tagGay MaleSarah's Poker Surprise

Sarah's Poker Surprise


It was another of our poker nights, we were playing poker with a few friends from work. Sarah and I now had a well practiced routine, we found it eased potential partners into what we had planned. Sarah and I were both very good poker players, we could direct the game however we wished.

Sarah was winning, she announced that this was boring, and that we should raise the stakes. Her idea, she announced to my 3 workmates, was that the loser will be the slave to the others for the rest of the night.

All three of the guys agreed, and I, as scripted, was teased for hedging. I looked at Sarah with a sly smile, acknowledging the plan gooing to script and gave the nod. The game continued, the beer flowed, and my cards continued to be abysmal. When I lost my last chip by staying in on a pair of fives, I wondered what how far the guys would let it go.

"We have ourselves a slave!" Sarah announced, as she got up and left the room. I glanced at Terry, Sam, and Barry and found them all to be watching Sarah's shapely rear as she left the room. After an eternity of silence, Sarah returned wearing a short negligee which only partially covered her tiny white panties and carrying a small jewellery box. Her medium sized breasts were sporting stiff nipples which tried to poke out through the smooth white garment.

"Dan, sit in the middle of the floor here, and take off your clothes", Sarah said firmly. I knew the routine, so looking at worried as i could, I moved to the middle of the living room, and unceremoniously removed my clothes.

"What are you planning to do?" I asked. "Well", Sarah said as she sat facing me. "I'll bet that you fantasise about me having sex with other people, and you just won't admit it. If you don't get an erection then I'll admit that you really don't have those fantasies".

Sarah went over to Terry and knelt in front of him. She reached forward, undid his jeans. After pulling them down, she leaned forward and flicked her tongue at the tuft of hair just above the elastic of Terry's boxers. "Dan, undress this man for me", Sarah said, as she drew her knees to her breasts.

I stood up, and lifted Terry's t-shirt over his head, then sat again and took his pants off each leg. I had to admit, that the bulge in those white shorts sent a tingle down my groin, and I was eager to see what was underneath. While I pulled the shorts down and off, Sarah was removing Barry 's pants, and Sam took the initiative to undress himself. Soon, there were three men standing in front of Sarah's pretty face, with drooping cocks staring at her.

"Sit back and watch the show, and you had better not get hard!" Sarah said as she cuffed my hands behind me. "These are so you can't touch yourself!" Sarah said. My cock was already starting to stiffen. Sarah reached between Terry's legs, placed the palm of her hand on the crack of his ass and pulled him forward kissing the head of his cock. Soon her lips covered entire cock, and she was applying pressure as her cheeks sucked in, she pulled her head back exposing the glistening flesh. Before long, Terry's cock was rock hard and Sarah was sucking on it moaning with pleasure.

"Dan, suck Barry 's cock until he's hard enough to fuck me", Sarah demanded, before lifting Terry's swollen cock so she could tease his large balls with her tongue. "You're joking right?" I asked. This wasn't in the script! What was she doing? "I'm not Bi!" Seeing Sarah sitting there with her head cocked back slightly, with a pair of balls dangling over her darting tongue made my cock spring to attention. "You're dick doesn't seem to agree! You're the slave and you'll do as you're ordered" Sarah snapped. I had never sucked a cock before, but when Barry held his cock in one hand and guided it to my mouth, I took it in. The sensation of feeling that soft cock harden in my mouth as I swirled my tongue across the slit in tip made a drop of pre-cum appear on my stiff rod.

"Enough!" Sarah snapped, "Barry , lay down here and let me sit on that lovely cock". Barry put on a condom from the box and laid down, Sarah sat and deftly glided his cock into her pussy as she pulled her skimpy panties to one side. As she engulfed the entire 8 inches inside of her, Sarah pulled off her negligee and ordered me to take Terry into my mouth. Sarah gyrated her hips, working the cock in and out of her cunt. I know from experience that she is already soaking wet inside, and it must feel great for Barry .

I slurped as I sucked with wild abandon, until I sensed something rising in Terry's balls. I proceeded to work just on the tip of the slippery cock, while I pumped his rocks. When Terry let out a muffled groan, my lips suddenly oozed white cream, which ran down my chin. I engulfed the still twitching pole into my mouth again, and tightened my lips and pulled back to squeeze out any remaining cum.

Terry went and sat on the couch, as his shiny dick retracted to

a much smaller state. Sam, who had just been standing there getting hard by watching Sarah and I, moved closer to allow Sarah the pleasure of his cock. Before doing anything with Sam's bulging cock, Sarah intensified her work on Barry 's lap. She arched her back and tossed her long dark hair back just as Barry bucked his head back and came deep inside her, filling the condom inside her. After squeezing his cock dry with her skilled cunt muscles, Sarah slid off and turned around on her knees, removed the condom and licked the cum off the semi-hard cock lovingly. Sarah turned to me, "Liked what you saw? Well I have a surprise for you!" Sarah pulled some lube out of the jewelry box, my mind racing as to what she had planned next. "Sam, take him over to the big cushion over there! Face down!". "Fuck!" I thought. Surely not! Sam pulled me up and walked my over to the cushions. Pushing me down, he knelt me in front of the cushion and pushed me forward. My ass was now exposed, i could breath ok, but with my hands cuffed behind me, i was at their mercy!

As I lay there, Sam positioned himself behind me, his cock already wrapped. Sarah squirted the lube on to my anus, it clenched as the surprisingly cold lquid ran down over my hole towards my balls. Sarah started spreading it with her finger around my hole, massaging it getting it to loosen up. Then she appeated in front of me, sliding her pussy towards me as she too laid on the cushions. I started eating her sweet little pussy as a finger reappeared at my asshole.

The unseen person slowly slid a finger into my ass and silently began to strech it wider pumping their finger deeper into me.

More lube wass applied, warmer this time and what seemed like the whole bottle. I felt a massive pressure against my anus, i knew i was about to lose my anal vaginity. I ate Sarah's pussy harder dripping saliva down the crack of her ass, with one short thrust, the head slips in. I stop everything and grunt into Sarah's pussy. Wow! The unseen intruder slowly starts to push and withdraw their cock, my ass clenching, holding onto every inch. He starts to speed up, increasing the length i am given. After what seemed like an eternity, he was entirely up my ass, i could feel his pelvis against my ass. He held there, grunting quietly himself. I ate Sarah's cunt now with wild abandon! I was so hot! Someone grasped my cock, sending my head spinning, a warm wet tongue slid up, down and around my shaft, covering ery inch. This was it! My cock was taken into the unknown mouth as the cock in my ass restarted it's pumping. Wasn't there one left? I looked up, just seeing Sarah's mouth engulfed by the third cock with my limited window of vision among the cushions. The balls slapping against mine, the cock in my ass, the mouth sucking my cock, were soon joined by a cock presented at my mouth. As i looked up, i saw Sarah still sucking. Who was the extra person? It was too much for me, i came! Harder than i had ever come before! My vision, gone! All control, gone! I couldn't make a noise! I became detached from my body as wave after wave of pleasure swept through my body, still being fucked and sucked from all angles! I passed out!

When i awoke, i was uncuffed, laying on my back. Everyone had gone and Sarah, in her dressing gown, was giving me some water.

"You had me worried there honey!" Sarah's sweet reassuring voice, letting me know i was now safely back on earth.

Sarah looked at me and said "Was it as good for you as it was for me?"

End of Part one.

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