tagInterracial LoveSarah's Private Dick Ch. 09

Sarah's Private Dick Ch. 09


This is a reader request story - thank you so much for the idea! I had a wonderful time with these characters and really enjoyed writing this story. I hope everyone else has enjoyed reading it!


When Derrick woke up the next morning he was curled around Sarah, her small body tucked into his and his face buried in her sweet smelling hair. It was the best night's rest he'd ever gotten, including the nights that he'd spent at her house. Apparently his body liked having her in his bed with him. Liked it quite a bit, in fact, going by his response to waking up to find his arms full of beautiful, soft Sarah. But he didn't want to impose on her body, considering that she had already been a little sore last night before they'd made love. So he got up and hit the shower, making it cold.

When he got out, his bed was empty and someone was moving around in his kitchen making something that smelled delicious. Walking into the other room he found Sarah, looking gorgeous wearing nothing but one of his t-shirts which covered her almost to her knees and past her elbows, making breakfast. With her hair pulled back into a casual ponytail, she was humming under her breath as she sizzled bacon and watched over the french toast she was making. To her right was a small pile of sliced strawberries and blueberries, obviously meant to go with the French Toast.

"Good morning," he said. It really was a great morning. The best he'd had in a long time in fact.

"Good morning," Sarah said, turning to face him. "You're so good about making food for me I thought I'd return the favor."

"I appreciate it," Derrick replied as he pulled her into his arms and gave her a very thorough good morning kiss. While she finished cooking up breakfast he finally went and listened to the voicemail that Nick had left for him. Not that Nick had left much detail, just that he wanted Derrick to come by so that they could go over the papers together. Not surprising, Nick hated to talk business over the phone; he'd want to be able to go over point by point how he came to his conclusion and show Derrick the paper trail on the way.

Breakfast was delicious and the best kick off to a morning that he'd had in forever. Not only did he like Sarah being in his bed, he liked her in his apartment period. Just being around her and seeing her all tousled from last night made him want to do it again and again and again. Yeah, he was falling hard. But at least he was man enough to admit it. Not that he was going to tell her yet. Considering her most recent relationship experience she'd probably go running for the hills. And she deserved the chance to date other men, even if that thought made him want to punch walls. But he covered that up and just enjoyed having her at his table for breakfast in the morning. And then he took her home, explaining that Nick wanted him to come by. After walking her to her door and giving her yet another thorough kissing, he headed off to see his friend.


Sarah spent the morning back at the restaurant, feeling very good about life in general.

"So what's going on with you and Derrick?" Angel asked, sidling up to Sarah and startling her as she walked through the dining room.

"Oh um..." She had no idea what to say but the red flush that went across her face definitely said it all. Shockingly, Angela hooted and hugged her.

"You go girl!"

"But... we're not... I mean..." Sarah stammered, unsure of how to say it. It's not like she and Derrick had had a real conversation about what they were doing. And she wasn't sure how he would feel about people pairing them up in their minds. Although she had to admit that in her mind they were already rather paired up. Sarah was pretty much a one man kind of woman and Derrick was an absolutely incredible man. But that didn't mean that he felt the same way about her and she didn't want people making assumptions. After all she was going to assume anything. Considering how often Martin had taken her for granted, that was one thing she knew she definitely did not want to do with Derrick.

"Not official?" Angela asked, practically bouncing with giddiness. "That's okay, you will be. I can tell."

"You can?" She felt completely out of her league. The bouncing young woman in front of her probably did have more experience and knowledge when it came to men then she did. How depressing. But it's not like Sarah had too much pride to listen to her.

"Oh yeah. There were major sparks flying at the meeting yesterday," Angela said. "Hey Linda!" She gave the other woman a thumbs up across the restaurant.

"What was that about?"

"You and Derrick."

Sarah groaned and buried her face in her hands. "I'm not ready for this."

"Sure you are. You and Derrick have ten times the chemistry than you and Martin did. You better not let him get away from you," Angela warned.

Suddenly the bottom of Sarah's stomach seemed to drop. How could she possibly keep a man like Derrick when a man like Martin didn't stay faithful to her? Sure there was attraction, but what about when that was gone? Maybe it would be better to just let him go now.

"Oh no. I know that look. Whatever you are thinking you're wrong. I can tell." Angela pulled Sarah to a stop and peered into her face. "I know you've been out of the dating game for awhile but don't you dare surrender. Does he have another woman or something?"

"I don't know," Sarah said softly. "He hasn't said so, but would he?"

"Probably not," Angela admitted. "But I don't think he does. He doesn't seem like the kind of guy." Well that was true enough. "When are you seeing him again?"

"I don't know."

Angela looked Sarah over. "Can Linda and I give you a makeover after lunch shift?"

A makeover? Actually, why the heck not. She hadn't had one since high school and that hadn't been much of one. At the very least it would be something she wasn't used to doing.

"Sure, why not."



Derrick stared at the papers and evidence that Nick had put together. What a fucking asshole. Both of them. Only some of the money embezzled from Polenta had gone to paying for high priced call girls and escorts. The rest of it had been put into offshore bank accounts, once for Vincent and one for Martin. Considering the lackluster bank accounts that Vincent had at home, Derrick now had a pretty good idea what money he was going to use to buy out Polenta from Sarah. His hands clenched, crumpling the papers in them. What a fucking asshole. He must have thought he was so slick, buying out the restaurant with money that he'd embezzled from it, and then would probably have continued to do so until he ran the restaurant into the ground or decided to run off with the money that he'd taken.

Which begged the question, where was he now?

No wonder he'd been in such a rush to get Polenta signed over to Sarah. Dammit. Derrick should have been more curious about that. He should have investigated further and faster and returned Nick's call when the man first called him. Groaning, Derrick put the papers down on Nick's coffee table and leaned back on the couch he was sitting on.

"What?" asked his friend. "I know it's bad but you look... I mean you look like you're taking this personally."

"I let her down." Derrick sighed, rubbing his hand over his head and then down his face. "There is no way this asshole is still in town. I should have called you back yesterday. I should have... I should have done a lot of things." And because he'd had less self control than a horny teenager, Vincent had probably gotten away.

"Yeah, why didn't you call me back?" Nick asked. Derrick looked at him and gave a rather sheepish grin and shrug of the shoulders and watched as Nick's mouth dropped open. "Seriously?" He cracked up laughing as Derrick sighed heavily. "Man you have got it bad."

"I know. And now I'm kicking myself over it. Maybe it's a good thing I'm getting into the restaurant business, it's pretty obvious my head isn't in the game anymore when it comes to investigations."

Stifling his laughter, Nick patted his shoulder reassuringly. "If she's as into you as you are into her she'll understand your distraction. That or maybe you can just distract her from being mad." He winked and Derrick scowled at him. "Let's see if we can figure out whether or not Vincent is still in town."


Sarah hadn't heard from Derrick all day, which was rather depressing. She'd left him a voicemail on his cell phone but she refused to call him again. Gotta have some pride after all. Even if she had spent all afternoon being fussed over by Angela and Linda. And she had to admit, the results looked good. Although she'd refused highlights, the new haircut that she'd gotten kept her hair long except for some shorter strands that curled around her face seductively. She'd gotten new make-up too, to give her a completely natural look that made her eyes pop out like she'd never seen before. Add to that the first sexy lingerie she'd ever bought, which she was wearing right now, and Sarah was feeling pretty good.

Except that he hadn't called. All dressed up and no one to show it off to. Washing up her dinner dishes and putting away the leftovers in a violet silk negligee and robe made her feel feminine and pretty, but at the same time she really wished that Derrick was there to appreciate it. How strange that she wanted his company so badly when she'd felt completely fine being independent when Martin didn't come home late. But she wanted to hear about what he'd been doing all day and tell him about the lunch shift at the restaurant - although she wasn't sure that she should mention Q's big hug and "welcome to the family" speech since that seemed rather pushy - and about her afternoon with the girls. Find out what he thought about her new sleeping attire.

Sigh. So when her cell phone did ring, at about quarter past nine, she practically killed herself diving for it and was rewarded when she saw that it was Derrick calling.


"Hi Sarah," he said, sounding very tired and somewhat removed. Her heart sank a little. Was their little affair over already?

"Hi, what's wrong?" No beating around the bush for her. Life was too short. If it was over then she'd deal with that and move on and just be happy for the short time that she'd gotten with him. After all, no promises had been made and he owed her nothing.

"I'm really sorry," he said and Sarah shut down her emotions a little, twisting the sash on her robe around her hand anxiously. She promised herself that she wouldn't cry. "I messed up. Vincent got away."

"What?" That was not at all where she thought this conversation was going.

"He and Martin had some of the embezzled money put away into offshore accounts. Nick and I spent all day trying to track down Vincent but he left the country early this morning. I was too late. I've alerted the authorities for you and turned over all the information; they're going to try to track him down but it's never a certain thing. There's still the money in Martin's account and we managed to put a freeze on the money that we paid him for his shares of the restaurant, but he got away with everything in his embezzled account. I'm really sorry, Sarah. I didn't mean to let you down and I'll understand if you don't want to see me anymore."

She burst out laughing.


"Sorry, sorry," she managed to get out as she stifled her laughter down to giggles. Even though she knew that she should be mad at Vincent, outraged even, she was too relieved that Derrick still seemed to be interested in her. Money didn't mean that much to her as long as she had financial stability, which wasn't a problem. While she was mad at both Martin and Vincent for stealing from the restaurant, she'd already accepted the fact too. That Vincent had tried to go even further with his money fraud only confirmed her opinion of him. "I don't blame you, Derrick. I already knew Vincent was a slimy jerk."

"You should."

"Should what?"

"Blame me."

Good grief, he almost sounded disappointed that she wasn't giving him a harder time. Misplaced guilt perhaps? She realized that she was feeling pretty good, just being able to talk to him. Hearing his deep rumbling voice. She wanted to reassure him but she also wanted him to just keep talking to her. That bass voice of his just made her think of sex, sex and more sex. Especially when she was wearing silky sexiness.

"Why on earth would I blame you? You're the one that's been helping me."

Derrick groaned. "I got distracted Sarah and I let you down. My mind wasn't on the job and I'm sorry."

"Why be sorry?" she asked, feeling a little hurt now. "If your mind was what I hope it was one then I don't want you to be sorry about that."

Silence for a moment and then he gave one of those chuckles that made her insides tighten. Amusement intertwined with erotic promise. "I'm not sorry about spending a moment with you, Sarah. I'm just sorry that I didn't do my job better."

"Want to come over and show me how sorry you are?" Sarah asked, trying to make her voice sound sultry. She had a feeling that she failed miserably, but she didn't care. Her heart was practically jumping in her chest from nerves at how forward she was being. But she was holding true to her thoughts that life was too short and if she wanted something then she should go for it. And she wanted Derrick. Fortunately he didn't disappoint.

"Why yes, yes I would."


Derrick pulled up to Sarah's house, still wondering at his good fortune. Not only had Sarah not sounded mad at him, she'd actually propositioned him. And he'd been hard every since she'd done it. Sure he felt like he'd let her down, but he was more than willing to meet her demands to make it up to her. Quite happily. After spending a frustrating day trying to figure out where Vincent had gone to and doing his best to mitigate the damage, having Sarah support him without being angry actually meant a great deal to him. She was unlike any other woman that he'd ever met, who would probably have been furious over her loss of money and would have shrilly bitched him out. He would have put up with it, knowing that he deserved it, but Sarah's understanding and lack of anger was a gift that he wasn't going to take for granted. When she opened the door and he got his first good look at her, he thought his dick might break through his zipper.

Her auburn hair was down, curling around her face and shoulders and it looked different. He wasn't sure what she had done to it, but it looked good. Of course he barely noticed her hair because she was wearing the sexiest silk nightie trimmed with lace, visible through her matching open robe. The silk hugged her curves, the color setting off the creaminess of her skin and the fiery highlights in her hair. As he stared at her, taking in the entire visual, she shifted and the skirt swayed against her thighs, a small smile on her face.

He didn't speak. He couldn't. He just swept her up in his arms and kicked the door closed as he pulled her in for a kiss. Sarah melted against him, feeling almost boneless with the desire that was running through her. The expression on Derrick's face as he'd looked her over had made up for years of Martin's lack of interest; with just a look he'd made her feel sexy and desirable. Her soft breasts pressed against his chest as his tongue danced with hers, hands gripping her buttocks and running over the silky material covering her skin. When he realized that she wasn't wearing any underwear he groaned, swinging her around and wedging her between him and the door as he got to his knees.

"What are you doing?" Sarah asked, gasping. She was trembling with her need for him, her pussy throbbing with desire.

"Getting on my knees and begging forgiveness." Any reply she might have made was lost as his hot breath flowed across her pussy lips. Sarah leaned back against the door, letting most of her weight rest on it, her legs trembling as Derrick's tongue slid between her feminine folds, lapping at the sweet juices that had gathered there. His hands cupped her buttocks, helping hold her up and presenting her pussy to him. Sarah's palms were pressed flat against the door, the silky fabric of her negligee rubbing sensually over her nipples as they hardened, increasing her pleasure.

Derrick stiffened his tongue and thrust it inside of her, eliciting a cry that echoed around the entry way. She tasted sweet on his tongue, her small gasps and moans only making him harder as he longed to bury himself in her body. But they had all night for that. Right now he wanted to pleasure her, taste her, eat her until she screamed her orgasm. Bucking her hips, Sarah did something she'd never done before. Trusting Derrick to keep helping hold her up, she removed her hands from the door behind her and began running them over her body, rubbing across her stomach and her breasts, sensually teasing herself as Derrick's tongue lashed at her most intimate parts. She felt sensual and sexy in a way that she never had, almost like Derrick was worshiping her on his knees as he pleasured her. Looking down and seeing this fully dressed man, dark head pressed between her creamy thighs, was incredibly arousing. She rolled her nipples between her fingers through the silk and shuddered at the sensation.

With Derrick's talented mouth it didn't take long before she was crying out his name, her nipples tightly pinched between her fingers as she writhed against the door. His hands took the brunt of her weight as she shuddered with orgasm, sweet juices spilling into his eager mouth as he laved his tongue between her folds and over her clit, drawing out her orgasm. As her shivering decreased and her body relaxed, he took one final swipe down her center before standing. Sarah looked up at him blissfully, her eyes half hooded and lazy with pleasure.

"Thank you," she said. "You're forgiven."

"Nope," he grinned at her as her eyes opened all the way in surprise. "I think I need to try much, much harder to make this up to you."

And with that he flipped her over his shoulder, hand wedged between her thighs so that he could run this thumb along her pussy lips as he carried her to the stairs. Laughing, Sarah tried to order him to put her down, but he just ignored her. She had to admit, the caveman routine was getting her pretty hot. The muscles of his shoulder rippled beneath her body and she could feel this thumb stirring her folds, his broad palm pressed against her thigh. Running her hands down his back, she pulled on his shirt to untuck it as he carried her up the stairs, getting her hands on his smooth skin. She loved seeing the contrast of her pale hands and the dark muscles moving in his back. Unfortunately she was too short to slide her hands down the back of his pants like she wanted to.

"I'm not sure I feel like this is really the act of a man looking for forgiveness," she teased him as they headed into the bedroom.

Derrick laughed, making her bounce on his shoulder as his thumb pressed into her wet hole and she moaned. "I think this is exactly how men should beg for forgiveness." He tossed her onto the bed and crawled over her, trapping her with his body before she even registered where she was. Lowering his head, he captured her lips with his, plundering her mouth with his tongue. Sarah felt herself melting underneath him, molten liquid gathering between her legs. Okay, so maybe he had a point. If she had been mad, she probably wouldn't be now. The robe and straps of her negligee were rolled off of her shoulders, the bunched fabric trapping her elbows to her sides as Derrick exposed her breasts to him. Straddling her body, he kept her pinned down beneath him as his dark hands engulfed her creamy breasts with splayed fingers, like a raven's wing spread across a cloud.

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