tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSarah's Worst Day

Sarah's Worst Day


Sarah looked at herself in the full length mirror. She would never normally have worn such a short dress to work and she certainly wouldn't ever have worn the underwear that she had chosen for today. Today was the end of the school year, however. She had somehow managed to complete her first year as a qualified teacher and she told herself she had every right to celebrate.

She was the youngest teacher in the school by far and, even though she was totally oblivious to the fact, she was the one who turned the heads of most of the other teachers, male and female. Being only a few years older than some of her students, she had exactly the same effect on some of them. Again, it wasn't just the eighteen year old boys who wanted to get to know her better; some of the more precocious girls did too and, again, Sarah was totally unaware of all of this.

She still had the final morning's classes to get through before the students departed for the summer and the staff all made their way to the Headmaster's home for the first barbecue of the season. That was why she had chosen her new summer dress; she knew she didn't have time to come home to change after school but she was very aware of how short her dress was, barely reaching half way down her smooth thighs. She was even more acutely aware of how skimpy her underwear was but she wanted to feel good about herself today. She was still intimidated by the older teachers and she knew that, if she could feel sexy underneath her dress then, maybe, it would give her more confidence at the barbecue.

Smiling to herself once more in the mirror, she picked up her keys and bag and made her way out the door. It was already hot, even at this time in the morning and she was glad she had convinced herself not to wear her usual school attire. She felt the warm breeze on her face and luxuriated in the thought of a long, hot summer.

The drive to school was short and she really didn't need to bring the car. She would need it later, however, to get to the Headmaster's house and then to get home later on. Reaching the school, she pulled in to her usual parking space and got out of the car. Just when she was about to press the button to close the central locks, she remembered she had left some books on the passenger seat and, without thinking, opened the door and reached across to pick them up.

Almost as soon as she leaned forward she realised she had made a mistake. She felt her short dress rising up the back of her thighs and exposing her slender legs. At the same time the breeze that had caressed her face as she left home suddenly reappeared and flipped the thin cotton of her dress up, exposing her firm bottom cheeks. Even worse, she knew, was that she had chosen to wear a tiny white thong and the thin strap at the back had nestled between her cheeks during her drive. If anyone had been standing behind her they would have thought she was naked from the waist down.

Pushing her dress down with one hand, she grabbed her books with the other before straightening up and locking the door once more. Her face was blushing at the thought of the inadvertent exposure but she was horrified when she turned round to see Tommy Wilson standing there. Her face burned a deeper shade of red as he grinned at her and, even though Tommy never uttered a word before sauntering away, Sarah knew he had had a good, if fleeting, look at her seemingly bare bottom.

Tommy Wilson was the last person she would have expected to see standing behind her. He was in his final day at school and should not have been anywhere near the staff car park. It didn't help that Tommy was one of the most physically attractive boys in the school. He was no boy; he was a fully grown man, much taller and obviously much stronger than his teacher. But he had a bad reputation and the school would be just as relieved to see the back of Tommy Wilson as he would be glad to see the back of it.

The rest of the morning passed uneventfully, although Sarah became increasingly aware that her thong was riding higher and higher between her cheeks and, in turn, her pussy was becoming wetter and wetter as the tiny piece of cotton clung to her moist lips. Now the last class was about to begin; the last class of the morning; the last class of the school term. Tommy Wilson's class.

All the students were in high spirits and Sarah didn't have any great urge to get them to quieten down. She just wanted this last hour to pass so that she could feel as if she had really accomplished something by completing her first year as a teacher. Some of the boys were becoming more and more boisterous, however, and she felt as if she should step in before they overstepped the mark. That was her big mistake.

As she walked over to where they were gathered in a group, she asked them to keep the noise down. They separated and she saw that Tommy was in the centre of the group, showing them a photo he had taken on his phone. Trying to keep the atmosphere friendly, she said,

"Can I take a look too?"

Tommy grinned the insolent grin that only an eighteen year old boy can and handed her his phone. She was shocked; shocked at how clear the photo was and shocked by the fact that she was looking at own seemingly naked bottom sticking out of her car. Her face became bright red and she instinctively became the teacher again, raging against the boys sitting before her and deleting the photo from the phone. As she handed it back to Tommy, he saw what she had done and now it was his turn to be angry.

Jumping to his feet, he began to shout and swear at her. Towering over her, she became quite frightened of his rage filled face and she cowered from his power, just a little. A little was enough for Tommy. Seeing his chance to finally get his revenge on this school he turned to his friends.

"Grab her."

Without a moment's hesitation, they did as they were told. Tommy was their leader and they would love to see more of this sexy young teacher whose arse Tommy had photographed this morning.

Sarah struggled against them but she was no match for these football playing boys and very quickly found herself being thrown across her own desk. Her long hair was blinding her as she threw her head from side to side, screaming at them to release her.

"Someone shut the bitch up," she heard Tommy yell and a meaty hand was placed firmly across her mouth, reducing her screams to whimpers. Her eyes were also covered by a smelly piece of cloth and she could no longer see who taking part in this assault. Starting to feel quite frightened by the turn of events, she tried to get up but her arms were grabbed and tied to two legs of her desk. With only her legs now free, she tried to kick out at her unseen assailants but they too were quickly secured and now she was really scared, lying there spread-eagled on her own desk, at the mercy of her students.

As the hand was removed from her mouth she tried to talk herself out of her predicament and began to reason with her chief tormentor.

"Ok, Tommy, you've had your fun. Let me go now and we'll say no more about it."

"I haven't even started to have fun yet, miss. You owe me a photo."

"What do you mean?" she asked, terrified, knowing exactly what he meant but not wanting to think about it. She could feel her short dress lying high up her smooth thighs and she knew it wouldn't take much for any of the students to lift it up and expose her tiny knickers to the whole class. He face burned red in embarrassment and it got even redder when she felt someone, presumably Tommy, lean across her body and begin to open the buttons at the top of the summer dress.

"No, please; don't do that. Please! Let me go!"

"If you don't shut up, miss, then we will shut you up and, I promise you, you won't like that."

Not sure if she was more frightened or humiliated now, Sarah held her tongue and squirmed in embarrassment as she felt the buttons over her small breasts open, exposing her even smaller bra to the eyes of her class.

"Wow, look at those gorgeous tits. I've got to get a photo of them."

Sarah recognised the voice as that of one of the quieter girls in the class. Surely that couldn't be Maria, a girl you wouldn't even know was there unless you had marked her as present in the register. Sarah heard a lot of commotion round the desk as she lay there, prone, at their mercy. Listening to them, she realised from their comments that they had all opened their phones and were taking photos of her small breasts; those same breasts that were covered only by the tiniest bra she had ever bought. It was part of a matching set, along with her tiny knickers, and they both made her feel very sexy whenever she wore them. Now they made her feel terribly exposed and she rued the day she had ever bought them, never mind deciding to wear them to school today.

As she felt more buttons on the front of her dress being opened, she shook her head until the hand over her mouth released her and she begged for mercy once more.

"Please, Tommy. You must stop now. I can still forget any of this happened but you must stop now. And you must delete all those photos."

"I warned you, miss; don't say you weren't warned. Diane, have you got something to gag her with." Dianne wasn't a quiet girl. Dianne was the biggest slut in the school and Sarah had always been intimidated by her, even if she was the teacher and Diane was the student.

"I've got just the thing," she heard Diane say and then wondered what was going on as she heard a burst of nervous giggling from the other girls. There was no way she could know that Diane had pulled up her short skirt and was removing her own knickers, the same knickers that had been catching Tommy's cum as it poured out of her cunt since he had fucked her before school this morning.

Someone pinched Sarah's nose and she was forced to open her mouth to breathe. As she did so, Diane stuffed her dirty knickers into the young teacher's mouth, making sure that the stained crotch was pressed against her tongue, making sure that Sarah could taste the mixture of Tommy's and her own cum. Sarah gagged at the taste, not sure what it was and not really wanting to think too much about it. Diane wasn't a small girl and her big knickers filled the young woman's mouth as she was silenced once and for all.

Sarah was ready to cry at everything that was happening to her but further humiliation was about to be heaped upon her. As the final buttons on her dress were opened, she felt the two sides of her dress being pulled away and she lay there feeling very vulnerable. There were gasps from among the gathered throng of students as they all had their first look at her tiny knickers.

"What a slut," said one of the boys. "Look at her; her knickers are soaking."

Sarah sobbed into her blindfold and moaned into her gag. Her pussy was indeed dripping and she realised she hadn't felt as turned on in a very long time. Every humiliation that was being dealt to her by her students seemed to arouse her even more and now she knew that they knew the truth too. Her pussy was leaking, her knickers were soaking, and she knew they would be able to see the outline of her shaven lips through the thin cotton that was made transparent by her own juices.

"Everyone getting this?" asked Tommy and Sarah knew they were taking new shots on their phones, new shots that would show her slutty underwear and her soaking cunt to anyone who saw those photos. Yet the more they humiliated her, the more aroused she became. She wasn't sure how much she would have disgraced herself if the bell for the end of class hadn't rang just then.

"Well, it's time for us to go now, miss. Hope you have a nice summer and, remember, if you ever mention this to anyone then the photos will be on the internet before the police even arrive to arrest us. So think twice before you do anything stupid."

With that, Tommy and the rest of the class left her to her fate. She had actually dared to relax when she had heard the bell, thinking that it might signal the end to her torment. In a way it did but her humiliation was not quite complete yet. She listened as the students all left the class and she knew they had left the door open. She would have pleaded to them to release her but that wasn't going to happen now. She was to be left, exposed, bound and at the mercy of anyone who found her. She couldn't even cry for help as Diane had obviously decided she didn't want or need her dirty knickers back.

After a few moments, when the noise of the departing students had died down, she thought she heard a sound from the doorway. Her body jerked, trying to twist her head round, trying to discover the source of the noise. All of a sudden she heard the door being closed and then being locked. Footsteps came towards her and she sensed someone crouch down beside her head; a menacing voice whispered in her ear, "You still owe me a photo, miss."

Sarah struggled against the binds that were holding her strapped down to her own desk. She knew that there was nothing she could do but still she struggled, still she tried to spit out Diane's dirty knickers and still her pussy leaked into her own tiny thong.

"I think we can dispose of this blindfold, don't you?" asked Tommy with that same insolent grin as he uncovered her eyes. They struggled just for a moment with the light but soon were able to focus on her powerful student leaning over her. She tried to say something, tried to beg him to release her, but he just laughed.

"I can't understand a thing you're saying, miss, but let me make sure that you understand me. I was very angry that you deleted my photo of your gorgeous arse so now you have to pay me back. With interest."

Sarah feared in her very soul what "with interest" might mean but she didn't think she would have long to wait. She was right. Tommy took out his phone and switched the camera to video mode. He was going to make sure she paid for what she had done and he was going to have even better mementos of his last day at school than all his classmates.

"Let's start with your face, shall we? We want to make sure that everyone knows exactly who is the slut that allowed her students to tie her to her desk before letting them take naughty photos of her. Now don't turn your head away, miss."

Sarah had tried to shake her hair over her face to at least conceal her identity but her tormentor was having none of that. He grabbed her long dark hair and turned her to face his phone, making sure her tear stained face was fully exposed before releasing her and moving down her trembling body.

The poor teacher could only lie there in her shame as her student ran his phone over every inch of her firm body, taking time as it traveled over her small breasts then down over her flat stomach until it finally rested between her outstretched legs, filming for posterity the sight of her sensitive pussy lips clearly evident through the saturated cotton of her knickers.

"Very nice, miss; very nice. I think I'll call this one, "Teacher learns a new lesson." Now what shall we do next? I know, let's start on the anatomy class."

Sarah was mystified, horrified, and trembling in lust but, most of all, she was terrified. She wondered what her student could possibly mean and nearly spat out Diane's disgusting knickers in fear when she saw Tommy produce a knife.

"Don't worry, miss, I'm not going to hurt you. I just need to make sure I can see clearly what you've been hiding under that slutty underwear."

Finally pushing out her gag with her tongue, she pleaded.

"No, Tommy, please don't do that. I'm your teacher; you shouldn't be looking at me in this way. Please don't touch me."

Ignoring her desperate pleas, Tommy slid his sharp knife under the thin strap between her two cups and flicked it just once. The knife slid through the thin material as if it was hardly there and Sarah felt the bra become loose around her breasts. He smiled, almost sweetly, as he brushed the tiny pieces of lace that had been almost covering her breasts aside and stood back to admire his handiwork.

"You're not my teacher any more, miss; I've just left school. I suppose I shouldn't even be calling you "miss" anymore, should I? What will I call you instead? Sarah? No? How about if I call you "slut" or "whore"? I think those names would suit the way you're dressed today."

When she didn't answer but simply shook her head in despair, Tommy continued.

"You're enjoying this aren't you?" Not knowing what to say she whispered, "no."

"No? Well then, why are your nipples so hard? Are you getting wet lying there while a young man strips you and plays with you? Let's see, shall we?"

Sarah could do nothing but lie there and accept her fate, her face red and flushed from her humiliating situation. She could feel the weight of his stare as his eyes moved down her body from her naked breasts, over her stomach and down to her firmly secured legs. He took a step nearer to her and she could feel his hard cock pressing against her pussy through his trousers. She was glad that she still had her knickers on, even if they were tiny, even if they were soaking. She prayed that he would stop here and spare her the ultimate humiliation but she knew Tommy well enough to know that she was kidding herself.

As if reading her thoughts, Tommy took a step back again and, once more, produced his knife. Sliding it under one side of the thin waistband and then the other, he cut through then ripped the tiny thong from under her trembling body. Tucking the soaking garment into the pocket of his jeans, he leered down at her. She had never felt so humiliated and ashamed but he wasn't finished yet.

Putting away his knife, he took out his phone once more. As before, he switched it to video mode then began the journey from her face, identifying her clearly, over her engorged nipples and flushed breasts, down to her shaven pussy. Reaching out from behind the camera, he ran one finger along her wet lips, slowly inserting it, before removing it and bringing it to the front of the camera, making sure any viewer could see the juices dripping from it.

Sarah could feel her pussy betraying her, getting wetter each minute as her humiliation continued, but it was when Tommy decided to show her what it was doing to him that she got really scared. He walked back to the other end of her desk and pulled out his cock, about eight inches long and at least two inches around the base. He yanked her head to the side by her long black hair and she could do nothing to stop him smearing her tightly closed lips with the drop of pre-cum already dripping from its head.

"Lick it, slut, lick my cock; look at me while you're doing it and I might just delete everything that's on my phone."

Sarah hated being forced into this position but if there was even the slightest chance that she might escape this nightmare with her identity still hidden she knew she had to take it. Looking him straight in the eye, she licked the new drop of moisture off the tip of his cock and Tommy nearly came there and then as he looked down at his newly submissive ex-teacher.

"That's nice, slut, but now it's time to suck it. Open wide."

Sarah shuddered as he repeatedly called her "slut" but there wasn't a thing she could do to stop him doing it. She burned with the embarrassing realisation that anyone else watching her suck this young man's fat cock would also call her a slut. Tommy thrust past her soft lips and plunged all the way to the back of her mouth. There was no finesse in his action; he wasn't loving her, he was fucking her and there was nothing she could do to stop him doing this either.

Very soon she felt his head swell within her warm mouth and she knew he wouldn't take long to cum. Sure enough, she watched as his whole body seemed to tense and his cock exploded in her mouth, his hot spunk hitting the back of her throat and trickling down. She thought he was never going to stop as her mouth filled with his salty cum until she couldn't swallow any more and it began to drip out, past his cock and down her chin. He seemed to know when his last spurt was coming because he pulled out of her mouth and shot it across her face, branding her as the slut they both knew she had become.

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