Sarah's New Sex-slaves


Bill was completely demoralised and realised his humiliation was heightening their pleasure. But there was nothing he could do. All he could hope was to do as they wanted and hope and pray they could make their escape at the right time.

'Stick your tongue right up my ass-hole,' Mary sniggered, her eyes popping at the feel of the tongue entering her anal passage. 'Get... it.... in.... as.... far.... as.... you....can,' she groaned, ' in''

Sarah managed to give a quick laugh at her friend's antics while rising into the realms of complete ecstasy.

'And don't you dare take out your tongue when you say it,' Mary chastised him, annoyed.

She was just about to sit down and squat-smother him when her face became a picture of bliss as his probing tongue entered her backside right up to its roots. Wriggling about and pushing downwards, she managed to get it to enter a bit deeper.

'N...o...w... s...a...y... i...t,' the black amazon panted.

Her face became a mask of agonised pleasure as he performed as he was bid. The sounds he made as he did as she commanded, the noises of humiliated defeat, brought immense gratification to the domineering females.

After a long while the girls swapped places and took it in turns to either sit on his face and force him to perform analingus or to fuck him. For what seemed like hours they ground his body for all their worth until they were sated.

Eventually they finished with their perverted pleasure and left him to still tied to the trunk to recover his ordeal. The girls happily chatted while they dressed, brushed their hair and applied some makeup. Then they undid the shackles, allowing the released limbs to fall exhausted at the sides. The spent Bill slithered to the ground, followed by his equally exhausted friend. Tom had been too frightened to move when Bill had been subjected to his ordeal. Now he was looking for an escape route.

The girls smiled down at their freshly released sex-slaves. They considered they'd done themselves proud.

'These puny men just can't keep the pace,' Mary sneered.

'That's why we're superior and they're only good for one thing,' Sarah chuckled.

Bill lay in the dirt, crumpled in a heap, barely able to move. But he looked up at them with awe. Tom could hardly move either, propping himself up on one elbow. He was looking round furtively.

'Don't worry... you're next,' Sarah informed Tom, pointing her finger right at him.

'Oh dear, you've got no choice and there's no escape,' Mary joined in. 'Be here the same time tomorrow.' She scowled down at their cowering frames.

'If you're not here, we'll come looking for you,' Sarah added, menacingly.

They turned on their heels and walked off jauntily, their buttocks bouncing assertively as they disappeared off into the distance.

Part 4

The stunned men watched until their assailants were specs in the distance. It took some time for the youths to recover. Tom was first to rise to his feet. Weakly he assisted his pal to stand.

'What the fuck happened?' Bill asked.

'We should tell the law,' Tom said. 'They can't be allowed to get away with it.'

Bill snorted a sarcastic laugh. 'Oh yeah, and what'll we say? Huh, two girls overpowered us and made us into their sex slaves. Be real, man.'

They shuffled in the opposite direction to the girls. Exhausted and spent, they could barely walk. It took them a long time to get them where they were going. Passers-by cast curserly glances at their unkept appearances.

Finally reaching their pad on the outskirts of town, the tired men locked and bolted the door behind them. They spent the remainder of the day showering off the smells of the victorious females and sleeping. But their resting was fitful and darkened by bad dreams.

Tom woke early with a start. The nightmare had gripped him for what seemed hours. It ran over and over in his head, with the huge female ass lowering down and squashing him. It always ended with an overpowering sense of being overwhelmed as one female bottom after another sat on him until he was completely submerged beneath a sea of asses. He sat for a moment recovering before lighting his first, and dragged desperately until the nicotine coursed calmingly through his veins.

'I've got to get out'a here,' he said to the arousing Bill at the bedroom doorway.

Bill blinked as he orientated himself with reality.

'D' ya think they'll be back?' Tom anxiously asked.

'What a friggin' night,' Bill moaned. 'No idea. They seemed like they meant it.'

'I'm out'a here,' Tom turned on his heels and started packing a holdall. When he'd finished Bill was glugging a black coffee with a rucksack at his feet by the front door.

'I think they meant it,' Bill offered. 'If we leave now they'll never find us.'

Outside, it was just daylight and no one was about except them. They headed off towards the bus station.

The first coach out was in two hours. There was no way they were going to wait that long so they started to walk out of town. The plan was to hitch a lift. There were plenty of trucks passing on the outskirts of town at this time of the morning.

Tom lit up, feeling relieved that their ordeal would soon be a thing of the past. Even Bill was starting to relax a bit. They reached the highway just in time to see a truck thundering past.

'Damn!' Tom exclaimed.

'There'll be another soon,' his friend said calmly.

They trudged along the side of the road trying to forget yesterday's events as much as possible. It wasn't long before Bill heard a car behind them heading their way. He stuck out his thumb and sighed as the large limo passed on by. They were even more disappointed when they catch a glimpse of the blonde driving.

'Just our fuckin' luck!' Bill kicked a stone in frustration.

Ahead of them, the car applied the brakes, skidding to a stop by the side of the road. Both men's faces lit up. With a quick surprised look at each other, they ran towards the car. The window was down and she leaned across the passenger side.

'Hi,' the attractive blonde face said. 'Can I give you boys a lift?' Her voice was pure seduction. Her vast breasts were losing the battle to remain inside the blouse. 'Hop in the back and enjoy the ride,' she breathed.

Tom looked at Bill knowingly as they settled in the plush seat. They'd wait a while before making their move. They'd wait until they reached a very quiet place.

She accelerated away fast, causing the men to lean back heavily.

'This is very nice of you,' Bill said.

'The pleasure's all mine,' she laughed. Just then a glass partition rose, dividing the front from the back.

'Hey, what's goin' on?' Tom called. He banged on the glass. They looked round anxiously. Bill tried the side windows. Nothing. Then he tried the door handles. They were locked in.

'Sarah sends her love,' she called. Then there was a faint hissing.

'Gas!' Bill cried out.

It wasn't long before inertia began its relentless grip and both men started slipping into unconsciousness. The car stopped and their door opened. They felt skillful hands tying their hands behind their backs.

The last thing Tom saw before the darkness came was her bending over his friend, and facing him were her large buttocks encased in tight white shorts. His final thought was that he somehow knew he'd be seeing a lot more of that ass. And he was frightned now more than he'd ever been before.

Part 5

Tom felt a sharp pain stabbing his ribs and woke with a start. His sight was blurry from the gas and it took a few seconds to focus. The first thing he saw was Sarah smirking down at him.

'Please!' he exclaimed. 'Untie me!'

The room was big and the decor expensive. Black silk sheets adorned the massive bed. Strewn atop the pillow was a brown-leathered device similar to a horse's halter, only smaller. It looked like it was used for securing one thing against another. The longest wall was decorated with shackles, manacles, restraints, whips and all manner of instruments of domination. Fear began to grip him in its relentless tenticles.

He was naked, sitting on the floor in a woman's bedroom. His was forced to lean backwards, his back to a low stool, with hands and feet strapped.

Sarah's face glared down at him, inches from his own.

'You tried to run away, didn't you?' She poked him hard in the ribs again. 'I knew you would, you wimpy low-life. That's why Connie was out looking for you.'

She wore skin-tight beige slacks and a loose black top. As she bent, her impressive breasts faced him menacingly. The nipples were hard with anticipation.

'Please don't hurt me,' he wimpered. 'I beg you... please...'

Her fingers ran across his nose. 'I'm going to have lots of fun with you.'

Straightening up to her full height, she moved away and stood in front of a full length mirror.

'Keep begging,' she rasped.

He hesitated.

'Go on,' she urged. 'I want to hear you begging.'

'Please... don't... do... it...' he willingly stammered.

He couldn't take his eyes from her bulging buttocks. They looked so threatening, and he was so very afraid.

'Don't do what?' she mocked.

'Please... don't...' he uttered desperately. 'I... couldn't... take... any... more...'

Her hands slowly, lovingly smoothed across the vast expanse of her protruding buttocks while she admired her reflection.

'What is it you don't want me to do to you?' she tormented. Her eyes were sparkling.

'P...l...e...a...s...e...' he whined, 'p...l...e...a...s...e...'

She came over, turned round, bent slightly and positioned her backside close to his terrified face.

'Go on,' she snapped. 'Tell me!'

'P...l...e...a...s...e... d...o...n...'t... s...i...t... o...n... m...y... f...a...c...e...' he stammered, his voice trembling with terror.

'Kiss it,' she commanded. 'Kiss it and I may spare you.'

Obediently, he leaned forwards and kissed the proffered bottom. The tight slacks enphasised it's size, it's crease seperating each muscled butt.

His lips worked all across the bulbous posterior, covering as much area as he could reach.

'Mhhh,' she breathed. 'Like I told you before you're a good kisser. All over mind.' She moaned quietly in obvious enjoyment at the feel of his conquered mouth, revelling in the humiliation she was subjecting him to. Her hips swayed in pleasure to the movements of his lips. Then without notice she straightened, turned and pressed his head back to secure it in a face-up position on the stool-seat.

'I lied,' she laughed, squatting over him. Her stance spread her backside wide and her buttocks hovered just above his helpless face.


Part 6

She sat down, his nose merging into her ass-crack, her ass sinking down, submerging his pitiful cries. His face became completely obliterated by her bottom as her crushing weight totally overpowered him.

'Cruel bitch, aren't I?' she sniggered, smearing his counternance with her ass to wallow in her domination.

It wasn't long before his eyes began to bulge from the lack of air. He struggled as much as his restraints would allow. This only increased her arousal and she massaged her large, firm breasts whilst revelling in his torment.

'D'you think I've lost a little weight?' she mockingly asked, deliberately rubbing his nose against her anal muscle. She grinned broadly at his muffled pleas.

'I've decided to give you a new job,' she enthused, raising her ass just enough for him to suck in a faint hiss of air. It wasn't enough to replenish his lungs, but just enough to prevent him from passing out. Then she re-settled, making herself comfortable.

His face felt intense pressure from her weight and there was nothing he could do to stop her relentless persecution.

'Just to make yourself useful I've decided to give you a new job, ' she laughed. 'And your job is you've got to guess my weight.' Again she allowed the faintest amount of air before resitting. 'Just think, aren't you lucky? You're going to be my new scales, and every time you get it wrong I'm going to smother you even more.'

The oppressive bum lifted slightly and he sucked in as much as he could before it came down again and squashed him. In that short space of time he smelled the familiar musky smell of her excitement.

'But if you get it right I'll let you breathe,' she giggled. Her fingers gently rubbed her hardened nipples. 'So, how much do you think I weigh?'

Raising her ass she grinned down at his reddened face. He gulped in air and was just about to utter something when she sat down heavily.

'I didn't tell you to breathe!' she exclaimed. 'Just tell me how much I weigh. Do that again and I'll make you pass out as many times as I want.'

She stayed there for a long time and remained sitting on his upturned face until his struggles began to weaken.

'How much?' she asked, lifting her buttocks.

'A...h.u.n.d.r.e.d....a.n.d...f.i.f.t.y...p.o.u.n. d.s...' was all he managed before the huge backside again covered his face, cutting off his air supply.

'No,' she tittered, adding 'And I want you to guess it right down to the last ounce.'

She looked back over her shoulder at her conquered seat. He lay helplessly crushed and defeated by her overpowering backside. The look on her face was of utter delight.

When his air supply was close to expiring, she lifted her bottom.

'H.u.n.d.r.e.d...a.n.d...f.o.r.t.y...p.o.u.n.d.s.. .a.n.d...t.h.r.e.e...o.u.n.c.e.s...' he gasped, barely able to inhale before she re-sat. Her ass cheeks spread all across his face, moulding to its shape.

'Nnooo,' she laughed, cupping her breasts in her hands and gently rubbing the bullet-hard nipples.

Tom's mind kept returning to the halter/bridle device lying on her bed. Somehow it held a certain significance to her bedroom activities.

She sustained this smother torture for hours. Each time she raised herself he noticed her musky scent had increased. He decided he would have to wait until later before making a move. There was nothing he could at the moment do but endure her sadistic pleasures. The mighty ass raised itself from his suffering face.

'H.u.n.d.r.e.d...a.n.d...f.o.r.t.y...s.i.x...p.o.u .n.d.s...a.n.d...s.i.x...o.u.n.c.e.s...' he choked.

'You're not even getting warm,' she grinned.

After a while she reverse facesat him, so his nose pressed into her vulva, with his mouth covered by her bottom. Her crutch area was damp and she looked down at his imploring eyes between her thighs with her green eyes glittering. Her pupils were dilated and large from excitement, as she forced his nose in and around her sex organ.

His entire pain-racked body deperately craved the oxygen he so badly needed. And as he looked up at her smirking face, he suddenly realised what the bridle was designed to do. Tiny stars exploded at the corners of his mind and he finally knew what she had in mind for him. Terror gripped his very core as the welcoming darkness came just as she cried out in glorious ecstasy.

Part 7

When Tom came to it took him a while to orientate himself with what was happening to him. He couldn't see anything, could hardly move, nor could he breathe through his mouth. At first it felt like his mouth was gagged, filled with a strange texture and filled with something which tasted salty. He could hardly breathe through his nose either as his head was wedged against female flesh.

His awareness grew to the extent he came to realise the dreaded bridle was securing his head to her crutch area. Just as he had feared!

His mouth was forced open tight against her vagina and his nose pressed to her pubic hair.

His head was strapped in-between her legs. He soon found he was laced into a straight-jacket, with his legs bent back and secured to the back of the jacket. He couldn't move a muscle.

Sarah was curled up on her side, and gently moaning in her sleep. Tom panicked as she curled up a bit more which forced his head deeper into her. This pressed his nose more into her cutting off what meagre air he could inhale. He wriggled his head as best he could in an attempt to free his nostrils enough to take in some air. His movements caused her to moan even more and small noises of pleasure emitted from the back of her throat.

A while later his eyes adjusted better as dim daylight came into the room. She was looking down at him sleepily, grinning from ear to ear.

'Morning, darling,' she breathed. She shifted herself to lie on her back, guiding Tom into the position she wanted. He made whistling sounds as he gasped through his nostrils.

'Lick me,' she moaned, reaching down and pinching his nostrils together.

His mouth was positioned directly against her sex organ and his tongue obediently snaked slowly into her expectant passage.

Lifting her head, she smilingly watched him looking up imploringly at her whilst vainly trying to free himself from her sadistic smotherings.

Instantly her vulva became wet and her back arched involuntarily as she let out a loud groan of ecstasy. She writhed around, drawing every last ounce of orgasm from the dominating situation, before at last letting go of his nose and lying back with a satisfied sigh.

'Mmmhhh, you're the best for a long time' she said huskily in approval. 'I'm going to make full use of you.'

She rested her hands on the back of his head and pressed down hard, before rolling over onto her stomach taking his head with her. Now she was lying on his upturned face and he couldn't


'It's a shame when you need to go to the loo after sex, isn't it, sweetie,' she chuckled.

Oh no! he thought, she wouldn't, she's not going to do that to me!

She giggled as she released the first trickle into his helpless mouth. The bitter liquid was warm and just about the worst thing Tom had ever tasted.

'Still, it'll wash out that nasty fishy taste,' she chuckled, letting go more. A jet of urine gushed down his throat and the force of it made him reluctantly swallow repeatedly to get rid of it.

'Mmmhhh...' she moaned, enjoying the feel of using him as a toilet. 'This is soooo good. You have no idea how much I'm loving doing this to you.'

The stream of revolting piss filled his mouth and throat and he had to glug quicker and quicker to prevent himself from drowning. Just before he was passing out it stopped and she turned over on her side. Desperately he snorted in air as he coughed and choked into her muff.

Her hand slapped the back of his head sharply. ' Stop it!' she ordered, annoyed. 'I'm going to have a lie-in. He used every ounce of his will-power to gain control of his overstretched lungs.

'Wake me up at 10 o'clock,' she said dreamily.

His eyes searched round and he could just make out the red numbers of the radio/alarm. It said 6.25.

Her hand drifted down the bedsheets to feel all round his head and his face. Then she stroked his nose, slowly working her fingers down to its tip. With the faintest of groans, she gently pinched his nostrils softly together. She was an expert, knowing just how long to smother him by the extend of his struggles. She played with his breathing like this until she drifted into a very deep and satisfied sleep.

He lay there wondering how Bill was fairing with Mary, whether she was treating him in the same way. He also wondered how many girls there were here. And his thoughts also drifted to the possibilities of escaping this house of smother. Then he fell asleep from exhaustion and dreamed of a life of freedom and of not being constantly smothered.

Part 8


Tom woke with a start. Sarah's face glared down at him furiously.

'I told you to wake me at 10,' she hissed. 'What time is it?'

He'd fallen asleep, his face strapped to her lower body, his mouth trapped against her muff.

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