tagLoving WivesSarah's Seminar

Sarah's Seminar


It was on my desk when I came back from lunch on Wednesday, the usual Fedex 9 X 12 cardboard envelope, except that it was marked 'Private and Personal'.

Private and personal? Then why was it delivered to my office? It had been sent from Chicago and I could not think of who would have any reason to send such a message to me. My wife left for there on Sunday afternoon for a one week training course required by her company but we talked every evening before dinner. Anything so personal, concerning her, she would have mentioned to me in our conversation.

I opened it and found a DVD and a sheet of paper. The DVD looked as if it was a new blank and the letter contained the following message .

"Play this DVD in private and see how your wife spends her evenings while she is away from you."

I could not imagine what this DVD could contain. Sarah and I have been married for four years and although we have had a problem with her getting pregnant we have been very happy together. At least I have always thought so, and she never indicated that she was unhappy.

Of course, I couldn't wait to see what this was all about but I couldn't leave work early because of a late afternoon meeting. Then I had to call her before I had my dinner and our conversation was just as normal as it had ever been. It took all my will power not to mention the DVD and as soon as I could, I settled down into my easy chair with an after dinner brandy to view it. I popped the DVD into the player and brought the image up on our big screen TV. I should have made the brandy a double.

The scene opened with a couple embracing and kissing. Her back was to the camera and her arms were around the neck of a black man easily a foot taller than she was. Her blonde hair and milk white skin was in sharp contrast to his dark tones. The difference was emphasized by his hand groping her ass.

I watched that hand slide up her back to the top of the zipper and then down again opening her dress to her ass. His other hand opened the catch on her bra and the both dress and bra slipped off of her shoulders and down to the floor. Both his hands grasped her thighs and then he lifted her like she was a feather, When she was waist high on him she wrapped her legs around him. She supported herself like that when he ripped her thong panties from her body. I could see her arch her back when he lowered her onto his naked, rampant cock. I heard his voice when he said,

"You like that baby?" Her voice quavered when she relied,

"Oh god yes. I love it."

"Then move on it bitch. Milk me, make me cum."

I watched her pull herself up with her arms and legs and then let herself down again. Up and down, up and down. The camera moved in for a close up of the black cock as it slid in and out of that white pussy and then I saw it. I saw that little butterfly tattooed just above her right buttock.

That's when my world went out from under me, that's when I realized that the blonde was my wife. She moved herself frantically trying to get him to cum inside of her. I watched as he lifted her off of him and heard him say,

"You're no fucking good; your little white snatch can't get me off. I don't know why I bother with you." And I heard her beg.

"No Reggie I can do it. Please, let me suck you. I'll get you off. I promise."

I watched her get down on her knees and watched as she made love to it. Made love to that black cock the way she never made love to mine. She stroked it and licked it, sucked it and caressed it. He teased her with it, offering it to her mouth and then withholding it just beyond her reach. I could see the lust on her face and the desire to get her lips on it. Her mouth was open and her tongue was out, nothing was more important than swallowing that salami.

I saw him slap her right cheek with it and then the other cheek. Her mouth was open, tongue out, all the time trying to catch it. She was lost in her lust, in her need to suck him off and then his hand stroked himself and the first shot landed on her face. She managed to catch the rest in her mouth and she proudly showed him the mouthful before she swallowed it.

I saw her use a finger to wipe his cum off of her face and then lick it off her finger as she looked up at him. He said,

"You liked that didn't you?"

"MMMM yes. It was wonderful."

"As good as last night?"

"Better, I got to taste you tonight. Last night you only fucked me. Please will you fuck me again tonight?"

"Sure baby, tonight and every night. Now kiss Little Reggie and thank him."

She leaned forward and kissed his cock and said,

"Thank you Little Reggie. We're going to be good friends."

The rest of the DVD was Reggie fucking her doggie, missionary and anally. If it had been another woman I might have been aroused by the way she submitted to him and the lust she showed in her face. As it was, I was alternately disappointed, disgusted and enraged by her behavior.

In the morning I was on the first plane out to Chicago, I wanted to catch her or confront her. I got there before one o'clock and went to the same hotel she was staying in. I had to kill some time before a room was ready so I went to the restaurant to get some lunch. I overheard two guys at the next table talking about the show they had witnessed last night. The fat guy said,

"Wasn't that something? Those two broads, the way they were fucking those two black studs." and the skinny one replied,

"Fucking? It was the sucking. I wish my wife would go down on me the way that they did. Especially that blonde, she was really into it."

Fat guy. "It was the hottest thing I have ever seen. It was worth the hundred bucks just to watch them make that movie.

Skinny guy, "Do you want to go again tonight?"

Fat guy, "I would love to but I can't afford another hundred. I've got to buy my wife a birthday present."

It sounded like it was Sarah making the movie and it was a golden opportunity I wasn't going to let it go by. I said,

"I couldn't help but overhear you and it sounds like a good evenings entertainment. Can you tell me where and when? I would love to see a show like that." Fat guy replied,

"Wouldn't do any good, you need an invitation."

"Well if you are not going, how about giving me your invitation."

"No, I might change my mind."

"How about I pay you a hundred for the invitation and pay the way in for both of you." He replied,

"It's a deal. I'll pick you up outside the hotel tonight at seven. Don't be late, there's no place to park in front."

They picked me up at seven o'clock and we drove for about half an hour to the south side of Chicago. We had to park two blocks away from a building where a guy was collecting the admission fee. I paid for the three of us. We didn't need an invitation. We walked into a large room with perhaps, 30 or 40 chairs, set up in a circle around a stage setting. A bed, a sofa, an easy chair, a kitchen chair and a piano bench filled the stage.

As soon as the last seat was filled the door was closed and the lights dimmed, only the stage remained illuminated. Two camera men carrying sophisticated hand held cameras entered first and positioned themselves on the periphery of the stage. Then two couples walked arm in arm down the only aisle separating the seats and onto the stage. One couple was Sarah and the guy on the DVD and the other was another tall black guy with a woman who looked familiar. It took me a couple of minutes and then I placed her. Her name was Beth, and I had met her at an office party where Sarah worked.

Sarah and Reggie moved to center stage and the filming began. He took her left hand in his and raised it high over her head and spun her around so that every one could get a good look at her. She was wearing a halter top dress; the deep V in front went all the way to her waist and the back was open to the top of her ass. It was impossible to wear a bra under that dress and her heavy breasts moved like a viscous liquid as she spun around. She was beautiful and sexy and every cock in the audience must have stood up at once. Reggie said,

"What's your name Blondie?"

"Barbie," she answered.

"No it's not. What is your real name?"

"It's Sarah."

"That's a sweet biblical name and you are married, aren't you? Show every one your rings."

She hesitated and he took her left wrist and holding her arm straight out from her body he rotated her so everyone could see the glitter from the diamond engagement ring and the gold wedding ring I had given her.

"Where is your husband now?"

"He's at home."

"And you are here without him, why is that Sarah? Why are you here without your husband? Why Sarah, tell me why?"

As he spoke he opened his fly and took out his cock. Limp it was long, longer than mine was when it was erect. He was humiliating her, making her admit in front of an audience, in front of a camera, that she wanted his cock.

"Is this why you are here Sarah? Is it because you want my cock? Say it Sarah, say why you are here."

"Please." she said, "Don't make me do this."

"Say it. Take it in your hand and say you want it and then kiss it or leave and you will never see it again."

I could almost see the struggle she went though reflected on her face and then she surrendered. She reached out and took it in her hand. She said.

"Yes, I want it. I want your big, beautiful cock."

She sank to her knees and kissed it and then she made love to it. If it hadn't have been my wife, it would have been the most erotic thing I have ever seen. The two guys I was with were rubbing their crotches and I could swear one of them came in his pants.

"Jeez," he said, "look at the tits on that broad."

At first I thought he meant Sarah because Reggie had undone the clasp fastening her halter top but then I saw the action going on between the other pair. Her stud had a naked Beth bent over the arm of the sofa and he was fucking her from behind. Every time he plunged into her I could see her ass ripple and her massive pendulous tits swayed in a huge arc, back and forth. The guttural grunts she was emitting were in perfect sync with his thrusts.

Reggie, tired of Sarah's sucking, had her standing and repeating her pirouette, only this time naked. The look of lust on her face showed that she had lost all inhibition and that she reveled in the display of her wantonness. Reggie led her to the bench and had her kneel facing it, tits and elbows on the flat surface. He reached underneath and brought out two cuffs attached to the legs and fastened them to her wrists on the side away from her, and two more went around her thighs on the near side. She was immobilized.

Beth's stud finished fucking her and moved in front of Sarah to present his cum covered cock to her mouth for cleaning. She fell to it with enthusiasm. Her desire to clean him was obvious by the way she licked him and pulled at her bonds to swallow the length of it. When he was clean he moved aside and Beth took his place only she sat on the bench facing Sarah, her legs straddling Sarah's head. My wife, bound as she was, was straining to get her tongue as far as she could into Beth's cunt to clean her out.

I watched for two hours while those two guys fucked the women every way possible. Sarah, most of the time still shackled to that bench, although they did release her legs so that she could raise her ass high enough to be fucked there also. The finale was with Sarah lying on her back on top of Reggie with his cock in her ass while Beth was sixty-nining her and Tyrone was fucking Beth's cunt from behind.

I wanted out of there after the first half hour but of course I couldn't go because my chauffeur and his buddy weren't leaving. I think they both got their rocks off again before the night was over. Me? I just got sicker and now there was no need for confrontation.

I was out of Chicago on the first flight home in the morning but not before I left a note with the head bellman to be delivered to Sarah at 8am. It read,

'I was there last night, don't come home.'

My cell phone was ringing before I got to the airport. It was Sarah, I turned off the phone. When I landed I checked the phone again, there were five more calls from her. When I got home there were three more on the answer machine, I deleted them. It was the middle of the afternoon, too late to go into work, too much on my mind to do any work at home, so I poured myself a stiff drink and sat back to think. What the hell happened to her and why?

I was awakened by the door bell; it was just after 7 pm. I had had two drinks and no sleep the night before so I must have fallen asleep in my easy chair. I said to myself,

"Fuck it." but the bell just kept ringing.

Finally I went to the door and there stood Beth.

"What the hell do you want?"

"I want to talk to you about Sarah."

"There's nothing to talk about. I was there last night. I saw the two of you behaving like common sluts and loving it."

"It wasn't her fault."

"Not her fault? I didn't see anyone putting a gun to her head.

"She had to do it."

"She had to do it? She sure looked like she was enjoying it."

"Well once it got started her body responded but originally she didn't want to."

I didn't understand what she was talking about and I told her so. She said,

"She is out there in the car crying her heart out. She loves you, she can't live without you. In fact, she is suicidal, that's why I am here with her. I am afraid she will kill herself. Let me bring her in and make you understand what she is going through."

I let Beth bring her in; she was a sight to behold. Her eyes were bloodshot and puffy and her cheeks were tear stained. Her nose was red and running and she wore no makeup. She looked like an orphaned waif and if I hadn't been so angry with her I would have taken her in my arms and comforted her. Beth sat down and began her explanation,

"For you to understand, I have to start at the beginning which was when she and I met in our first year of college, we were roommates. It didn't take me long to realize that she was a submissive personality and I began to dominate her. We lived like that for the whole four years of college and by the time we graduated she was completely submissive to me in every aspect of her life."

As she spoke she beckoned to Sarah and pointed to the floor at her feet and Sarah moved to her and sat where indicated and rested her head against Beth's thigh.

'My god,' I thought to myself, 'she is acting like a pet poodle.' and sure enough Beth's hand was stroking Sarah's hair. Beth continued,

"When I got this job in Atlanta I brought Sarah here with me and we lived the same life in our apartment as we did in college. I even got her a job where I worked. Everything was perfect until she met you. She fell in love with you on your first date and it caused no end of problems for the two of us. I was jealous and demanding of her until finally she told me that she couldn't stand the tension between us. When you asked her to marry you, I wanted to continue our relationship. She told me that she would have to leave me unless I accepted the fact that you came first. I had to take second place in her life since I didn't want to give her up. Sarah and I have still been lovers at least once a week since your wedding."

Sarah's eyes were silently pleading as Beth's hand found its way inside of her blouse. Her eyes closed as the hand began manipulating her nipple. I could see her body responding involuntarily to the assault on her breast and the expression on her face changed from wanting my understanding to surrendering to the hand manipulation. Beth, never pausing in her narrative continued,

"At her insistence, I was not to be present when she was with you, for fear our behavior would give away our secret. I had to agree to all these accommodations otherwise I might have lost her. I have to say that these compromises annoyed me no end and for four years I lived with them. When the assignment came to go to the seminar in Chicago, I made sure that Sarah was invited also. It was my chance to be alone with her for a whole week."

Sarah's blouse was now lying on the floor along with her bra. Beth's insistent fingers were now rolling and pulling both of Sarah's nipples and her hips were gently undulating even though she was still sitting on the floor. Beth was demonstrating her dominance and Sarah's submission in spite of being in my presence. She never paused her story,

"I had arranged for Reggie to meet us in the hotel bar Sunday evening after Sarah spoke to you on the phone. A few drinks and a few words from me and we were soon upstairs in our room where I brought Sarah into the same condition you see now. When I told her to suck Reggie's cock she obeyed like the good sub she is." She then commanded,

"Sarah, show Arnie how you sucked Reggie's cock."

Sarah moved like she was in a trance. She crawled on all fours her naked tits swaying below her chest until she was between my legs. She sat back on her heels and her hands went to my belt, and then opened my waist band and my zipper. All the time she was murmuring,

"I love you Arnie, I love you. Please share me with Beth, don't send me away."

I loved this woman, or at least I did up until last night, and I couldn't help myself, I got hard. As Sarah sucked on my dick, Beth never stopped talking.

"While she was sucking on Reggie he told me about this movie deal he had and the money he was making from the audience and the DVD sales, it was a fucking fortune. I couldn't resist the temptation and we made a deal to make a movie every night while we were in Chicago. Sarah didn't want to do it but, as you can see, she can't resist me and will do anything I want when I get her primed." I said,

"Then it was you who sent me that DVD."

"Sure I did," she replied, "I want to keep making those movies. In a year we will be rich and just doing this for a living. This is big money we are talking about."

I gently pushed Sarah's head back and her lips reluctantly left my cock, her hands never stopped caressing it. She said,

"Please Arnie, I want you to cum in my mouth or better yet, fuck me, fuck me now."

Beth continued her monolog,

"Come on Arnie, you can have the both of us. You will have two hot sluts to service you anytime you want and you can live off of what we earn. There's enough for all of us."

The temptation was enormous, two hot sexy women suggesting that we live in a ménage a trios and my never having to work again. Sarah, kneeling before me like a slave girl offering her body and Beth smiling, knowing that she was offering carnal and fiscal delights no one could refuse.

Then I thought of those black cocks and where they have been and where they were going to go when making those movies. I saw again, in my mind, the look on Sarah's face when Beth played with her tits and I knew the woman I loved was a marionette and Beth pulled her strings. She would never belong only to me and I would always have to share her with Beth. That made up my mind.

"No thanks," I said, "I'm no pimp. I can't live off of what a woman earns with her body. Take her out of here Beth. Get out, both of you, and go back to Chicago."

Beth dragged a naked to the waist, wailing Sarah out to her car and they drove away, out of my life. It took six months before I was single and three more years before I married again.

Two years after I remarried I was back in Chicago for the wedding of a friend's son. I was sitting in the bar of our hotel because my wife had shooed me out of the room. I had become impatient with how long it was taking her to prepare herself for the evening's festivities. I was nursing a beer and watching a broadcast of a college football game when a sultry voice said,

"Arnie, you look gorgeous in that tuxedo."

I swiveled in my seat and there was Beth, a completely refurbished and beautiful Beth. She was standing next to me wearing a form fitting cocktail dress that seemed to reveal more than it hid. She had always been a good looking woman but now she was a knockout. Her bust seemed bigger and her hips sleeker. Her movements were more sensual and her breasts moved like they were made of some heavy liquid. Her makeup was perfect and there was not a wrinkle on her face. Everything about her declared, high maintenance.

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