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Sarah's Transformation


I have been married to my loving wife Sarah for 6 years. This is the story of how I became a loving husband to a Hotwife. We are both in our late 20's and have had a wonderful and happy marriage filled with great sex. We have 2 kids so life does get hectic, but we try to never let it interfere with our naughty side. Life is busy, but sex is our escape from stress. Sarah is a beautiful woman, 5'5", 130 lbs with the best pair of legs, a tone butt, and a nice B cup rack. She works out and we are both fit and pretty attractive.

Sarah and I have always experimented well with our sex lives. We don't let it get boring, and after a couples glasses of wine we really turn it up. Sarah came from a conservative, religious family, and wasn't particularly experienced when we met. I had my history, but she was cool with that. In the beginning, our sex started like all couples. Missionary was the staple of our sex life, with some other positions worked in from time to time. She slowly became more comfortable expressing herself in the bedroom despite her being raised to believe it was a sacred and private thing. She battled sexual oppression for a while, but when she was unleashed, almost nothing was off the table. She learned sex was not just ok, but one part of her life that she could fully indulge in, guilt free and it was healthy.

We started watching porn together as most couples do now. We liked to watch intense porn, mostly stuff we wouldn't actually do. One night after 2 back to back rounds of steamy sex, we were talking about different fantasies of ours. I'd always had more than her, most of them totally secret, but that was about to change. She said she wanted to be tied up, blindfolded, and a few other things. Nothing crazy considering we had dabbled in bondage and rough sex. We had even done lots of anal, toy play, and choking by this point. It was my turn. I loved watching gangbang porn and she knew this. I said I had thought about what it would be like to take part in a gangbang with her being the center of attention. She nervously chuckled, and asked me if I was serious. I said I was, that it would be so taboo and dirty that the thought was just a complete turn on.

I said i knew that stuff is mostly for porn, but in reality I had thought about her sleeping with another man in front of me. This had actually been a secret of mine since we were dating. It took me years to summon the courage to say that, and only once we were very comfortable, had a solid relationship, and were a little tipsy, did I actually come out with it. She was pretty shocked! She asked wouldn't I get jealous? How would we even arrange that? Who would do it? All questions that lead me to believe she had actually run the possibility through her head already. I assured her that this would not be a spur of the moment thing and that I would not get jealous because with communication and careful planning, we could all enjoy it and we could have breakfast the next morning like nothing happened. The conversation basically ended there for the night, with no real discussion beyond it being a fantasy.

A few days later she did bring it up and asked if I was just horny or if I really wanted that. I told her that yes, that was a long time fantasy of mine but she didn't have all the details. I told her I love it when she gets really aroused, feels great during sex, and let's loose. The thought of her being naughty and cheating on me with my consent, to have sex with a man of her choosing that was physically attractive, and could make her cum a few times was almost unbearably hott. I wanted her to have amazing sex with a stranger. I said I would obviously need to jump her bones after and make her mine again, if she thought she could handle two men in one night. Again, she was shocked. We talked a little more about why I wanted it, how I felt we could plan it, etc. She left it off with "I have to think about that one, that's a big step".

These conversations happened over the next month or two. She started to believe I was really interested. One night we were on a date and she had a little to drink, and told me she thought the bartender was hott. I said "go ahead be my guest" and she laughed. She said she thought he would have a big package and she wouldn't mind finding out but I knew she was playcating me because it would turn me on. We kept enjoying the evening and later in she finally said, ok I'll try it. I thought i must have misheard her so I asked "try what?" She said she would try my fantasy as long as I was really ok with it and assured her nothing would change between us, even if it went horribly wrong. I felt my heart pounding when she said that and told her we would be very careful if that's what she really wanted. We agreed that we were ready, and she asked how we could arrange it. I couldn't believe it was happening, I was so turned on I told her she could leave the bartender her number and we could get a room that night! That was way too straight forward for her but she said we could find a guy. We had the best sex of our lives that night.

I made a profile on an adult dating site the very next day. She let me take a few pictures of her without revealing her face and told me the type she was looking for. She wanted a guy with my body type and handsome. i told her she could Create a tinder and look around herself as well. She did, and admitted that it gave her a thrill to flirt and show off pictures of herself but she wanted it to be more anonymous. I loved it too, communicating with guys who wanted to fuck her, showing them pictures of my wife and telling them what she liked in bed. She had her pick of anyone, her butt got a million responses. When I landed on the right man I showed her, and she happily agreed. Sarah, my wife who was so shy a few years back she barely did anything but missionary, was ready to fuck a stranger. I'm the luckiest man in the world.

Two weeks later we had it all arranged, she didn't even know his name. She had her outfit picked out and was getting ready, I had been hard all day. She got hesitant at the last second and told me she wanted me to wait at the hotel bar because it was too much pressure for me to watch the first time. I told her I just wanted her to let go and have great sex, so I would do whatever she wanted. We got to the bar and she had a couple drinks with me, her black lingerie was underneath her tight dress and she was so nervous. We got a text, he was 20 minutes away. She left for the room and left me with a passionate kiss. She said she would call me and leave her phone on speaker under the bed so I could hear. I found a quiet corner and kept the phone glued to my ear with a massive erection. She got to the room and laid down on the bed in her lingerie. I could hear the knock on the door, and faintly heard her answer it without a word. This was surreal. I didn't hear much but I could tell they were making out. The first time a mans lips other than mine touched hers in years. She was no doubt dripping wet. It got intense and I heard moaning. He was licking her pussy and I could hear it! The first words out of her mouth were "fuck me please".

10 seconds of silence on the other end felt like forever. He was pushing inside my wife. She was being stretched out by another mans cock. I heard more moans and the thrusting started. I wondered how they looked, what she was thinking, how he felt looking at my wife in a dark hotel room making her his, and how bad I wanted to fuck her too. She was taking his dick with enthusiasm, she had transformed into a different woman! This was so out of her comfort zone and she was loving it. I heard moans from both of them, kissing, grunting, and pounding. She told him to fuck her until he cums. She orgasmed right after saying that, and she told him to keep going. This went on for 10 more minutes and I was almost cumming in my pants, in a hotel bar, with my ear glued to a phone. I was so proud of my wife. This was officially our deepest, darkest secret from all of our friends and family who saw us as a traditional young couple.

He finished, I heard it and I loved it. Another man had used my wife to completion. He got off because Sarah was a sexy tight woman who let him fuck her. They both chuckled and she said he could go now. So blunt, so bossy, but he knew his purpose. A sex toy for us both. I saw him leave, walking to the parking lot satisfied from my wife's pussy. I almost sprinted to the room where she lay in thigh highs soaking wet and smiling. It was done. I asked her if she enjoyed it, knowing the answer. She was still rubbing her wet pussy and said she loved it, but wasn't ready for bed. I was inside her within seconds. I came in less than two minutes, pulled out and told her I loved her. She needed more still, and so did I. I can't remember how many times I went inside her that night, but it had to be at least 5. I came three times but couldn't keep from going back. Sarah had made me a cuckold and she was a hotwife. I brought this fantasy to her, and she ran with it. She wanted to know when she could see him again. I asked "that good, huh?" and she told me what he did to her, from tasting her pussy, to slowly sliding in, to wrapping a hand around her neck, and more. She said his cock was rock hard and filled her completely. A rush of emotions overcame me, and even after an hour of fucking I remained rock hard.

That night changed our sex life forever. She was more confident, taking control and telling me what she would want other guys to do to her. We still have our regular nights we're it is only about us, but when she is ready to fuck outside of our marriage, she TELLS me what she is going to do. No asking, she finds a guy she wants to sleep with and tells me when she is going to do it. She has let me in the room during the act and has even waived me over to participate a few times. She has had sex with over 15 men in the last 2 years and we are happier than we have ever been. She still carts the kids off to daycare, goes to her job, we cook dinner together and have a movie night with junk food. But she is a hot wife from now on and we wouldn't have it any other way. My wife is a proud slut!

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by Anonymous06/15/18

More Please

Love to read more of you and your sexy wife.
Nicely done!

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