tagLoving WivesSarah's Story Ch. 05-06

Sarah's Story Ch. 05-06

byDG Hear©

This is the conclusion to Sarah's story. A special thank you to LadyCibelle and Techsan for their editing.

Chapter 5: Ray Speaks.

Where do I begin? I found the true love of my life. Sarah and I just seemed to hit it off from the get go. We started by just dating to see how compatible we were. We found out we loved a lot of the same things: movies, music and we both wanted to have kids. People that knew us both said we made the perfect couple. I thought we did also.

Before meeting Sarah, I spent my life trying to become successful. I worked hard and traveled all week long. I wanted to make it to the big time by becoming a vice-president of marketing at a pharmaceutical company. I wanted a good life for Sarah and myself. I was hoping to eventually get married and have a family.

After the first time making love to Sarah, I knew there would never be anyone else for me. Like they said in one of those movies, "She completed me." I loved her so much.

I asked her to marry me and we became engaged. I didn't care how long we had to wait as long as I knew we would be together. I had a good job but I knew if I could reach the vice-president position that my wage would double and I wouldn't have to travel as much.

I knew I was being checked out by a headhunter. He was hired by the drug company to find a top notch marketing person in the drug industry. It was everything I wanted. I bought a new car to show I wasn't afraid of taking chances and expected to be successful. Sarah and I argued about it but I needed to show that I was successful and I needed to play the part.

Sarah said I was just being wasteful, that I needed to try living more within my means. I didn't know at the time how successful Sarah really was. She was always quiet about her finances. One day I put a deposit on a beautiful home in the country. I wanted Sarah and I to be together more. I figured we could share the rent by both of us giving up our apartments.

Sarah loved the house. I remember us making love in every room. It was Sarah's way of christening each room. She surprised me one day by putting a hundred thousand dollars into my checking account. She told me it was her way of contributing to our home and future life together.

One day a guy named Mark contacted me about the vice-presidential position in marketing of a competitive firm. It was everything that I had worked for. It would make my dreams come true. I would have the position I always wanted and Sarah and I could get married and start our family.

The job would be located in Cleveland near where we lived. I made a trip to New York to interview for the position. I have to admit that I was nervous as hell interviewing for the job, knowing the rest of my life weighed in the balance. There was nothing I wouldn't do to obtain this position and secure the future of Sarah and me.

The interview went well and it sure got Sarah's and my hopes up. She was so supportive and stood behind me and my decisions. Mark called and mentioned that he needed to talk to Sarah. This company was big on families and wanted to make sure the wife was supportive of her husband. Of course Sarah and I weren't married but Mark said that the company knew that once we got married they needed to know that Sarah was still behind me.

Sarah was getting ready for us to go out to dinner with Mark. She had never met him before. I know I bragged her up to him and he was somewhat excited to meet her.

When she got dressed and I took a look at her, I wanted to make love to her right there on the spot. She looked so damn sexy in the black skirt with the lacy things on it. With the slit on the side going up her thigh, I could see she wore garters instead of those pantyhose. Damn, she looked gorgeous. I loved her so much. I couldn't believe she was with me. Sarah said she had a surprise for me when we got home that night. I knew I was going to get lucky. She very rarely denied me anyway but that night was special. We could celebrate my getting this new job.

She had a rough life and I wanted to do everything in my power to make her life happier. I knew once I got this new position that we would be set pretty much for life. As I mentioned earlier I didn't know that she had any money. I thought she put it all in our joint checking account. I really wanted the best for her.

Mark stopped by and picked us up; I had the sports car and we couldn't all fit into it. As the night went on, I drank a lot more then I usually do. Mark kept kind of flirting with Sarah. I just thought he was being a nice guy, but I was wrong.

I knew Sarah was annoyed a little with Mark. Normally she would have said something to him but I think she was holding her cool so as not to jeopardize my position. I went to the restroom and when I got back Sarah didn't look overly happy. Mark had asked her questions and he told her how lucky I was. He told me Sarah said she would do anything to see that I got this job. I have a feeling that wasn't exactly what Sarah said.

"Honey," said Sarah. "I let Mark know that I'm behind you 100%. There's nothing I wouldn't do for you." She leaned over and kissed me.

Mark said it was about time to leave. He mentioned he had a couple more questions and maybe we could have a nightcap. I wanted him to go so I could be alone with Sarah, but I figured we could put up with him for another few minutes; especially if the job depended on it. When we got back to the house I had to head to the bathroom again. I guess it was my nerves. I hoped everything went good that night.

I heard a commotion while I was in the restroom. When I came out, I saw Sarah standing in the kitchen.

"What's the matter, Honey?" I asked.

"Your bastard friend put his hands on me. Please ask him to leave," I asked.

"What the hell's going on?" I asked Mark.

Mark replied, "Okay, Ray, I'll put it like this. Everything depends on your and Sarah's cooperation right now. If I get what I want the position is yours guaranteed. You'll be making double the money you're making right now, and that's just starting out. You will be the vice-president of a major corporation. You will be able to buy Sarah everything you've ever wanted. You'll probably never see me again after tomorrow. If I don't get what I want, and we both know what that is, I will tell the board of directors that your fiancée and future wife isn't behind you like she said she was. You won't get the position.

"You can ask me to leave and it's all over, or you can go tell Sarah it's okay to have sex with me and after tomorrow, we'll never see each other again. The choice is yours."

Oh, God, this son of a bitch was going to either have sex with Sarah or the job and our future was history. I knew I couldn't force Sarah to do anything like that. I was so tied up inside. This was the last thing I wanted but everything was now on the line. I should have kicked Mark's ass out but because of the drinks and the thought of losing the position, I went and talked to Sarah.

"I know you heard everything. I can't force you to do it but our lives depend on your decision. It will only be the one time and we will have our dreams fulfilled after tomorrow."

God, it was the worst decision I had ever made in my entire life. I have regretted it ever since. Instead of standing up for my wife, I forced her to make a decision that I'll always regret. If there was ever a time I could re-do or live a situation over again, it would be that day.

Maybe it was the thought of losing the position or too much to drink that made me such a stupid man. I walked back into the living room and I saw Mark smile as he walked by me and into the kitchen.

"Now, that's the right decision, Sarah. You can hate me but just think what you are doing for Ray," remarked Mark.

To this day, I can't believe I asked my fiancée to do such a thing. I stood in the living room and watched a man taking the woman I loved. I know I had tears in my eyes as I watched her let this man have her. I knew she wasn't enjoying it because of the way she was looking at me. It was as if to say, "Ray, I promised you that I would do anything for you and now I'm proving it."

Mark asked me to get Sarah's drink off the table. I couldn't look at her as I handed her the drink. Seeing this man pushing his cock into her. Any man that says it's erotic to see your woman with another man must not love her the way I loved Sarah. I wanted to tear my heart out and die.

I didn't know it at the time but Mark must have drugged her drink. As he came in her, she seemed to be extremely groggy. Mark lifted her off the counter and half carried her into the bedroom.

"What the fuck are you doing?" I asked Mark.

"Ray, I'm almost finished. Don't go and blow it all now and try to play the macho role. It's a little too late for that. You can either come in and watch or just sit here and wait. I won't be that long."

I poured myself a drink and just sat on the couch and sulked, wondering how I could be such a wimp. I wanted to do something about it but Mark was right. It was too late now. After what Sarah had done for me I didn't want to blow it now.

Mark came out smiling after about an hour. "I'll see to it that you get that position. I always keep my word. Don't worry about Sarah. She cares for you. She sure is one fine woman. I'll see you tomorrow at the airport."

I couldn't even look at him or talk to him. I felt about as low as a man could feel. After he left I went in to check on Sarah. She was passed out with her clothes in disarray. I just backed out of the bedroom and went to the couch and cried myself to sleep.

I wrote a note to Sarah doing my best to apologize. I told her that I would do my best to make it up to her. I was too ashamed to face her in the morning and left before she woke up.

I got to the airport really early, had a little breakfast and tried to put my best face on. After all what was done was done. I now had to get my mind back on the position. I hated the idea of seeing Mark but I didn't have much choice.

My cell phone rang and it was Mark. He said he had some business to attend to and for me to fly ahead. He would catch a later flight. He told me that he had talked to the board of directors and put in a good word for me telling them that Sarah was 100% behind me. He congratulated me on getting the position. I hated telling him, "Thank you," but it was all over now.

Before I got on the plane I thought about Sarah and how much she loved me. It brought tears to my eyes. It would be something that I would never forget.

I arrived at the office in New York and met with the board. I did get the position but later found out that I had already gotten it. Mark was supposed to have told me but instead he used me and Sarah. I would never have the nerve to tell Sarah that I would have gotten the position anyway. Again I felt bad putting Sarah through this for nothing. I wanted to kill Mark. Good thing he wasn't at the meeting.

I called Sarah to tell her about getting the position. She didn't answer. I wondered where she might have gone that day. I tried her cell phone and she answered. I first wanted to apologize and told her I promised to make it up to her. I then told her about getting the position and when I would get home the next day I wanted to celebrate.

"Ray, I'm happy that you got the position you wanted so badly. Maybe you can go out and celebrate with your friend, Mark," she said sarcastically.

"I need you to know that I had sex with Mark only because you asked me to. I promised you that I would do anything for you and I did. I hope you're happy with the results. I didn't like your friend at all. I can't lie to you so I'm letting you know I won't be home when you get there tomorrow. You hurt me really bad and I have to get away and think things over. Please don't try to find me. I do need this time away from you."

"Sarah, Mark wasn't there today. He called this morning and said that he would be catching a later flight. He had some work to finish. He did say he talked with the board and the job was waiting for me. I'm glad he wasn't there. I don't want to see him ever again. I just hope you can forgive me."

"I don't know, Ray. Right now I need time. I put all my love and trust in you and your job meant more to you than I do." Then she hung up and must have turned off her phone.

I was so overwrought with emotion. What should have been the best day of my life was quickly becoming my worst. I used the woman I loved more than anyone in this world. Now I had the prestige, power and money, but not my woman to share it with.

I was hoping she would be there when I returned but she wasn't. The following day I went to her office to talk to Bess.

"Bess, have you seen Sarah? Do you know where she is?" I asked.

"Mr. Boltan, Sarah left me a message on the answering machine telling me I'm not to speak to you of her whereabouts. To be honest with you, I don't know where she is. I have a phone number where she can be reached and a new e-mail address where I'm to forward any information. I have strict orders not to give you either one," replied Bess.

"Please, Bess, I need to talk to her," I replied.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Boltan. I'm not about to lose my job. If you ever want to leave her a message here, I'll forward it to her. Now please leave."

I was in her office five times in the following three weeks. I left messages and she forwarded them for me. I never got any replies. The last time I went a little crazy yelling at Bess. It was a big mistake. She had me slapped with a warrant, and an order of protection. If I so much as came near the office, I would be arrested. Now I lost my only connection to locate Sarah.

I called Vera and got the same runaround. She really gave me the third degree. I figured Sarah told the whole story to Vera. After all she was Sarah's best friend. After checking with most of Sarah's friends I wondered if she might have gone to see Vera. I contacted the Cleveland airport but there was no Sarah Horn flying to Canada. Where did she go? How did she get there? Her car was still parked at home.

About a week after my interview I got a call from one of the directors. He started out by welcoming me to the company and asked if I found everything satisfactory.

"Yes, sir, everything is going well here. My secretary is well versed in the product line. She is surely an asset to this office."

I didn't mention anything about Sarah. After all she wasn't my wife yet. He then asked me if I had seen Mark.

"No, sir, the last time I talked to him was the day of my interview. As I told the board, he called and said he would be late. Is there a problem?" I asked.

The director replied, "As you know he doesn't work for the company but as an independent headhunter. His wife has called and said he hasn't returned home in over a week. We pay for his rental car and of course his air fare as part of his remuneration. We checked with them and he never returned his car. The ticket for his air flight was returned. We have contacted the police and they are running a check. They may be calling you. Well, keep up the good work. We're expecting great things from you."

I was wondering what the hell happened to Mark. I didn't have to wait long to find out. About two days later I was contacted by the police department. They located the rental car in a low rent district. When they opened the trunk, the stench of a dead body filled the air. It seems that Mark had been beaten to death. He also had a bullet wound in his leg. The police needed to talk to me.

I explained that the last time I talked to Mark was before my flight. He was to take a later flight, for which the company said the ticket was used. They checked his cell phone record and indeed there was a call to me. In the last week the cell phone had run up over a five hundred dollar debt. They brushed the car for prints and found a number of them which they were checking out.

About two days later the police were back at my office. They said they had my prints and I explained about us going out to dinner. They asked to see Sarah and I told them she had left a couple of days ago to visit a friend in Canada. They just wanted to verify my story. They came a day later and said it wasn't necessary to talk to Sarah. They had found their supposed killers.

It was a gang that hung out near a carry-out/gas station. The police figured that they jumped Mark at the station and then stuffed him in his trunk and, sometime along the way, they beat and shot him.

The assailants tried to say that they just found this car parked with the keys in it and took it for a ride. The police told me that one of the assailants had the gun on him when he was picked up. Again he tried to deny that he shot Mark but his prints were on the gun and it had recently been fired. He tried to say he was just target shooting.

They ran a trace on the gun and found out it was stolen three months before and was used in a murder of a convenience store employee. They also found Mark's credit cards and his cell phone on members of the gang.

Of course the gang denied they killed Mark and was surprised his body was in the trunk. When asked about the smell, the assailants said they never really smelled anything. It always smelled like that where they lived.

Of course, they were all booked for the murder of Mark and the convenience store employee. They all had rap sheets as long as their arms. The police said Mark was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The police called me a couple of days later and told me that Mark died a slow horrible death. He actually lived for awhile after the beating and died of the slow loss of blood. The only thing they weren't able to figure out was who used Mark's flight ticket. Since it was a change of flight, no one knew who used the ticket. All they knew was it was made out to a Dana Benson and was used. They figured one of the gang members wanted to take a free trip to New York and used the ticket.

I was feeling odd about Mark's death. In one sense I was horrified that such a thing could happen. In another I was glad he was dead. I know I shouldn't feel this way about the dead but I do. I just wish I could have been the one to do him in and let Sarah know I tried to salvage some of my honor toward her.

I put almost all my time into my work. I called Vera about once a week and told her if she heard from Sarah to tell her I loved her. Vera always said she would pass along the message. After a couple of months I called Bess just to apologize. She said as long as I left her alone, she wouldn't press charges. I knew she was in contact with Sarah but couldn't find out anything.

All I could do was hope that someday, somehow, Sarah would come back to me. It was a good thing that I got the higher salary. I forgot to mention that Sarah withdrew all the money from our checking account. At first I was really mad but after thinking about it, I realized it was her money to begin with. It was just that she put it there in the first place to show me that she loved me and believed in me. By taking it away I had to wonder if she meant the opposite.

I continued to prosper at my job. I had only been around six months now but the directors were very happy with my running of the marketing department. I remember Sarah once saying that I would get the position because I was a great marketing person. She always had faith in me.

I was sitting at my desk going over some new marketing directives when I got a page from my secretary Marilyn.

"Mr. Boltan, you have a call on line one."

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