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Sarah's New Roommate


Kelly was gorgeous; I couldn't take my eyes off her. There was just something about the way she moved, or smiled, I don't know . . . there was just something about her. Kelly had long dark hair that clung to her body as she stepped out of the swimming pool. She hadn't been my roommate for more than two weeks, and I couldn't stop my fascination with her. I watched as she bent over to grab her towel. Her cute ass was pushing against the tight fabric of her bikini bottoms. I really wanted her, but I had no idea what she would think about that.

As she stood up with her towel she glanced over her shoulder and caught me studying her body. It wasn't the first time. I saw her only the night before completely naked when she got out of the shower. Her tan body was firm and athletic. Her breasts perfect handfuls, and her sweet pussy was just begging to be touched. I wanted to reach out and grab her then, but I couldn't bring myself to do it.

It was already late, and Kelly told me she was going in to get ready for bed. I told her that was probably a good idea and I followed her in the house and upstairs. She went in her room, and I went in mine. I grabbed a towel and headed into the bathroom between our two rooms. I turned the water on and yelled to Kelly that I was going to jump in. I didn't hear a reply, but left the door opened a crack and jumped in the shower.

The steam had filled the bathroom and the hot water felt great splashing over my body. I ran the soap over me and rinsed off. I reached down and slid a finger over my clit and squirmed. I was so horny, I couldn't stand it, but I wanted to wait until I got into my bedroom before I took myself any farther. I turned off the water, stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around me.

Kelly called to me, "Sarah, can you come in here please?" Tightening my towel up around me, I walked into her room.

"Yeah Kelly, what is it?"

"Well, I know you saw me last night when I got out of the shower." My face turned a bright shade of red. She continued, "I only thought it would be fair if I got to see you too." Kelly reached over and yanked the towel off of me. I quickly pulled my hands up to cover myself, but failed.

"Oh no," Kelly said, "Hands down. Now!" The harshness in her voice made me jump. I never heard her take that tone with anybody.

"Quite nice, turn around please." I slowly turned around, my hands at my side, feeling her eyes on every part of my nakedness. When I turned around to face her again she was closer. Kelly dropped her robe to the floor and stood barely a foot from me totally naked. My nipples were rock hard, and my pussy already wet before she wrapped her hands around me and pulled our bodies together. I pulled my hands up to feel her breasts and she leaned in and kissed me deeply. When she pulled back, she whispered, "You have no idea what you're in for." We kissed again, and she pushed me back on her bed. She leaned down and pulled a box from under her bed and flipped the lid off.

I laid back on the pillows and she sunk her head down between my legs. When her tongue made contact with my clit, I jumped and my legs tried to push themselves closed. She pushed them apart wider and proceeded to lap away at my pussy. Her tongue felt so good, licking every bit of sensitive skin it could find. Kelly would lick and bite at my clit and then run her tongue down to my asshole and back up. I was getting close to orgasm when I felt her slip a large dildo into my pussy.

"Turn around and get on your knees." I did as she suggested while she held the dildo firmly in me. She grabbed my hand and placed it on the dildo.

"Fuck yourself with it." I smiled at her, and took over working the dildo in and out of my very slippery pussy. "That's a good girl," she said, and reached down to grab something else from the box. I rode the dildo hard, and my moans were getting louder and louder. Suddenly I felt something 'pop' into my asshole. I jumped again, and looked down between my legs. She had pushed a butt plug into me. My body quivered and squirmed as I reached my first orgasm. Kelly left the butt plug in place and crawled up in front of me. I spread her legs wide and started to lick her dripping pussy. She tasted so sweet and warm.

I looked over the side of the bed and saw another dildo in Kelly's box. I reached down and grabbed it. I slid it into my mouth to get it a little wet, and then pushed it straight into Kelly's pussy. She moaned loudly and leaned back down and returned to licking her clit. Still holding the dildo and butt lug in me all the thrashing about was getting me close to another orgasm. I squeezed my legs together, bearing down on the toys still stuck in me. As I came, I was licked her clit wildly. Kelly grabbed a hold of my hair and clamped her legs closed around my head as she came, our moans becoming one.

We continued playing all night until we both just fell asleep naked, in each others arms. Looking back to that first time, I am so glad I took the chance. Kelly and I have a lot of fun together, and we hope to find a lot more.

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