Sarah's New Sex-slaves


From the position of her lying on her side on the bed and his head secured to her it was almost impossible for him to see the bedside clock.

'What time is it?' she barked. The next slap stung his cheek. He strained to catch sight of the digital numerals. God! It was gone noon.

'Well?' she enquired again. 'What's the time?'

His mouth wouldn't work properly. Even if it hadn't been secured to her crutch he wouldn't have been able to speak from the endless hours of being cunt-trapped, it'd become so aching he'd almost got lockjaw.

'Well!' she urged.

'Ihh...mmhhh...tmemlve...omcmlmomck...' his muffled attempts went.

Sarah's face watched in an amused fashion at his futile attempts to speak. She was almost awake and her body began to stir to the dominating situation she had forced him to suffer.

'If you don't tell me properly I'll take it as insubordination,' she said. 'And you will be severely punished.'

'Ihh...mmhhh...tmemlve...omcmlmomck...' he tried again.

'Enough!' she exclaimed, unstrapping the buckles securing him to her body. With one final thrust of her thighs she wriggled herself free from the harness.

He revelled in the sudden freedom from the restriction of his face being welded to her vagina. For the first time in a long time his face felt cool and refreshed.

'Stay there,' she breathed, moving across the room to the door. 'And don't you dare move a muscle!' Her amazionian proportions glided effortlessly out of the room and then he found himself alone. At once he wriggled for all he was worth in an attempt to escape the confines of the straightjacket. He knew he didn't have much time. If he could just get to the buckle with his teeth there was a slim chance it would release him. If he couldn't do it before she got back he dreaded to think what she had in store for him.

Downstairs in the lounge Mary and Connie had strapped Bill's head to a footstool. He was naked, bound hand and foot and his face pointed helplessly up to the ceiling. He had been blindfolded and they'd rammed a dildo gag in his mouth so he could only breathe through his nose. The dildo protruded skyward by about 6 inches.

They'd been amusing themselves by getting him to guess which woman was using him as a sex seat. He hadn't got much to go on as he couldn't see anything. One was white and the other black and they were both naked, but their weight was similar, both their butts were vast, and their sex smell was the same.

They'd got him to make noises after being sat on by one of them to distinguish which one of them it was who's just used him. If he'd got it wrong the next one would smother him for longer. If he got it right the one who just got off him would be annoyed he'd got it right and then she'd smother him even more when it was her turn. The sex torture had been going on all the previous day and most of the night. They seemed to be tiring now and in his darkness he expected the next backside to descend on his face at any moment.

His face ached from the continual pummelling and he was absolutely deadbeat.

'You bitch!' he heard Connie cry out. He could tell one of them was positioning herself for another facesit by the sounds. Then it came as the dildo was inserted just as the huge bottom sank down onto his expectant face, obliterating it.

'It's my turn... You've had loads more orgasms than me!' Connie complained.

'I've just got more stamina,' Mary chortled, thrusting her hips to absorb the exhilarating movements of using his face as a sex toy.

It wasn't long before the familiar cravings for air overpowered him. His survival instincts kicked in and he futiley struggled beneath her oppressive curves. This only stimulated her even more and long moans escaped from the back of her throat. This continued for a very long time. Just when he was at the verge of passing out, Mary's gyrations eventually lessened as her extensive orgasm eventually began to ebb.

'That was the best for a long time, Honey,' she said throatily, easing herself from his stricken face. The dildo glistened with her love juice as she stood, teetering slightly from the experience. A bead of juice trickled down its shaft to contemptuously lie on the corner of his mouth. Amused, she watched his convulsive face snorting in air through his overstretched nose.

'He's all yours now, Honey,' she giggled, wriggling across the room to the cocktail bar.

Connie reached down and took away his blindfold. She smiled, surveying his discomfort, smirking at the look of fear as he watched her deliberately smoothing her hands across her vast buttocks.

He started to shake his head and his eyes implored her. Strange, pitiful noises emitted from his confined mouth.

Grinning from ear to ear, Connie squatted over him, her bulbous bottom hovering just above his upturned face.

'I love to see their fear,' she sniggered to her friend. Mary sipped her long cocktail and lounged on her side on the settee, leisurely enjoying the anticipated spectacle.

Now Bill could see his tormentor it was even more frightening than ever before. It was the impending terror, the fact he knew what was going to happen that was the worst thing of all.

The blonde savoured the moment, just waiting, just allowing his fear to grow, squatting there, her magnificent posterior wavering inches from his helpless face.

Then she broke the spell, descending, sitting down, her vagina swallowing the moist dildo.

His face disappeared beneath her overpowering ass, his nose submerging into her crease.

'Why don't you give the runt a hard time of it?' Mary gleefully goaded, inhaling a lungful of a B & H. She smirked, exhaling slowly, revelling in her role of spectator. She was enjoying

watching almost as much as her friend was experiencing it.

Mary chuckled to herself. She felt very mischievous. She was going to get her friend to take him to the limit. She'd enjoy doing that very much indeed.

Part 9

Tom almost had the straightjacket loosened enough for him to be able squeeze out of it. Any second now and he'd be free!

Sarah had been gone a long while, giving him enough time to use his teeth to unbuckle the securing strap. Then he'd twisted and turned until there was just enough space to wriggle out. He was on the floor and was just stepping out of it...


Sarah barged through the bedroom door, tray in hand. Catching sight of Tom, she deposited the food and drink on the floor and flung herself at the fleeing captive.

'Come 'ere,' she hissed, tackling him. She easily pinned down the writhing Tom, reaching across to gather some ropes. She was a lot stronger and bigger than him, and he'd been weakened by his exertions. Within a couple of minutes he was bound hand and foot. Then she dragged him by the hair out of the room. He slid across the carpeted hallway as she pulled him into the bathroom.

'I saw you on CCTV,' she informed him. 'And I was just making myself look beautiful for you.' She bent down, glowering at him inches from his terrified eyes. 'Don't you ever try and escape again. Next time I won't be so nice.'

She manhandled him to be sitting behind her voluminous backside, with his back to her, while she stood proudly before him.

'Lick my arse,' she commanded, carefully brushing her hair.

He complied with her request, his tongue slithering between her bulbous buttocks.

'Do you think I'm beautiful,' she smiled. 'You do, don't you?'

He hesitated for a split second, taking his tongue from her moistened anal muscle.

'I didn't tell you to stop licking!' She kicked him hard with her heel. 'Get licking and tell me.'

Instantly, he repositioned his tongue against her expectant anus and pleasured her whilst she meticulously brushed her hair and preened herself in the mirror. All the while he told her how gorgeous she was in-between his oral slaverings.

Her arousal soon became obvious and she made him turn round while she stood over him. She forced him to perform cunnilingus, making him suck her inflated cliterous to the point she sprayed her orgasmic juices across his face.

'I've decided how I'm going to punish you for waking me late,' she grinned, dragging him out of the bathroom and back down the hall. 'And it involves your face and my ass,' she continued, laughing, hauling him back into her bedroom and onto the bed.

'Stay!' she demanded, 'And don't move.'

She placed the tray of food and drink on the table beside the bed and turned on her favorite music.

Now, the sight of her, still stark naked and getting him ready to be re-secured to her private parts filled him with despair.

She smirked at his terrified expression.

'Yes,' she chuckled, 'this time your face is going to be right up my arse.'

Skillfully, she secured his head to the underside of her body, this time his mouth pressed to her anus. His face was consumed by her muscled posterior, which captured his face entirely. He could barely breathe, only very painfully and spasmodically.

'I've decided to spend the day in bed,' she gleefully informed him. Taking a bite from a smoked salmon sandwich she added; 'And I want analingus non-stop otherwise I'll really punish you.'

The humiliation of having his face tied to her backside and of being made to lick her ass, plus being powerless to stop her, added by her smothering him seemed to overwhelm him. He found some strength and strained for all he was worth to free himself from this sadistic tormentor. But trying as hard as he could, writhing and threshing around he could not move from her confines. And all he achieved was to heighten her enjoyment.

'That was nice,' she breathed, wriggling her ass contemptuously with his attached face. 'And keep licking.' Her voice became a little bit husky as she added; 'Right up to the roots.'

Trying to snatch the slightest breath whilst stretching his tongue to its limits, Tom was never far from passing out. He must have lasted quite a while because her moans of pleasure seemed to go on forever.

Downstairs in the lounge Bill being used as a smothertoy by Connie. The dildo gag had been removed from his mouth and now he was being made to smother as a plaything. Mary was leisurely watching, lounging on a settee, egging her friend to facesit and smother him to his ultimate limitations.

This continuous smothering had taken its toll on the luckless Bill. Both women had facefucked him the best part of the night and day in an orgy of slavery.

Now he was tied faceup on the footstool, unable to move. Again and again Connie's pantied bottom descended onto his enslaved face, squashing down, submerging it in its dominating power.

'Not yet,' Mary offered, seeing her friend move as if to raise her backside from it's suffocating victim. 'He's got ages to go yet.'

'Ok,' replied her amused friend. 'If you're sure.'

'I'm sure, Honey,' Mary chuckled, feeling her nipples getting hard again. 'He's got another minute to go yet.'

Bill lungs were screaming for air. His agony-racked body couldn't take much more of their treatment. Another minute! He needed air now!

Mary laughed at his rolling eyes, just making them out, peeking out from her friend's protruding bottom cheeks. They were bloodshot and full of desperation.

'I'll tell you when the minute's up, Honey,' Mary chortled. 'Yes, he's got plenty of air in those little lungs of his.'

Connie's face was a picture of bliss. She was deriving enormous pleasure from using his face as her smotherseat. It felt so comfortable, so natural, it was almost second nature to use a man's face as a smotherseat.

'D' you think you can last another minute?' she asked him over her shoulder, smirking down at him.

The familiar stars in the corner of his brain started to sparkle. He strained with all his might to free his face from his cruel tormentor. But there was nothing he could do.

And then the darkness came and their laughter rang in his ears for a very long time.

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