tagFetishSarah's New Sex-slaves

Sarah's New Sex-slaves


Part 1

'Oi, your ass is blocking out the sun!' the voice behind her said.

Sarah turned slowly, her green eyes scanning the youth. He had a leery look about him, and cockiness oozed from his piggy eyes.

'And just what's your problem?' she asked, containing her anger. She was taller than him and her tight top and jeans couldn't disguise a figure that was typically Lopaz. The fairground noises stifled his reply. Him and his mate laughed. The crowd surged forward and she moved up a step on the stairway in the queue. Her friend Mary gave her a look as if to say 'we've got a right ass-hole here'. She was black, as tall as Sarah but her shape was more athletic. The roller coaster noisily blasted right past them on the other side of the fence of the ride.

'D'ya want to go out wiv us?' the youth called out.

'Yeah, we'll give ya a good time,' his mate joined in. They chortled at the suggestion.

Sarah looked at Mary and for a moment their eyes cognited, almost as if they shared the same thought, the same knowing look. They both smiled at each other at precisely the same time.

'What sort of good time would that be?' Sarah asked slowly, looking down at him. His mate was ogling her magnificent bottom encased in skin-tight denim.

'Err...' The lads were momentarily taken aback.

'Whatever ya want,' his mate replied.

Both girls threw back their heads and laughed. The roller coaster ride would whet their appetites.

The girls led them to the woods on the outskirts of the fairground. It was a place where dogs were walked either early morning or late evening. It would be quiet at this time of the afternoon. The girls had already been there many times before and knew where all the most private spots were to go. The two beauties walked quickly and purposefully along the dirt footpath, with Bill and Tom at their heels.

'D'ya, err, d'ya fancy me?' Bill asked, dragging fiercely on his Marlboro.

'Let's just say I'm going to have a good time with you,' Sarah grinned, not bothering to turn and look at him. Her and Mary's strides were quick enough to make the lads almost have to trot to keep up. The girls chatted together happily, swinging their shoulder bags in unison.The lads shared between themselves a common look, as if they couldn't believe their luck. Tom slipped a sealed durex from his pocket to show his friend. They brayed in mirth at the thought of what was to come.

'This'll do,' Sarah suggested, brushing though the undergrowth to a small clearing. It was surrounded by bushes and well hidden from any passers-by.

Tom noticed a fallen tree trunk on the far side seemed somehow strange at first glance. It was about two-feet deep and had some straps nailed into the sides at both ends. The girls dropped their shoulder bags, turning to face the youths. Bill made the mistake of grabbing Sarah and trying to kiss her. Before he knew what had hit him she'd done a side turn, swept her leg behind his and threw him across her hip. He landed in a heap on his back in the dirt, winded.

'Oi, what...' Tom couldn't finish his sentence as Mary kneed him in the groin and pushed him over. Like lightening the girls grabbed lengths of rope from their bag, turned their victims just enough to secure their wrists together and sat astride the groaning males.

'Get the fuck off!' Bill cried.

Sarah grinned down at him, straightened her legs out before her so she was sitting on his chest. His face peered up at her between her legs as he struggled to breathe from her overbearing weight.

'I'm going to have some fun with you,' she announced, her tongue provocatively slipping across her pearly-white teeth.

'If you don't get the fuck off me I'm going to...' His sentence was cut off as she sidled forwards and sat her full weight on his throat. Now, as well as not being able to speak he couldn't breath either. His legs kicked futilely around behind her.

Mary was kneeling on Tom's shoulders and had both hands clamped across his nose and mouth. His eyes rolled while his body twisted and turned beneath her. She was giggling at his plight.

'Your face is going ever so red,' Sarah observed, grinning down at Bill's contorted face with glee. She enjoyed watching his expression of bewilderment mixed with torment.

Tom's breath-gasp came long and hard as Mary raised her hand momentarily from his mouth. But before he could take a good inhalation she'd deliberately sealed it again. Her pointed nipples protruded excitedly through her blouse.

Sarah shifted her weight slightly, allowing her captive to wheeze in the slightest amount of air. His wriggling head, trapped between her strong denim-clad thighs, stimulated her muff and he was greeted with the faint whiff of her musky odour. The movements of his struggling chin was providing her with the stimulation she had craved for. It had been a while since they'd brought any victims to their favourite place.

There was no more chat from the girls while they concentrated on their chosen task. The natural sounds around the small group in the glade were interspersed with the desperate straining noises of the sat-upon youths.

Mary was enjoying playing with her captive. While one of her hands sealed his mouth, his nose was pinched together with the other. She cruelly allowed him the only slightest amount of air through his nose before squeezing his nostrils together. This she repeatedly did, sniggering, relishing the way it made his eyes roll round in his head. She straddled him in such a way only the faintest of movements was possible.

'Let's show them what a treat we've got in store for them, shall we?' Mary laughed.

'I'm ready,' Sarah gamely replied. Beneath her Bill was becoming ever more desperate for air, writhing and wriggling in a vain attempt to escape his smiling tormentor. He managed to use his knees to bang against her back, causing her a sharp pain.

'Why you little fucker!' she exclaimed. She raised herself and lurched backwards, landing on his belly full-weight, knocking all the wind out of him. 'I'll teach you to kick me,' she breathed, her hands completely covering his nose and mouth. She smirked down at his pleading eyes while his struggles grew weaker. Her eyes were wild with excitement as he smothered beneath her, and then he gradually lost consciousness.

Part 2

When he first came round Bill couldn't understand why he was unable to move. Then he realised he was lying on his back strapped to the top-side of the tree trunk, and immediately started to panic. His groggy awareness told him was spread-eagled, with arms and legs bound to the sides. Although his range of vision was restricted, he could see his mate was also tied to the trunk further along. Their heads were at either ends of the trunks and their feet met in the centre, a yard apart.

The back of his head lay cradled in a scooped out hollow, and a strap across his forehead prevented his head from moving. He couldn't even turn to see where the girls were.

'Tom! Tom!' he called urgently in a hushed tone. Tom was still out cold.

'Well, well, my one's come round,' he heard Sarah exclaim from behind him. He saw a leg in jeans slip over his chest and he gasped in astonishment as she stood, straddled over him on the trunk with her back to him. Her protruding bottom jutted out ominously above his upturned face. It was as though she was preparing to ride him like a horse.

'What the funk are ya doin'?' he called out. All he could do was watch helplessly as the bulbous posterior moved closer to his face. The last thing he saw for a while was her smiling face as she turned to look at the fear in his eyes before sitting down. Her buttocks engulfed his entire face, shifting to gain a more comfortable position.

'Come on, wake up! I want to have some fun,' he heard Mary call out, followed by a slap, then groans.

The weight on his face was bearing down on him and his lungs were fit to burst.

He heard Tom's voice; 'No, please!' Then there was quietness, save for a bird call. There was no other sounds except the heavy breathing from the girls.

Blackness tugged at the corners of his brain. The oppressive bottom raised slightly and her grinning face appeared. He greedily gulped fresh air just before she sat back down, sadistically cutting off his badly needed inhalations.

'Mine's good at holding his breath,' Sarah giggled. She contemptuously smeared her large backside across his already suffering face. His chest ached from the stress of oxygen deprivation and his nose hurt from the pressure of being squashed by her massive cheeks.

'Mine's absolutely terrified,' Mary squealed in delight.

Again and again Sarah lifted her bottom slightly only to resit before he had time to fully replenish his air supply. Each time she raised herself her musky smell became stronger.

'He's got a hard-on,' Sarah smilingly observed. 'It's funny why asphyxiation does that to them.'

Not only were his lungs in perpetual torment but he was horrified at the stirring in his loins. He didn't want this, not like this. He felt her hand start to play with his erection through his trousers. 'Fuck you, you cow,' he thought. 'Just wait till I'm free, I'll give you a good seeing to.'

Just when the darkness began to close in on him she suddenly got off. 'Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh...' his mouth went. She sniggered at his greedy gulping noises.

He could just make out the sound of Mary gently groaning as his mate helplessly struggled beneath his tormentor. Sarah stood, leaning against the trunk, unzipped her jeans and kicked them off.

'Just let us go,' Bill panted in between short breaths. 'We won't tell anyone.'

Sarah swung her leg across him again, straddling his head. This time she was naked from the waist down, her buttocks voluminous and muscled. He gasped in fright, just as she grinningly lowered herself, mockingly rubbing his nose inside her bottom-crease. His cries for help were obliterated as she sat fully down, enveloping his vulnerable face. With her ass covering his nose and her muff suppressing his mouth there was nothing he could do about it. He was completely at her mercy.

'I told you I was going to have some fun with you, didn't I?' Sarah tormented. His eyes peeked out from under her bum, the whites showing large. They stood out like cork-stops. Her moist vulva pressed aggressively into his mouth.

Bill heard his mate cry out fleetingly before being cut off, stifled by Mary's ass. She was groaning loudly, panting as if she was having the time of her life.

'Lick my cunt,' Sarah ordered hoarsely. His lungs were agonisingly bursting. He had no choice. If he complied she might go easy on him. Or so he hoped.

'That's nice,' she breathed, her back arching in pleasure as his tongue-point urged itself inside her tangy wetness. 'Deeper,' she croaked, leaning forwards to prevent any gaps for him to breath. His mouth was sealed tight against her muff, like a prisoner with no hope of escape. His nose pressed tight to her anal passage stimulating her further. All he could do was feebly watch her bulbous bottom crushing his face, suffocating him, while she got her rocks off by making him suffer.

'Ah...ah...er..er..err..errrrhhhhhh...' she whimpered, her body rocking above him. Suddenly his mouth filled with a strange-tasting glutinous liquid which seeped down his throat.

After what seemed an eternity, with the blackness closing in fast, she eased her weight from his vulnerable face. His sharp intake of breath, mixed with the love-juice, caused him to violently choke. Small droplets of come dripped from her cunt onto his chin as she laughed at his condition. She dismounted him and disappeared from sight, giving him some chance to recover.

Mary was close to coming by the sound of her wailing. Through his own discomfort he heard Tom's shoes scraping the bark in desperation.

'Hang in there!' Bill cried out in between choking. He was just about to call out again when Sarah was back at the side of the trunk, cigarette in hand. 'Don't speak,' she hissed down at him, flicking her ash on his face. 'You're just here to be sat on.' With that she turned her back and sat on his face side-saddle. She sat quietly, squashing his face, enjoying her cigarette, waiting for her friend to finish. He prayed she'd get off, just to give him a break. But she was an expert. She knew exactly how long it would take before he passed out. So, just before he was about to, she raised one buttock just enough for him to seep in the tiniest breath.

Mary gave out an almighty cry and the noise of Tom's shoes scraping on bark stopped. Mary's short panting gradually subsided.

'You cow,' Bill heard Sarah say. 'How many times did you come?'

'Three,' Mary replied smugly.

'Yeah, but you've now got to see if he can recover,' Sarah observed dryly.

Bill's lungs were burning and her weight was squashing his face. Sarah began massaging his erection through his trousers. She had made sure his breathing was completely restricted, so he was in a state of perpetual panic. She liked it that way.

'Right, Bumface,' she declared, 'you're going to make me come three times too.' Taking a final long drag of her cigarette, she flicked it away.

'Wake up!' Mary was slapping Tom's face. 'C'mon, wake up!'

Sarah had a twinkle in her eye as she shifted herself from the subjugated face. Bill noisily gulped down air while she moved to straddling his crotch. Carefully unzipping his flies, she gripped his erection and rubbed its head around her moist vulva.

'No... you... bitch...' Bill cried out in between gulps.

'You want a hand to shut the fucker up?' Mary enquired. She left the limp but shallow breathing Tom and came to join her friend. Sarah had mounted her captive and was riding his cock in ecstatic glee.

'Get... off... me... you... fuckin'...' Bill's cries were cut short as Mary's protruding black butt slowly lowered onto his stricken face. And then nobody could hear his pleas for mercy.

Part 3

Sarah sat back slightly from his crotch on his legs, and still stroking his involuntary erection, reached up with her free hand to take an elastic band from her hair.

'Er-oh,' Mary said to the face she was sitting on, 'looks like you're gonna be well and truly fucked.

Sarah sniggered as she wound the band round the base of the penis-head, much to the consternation of the wriggling victim. When she had finished the shaft swelled and became even more rigid. Then she positioned herself just above it and slowly and seductively swallowed it up into the dominating vagina.

'Now you won't be able to spoil it for me,' Sarah croaked, moving her hips into a quicker pace.

The amazon moved faster and faster, shafting the prone captive. Bill was totally helpless - trussed up tightly to the tree trunk, with a very strong negress squashing and smothering his face with her butt. He didn't stand a chance. And to add insult to injury he was being fucked at the same time.

'Are your tits bigger than mine?' Mary asked her groaning friend. She shifted her black ass-cheeks just enough for the squashed face beneath her to take a slight breath. Smiling at her friend's rolling eyes, she kneaded Sarah's breasts in only the way another female would know how it is best enjoyed.

'I... I... I... think....they....might....be....', Sarah managed to pant, as she scaled the dizzy heights of orgasm.

'You bitch!' Mary exclaimed. 'You've been doing breast exercises, haven't you?'

Bill was going through agony. He couldn't even move his head to try and escape the relentless smothering of Mary's ample bottom. His arms and wrists strained with all his dwindling strength at the oppressive restraints.

_'N... n... no... I... I...I ... h... h... haven't...' denied the panting Sarah.

Mary smeared her muscled ass all across his face knowing the sight of doing this would enhance her friend's enjoyment.

'You lyin' bitch!' Mary declared, cupping her friend's firm but large breasts and delicately working the rigid nipples between her fingers.

Sarah's pleasure rose to even greater heights from her friend's generous contribution and her guteral sounds went on and on repeatedly, 'Oooooo....ooooo.....ooooo.....ooooo....aaa.hhhh.. aaaahhhhh...'

The orgasm seemed to last forever. It was never-ending, and the more it continued the more he craved air. It was relentless as she bucked and rocked as though she were riding a bronco. And Mary deliberately had hardly ever moved enough for him to get much air. Then came the time when her posterior raised enough off his face for him to greedily suck in air. Wild thoughts flashed through his head. Maybe they'd finished with him. Maybe they were going to go now, or maybe they were going to use Tom now.

'Kiss my ass!' Mary demanded, thrusting her bottom assertively millimetres from his face.

The words cut right through him. No one had ever talked to him like this before. Was there no end to their sadistic intentions?

Sarah's ecstatic cries had died down and her movements had slowed to a slight thrusting of her thighs.

Bill realised he shouldn't have hesitated. The bulbous muscled bottocks descended mercilessly, crushing his face. At the same time as sitting right down, immersing his counternance, she pushed down heavily on his solar plexus and, in the process, forcing out any residue air from his lungs.

'When I tell you to kiss my ass you don't think about it you just do it,' Mary ordered. 'You are here to do what we want and if I tell you to do anything you do it without question, do you undertand?' She leaned forward to enphasise her bottom and grinned down at the terrified eyes peeking out from under the giant orbs. His eyes were red from the exertion of air deprivation. She wiggled in cruel torment as she continued: 'Let this be a lesson to you Ass-face, and this is just a taster of what I'll do to you if you don't do what I want. Understand?'

The second she lifted her backside the sound of the sharp intake of breath started her friend thrusting again.

Mary sat back down and again cruelly pumped out his remaining air with her hands. She leaned forward and met her friend's lips with her own and they became entwined, tongues searching, exploring, intermingling. Sarah was working herself into a frenzy, fully assisted by her

magnanimous friend.

Beneath the delirious females, Bill's torment-wracked body, being used soley for their pleasure, was craving some air, any air, even the minutest amount of air.

Mary's backside lifted a fraction from his face and he inhaled in a fenzy.

'Kiss it!' Mary commanded.

He had to kiss it in between inhalations or he was certain she'd do the same again if he wasn't quick enough.

'In the crack,' she directed, guiding his pouting lips to the more sensitive area.

'Mmmmhh, not bad,' she commented. 'You're quite a good kisser.'

Sarah was moaning as her shafting grew more urgent. She loved what her friend was making him do. She was going to love it even more at what Mary was going to make him do in a minute.

'I didn't tell you to stop,' Mary exclaimed. 'If you stop again I promise I'll bum-ass you somethin' terrible.'

Her face took on a smug, superior look as his mouth worked efficiently, gently and delicately kissing the innermost intimate anal area. Then she broke into a huge grin. 'Now lick my ass,' she demanded.

The fear of her speciality smother was too great. Obediently his tongue snaked out and slaked across her sensitive skin on either side of her inner-most bottom crease.

'That's right,' Mary breathed. 'That's it... all over,' Her face looked dreamy. 'Now give my ass a French-kiss.'

Meanwhile Sarah's whole body was thrusting and jerking in exhileration as she used their sex-captive to the fullest extent.

'Put it right up,' Mary croaked, wriggling her ass in his face as his tongue worked around her pleasure area.

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