tagLoving WivesSarah's New Life Ch. 02

Sarah's New Life Ch. 02


The next morning I rose, showered & got ready for work, not knowing how Jim would be. Had I gone too far and over stepped the line. When he came down from his shower he came straight up behind me as I put my dishes in the sink. I could immediately feel his stiffy probing my arse. I asked him if he was annoyed by what had happened. He replied what the fuck do you think this is then, a truncheon to beat you senseless with?

What relief I felt. Jim wasn't mad at me, in fact he wanted more right now, as I bent over the sink looking out the window.

No I can't, I told him, I'm already late for work, you'll have to wait till later, and then probably till after I get back the meal. You know I won't have much time when I get home before I go out again. I could always not go and stay in with you, if you'd rather?

No you go, he said, you deserve to go out and enjoy yourself. I'll be waiting home for you, we can have our fun later.

At work I was really busy that day and was not looking forward Andrew returning to my office. Despite my fears he never actually came. At first I was relieved, but as the day wore on I began to think what I fool I'd been. He'd had his fun, must likely told all the guys out the back what the office slut had done and was ready to move on to his next challenge. I saw a couple of the guys at lunchtime, but I must admit they gave no signs of knowing what had happened. At the end of lunch one of them said that it was quiet without Andrew and hoped he be ok for the meal. I asked where was he, to be told he rung in not feeling too good. They all thought he was hung over.

I couldn't understand my feelings at hearing the news. After what I'd done I should be ashamed and embarrassed, but here I was now wishing he was here to talk about it.

Anyway home tine eventually came and I was off. When I got in Jim was already in, but I reminded him time was short and he'd have to wait. Reluctantly he went off upstairs. When I got there he'd already run a bath for me, how thoughtful I thought. He then produced a razor and foam and told me he needed to tidy me up for later. We had done this quite a few times before, as he likes me to be smooth, so I lay back and let him lather me up. Once my pussy was all smooth and glistening, Jim helped me up and in to the bath, where he proceeded to help me with my legs. He even gently shaved under my arms for me, whilst I held them there aloft. When he'd finished he stood back to admire his handy work and I performed a nice pirouette for him. Jim knows how much I love to be pampered, but we normally take much longer over it and make it part of a fun evening.

Once finished, before he could jump in the shower with me, I shooed him out of the bathroom, so I could get finished. I quickly washed my hair, showered and towelled myself dry, then returned to the bedroom to fix my hair. Laid out on the bed was a selection of clothes Jim had picked out. The ones that took my eye were my white safari dress, which buttons all the way up, or down, the front, my white thong panties and matching bra and some sheer hold-up stockings. This sort of outfit was normally reserved for when we were going out to have fun somewhere quiet, so to see that Jim had chosen this set really surprised me.

When I was finished I went downstairs to show Jim what he'd prepared. His jaw nearly hit the floor. He was speechless. What's wrong I asked, you've seen me in this before, you chose it for me. Yes, he replied, but I don't ever remember you looking just like that. There's something different about you tonight. Well that's as may be, I said, but it's time for me to go, are you still going to drop me off.

With that I grabbed my jacket and went out to the car. As Jim drove he kept sliding his hand up my leg and on to my thighs above my stockings. A couple of times he even managed to get the tip of a finger under my panties and on to my pussy, When I let him! When we got to the local Bell & Barge Inn I gave him a kiss and said I'd call when I wanted to be picked up, but it wouldn't be late. We had some fun to catch up on. Jim came round and opened my door for me. I made a real meal for him as I got out. I slowly slid out my left leg, forcing my dress to ride up my legs and left it there for a moment before swinging my right leg round. The bulge in Jim's trousers showed he'd seen and appreciate my little show for. With another kiss and promise for later I walked off.

It turned out I was the last of our group to arrive. The others was all seated in the bar area waiting for me. They'd all got drinks, so after a quick greeting I moved over to get mine. Geff, one of the guys from the workshop, came up behind me, placed his right hand on my right hip and raised his left to call over the barman. As I ordered my wine, which Geff insisted on being a large one, I could feel his hand very gently massaging my hip.

When my drink arrived I thanked him, then rather sheepishly moved over to the others. As we arrived everyone rose ready to move in to the restaurant. At this point I hadn't seen Andrew, but with Geff close up to me on my left, I felt someone move in on my right side. I turned to see Andrew standing there grinning. I thought, Oh my god, what have I got myself in to, but hoped I would be able to just get through the evening.

We moved to our table, a large round one in a window area, which could seat all 8 of us. Geff sat on my right and Andrew pushed his way through to sit on my left. While we all chose what to have, another round of drinks was ordered, including another glass of wine for me. Some of the others, it turned out, had gone straight form work to the restaurant and were already 3 or 4 drinks up. The talk was lively and entertaining and I was really warming to the evening. I guess the wine was helping. By the time our food arrived yet another round of drinks was on the table. I was now on to my third glass of wine, within about 30 minutes and was beginning to feel the effects, so was glad that the restaurant had one of those salad carts where you could help yourself before your main course arrived. I thought it would help soak up the alcohol.

The meal was great, but all through it I could feel Andrew pressing his right leg against my left and slowly moving it back and forth. At one point he put his hand on my leg and gently squeezed it through my dress. Another round of drinks appeared. I don't know who ordered them, but now my forth was in front of me. Andrew kept encouraging me to drink up, I was lagging behind the others, he said. Jokingly he was pretending to pour it down my neck. Are you trying to get me drunk, I asked him. I got a big grin in return.

Andrew excused himself to go to the gents, but as he rose he placed his hand back on my thigh and slid my dress part way up my thighs as he got up. His hand continued to slide up my side as he rose and then he moved off. With the effects of four glasses of wine, I also needed the ladies, so made my excuses and got up. At this point the 2 managers made their excuses to leave, as it wasn't really their scene.

As I started walking across the restaurant, my head really began to feel the effects of the drink, but I realised it did feel good. I got to the corridor to the toilets, pushed the door open and saw Andrew coming out of the gents. I went to move past him to get to the ladies, but he just grabbed me around the waist and pulled me in to him. He looked me straight in the eyes, then leaned in and kissed me. Shocked, I tried to pull back, but he held me firmly against his body and kissed me again. This time I felt his tongue snake between my lips and into my mouth. I must admit, in my state it felt good and I automatically opened my mouth further to allow him full access. I could feel my own tongue start to twirl around his and probe his mouth. This was another first since I married Jim. Open mouth kissing with another guy hadn't happened since I was a teenager, so I hoped I was doing ok!

I guess I was, as I felt Andrew' dick start to grow between us. It was obviously turning him as well. I then felt his grip on my back loosen as his hand slid down on to the top of my arse. Here I was, a married woman standing in the corridor to the toilets of a pub kissing and being groped by another guy. His hand continued down until he reach the hem of my dress and started pulling it back up. I knew what was going to happen, but was too drunk and powerless to stop him. Although I knew I didn't really want to either. As he raised his hand back up I felt his fingers first on my stockings, then ever so gradually on my soft skin above the tops. His fingers continued to travel upwards as his hand raked by dress up. Eventually he had my dress high enough so that his hand was on my arse cheek. At this point he lowered his other so that he could get a firm hold of each cheek.

Andrew whispered in my ear that he thought I had nice, firm thighs and cheeks, as he continued to fondle my exposed backside in public. His left hand reached down and started probing between my legs, as he moved his right around between us and down on to my thong panties. My god what was I doing, Jim would kill me if he knew. He'd kept saying to enjoy myself, but that he would love to be there to watch. My thoughts came back to where I was and what was happening to me.

Andrew had now managed to get the fingers of his right hand inside the edge of my panties and was actually stroking my freshly shaved, smooth pussy. I couldn't help it. As I clung to him to keep myself upright, I my moved my legs apart to give him better access. The sensations coursing through me were unbelievable. As his left hand played between my legs from the rear trying to access my pussy, the fingers of his right hand had found their target. Now he was rubbing my clit, and lubricating it from the juices in my pussy, that he kept sliding in and out of. I could feel my orgasm building and I began to shake. I didn't care at that moment if anyone came in and caught us or as to what I was actually doing.

Suddenly it hit me. My orgasm exploded between my legs and my juices poured from my pussy. Andrew kept rubbing my clit and I just hung there like a limp rag doll around his neck, as he did just what he wanted to me. I just didn't, or couldn't, care. I opened my eyes to see him staring straight in to my eyes again and I just managed, what was probably a lop-sided, grin back. I felt totally spent.

I pulled away and staggered to the door of the ladies and stumbled through it and into the first cubicle. I sank down on to the seat as the realisation hit me of what had happened.

I don't know how long I sat there, but I was brought to by the flushing of the next toilet. I finished my piss, stood up and tidied myself up. I went to the basin and looking in the mirror fixed my makeup as best I could. Not that I would recommend it, but I also had a drink of water to try and clear my head a bit.

I then made my way to the door, down the corridor and out in to the bar area that leads to the restaurant. The first thing I saw as I entered the bar was Jim. What the hell was he doing here and how long had he been there waiting? I hadn't called him yet. Or had I? As best I could I made my way over to him. He just smiled when he saw I was little worse for the drink. He loves to get me drunk, but I'd never been like this when out on my own.

We chatted for a moment, as I told him what I'd had to eat and then asked why he was here. He said that as nothing was on TV, he thought he'd just come over and wait, but out of the way. I then noticed we were round the corner from the restaurant, although apart from one of my bosses, non of the others had ever met Jim. He told me to hurry back to my friends or they'd miss me. So with a quick peck and a pat on my bum he sent me back to the others.

If only he'd known what had happened to my bum and the kiss I'd already had.

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