bag. Sarah lit two from the pack, passing one over.

Maddie reached across to Sarah as the car was stopped a light & flicked one strap off Sarah's shoulder, encouraging her tit to fall out. Sarah gasped, she did not want her breasts on show, but she did feel a little thrill in her pussy, so she wiggled. Maddie smiled, she had picked a true slut, who needed to accept the calling. As the car moved she flicked Sarah's skirt, exposing her shaven and slicked pussy. Sarah said...nothing. She just smoked. They drove and got honked several times by drivers seeing Sarah exposed. Maddie needed pinching to realise this was Sarah's first day, she really was going to be a top-class slut, if Maddie didn't go too fast & have her scuttle back to her husband.

As the car stopped, Maddie turned & kissed Sarah fully, deliberately smearing Sarah's lipstick. She said "Leave your tits out, Slut. Now get out."

As they went inside, Sarah showed the doorman a membership, looking at Sarah told him "This is my new trainee, she is not to be fucked by cock or dildo. But, she can be fingered & photographed."

"Follow me Slut Sarah." The club was dark and mostly empty, it was populated by a few men mostly on their own and staffed by women, who also had exposed breasts. On a small stage a woman in a thong danced around a pole to no one's especial interest. Their waitress was a short middle-aged brunette, not the best-looking woman whose name tag was showing below her ample cleavage proclaimed her as 'Peaches'. Maddie laughed and said "Let me be the 1000 person to ask about their ripeness? A large vodka, straight & a diet Coke."

Peaches nodded, returning soon after with the drinks, asked Maddie, "Do you like Milk? I will be on the stage later, having my milky tits sucked!"

Maddie shook her head, but looked at Sarah and said, "My Slut will take a turn. Come and get her, later."

"That should be fun for you! On stage sucking a top pair of tits, and milk too... Ooh I will get wet watching that. Now drink your vodka."

Sarah always enjoyed people watching, found the club, as it busied up a strange place. What the Americans called Rednecks mixed easily with suits, odd in the modern economy. There were a few women patrons too, getting off on the dancers and the sexual vibe.

Sarah got quickly drunk and was chatted up by two guys in jeans, who started to feel her tits. Maddie moved out of their way and took some photos too. Sarah enjoyed the attention, while still being scared. The fear made her wet! One guy tried his luck lower down & found Sarah's bare cunt. Roughly jamming two fingers inside, Sarah opened her legs to allow access. "God she's hotter than the dancers! Can I fuck her?"

Maddie looked over her Coke at the show & said "No Slut, won't fuck, but she will suck. Oh, and take as many pictures of her as you like! Stick them on Facebook too..."

Laughing the two guys both dropped their trousers & shorts, forcing their cocks, in turn, into Sarah's less than willing mouth. The one not being sucked taking pictures and video from phones. Maddie, sat back, watching, ordered more drinks. Soon Sarah had a crowd of men around her all wanting a blow job and a quick cum shot video. Sarah obliged, getting sluttier and whore like each time. Maddie simply smiled, watching and sucking diet coke from a bottle with a straw. Sarah was long passed gagging when the she took the cocks into her mouth. She took cum in the face, on, her tits, in her hair, in her mouth and in her vodka, which she then downed too. They pulled and twisted her tits too, one leaving a large hickey on the top of her left breast. After about thirty minutes, Maddie motioned to the doorman, who simply said "Show's over guys, go & sit down. Peaches returned & Sarah rinsed her battered mouth in raw Vodka.

Maddie looked at her almost tenderly asking Sarah "Do you need to smoke, or rinse your mouth?"

"Yes, I have never sucked a cock to orgasm, before."

"Come along, that's a remarkable first, for such a hot slut!" In the toilet Maddie again kissed Sarah, tasting the cum in her mouth and the Vodka. Sarah began to cry, Maddie held her & pushed her reddened tits back into the now stained top. "You have been a good slut."

When they returned having been outside to smoke, there was a bottle of Champagne, and a note: Can I have your slut lick my Cunt? J. xx Maddie Smiled, and looked around, nodding to an older woman with short cropped dark hair.

"Sarah, this is my friend Mistress Julia. I was hoping you would be here, tonight."

"Darling you know I pop in, after all I don't want the staff robbing the dump. This one is hot, don't waste her on tawdry pursuits."

"This is her first day, darling. I bought her to see where her limits are. She is going to suck Peaches milky tits, soon."

"That shall wait, I need her tongue first. Come slut."

Julia pulled Sarah to her knees and pushed her head into the folds of her puff-ball skirt, parting her legs, forcing the woman's head towards her pussy. There were no panties to prevent access. Sarah gleefully started to lap, first slowly round the edge, then with little jabs into Julia's slit, getting longer & slower. Julia began to moan, "Lick my Clit, Slut!!" Sarah obliged...Also, nipping gently at the little bud, her interest piqued at Lady Julia's pierced hood. After ten minutes or some Julia came noisily, covering Sarah's face in her cum. "Ooh, that was good, better than that. Both of you come to my office, for a treat."

"Mistress, I liked Lady Julia's piercing." Sarah whispered as they crossed the club, again all the men whistling at Sarah.

"Come in, both of you. Madeline, darling I am sure you want a cigarette? They are in the box." Maddie took two & lit them passing one to Sarah.

Julia opened a drawer, and took out a black velvet bag, and a small plastic box. She then opened on one corner & formed three lines of powder on the desk. Passing a small straw Maddie, who carefully snorted one line of the Cocaine, then passed the straw back to Julia, who offered the straw to Sarah. She shook her head.

Maddie sternly said, "Slut you are being offered a gift, accept gratefully." So, Sarah took a giant life leap & took her first hit of Class A Cocaine. This made her head rush a as Julia took the final line.

Maddie looked at Julia & said "This morning, Sarah had a husband and two daughters, now she has sex in clubs, takes drugs, and is about to perform in a fetish act on stage. What a day!! Oh, she likes your pierced clit hood too!"

"Sounds a hell of a day. You have taste with the piercing. But I am sure you shall join me, soon." Julia laughed & continued "We need a costume, you can't go on covered in cum with your make up like that. Come with me." In an adjoining room was a dressing table and make up. Sarah sat down & began to repair her face. Powdering her tits to stop the redness showing. Julia returned with a small, tacky PVC Nurse's costume, that sort of covered Sarah's tits except her nipples which Julia pulled through two peep holes, but left her cunt exposed, with white hold-up stockings. There was a small rubber apron too.

Maddie commented, "Do you have clamps, they would look fabulous."

"In the second drawer, pass them here." Maddie passed Julia two terrifying serrated clamps, which made Sarah wince with pain at them touching her nipples. Her brain racing, at how the evening had progressed

The music then stopped, a man announcing, "Tonight our own Yummy Mummy: Peaches will share, her bountiful supply of milk with her Nurse." Peaches came out onto stage and gyrated to the music for a while as she went through the usual strip routine, having her overfull bra stuffed with notes, for her to take it off. When she was down to her thong the crowd could clearly see the unshaven natural dark bush of Peaches, who simply ignored any catcalls about her bush. Indeed, she sat back on a stool and opened her legs, widely, so everyone could see the bush. The song ended with Peaches ramming a large dildo into her bushy snatch. She relaxed, as the club's announcer shouted into the microphone, "Tonight people for one night only Nurse Sarah will help Peaches with the milk."

Peaches began to fondle and pull her huge nipples as Sarah appeared on stage, and the two ladies, at Peaches lead fondled and touched each other's tits and cunts. Sarah began to lose any sense of stage fright as she became more and more turned on. Peaches whispered to her "Suck my nipple and enjoy. It's what they all want!" Sarah kneeled and began to suck, and the milk from Peaches' tits began to flow. Sarah tasted some, then began to let it flow on to her face & tits too. She liked the warm sweet taste. She sucked and bit at Peaches' nipples for about ten minutes milking them like she would a cow, covering the pvc costume, then they were joined on stage by a guy with an electric pump. This was applied to Peaches' tits, and then turned on & milk was pumped into a large bottle, until Peaches simply could give no more... To applause from all, including Maddie Peaches & Sarah returned stage soaked, with the milk. This was shared between the four women. Sarah, despite the coke thinking it was particularly kinky for Peaches to drink her own milk.

Maddie asked her, "Are you nursing a child?"

"Fuck no! This is induced by drugs and practice. I can get £500 an hour with guys with a mummy fixation. They don't even fuck me, just suck my tits."

Maddie gave her a card, asking, "Have you ever done a movie?"

"Wow! I'd like to though, with Slut here?"

"I'm sure that could be arranged. Come, Slut it's late & there is much to do before you sleep!"

Julia looked at Sarah, "Bring the costume back next time. Remember us in Tesco, when you next buy a bottle of milk!"

Walking across the car park Maddie pulled the clamps off Sarah's nipples making her scream leaving the nipples exposed, then offered her a cigarette. "Come I need to be satisfied slut. Then you can send your hubby some pics?"

There was no insistence of exposure on the journey to Maddie's house in a quiet street.

As they went into the hall, Maddie simply said, "Strip! You shall always be naked here, except your shoes. Come upstairs, I need my Pussy licking." Sarah followed to a standard vanilla bedroom, no ceiling mirrors or obvious toy rooms.

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