tagLoving WivesSarah's New Life Ch. 03

Sarah's New Life Ch. 03


When I got back to the table there was yet another drink waiting for me and just three of the guys were left. The others having made the excuses while I was otherwise busy. I wondered how long I'd been gone. Andrew was still in the same seat in the big bay window, but Geff had moved round next to Ian and was deep in conversation about football. As I went to sit down, Andrew gestured to sit back next to him. This had me with the window and him on my left, facing the bar and entrance, with Geff and Ian opposite.

As I said it was a table large enough to seat all 8 of us and would probably have seated a couple more, so to talk to the others we had to lean forward. As I did so I could feel Andrew' hand on my back. He started rubbing it in small circular patterns around my lower spine and it did feel nice and quite relaxing. I guess it was the drink, but I thought nothing of it at the time. He then started moving up and down my back and occasionally tweaking my bra strap. I think he was trying to undo it, but it and my dress were too tight, especially with me leaning forward over the table.

It was then I noticed Jim standing at the bar with his drink, looking in our direction. I forgot the others were there and just stared straight at him and he back at me. I was brought out of my trance when I felt a hand on my knee under the table. It started to trace its way up my leg again and onto my stocking tops, but at the angle at which I was sitting, that was as far as it could travel. I pretended not to notice, as I tried to chat to the others, but then I noticed Jim had gone.

I sat back and wondered what he was up to when I saw a movement outside the window. I wasn't sure, as by now it was dark outside and the windows acted like a mirror. There it was again, yes it was Jim staring at me. As I sat back and relaxed, my legs must have parted slightly, because Andrew took this as a signal to progress further up my thighs. Jim shifted slightly, trying to get a better view and I could see the smile on his face.

The dirty bastard, I thought, standing there watching his wife get fingered in a public place by someone else and doing nothing about it. Through my alcohol induced state I thought, right sod you and opened my legs even more. I'm not sure how he managed it, but the conversation continued as Andrew undid 2 or 3 of the bottom buttons on my dress and slipped his hand up on to my panties. It didn't take him long to get his fingers back in the side of them and on to my soaking pussy. With me sitting back, my legs spread slightly, he had fairly easy access to me. Jim could see all this from his vantage point, as Andrew slipped his fingers into my wet pussy.

I remember thinking that I would have to remind Jim that he'd prepared my body for this and chosen my outfit, so I hoped he was pleased with the outcome. Geff and Ian said they had to go to the gents and would be back in a minute. Andrew took this opportunity to turn to me and put his hands on the outside of my hips. He whispered in my ear to raise myself up and for the life of me I couldn't work out why. 5 glasses of wine were really taking their toll on my senses. As I lifted up he grabbed the sides of my panties and before I realised what was happening and could sit back down, they were down to my knees! He'd clearly done that before. I just sat back and thought here I was, now sitting in a restaurant with a strange man removing my underwear, as he leaned down to slip them over my feet and shoes. I held my hand out, rather shakily, to take them back, but he just sniffed them and slipped them in to his pocket.

I saw Jim standing right by the window now. He obviously needed a closer look to believe what he was seeing. With Jim watching, I slumped back in my chair and slid slightly forward at the same time. This had the effect Andrew wanted. His hand was straight back between my legs and his fingers were soon playing with my pussy lips. I looked at Jim and knew he could see what was happens from were he was standing, the angle was just right, although I doubted he could actually see the fingers in his dirty wife's cunt. At this point my head flopped back and I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the sensations rippling through my body.

As Ian & Geff returned, the young serving lad, who can only have been around 18 or 19, came over to see if we wanted any more drinks. Ian & Geff declined and said they also had to leave now, so Andrew ordered him and I another drink each. I didn't dare open my eyes, for embarrassment, but did manage a quick peak. The lad could see all that was happening to me. He stammered and stuttered as he took the order, as he watched Andrew' fingers pulling at my pussy lips.

When he'd gone I sat up and looked past him and out of the window, to see Jim coming back round and in to the bar area. Our drinks arrived, but as I'd sat up there was nothing for the server to see this time. I tried to make sensible conversation, but in my state that was impossible. Andrew asked if I'd enjoyed what had happened and was trying to persuade me to go to the hotel next door with him. Through slurred speech, I told him I couldn't, I was a married woman and that my husband would soon be here to pick me up.

His reply was to reach for my hand and place it on his lap. With his hand on top of mine he moved it up his leg and onto his crotch. I could feel his hard dick inside his trousers. He leaned in to my ear and told me to take it out. I was so aroused I just complied. Twisting in my seat, I took hold of his waist band in my left hand and began to slid his zip down with my right. Once undone I slipped my hand into his trousers. He wasn't wearing any underwear and I immediately felt his hard hot dick in my hand. It felt very hard. Jim and I had often fantasised about me playing with a big hard dick and here I was doing it under the table in a restaurant.

I fished around inside his trousers for a while, running my hand up and down the full length of his shaft and even managed to get a handful of his balls. Even from this position they felt heavy and full. In my drunken state I leaned in and kissed his ear and again slurring, asked him if he liked what I was doing. Did it feel good? I reminded him I was new at this and his cock twitched again in my hand. Luckily the restaurant was emptying fast now and there was only one other couple in our area and they were facing away from us. I looked for Jim and he was stood at the bar watching his new slutty wife. From the angle he was looking, he could probably see me playing with Andrew' dick.

I fished his shaft out of his fly, so that now I could get at it more easily. It was a little bigger than Jims, around 8 inches long but much wider. I could only just close my hand around it. I loved the sensation of running my hand up and down it's full length, a bit over twice the width of my hand. The bulbous mushroom head looked so inviting I had to taste it. I leaned down in to his lap, stuck my tongue out to lick it's red end and then took it in to my mouth. Bloody hell I felt horny.

I wasn't brave enough to do it for long and when I sat up Jim had come over and was standing at the other side of our table. Still with Andrew dick in my left hand under the edge of the table, I said hi.

Bob, Bob SAndrew, he said, Sarah isn't it, we've met a couple of times when I've been round with drawings for your place to make stuff for our firm. You probably don't remember as it's your boss I usually see.

Yes I remember you, I said, would you like to join us, I asked? At that Andrew squeezed my thigh, I guess to warn me off encouraging him to stay, but I just grasped his dick even tighter in my sweaty hand. Jim, or should I say Bob as Andrew had never met my husband, sat down opposite just as Andrew roughly slid his hand back into my cunt.

I introduced Andrew as my partner, which seemed to settle him a little, but I could tell he wanted us to get away, especially after all the effort he'd put in and the drinks he'd plied me with. We chatted for a while, well as much as I could in my state, until his cock deflated on me. At that point he tried to stuff it back in his trousers and went off to the gents.

Jim leaned over and told me he'd seen all that had been going on. I asked him if he was mad. Hell no, he said it was so hot. I reminded him it was he who had shaved my pussy smooth and chosen my outfit, so if he hadn't been it would have been all his fault. I told him Andrew had gotten me off in the corridor to the toilets and that he been rubbing my soft cunt for most of the evening under the table and I was really loving the attention. I told him I couldn't believe I still had this power over another guy. Just to rub it in I told him how much bigger Andrew dick was than his. I thought he'd been annoyed or upset, but he just said that was one of the reasons he'd been encouraging me, so that I could experience another and bigger cock.

He asked if I wanted the evening to go further or did I just want to leave now. You must be joking I said. You've got me this worked up, you can't expect me to stop now, I said.

But do you want that cock in you? He asked. I just smiled what was probably quite a lop-sided grin back to that.

Answer me, he insisted. Why, does it turn you on? I asked, then Yes.... I replied. The idea of fucking his big dick turns me on.

Are you serious? You would let another man fuck you? I would now, I realised and he could see it in my face. In that moment he knew that I would have sex with my well-endowed co-worker. I don't know if he was angry, jealous or horny at the same time.

Do you want me to open my legs and let him fuck me and stretch my tight pussy with his large cock? Would you like to see that? Another man's cum in my pussy? Although the latter I hadn't considered until this very moment.

If you want to go with another man of course I won't object. Especially if I can watch and eat your cum-filled pussy after you have been fucked.

And it would not make you jealous or mad to watch Andrew fucking me? You could never take away the fact that he had stuck his cock into my pussy and cum there. Would you really be able to cope with that? I asked.

He told me that he loved me very much and that having sex with him wouldn't change that. He reassured me that he wasn't using this as an excuse to be with other women. That doing this would be exclusive to me. He had taken his cock out now and was very hard. I looked down and licked my lips.

It would turn me on watching you with another man... he stuttered, almost a whisper. I was so horny.

Would you like me to do that to you? If you want me to get fucked you have to be sure. You need to tell me right now that you want to let this guy fuck me. I need to know that you won't mind finding my freshly fucked pussy full of his hot, wet and sticky cum. He was obviously horny and readily agreed.

I saw Andrew coming back and told him to put his cock away and to follow my lead. When he sat down I put my arm around him and fondled his dick, while I whispered in his ear that I felt so horny and that I thought I was going to explode. He smiled at me and suggested it was time we 'went home'. I wasn't going to settle for that now. I told him I was so hot and horny I wanted both of them, together!

They looked at each other, Jim grinning, Andrew a bit annoyed as he'd obviously hoped to get into my knickers on his own. He laughed it of and told Jim, Bob, that it was the drink talking, but I insisted it wasn't and said to him, as if it were true, you know I love threesomes and here's the ideal opportunity for another, let's go next door and you can get us all a room. The last bit I said giving his dick an extra hard squeeze. If you want me tonight, I told him, you're just going to have to share me with Bob.

Grudgingly he gave in. He could see that if he wanted to sink his hard dick in my hot shaved cunt he was going to have to give in and do it with another man there. With that we all got up and made our way out and to the hotel next door. Andrew made sure he'd got a good hold of me around my waist as I stumbled across the car park. At one point I could feel him lifting my dress and holding his hand between my arse cheeks and tickling my anus as we walked. This was so hot. Here I was going to a hotel to get fucked by two men, one a co-worker, pretending to be my partner and my husband, pretending to be a guy I casually knew. From prim office lady, to dirty slut in only a couple of short weeks.

As we crossed the car park it was agreed that when we entered the hotel, Jim would take hold of me and guide me to the lift, whilst saying our goodbyes to Andrew, as if we were already guests. We would then wait for him to find us on the first floor. Going up in the lift, Jim turned me to him and kissed me, snaking his tongue in to my mouth, where only 2 or 3 hours earlier Andrew had been doing the same thing. When I told him this, he grabbed me tighter and did it again, at the same time trying to worm his fingers in to my wet pussy. As the doors opened I half hoped there would be someone there to catch us, but there wasn't. whilst we waited Jim said he'd never felt me so wet or on fire, it must agree with me.

I just told him I loved being his dirty slut and would do anything he wanted me to, emphasising the anything. At that point the lift returned and Andrew came out room card in hand. He'd got a room on this floor, so thankfully I wouldn't have to walk much further. I said to them that the drink was really beginning to hit me and that I hoped I be able to satisfy them both now.

Jim said not to worry, they'd still have plenty fun with me no matter what state I was in.

We reached our door and Andrew inserted the card. This was it, I thought, no going back now.

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