tagLoving WivesSarah's New Life Ch. 01

Sarah's New Life Ch. 01


My husband, Jim, has been on at me for ages to tell you my story of how I became a real sex addict and dirty slut. It took quite a while for me to get there, as all I was ever interested in was my family, i.e. my husband and kids. To want to be with another man was something I'd never thought of, especially as we were both virgins when we married. So here it is, I hope you enjoy reading about it as much as I did becoming one!

Maybe a little about me first. My name is Sarah and I'm quite a small person, around 5' 2", brown, shoulder length hair, blue eyes and a 34-24-34 figure, with average size breasts. I'm no raving beauty, but I can hold my own, if you know what I mean. I used to like to dress smart, nothing too revealing, but certainly not prudish.

For a long time, especially when we were making love, my husband would start talking about another man joining us and all the things that could happen to me.

At first I thought it was his way of getting me to allow him to have another woman, something he knew I was dead against, but as time wore on I realised it wasn't and he had a genuine fantasy to see me with other men.

As he'd be fucking me, he'd tell me what it would look like if I was sucking on another dick at the same time or just tossing one off. He would try to get me to talk about it and make up stories, but then that just wasn't me. We'd always watched porn together, but gradually the content became more one woman with two or more men and he'd tell me that that lucky woman could be me.

As time went on I began to warm to the idea, especially when he said it was only really a fantasy, but it sure excited him and I was getting more sex out of it.

I started to embrace his game, making up stories whilst we were making love, telling him things I knew he wanted to hear. Actually it got me hot as well. The more I told him the hornier I got. So my stories began to get bolder.

I work in the office of a small engineering company and am the only woman amongst around 6 guys. Everybody's really nice, but I don't have a great deal to do with the guys out the back. Last summer we took on a temp in the workshop to help with the work load, as we were stacked out. He turned out to be quite a character. Always laughing and joking, which was a refreshing change, as it's normally fairly quiet.

I started to tell Jim about this guy, about how cheerful and loud he always was and the jack the lad tales he told. After a couple of weeks his chat began to get more risqué, telling me of past sexual encounters. He told me of one time he managed to get to fuck the girl from the office of where he was temping, down an ally one night. I told my husband about this, although I said I was keen on the ally bit. Well not yet anyway. This only excited him more. He loved the stories and this gave us more sex together. He even encouraged me to flirt with him.

He got me to start wearing sexier clothes to work. Nothing outrageous, it's not that sort of place. With it being the start of summer, I was able to wear skirts and blouses, that sort of thing. He would encourage me to put on shorter, thinner skirts and would tell me how good I looked and what was likely to happen if I wasn't careful. Such as if I wore a loose top and leaned forward, I'd be showing off most of my breasts.

At work I started to talk to Andrew, the temp, more, encouraging him to talk, which he loved, engaging in his sexy stories and asking little questions about them. Gradually he started to become suggestive and when I told Jim he would go wild and ask more and more.

Andrew began to get physical as well. Nothing outrageous at this stage, but you know, squeezing past, touching my arm, that sort of thing. And he was loving the clothes I was wearing. I didn't tell him my husband was choosing them for me, although he did keep asking what I had on underneath.

One Monday morning I bumped into Andrew as he was coming out of the gents in the corridor and he complimented my legs, not that he could see much of them. I said I know they're good, to which he asked me to prove it. I laughed at his suggestion, but he said he was serious, I couldn't make a claim like that and not be prepared to back it up. I had on a knee length white and orange skirt that was tight at the waist, but was quite full and flowed as you walked. He kept on at me, so checking the coast was clear I gave in and slowly pulled my skirt up my right thigh to just above the knee. Of course he wasn't content with that and demanded more. When it reached the lace top of my hold-up stockings I stopped again. Andrew was mesmerised. Here I was standing in a corridor at work with my skirt pulled up showing someone who wasn't my husband my legs. I realised how aroused I was and hot it must look. I don't know why, but my inner slut took over and I raised my skirt another couple of inches, so that he could see my soft skin above the stocking tops. He started to reach out, but as he did we heard someone coming, so I dropped my skirt back into place and walked back to my office, straightening it out.

Would I have let him actually touch me, I don't know. Back home that night I told Jim what happened and he was straight on me. Begging to see what Andrew had seen, he was luckier, he got to touch my thighs above the lacy tops and to feel how firm they were. He asked me if I wanted Andrew to touch them, but I said I wasn't sure, it had all happened that quick and after all I was his wife. Jim assured me that he didn't think of it as cheating, so long as I kept him fully informed, but he did say his only request was that he didn't want me doing sexual things without being there to watch.

I assured him he needn't worry about that, I had no intentions of doing anything with anyone other than him. How little I knew then!

The next couple of days at work I was so busy and didn't really get to see anyone, so there was nothing to tell Jim when I went home. On the Thursday Andrew came in to my office asking for timesheets and started making small talk. I wasn't sure if he'd mention our little meeting (I was hoping not), especially as we were all going out for a meal the following night at the company's expense, but of course he had to. He said is was a shame someone had come, as he really liked what he saw. I thanked him but said maybe it was good someone did, we wouldn't want things to get out of hand.

While I was getting the timesheets he sat down at my desk and when I turned back he was sitting there with a big grin on his face. I told him to move I had work to do. He said I would have to sit on his lap then and patted his thighs. I should have known better, but thinking I'd call his bluff I walked over to him and began to lower myself onto his lap. I hesitated for a moment not sure whether I should, when Andrew took hold of my hips and pulled me down onto him. Too late now I thought, what a story this would make for Jim, me sitting on a stranger's lap. As it was a warm day, Jim had chosen a thin green summer skirt that just reached my knees, for me to wear. The skirt buttoned all the way up the front and was a fairly tight fit. As a result he said I would have to wear a thing otherwise I'd have panty lines, and we wouldn't want that.

As I sat on his lap, Andrew said, there that's not so bad is it, and began to wriggle around. As he moved I began to realise I could feel the outline of his dick through my thin skirt. I went to get up, but he just held me there. With me struggling and him moving this only strengthened his hard-on. When I looked down I realised my skirt had ridden a fair way up my thighs and if I wasn't careful my stocking tops would be on show again. Andrew must have also realised this, because now not only was he fighting to hold me on his lap, but he was also trying to pull my skirt up towards my waist.

After what seemed like ages, but was probably only a few seconds, he achieved his goal, both my lace stocking tops were out on show to him this time. Once he realised, he stopped what he was doing and just sat there holding on to my hips and leaning round to see my legs. His dick felt so hard beneath me and again something took over inside me. I slowly began to gyrate my hips on his lap. I could feel his hardness press into me and I kept moving until I felt it nestling between the cheeks of my arse. At that point I began to very slowly slide up and down his lap.

What was I doing? I'm a happily married woman. I've never been with another man, not even played tonsil tennis with one since I've been married, and here I am acting like a real slut in my office, trying to get off on another man's dick. I could hear his breathing behind me getting courser, it was obviously having a good effect on him as well, I thought in my naivety. I'd never actually imagined ever trying to make a man, other than my husband, come, or that I would even be able to. Yet here I was just sitting on this guy's lap and not even touching him, apart from rubbing my clothed arse over his dick.

Andrew didn't try to touch me anywhere else, other than to hold my hips as I slid back and forth. He began to groan behind me and I recognised what was happening. I looked down at my stocking clad thighs and parted my legs slightly. Through the gap I could see his legs and when I slid right back against his stomach I could see the outlines of his dick through his trousers. It looked quite impressive from there. I could feel my own juices really flowing now and wanted to come so badly. I hadn't felt myself get so wet for a long time. Well it happens after years of marriage.

I started pressing down harder as I rubbed my pussy on his dick, dry humping him, if you could call me dry, concentrating on my own upcoming orgasm. Wow what a feeling, my pussy was on fire. Then it happened, my orgasm hit me. Boy was it good. My pants were soaked and I began to shake violently. I think that was the final straw for Andrew. He buried his face in my back as he groaned and shook through his own come.

As he finished I quickly got shakily to my feet. A mixture of embarrassment, post orgasm delight and worry as I'm not on a birth protection. What with Jim having the chop, there's never been any need for any.

We both looked at each other and I must have been as red as a beetroot. I could feel my soaking pants between my legs begin to leak. I felt that wet I thought I must have peed myself, it was starting to trickle down my thighs. Andrew looked at his lap and the tell tale damp spot was clear evidence of what had happened to him. Now what am I going to do, he said as he scurried of to the gents. I made my way to the ladies and cleaned myself up as best I could, but my pants were so wet there was no point in putting them back on, so I just pocketed them and went back to my desk.

As I sat there I began shaking as the realisation of what I'd just done hit me. A mixture of shame, embarrassment and I suppose eventually pride that I could still attract other men and have such an effect on them.

Having promised Jim there would be no secrets if anything, no matter how small but sexy happened, I decided to text him at work and give him a very brief outline of what had occurred. His reply was as if he thought I was making up a story. I replied with a little more detail and said I'd show him evidence of his slut wife later. He must have thought I was on heat, he asked me not to be late.

For the rest of the day I could feel my pussy throbbing and dripping with the excitement of what I'd done. I was still not sure about it when it was time to go home. Whether to tell him the whole truth or not. I knew it was a big fantasy of his, but this was going a step further.

As soon as I got in he pounced. What was that all about, he asked? Have you been reading erotic websites at work? That was one dirty story you sent me. I asked him why he thought it was made up and then asked him to hold his hand out. When he realised I'd dropped my black thong pants in to it, his face lit up with realisation. Wow this is getting better, he almost whispered, holding my pants to his face and sniffing them. They were still wet with all my juices and he couldn't get enough.

Pulling me towards him, he said I had to tell him all about it, every little detail. I said he'd have to wait, I had the dinner to make, but he wasn't going to be put off that easily. As he pulled me to him, his free hand snaked down my body, on to my arse and down to the hem of my skirt. Slowly he began to run his hand up my leg, over my stocking tops and on to my bare thighs. Then he reached my arse and found a really wasn't wearing any under wear.

Now he was the one on heat. He moved his other hand to meet the first, kneading my buttocks as well as holding on to my pants. This was getting me hot again and he knew it. I could tell from his boner pressing in to me that, so far, he wasn't annoyed. In a quiet, almost lost his voice, whisper, he begged me to tell him all about it and not to miss anything out.

As I recounted what had happened he kept asking me how I was feeling at the time it happened, did I want it to continue, what was it like. I think he was getting off from it more than me and that was saying something. The further I got in to the tale the more he fondled my pussy and at one point I realised he'd actually stuffed my pants in to my pussy, the dirty bastard. That felt so filthy, especially when he told me to leave them there and that may be went I went out it would be a good place to keep them.

As we continued I could feel another orgasm building, the first time I'd had two in one day and only one of those by my husband. Jim kept frantically rubbing my clit and playing with my pussy as my orgasm hit me. It was so strong Jim had to hold me up as my legs gave way. As it subsided I felt Jim lowering me to the floor. I don't know when he did it, but Jim's cock was out now and probing at my dripping wet hole. As he pushed in to me I remembered the pants in me and told him. He said that was nothing to what from now on was going to be in there when ever he wanted. With that, exhausted, I just lay back and let him have his pleasure with my flushed body. I couldn't have stopped him, even if I'd wanted to.

As Jim pounded my hot pussy I could feel my arse on the cold tile floor and I thought back to the feeling of sitting on Andrew' cock at work and how that definitely wasn't cold. Jim began to speed up and I knew he was about to add his come to my wet pussy. As he did it set me off on my third of the day.

When he'd finished Jim just lay, spent on top of me and we stayed there together cuddling for ages. Eventually we rose, but Jim told me not to clean up or remove my pants from my pussy. He wanted to see what his slut looked like as we prepared the dinner together, in silence.

Later that evening with his dried come down my legs, we bathed together and talked about what had happened. I told him it wasn't planned, although I had enjoyed the power I didn't know I had over other men and the intense orgasms it had given me. I asked him if he still wanted me to go on the work's meal the next evening, as I didn't want things to get out of hand. After all I was his woman.

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