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Sarah's Night Out


This story is about a married woman who loves having sex with men besides her husband. The story incorporates my interests and fantasies as well as hers. It was inspired by a picture of her in an evening dress, sitting at a bar at some kind of function. The story starts with me telling her what I imagine the the next pictures in a series might depict.

Part 1

I'd like to see you with your head turned so I can't see your face, but with the dress pulled up showing off some sexy stockings and a garter belt. Then a closer shot of your panties and then one of you rubbing your pussy through the panties, and of course in the next one, your panties are wet from your pussy juice.

And since I find bras to be really sexy, I imagine some shots of you with your bra straps showing, then you pulling the dress to the side so I can see your full breasts in a sexy bra.

I fantasize that you are at some kind of function like a wedding, and that we get a chance to dance. While we are dancing, I press against you and you feel my hard cock against your leg and look up at me with a very sexy smile. You reach your hand discreetly between us and give my cock a squeeze and say "My, my, what's going on here?" I apologize and say that I find you very hot and couldn't help myself. You say there is no need to apologize, that you are very flattered and frankly, that you are starting to get wet yourself.

That such a pretty, respectable looking lady, would be so forthright with me, when we've only just met, makes me even harder, and you notice. You say that you think we might have to do something about my hard cock. I tell you please not to tease me, that I think you are incredibly sexy and I would do anything to be with you. You say that you only tease up to a point, but always follow through. You dance me towards the entrance, and when the song ends, you pat me on the bottom and tell me to go to the bathroom until my erection calms down, and that we'll talk later.

I love the combination of bold sexuality and discretion that you exhibit. I manage to make it to the loo without anyone noticing my hard cock. I run cold water over my hands and rub some on my face until my thick throbbing cock returns to its flaccid state. I keep thinking about what you said. That you tease, but always follow through and that we'll talk later. Does that mean I'll get to be with you? I push the thoughts away, lest I get hard again, and return to the function.

I see you at your table, laughing and having fun, sitting next to your husband. I go back to my seat and join in the merriment, sipping a glass of wine and thinking about what I would like to happen later. I look over at your table and catch your eye, you give me a big smile with just a hint of sex in it.

Part 2

I watch you get up from your table and walk across the banquet hall. You look so elegant in that dress. As you walk out the door, you turn, look right at me and blow me a kiss. I get up to follow you. As I reach the door, I see the you turn a corner. I follow and see you leave through the back door. The hotel is on the ocean and I follow you down some steps and see you sitting at a picnic table on the beach on this dark night.

I ask if I can sit with you and you say, of course, that you came out here to be with me. I sit and you immediately put your arms around me and we start kissing. I am still a bit in awe that such a lovely, and seemingly proper, lady is making out with me right behind the hotel where a colleague's daughter has just gotten married and her husband is eating dessert.

Your tongue and mouth are so sexy and I start to get hard right away. I push up your dress so I can caress your thighs and you spread open your legs for me. We continue to kiss passionately. I stroke your thighs and you start to gently moan as you pull me closer to you. I tell you how sexy you are, how hot you make me and how I want you. You tell me that I can have whatever I want, wherever I want it. You reach between my legs and squeeze my cock through the pants of my tuxedo. You tell me how you want to fuck and suck my sexy thick cock.

I tell you to stand up and take off your dress. You do what I tell you and in a minute you are in front of me in a pink satin and black lace bra and matching panties, a black garter belt trimmed in lace with black seamed stockings and your super sexy heels. I ask if you have to get back to the affair and your husband and you reply that you are your own woman, and can do whatever you want. I have you sit on the edge of the picnic table and start to lick and suck you through your panties.

I notice out of the corner of my eye that some people pass us occasionally on their way to walk near the ocean and you don't seem to mind. I pull your panties to the side and start to really get into your cunt, licking and sucking your clit as I listen to you moan and urge me on. Oh please eat my cunt, you say, I love the way you are doing it. Yes, like that, just like that on my clit, more more. I'm going to cum if you keep that up, you say. Please, please make me cum. Uh, uh, uh, yes I'm cumming now, oh god I'm cumming so good.

I feel the juices flood out of you as I continue to eat your sexy dripping wet cunt. I get rock hard listening to you moan and beg for more. I look up, my face wet from your cunt to see the look of ecstasy on your face. You are flushed and the pinkness spreads from your face down across your upper chest. Don't stop you tell me, I want another orgasm this way. As I bend to eat your cunt some more, I notice a man standing a few feet from the picnic table. I look quickly up at you and whisper, "That guy is watching, is it OK?" You say, in a sexy voice that he can hear, "Yes it's fine, Dan, let him watch you eat my cunt." I bury my face and really work your clit, licking, sucking, flicking it with my tongue. I gauge my actions based on your moans and words. I suck hard on your clit and pull it up away from your pussy. You gasp and say, "Oh my God yes, like that, like that, harder."

I eat you just the way you want and you flood me with another orgasm. "I'm cumming again, yes, yes, eat my cunt, oh God, you do that so well. Please make me cum, make me cum so hard." You grind your cunt up and down, drenching me with juice as you reach another orgasm. I'm amazed and pleased that you are so uninhibited right out here in public. You aren't screaming, but anyone within a 100 feet can most likely hear you as you finish your second orgasm.

It is a huge turn on, and my cock is as hard as it has ever been, bursting at the seams of my trousers. I can see from the corner of my eye that the man has moved closer, and that he has pulled out his cock and is stroking it very vigorously. I move up along your body and we start kissing again. You whisper that you love the taste of your own pussy on my face. I ask you in a whisper if you mind the fellow masturbating right next to us. Again you say in a voice that he can hear, "No, I love that he is wanking off right next to us."

He starts stroking himself even harder when he hears that. You tell me that I am a wonderful pussy eater and now you want to suck on my cock. We switch positions, with me sitting on the edge of the picnic table and you on your knees in front of me. You take off my shoes and socks, then unsnap my trousers and pull them off. Next, off comes my underwear, so my cock is sticking straight up between the tails of my white short, begging to be sucked. You start to lick up and down my shaft, while also stroking me with your soft hand. You drool some saliva onto the head of my cock and begin stroking with a nice even rhythm. You put the large head of my dick into your mouth and I gasp. You hold your mouth there and jerk me off while probing the opening of my shaft with your tongue.

All of a sudden you plunge down onto my cock, taking about three-quarters of it deep into your mouth. You move up and down, fucking my cock with your mouth, at one point taking the entire thing so that I can feel the head of my cock enter the narrow passage of your throat. The sight of you in your incredibly sexy lingerie and your head bobbing up and down on my cock makes me delirious. You are so fucking sexy and here you are, out in the open swallowing my entire cock. Apparently, the man next to us feels the same way, because he starts moaning loudly, and shoots a long hot stream of cum onto the sand. He zips up and leaves, as you lift your head off my cock and say politely, thank you sir, I hope you enjoyed yourself. I start laughing at how demurely you say this, while holding my throbbing cock in your hand.

You move to start sucking me more, but I pull you up and kiss you deeply. We proceed to kiss and fondle each other for quite some time. My hands roam over your sexy body, seeking out your thighs, your cunt, your belly and your beautiful boobs. I squeeze your right nipple through the fabric of your sexy bra and you start moaning loudly. I squeeze harder and you start gasping. I feel that right in my clit, you say, as you stroke my cock. I move to your other nipple and get the same reaction from a very hard pinch of that one. I then reach between your legs and feel how drenched your pussy has become. I step back from the picnic table and put you in the same position you were in when I was eating your cunt, except this time, grasping my cock in my fist, I rub your engorged clit with the head of my shaft.

The wetness of your pussy is amazing as I tease you up and down, moving from your clit to rubbing the head of my cock up and down the length of your hole, not inserting it , but teasing your lips with the head. Oh, please fuck me, Dan, you have got to fuck me, you say. It's not fair, you can tease my cunt like that and not stick it in me, you say between moans. So I position the head of my dick at the opening of your cunt and grab your hips with my hands and slowly fill you with my big thick cock.

"Oh my God, oh God," you gasp. "I'm cumming already, fuck me harder." Apparently the excitement of sucking my cock and me teasing your cunt has put you right on the edge and when my shaft is all the way in, your orgasm starts and your whole body begins to quiver as you urge me to fuck you harder.

Part 3

"Fuck me, baby. Give me that thick cock. Feed my cunt."

"Harder yes, oh, oh, oh!"

My cock hardens even more as I plunge deeply into your orgasming pussy. Looking at you cumming out here on the beach in your sexy lingerie is so fucking hot. Apparently other people feel the same way, as there is now a couple at the next picnic table, a young woman in her 20s sucking a man's thick cock, and two black men have positioned themselves on either side of us and they are rubbing their cocks through their pants. I lean close to you and tell you how fucking hot you are and that we've gathered quite a crowd. You tell me how much you love that, how it turns you on for other people to see you fuck and suck and to see them enjoying it. Do you just like them watching, I ask you? No, you say, if they are hot and sexy, I like them to join in. I glance from side to side at the two men who are now stroking their cocks and give you a 'what about them' look. You look them over, nod and whisper, "I'd love them to join us. I would love to suck their big cocks in front of you."

I pin your hands to the table and fuck you with a steady motion, sliding in and out of your soaking wet cunt. I can tell you like being held down, because you start thrusting your pussy up hard against my cock. Are you my slut, Sarah, I ask you. "Yes I am Dan, I am your dirty cock-loving slut. Fuck me harder, please baby. Fuck me sooo hard!" I press you harder to the picnic table and fuck you flat out, deep and hard.

To tease you, I pull out and let my cock touch your outer pussy lips. "Oh my God, Dan, you can't do that, don't stop, fill me up, please fuck me." The men next to us move closer, close enough to touch. I take one of your hands and place it on the cock of the guy to my right. It is not fully erect yet, but is huge and glistens from the saliva he has been using to lube it. "Thank you Dan, this man's cock is lovely, but I still need you in my cunt." I plunge back in as you spit on your hand and stroke the thickening black cock in your left hand. The other man is very close to us as well and starts rubbing your tits through your sexy bra. His cock is brushing against your abdomen, leaving shiny traces of pre-cum on you.

You grab his cock too and are stroking them both as I fuck you to another orgasm. "Oh yes, fuck me, fill me, give me all these cocks." As I am wondering what position to put you in next, the couple - she is white and he is black - at the next table moves to our table. She sits on the bench and he feeds his thick cock into her dripping wet mouth. She is barefoot and is wearing a white tank top, black bra and denim skirt, no panties. The top is pushed up and her full breasts are visible in the sexy black lace bra. You and her exchanges glances and smiles. She says "You are so sexy, me and my date saw you sucking this man's cock and I just had to give him a blowjob. And it's our first date!"

You tell her you are pleased to meet her and how sexy she looks with that huge black cock in her mouth. "You did well for a first date, hon!" I know, she says, isn't he handsome? Yes, you say, and quite a beautiful cock too. "I know," she says, "I love them big and especially thick." At that her date pulls her head back and starts to face fuck her. I tell you to sit down next to her and nod at our two lads. "Feed Sarah your cocks, she wants to suck both of you." You look up at me and give me a big smile, "Thank you Dan."

I step back and watch for a bit, as at first you work both cocks, alternately sucking one and stroking the other, keeping them both slick with your saliva. Both of them are quite big, at least nine inches and very thick as well. You seem to love that, and you start focus on one guy, grabbing his ass and taking him very deep into your throat. You moan very sexily and he fucks your mouth deeply. His friend is now being sucked off by the girl next to you. I guess her date is into sharing as well. I'm just standing back enjoying the scene as both of you girls are sucking thick cocks and truly loving it. I notice that you have spread your legs wide and you are finger fucking yourself as you suck our new friend. I lean over and whisper to you, "Sarah, you are so fucking hot, this is amazing."

"Dan, this is a dream come true for me. I had no idea when we started dancing earlier that you would end up taking me through one of my all-time fantasies!"

"Do you want to stay here or come to my room, Sarah?"

"Let's stay here a bit longer." Our black friend grabs your head and shoves his fat cock deeper.

The couple next to us has shifted a bit and the girl's date is fucking her face-to-face while she sits on the edge of the picnic table. She is leaning over and sucking the other guys cock. She starts to cum from the vigorous fucking her date is giving her. "Oh my God, oh fuck, oh yes, harder, make me cum, make me cum. I'm cumming oh fuck." Her date starts to moan and says, "Take my black cock, you white slut, take me cum in your cunt!" He yelps and unloads what must be a huge load inside her, since it comes pouring out of her pussy as he continues to thrust into her.

Amazingly, the guy in her mouth has not cum yet and I say something about this. "Oh," he says, "I'm saving my spunk for Sarah." As you have his friends cock deep in your mouth, all we can hear from you is a mumbling noise that nevertheless sounds like you are happy about his statement.

Part 4

The other slut rearranges her clothing and she and her date get up to leave. Her date says that he is going to get a room at the hotel and that we can visit them later if we want. He gives us his name and I wish them a happy stay.

We've taken a break and you are sitting on the bench of the picnic table with our new friends on either side of you. The top of your dress is pulled aside and your hard nipples are visible through the satin of your very sexy bra. The dress is also pulled all the way up so that anyone passing by can see your sexy legs in their stockings and garter belt. I lean over and tell you how hot you look, and then we kiss passionately. I ask you how you are doing and you tell me that you are having the time of your life and that you have quite a bit of energy still. I reach between your legs and sure enough your cunt is drenched, as wet as I've ever felt one. I want lots more cock, you tell me. Just from the three of us I ask, and you reply, "As much as you can get me!"

I tell our friends to call or text any of their buddies who would like to join us and they get busy. You lean over and start to suck on one of their huge black cocks. God, Sarah, you really can't get enough. Just then Mike walks up. Holy shit, I think, this isn't good. He wants to know where you've been and what you've been doing. You pull your head up from the big cock you've been sucking and tell him you've been right here, sucking and fucking to your heart's content. And you lean back to suck it some more.

Our other friend puts his hand between your legs and starts finger fucking you. You moan with the cock in your mouth, and pull off it and say, "Yes, fill my cunt with your thick black fingers, make me cum again, oh yes God yes, harder, more fingers, yes do it, that's it, deeper, deeper." You cum hard, shouting the dirtiest things imaginable. You are forcing Mike to watch his respectable wife act like a total slut and I can see you love it. Mike starts rubbing his cock through his trousers. He watches as one of the guys tells you to take off your dress. You obey without hesitation as he positions you on his lap facing outward. He pistons his huge cock into you as you moan in ecstasy. Your capacity for orgasms seems endless, Sarah. I stand in front of you and pull your head onto my cock. Two of your holes are filled yet again. As you cum again, your moans vibrate along my thick cock giving me an unbelievable sensation.

Just then four more black men walk over to our area. They are the friends who have been summoned. Dan, you say, I think it's time that we go to your room. You get up and start walking towards the staircase in just your lingerie. I ask you about your dress. "Mike, be a dear and bring it to our room." I'm amazed and thrilled by your wantonness. I put my arm around you and we walk back into the hotel. You tell me to give Mike my room number and I tell him to come by in about 30 minutes.

It's only a short walk to the elevator, but I don't think you'd mind if you had to walk across the entire lobby in front of dozens of people. You are so confident and sexy. As it is, quite a few people see us; the two of us arm in arm followed by all six of our handsome ebony new friends. People are whispering and pointing, I don't imagine they think we are going to a tea party. Two different women approach me and ask me where we are going. I give them my room number and tell them they can join the party, but they must arrive without their dresses. They giggle and say, "Oh what fun!"

In the elevator, I press you against the wall and kiss you deeply as I penetrate you with three of my thick fingers. Your body goes limp and I press against you, shoving my fingers in and out of your soaking wet cunt. "I love fucking in elevators, you say." With that, one of the guys grabs you and presses you face first against the elevator wall, he rips a hole in your panties and shoves his massive cock into your cunt. I thought we'd wait for the room, but here we go! I stop the elevator. Three of the guys take turns fucking you like that and finally someone cums! The last one to fuck you unloads a massive amount of spunk into you. I know this because when he pulls out, his cum starts to stream down you both of your legs! He tells us he hasn't cum in a week and it sure looks like it.

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