Sarah's Party


Sarah was just so glad to be home. It struck her that at moment that she now thought of the States as her home rather than where she had been born and brought up in the UK but, after what she had endured during her latest visit there, she was glad to see Mary's smiling face waiting for her at the Arrivals gate.

Her flat mate was actually very excited to see her, even more than Sarah would have imagined, but she didn't know what the other woman had planned for her. Her friend explained that she was throwing a "Welcome Home" party in her honour that evening and that they had to hurry home to get ready.

Sarah would have been happy just to relax and have a long soak in the bath but Mary seemed so excited that she didn't feel she could say anything without seeming to be ungrateful. Even when Mary told her it was a fancy dress party and that she had organised Sarah's costume, she was too tired to hear the alarm bells ringing in her head.

As soon as they reached home Mary told her to leave her unpacking for later and to come to her room. Just going with the flow, Sarah was shocked when she made her way along the hall to her flatmate's room and saw that Mary was already changing. She was even more shocked when she saw her own costume lying on the bed.

"I can't wear that, Mary; it's almost obscene. And yours isn't much better."

"Oh, don't worry, Sarah; it will be fine. All the girls are going to dress the same way and the boys are going to wear "Billy Bunter" type uniforms too so we'll all look ridiculous."

That wasn't really much comfort for the young teacher but she was too tired to argue. She lifted her "costume" from Mary's bed, politely but firmly refusing her friend's offer to help her change, and made her way back down the hall to her own bedroom. When she saw the bed looking so invitingly at her she could quite easily have crawled under the covers and gone to sleep but Mary was calling on her to hurry up and she knew she should try to enter into the spirit of things. After all, the party was for her and her friends had obviously gone to some effort to arrange things.

She stripped off the jeans and T-shirt she had chosen to travel in this time, as much for security as for comfort. Mary had even chosen underwear for her so she reached behind herself to open the clasp on her bra, before letting the straps slide down her arms, throwing it on the bed with the rest of her clothes. Her panties came next. Tucking her thumbs into the waistband, she slid them down her slender legs and stepped out of them as they fell to the floor. Leaving them lying there, she knew that, party or no party, she needed a shower. Wrapping herself in her dressing gown, she opened the door and crossed the hall to the bathroom.

The last thing on Mary's mind was the party. She had used the time Sara was away to good effect and as she sat at her laptop, she watched as her sexy but unaware friend stripped off her clothes. Mary had had some very strategically placed and very tiny cameras installed all around the house and now they were being put to use for the very first time. As Sarah bent over to step out of her white panties, her flatmate was staring at her friend's round cheeks and knew she was going to enjoy seeing them again later. When Sarah left her used panties on the floor and headed for the shower, a new idea came to Mary's mind. Her own hand was already buried deep in her own knickers but wondered how it would feel to be masturbating with a pair of Sarah's freshly worn panties spread across her face. Dare she risk going into her flatmate's room and stealing those panties off the floor? Of course she could.

As she watched her friend enter the bathroom on her laptop, she sneaked out of her room and along the hall to Sarah's. She pushed open the door and there they were, lying on the floor, just where her flatmate had dropped them. Mary snatched them without a moment's hesitation and rushed back to her own room.

She sat back down at her desk and watched as Sarah stepped into the shower. She was slightly disappointed that she hadn't been there to watch her friend sit on the toilet but her worn panties were more than adequate compensation and there would be many, many future opportunities to watch her flat mate in her most intimate moments.

As Sarah stepped under the water she couldn't have known that Mary was lifting her panties to her face and sniffing them, holding the crotch to her nose so that she could smell her friend's very own musky scent. As Sarah let the water run over her tired body she couldn't have known that Mary was wishing it was her tongue which was covering every inch of her friend's body. As Sarah began to soap her breasts she couldn't have known that Mary was wishing it were her hands that were playing with her friend's breasts, covering them with kisses instead of suds. And as Sarah reached down to wash between her legs she couldn't have known that Mary's hand was between her own legs, rubbing herself to orgasm as she watched her friend wash her pussy.

It took Mary quite some time to recover from her orgasm but she was able to do so in a heightened sense of sexual release as she savoured the vision on the screen and savoured the aroma from her friend's panties. She knew that Sarah had had a long flight and wouldn't have changed her underwear since leaving her mother's house so the smell was very strong, very intoxicating and very Sarah. Mary vowed that this would not be the last time that she would steal her flatmate's panties but then another delicious though entered her head. Standing up, she slipped her own panties down her tanned legs, stepped out of them and grabbed the ones she had stolen from her close friend. She had a lovely sense of wickedness as she drew on Sarah's white panties and almost shivered as the tiny crotch rested against her sensitive pussy, just as it had done a short time ago against Sarah's.

Refreshed from her shower, Sarah made her way back to her bedroom, briefly noticing that her door was slightly open when she was sure she had closed it, but totally unaware of the missing panties that her flatmate was now wearing. Mary looked on again as Sarah appeared on the screen and slid off her dressing gown. She was practically purring in anticipation as she watched her friend's naked body shiver slightly.

Sarah was shivering from the cool air but also from the idea of wearing the costume Mary had prepared for her. Taking a deep breath, telling herself not to be so uptight and to get into the spirit of things, she began to get dressed. She smiled to herself as she pulled on the white, cotton bikini style panties, cut full over her round cheeks, and a matching bra, a size too small so that even her small breasts formed a cleavage that she realised she quite liked. Next some white, cotton knee-high socks and a short, red tartan skirt. Sarah had never taught in a Catholic school but she wondered how the male teachers were able to concentrate on teaching if the girls all dressed as slutty as this. Finally, she slipped on some black court shoes and looked at herself in the mirror. If the party wasn't being held in her own home, she would never have dared to go outside dressed like this but Mary had looked just as naughty in her own outfit and had assured Sarah that all the girls would be wearing something similar. Feeling very self conscious, she opened her door and started to go downstairs to see if there was anything she could do to help.

She was surprised when she heard Mary's own bedroom door open behind her and she turned back a step. Her flatmate was looking a bit flushed but she squealed in delight when she saw her friend now dressed as the innocent schoolgirl. Pulling her back into her own bedroom, Mary sat her at the dressing table and said she wanted to apply the finishing touches herself. Looking through Sarah's make-up for a few moments, she picked some up and began to apply it in a way that Sarah herself would never have thought of - a hint of rouge to suggest a teenager's cheeks, a chaste shade of pink lipstick, and eyeliner carefully applied to give the young teacher a much younger, wide-eyed look. As a final touch, she brushed her friend's long black hair and braided it into pigtails, which almost made Sarah laugh out loud.

Both of them now giggling like the schoolgirls they were dressed as, they made their way downstairs, hand in hand, and prepared to welcome their guests. The first arrivals were friends of Mary's, a man and a woman, both Sarah was relieved to see, dressed as Mary had promised. The man had even managed to find some authentic looking short trousers which stretched across his adult thighs.

As more and more people arrived and the party began to get into full swing, Sarah realised the guests were primarily Mary's friends. She knew a few of them but only through her flatmate and began to wonder if there was no-one from her own circle coming to the party. After a few glasses of wine, however, it no longer seemed to matter and she began to relax.

Just as everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, Mary turned off the music and asked for everyone's attention. She asked them all to make their way into the living room and to gather around the TV, since she was about to play the film that she had promised everyone. Sarah didn't know anything about this but followed the crowd moving though to the other room and somehow managed to find a seat in the middle of the couch facing the TV. Mary smiled at her and promised that she was about to see why she was the centre of attention.

As the pictured came into focus on the huge screen, Sarah looked at her friend, mystified. The film seemed to be some amateur production, probably captured on a small digital camera, and looked as if it had been done on board a plane. What she saw next shocked Sarah to her very core.

Lying across the seat on the plane was a woman with her eyes closed, one hand playing with her nipples, the other plunging in and out of her soaking wet pussy. As the camera momentarily moved to the woman's face, the guests were left in no doubt as to who the woman was; Sarah had no doubt either because the woman was herself and the film had been recorded on her flight back to the UK by her brother-in-law.

There were gasps all around and more than a few sniggers as she pleaded with her friend to switch it off. Surprisingly, and to more than a few groans of displeasure from the assembled guests, Mary did as her friend had requested.

"Where did you get that?" Sarah managed to ask.

"Your brother-in-law sent it. Sandy must have got our phone number from your mother because he called me the other day and asked for my email address. I didn't know what he was sending but he insisted it would be worth my while."

"But why are you playing it now, in front of all these people?" Sarah didn't understand any of this and would have been furious with her flatmate if she hadn't been so ashamed of what everyone had just seen her on-screen self do.

"I'm sorry, Sarah, really I am. He threatened that if I didn't show this to everyone he would send it to your Headmaster and Board of Governors at the school."

Sarah didn't think her friend looked very sorry; in fact, she looked as if she was thoroughly enjoying herself. She couldn't have known that Mary's pussy juices were at that very moment flooding her panties, the same ones she had stolen from Sarah's bedroom floor.

"Well you've shown it now. Everyone has seen what a slut I am. I don't suppose he mentioned to you that I was fast asleep when I did that and was having some sort of sleepwalking experience? No, I didn't think so. Well, enough is enough. Party's over everyone. Time to go home."

Amidst a chorus of disapproval, Sarah tried to stand up but realised for the first time that there was a man on either side of her on the couch and each of them had taken a firm hold of her by the arm.

"I'm afraid not, Sarah. Sandy also told me about how you had been spanked by your mother and how excited he had been by you being punished across her knee. Now he wants to see you spanked again and he wants us to record it. If we don't agree then this film goes straight to your employers."

Sarah couldn't believe what she was hearing. She thought she had escaped the clutches of her evil brother-in-law but his reach seemed to still have a hold of her, even at this great distance.

"You can't be serious, Mary. You're going to spank me in front of all these people and record it for my brother-in-law?"

"Well, yes and no; yes, we're going to record it but no, I'm not going to spank you. We all are."

Sarah nearly collapsed at these words but there was a ripple of anticipation among the guests as they all started to look forward to spanking their schoolgirl victim. She looked around in fear and humiliation when she realised it wasn't only the men who were looking down at her with hunger in their eyes.

"Just one more thing, Sarah. Sandy insisted that you were naked for your spanking so I think the best way to do this is for us all to go through to the kitchen and bend you over the table.

Sarah felt herself standing, almost in a daze, as she allowed herself to be lifted to her feet by the two men holding her, two men she barely recognised. Mary felt slightly guilty at what she was about to put her friend through; even Sandy hadn't asked for Sarah to be naked, that was her idea. But ever since the first phone call from Sarah's brother-in-law, she had been anticipating this moment.

The crowd moved through to the kitchen and Mary watched them form a deep circle around her flatmate who stood there in the centre of the room, trembling. She smiled as she watched the colour drain from Sarah's face but didn't rush to start proceedings. She wanted her friend to think about what was about to happen to her and Sarah was indeed doing just that; she could think of nothing else except the fact that she was about to be naked in front of a large group of people once again and, even worse, they were then going to spank her.

As Mary made her way to the front of the guests, Sarah could not even look her in the eye. She was sure Mary was only doing this because Sandy was forcing her to but she couldn't help but wonder if there was a part of her flatmate which was enjoying being coerced in this way. When Mary stood in front of her and forced her to look up by lifting her chin, Sarah's eyes were filled with tears. She found no compassion in her friend's, however; instead she noticed that Mary was holding a black, velvet blindfold.

Her eyes widened at the sight but she could do nothing, still being held by the two men, when Mary walked behind her and slipped the blindfold over her eyes. Tying it behind her head, her flatmate had blinded her and Sarah could not prevent a small moan of terror escaping her lips. Nothing happened for a few moments, as Mary seemed to be surveying her handiwork but then she reached with both hands to Sarah's shoulders, squeezing her gently, causing her captive to shiver in alarm. Softly lifting her friend's pigtails, she kissed Sarah on the neck and whispered to her.

"Be a good girl, Sarah, and do as you're told."

By this point, Sarah isn't sure if it was worse to be blindfolded or to be able to see what was happening to her. Every other sense seemed to have been accentuated by her temporary blindness and she listened intently, trying to decipher the source of the small noises she heard, who was making them, what they were doing.

The next thing she became aware of was a touch on her neck. She was sure it was Mary; she was so close she could smell her perfume but there was another underlying scent there, one that Sarah knew very well. The aroma of a woman's arousal was intoxicating, especially blindfolded as she was; the only question was whether the arousal was Mary's or her own.

Unable to see her, she felt Mary reach around her body and begin to undo the buttons on her blouse. She heard the guests all move round until they were standing on front of her as she shuddered at the thought of being undressed in front of all these people. She could feel the weight of their eyes on her body, on her breasts, on her flushed skin as she trembled before them.

As Mary's hands reached the lowest button and began to pull the blouse from her short skirt, she heard herself sob as her friend slid it very slowly off her shoulders and down her arms. She stood there helpless, cursing Sandy under her breath once again, and heard the silence in the room as the guests all stared at her bra-covered breasts. Mary ran her soft hands over her flatmate's tingling body as Sarah's breath became more laboured and she knew she was becoming aroused by the unwelcome touch of her friend.

"Oh no, Mary, please, don't."

"I have to, Sarah, or your brother-in-law will send that file to the Headmaster. Believe me, I wouldn't do this if I didn't have to but you know what he's like."

Sarah did indeed know how manipulative Sandy could be but she still wasn't convinced that Mary wasn't enjoying every minute of her humiliation. She was sure she heard a chuckle as her friend spoke to her but this thought was banished from her mind when Mary opened the clasp of her too-small bra and allowed it to fall to the floor.

Suddenly, she felt the cold air on her small breasts and she knew that her nipples had stiffened. It wasn't the cold, though, that had had that effect; she knew her sensitive nipples were straining under the gaze of their assembled guests, guests she couldn't even see. She knew she was naked from the waist up. She knew that everyone was looking at her and, worst of all, she knew they weren't finished yet.

She was right. Mary's insistent hands had now moved to the waistband of her school skirt and had opened it. As she moaned aloud, her flatmate pulled it down over her hips and let it drop to the floor until it fell around her ankles. She stood there in only her white cotton panties, white cotton socks and black leather shoes. She longed to cover her breasts, her nakedness, but each time she tried her hands were pulled down to her sides. She was ashamed and humiliated, aware that everyone else in the room was looking at her and enjoying the show.

Sarah next became aware of her flatmate's hands sliding up her legs and cupping her bottom cheeks, squeezing them, fondling them. She sensed Mary kneeling down behind her, felt her warm breath on her back, then shuddered as she realised what was going to happen next. She felt Mary place her soft hands on her hips, right at the waistband of her panties, then heard herself moaning in shame again as the other woman slipped her thumbs under the waistband and began to pull those virginal white panties down.

Sarah wasn't sure what she was more ashamed of, the baldness of her pussy, the gasps from the assembled guests or the moistness that she was sure would be evident to Mary as her panties traveled down to join her skirt around her ankles.

"Lift your foot, Sarah."

She did as she was told, obediently stepping out of her panties. Out of her skirt, and stood there, dressed only in her knee-high white socks and black shoes. She listened as Mary picked up her clothes and threw them to the guests, the men cheering as they playfully fought for her wet panties.

She heard the commotion the men were making but she couldn't know what they were doing. Instead she concentrated as Mary took her by the arm and led her to the kitchen table, pushing her forward, the hard wood pressed against the soft skin of her thighs. With a loud sob, she lowered her face to the table top. As she did this, she could feel the cool air on her tightest hole and knew that both it and her pussy were fully displayed. Her sensitive nipples were rubbing on the table and she waited in fear for what was about to happen to her, even more ashamed than when her mother had spanked her so recently. As she began to cry her flatmate motioned the first guest forward until they stood, one at each side of their trembling victim, about to deliver her punishment.

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