Sara's Car Trip Ch. 02


"I don’t want to burn. It takes awhile, escpecially at first. I think its perfect, for today." She lifted her top back into place.

"So do I."

She looked up, smiled. "This vacation is not what I expected."

"Tell me about it."

"How could we . . . did you expect that we, uh... would, you know." She lay her hand over her puss between her open legs. And then she just made a 'clck clck' sound

"Not in a million years." I was drawing to her like a moth to a flame. Where was this going?

She said half to herself, "We shouldn’t," and she was rubbing her stomach again. She looked up at me, "You know that don't you?"

I was silent. There was quiet for about a minute before I asked, "Well . . . What do you want?"

And she looked out the window for quite awhile, the light of the beach shone brilliant against the shaded room. Her red bikini barely covering the center of her opened legs. I could literally see the swell of her puss, the crease. Her hands stroking her tummy, tippling the edge of her bottoms.

"The question. . . What do I want? What SHOULD I want is more like it. But . . . what DO I want?" And she looked at me again, smiled. "You behaved today." I could see her hips undulating ever so slightly.

"You didn’t."

She laughed put her hand over her face. "I guess I didn’t. But you deserved it!"


"Just . . . because. Because . . .I don’t know. This morning!"

"You made me crazy today. All day. All the time all day."

Silence again.

I went back to ask, "What do you want? Sara??"

"Bird Dog." And she made like she was shooting something.

She looked out the window again. Hips undulating lightly. And then at me.

"Right now." She was staring directly into my eyes. I could see her breathing change. She was contemplating her words, "Right now, I Just want . . . you to eat me out."

My heart lept into my throat.

She was still lounging, unmoving, staring at me. "Right now."

I froze.

"Can you do that? Lick my cunt. It’s what I want."

I nodded my head.

She laughed. "I gave you a pretty good blow job, your turn. I haven’t had good cunnilingus since, like fucking forever."

She rose from the chair, "I think You've opened Pandoras box here."

"I think it's your box I opened."

She glided over to me and then took my hand. "Come on. Undress me." She lay out supine on the bed, raising her arms above her head pulling me along behind her.

"Do anything you want to me."

I lay my hands on each side of her bikini bottoms, and she lifted her hips and I slid her bottoms off in one motion.

She smiled and looked up at me. "I love you you know."

I nodded and sat down on the bed between her legs.

She kept looking up at me, half sitting and lay her hand on my arm, "That’s a problem isn’t it?"

She opened her legs around me. I began to massage her tummy, letting my hands carress her thighs, inside her thighs brushing the hairs of her puss. "Mmmmm," stiffening like a cat. She reached back and unclasped her top and then slid it off as well. I

I was trying to find the words, "I . . ."


I continued to stroke the inside of her thighs up to her center, her open puss still swollen from being fucked the other night. Moving closer I lay my whole palm over her mound, covering it completely; and then so gently pressed her open with my middle finger and ran it from the top of her mound through her pink line, her pink center. The smell of sex rose around me. She was so wet. And I bent down my face and nuzzled further up into her puss, putting my nose right where it had been when I had undressed her - and dressed her for the beach. She could hear me inhale deeply.

"You like my smell?" she purred to me.

"I love your smell."

"Mmmmm." She pushed herself into my face, lay her hand on my head and I rubbed my nose along her length.

"Mmm, Yes. What I want."

And I began to lightly lick the hairs of her puss, the outline of her cunny. She had cut the dark hairs very short for her bathing suit. Her puss lips puffing out, skin and thin hairs, I pressed my fingers and opened her like a small fruit, pulling her lips wide white with cream and then slid my tongue along her pink center and she arched her back pushed me into her.

I looked up at her, my wet face, cum on my chin and her head was tipped toward me, dreamily eyeing me and smiling, "You look like you're enjoying me."

I lapped at her, nibbled, chewed sucked like this forever. Forever and ever. I never would stop. I lay my hands up around her hips, wrapped my hands under her ass and held her like a platter of milk. She played with my hair, and tugged and pressed directing me silently where she wanted me to go next.

I licked from the bottom of her puss pressing my tongue into her vagina, fucking her with my mouth and then sliding firmly up to her clit with my flat tongue. I tippled around her clit until she could not stand it and would push me lower, feeling her get more and more aroused. Her cheeks glowed red and her mouth was open, I could see the tops of her teeth, her breathing became ragged and she had this steady undulation of her hips into my mouth.

Her clitoris when it was hard would poke out like a little finger and I could put my mouth around it and suck. She would press me down and I could hear her breath catch, "ah, ah." Her clit was hooded and I could lap beneath the edges and around the bottom, and feel her push as hard as she could, I quickened and sucked her there. That hard little tool at the top of her puss, how it loved to be played with.

Between gasps, as I pressed my tongue hard against her, she said softly “Mmmm, so nice. So . . .good. You take your time. Keep . . ."

I tipped my head up and met her eyes.

I let my fingers press up into her and reached inside. She opened her legs wider for me and I curled my fingers up into her and rubbed the rough walls of her vagina until she was undulating around my finger. Quicker now, harder, she was not so sensitive and I pressed my tongue against her, dug my fingers inside. She was bucking against me on the bed, squirming, rolling back and forth squeezing her thighs around me.

I could feel my cock growing so hard again. I had my T shirt off but my swim suit was still on. I backed my backside up by my sis, and said. "Take em off." She said not a word and began to slide them down my legs.

"Cute . . . ass."

"It’s all yours."

She reached her hand out then and began to strock my cock, hanging on as I continued to suck on her little cunny. I could feel the trembling in her belly. The movement, the arching of her back, whispering to no one in particular, "Oh god. Yes. Oh my god. So good." And her cries were tumbling out of her, she went compeltely rigid and squeezed her legs around my head so tight it hurt.

She was utterly surrendering beneath me, liquid. I could do anything to her. And she began to fall into me, and shiver, and cry. Her hair was across her mouth and she panted. Turning to her side, crying out. Oh, This little girl who was disheveled, naked, my hungry little slut sister getting what she wanted. What she wanted: Me eating her out. Sucking on her cunt. And she came, creaming white around my fingers, in my face and crying, then settling onto the bed, relaxing again, falling down into the bed, her one hand fallen on her breast, the other stroking my hair.

She opened her eyes, glowing, exhausted.

"Fuck. What am I going to do with you?"


There wasn’t even a question that night. We went into the bathroom, took off our clothes and crawled naked into bed together - locking the door between rooms. Turning out the lights.

She rolled toward me lightly, expectantly, the mattress shifting beneath us.

"Hold me," was all she said tonight.

I wrapped my arms around her and she settled her head into my shoulder, she lifted her eyes to mine and then kissed me. Lightly, slowly. All the time in the world, we knew what we were doing tonight. This soft tongue tracing my teeth finding and playing with the tip of my tongue. Putting her mouth around my lower lip and sucking on me. Kissing me over and over. We twined our bodies together and trembled beneath the one sheet letting it fall down around our waists. I rolled my chest on top of her and pressed her into the bed, still kissing her wrapping my arms around her waist pulling her to me.

I let my hand wander down as we kissed like this squeezing and pressing her breasts and found her puss again; pressing my fingers into her, opening her again. We could fuck a hundred times and I was unsatiated. A hundred more and still like the first time. She melted beneath me.

"We are so bad. I warned you didn’t I." She was breathless, mottled. Her hair splayed around her. Only sense and flesh and smell.

And she pulled me on top of her parting her legs loosely, relaxed. I pulled the covers down, exposing her. God she was so natural, sensual. I could smell sex rising from her body, the heat rising between us. I nosed down between her legs while pressing and needing her tummy and breasts. She, putting her hands on top of mine. I was hungry and loved her familiar smell, my smell.

I lapped at her with a flat tongue for a little while, drinking in her taste, and then rose back up kissing each of her breasts and then kissing her on the mouth again.

"Do you like the way you taste?" I asked.

She looked at me as we kissed. "I love the way I taste in you." The relaxation in her voice was so erotic just then, the deep trill. That growl. The curves of her body beneath me open in every way. She yielded her breasts to me tilted her head back exposing her soft neck.

She had full red lips and held her mouth open breathing in my ear as I caressed her neck. I could hear her breath, "You going to fuck me?"

And I let my cock slide up into her pussy as she said that, pressing her hard into the bed, rising between her legs and sliding into her feeling the wetness and heat tighten around me. She was so filled with desire. I could feel her quivering beneath me. She could barely breath.

“Ohhh, so . . . good. You like your little girls pussy? Are you going to fuck me all night. Again?”

"Again and again and again."

"Jason? Am I'm your little girl. Your little sister? Say it to me, fuck my cunt.”

And I let myself slide deep into her, filling her, deep to the hilt. “Oh, I Love my little girl. My good little sisters cunt,” I whispered into her ear.

"Oh, So bad."

She brought her knees up around me, I split her open, she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me onto her as tightly as she could, pulling me in as far as I could go. We kissed and carressed. I pressed and slid filling her, holding her down with my cock and began to rise and fall upon her once more. I cradled my arms beneath her waist and then her ass. I was lifting her up off the mattress as I fucked her. Pressing her down and lifting her up again. I let my fingers slide back and back until my finger was sliding over her anus - as she had done to me. Stroking her anus and then pressing my finger up into her little ‘rose.’

She opened her eyes wide and stared at me. "Oh, that feels . . . good."

"You like that? You did it before, remember."

She nodded her head, and tipped back into the pillow, arching herself beneath me and I continued sliding in and out of her with my cock and my finger. "I want to fill you up."

"Fill me up, everywhere."

I was pressing so deeply, cradling her at the same time.

"I never want you to stop. Oh my god. . . What you do to me."

I pressed my second finger into her and she dropped into the bed, I could feel her whole body tense, I could literally feel her heart beating in her vagina.

I held her this way, filling her completely. Sliding into her, and then rising until my cockhead played at her opening and then back and back, over and over so softly, rising and falling feeling her yeild to me. Softening beneath me, holding me as I washed upon her. We were one. I could smell the heat and sex between us, hear her receiving me and letting me go. Her wet cunny slapping against me, over and over.

This little girl just a week ago had modeled that little red bikini, and was embarrassed when I saw the small puss hairs sticking out. We fucked silently, steady in that darkness, until she began to frantically claw at my back and press her puss hard up into me.

I quickened my pace. I pounded her into the bed, she was pushing back as hard as she could. We came in one long continuous wave, until I was almost in pain. My body stiffened and I could feel myself releasing ribbons of cum into her, and as it pulsed out of me, her vagina felt like a mouth drinking me in, sucking and quivering when her back arched and she came again, and thrashed beneath me. We were crashing together. I had to literally pin her to the bed with all my weight.

We lay naked on mattress, sheets laying down at our feet, but we were bound together, wet hair across our faces and in our mouths, between our legs. Sex on our breath. Sweat and her cum dripping from my chin. She was shaking, her hairs in my mouth. I just kept staring into her eyes as I kissed her.

She lay silent, a finger curling her hair, unmoving, eyes closed. I was still hard inside her. I lifted my hand up from beneath her, took my finger from inside her and shook her lightly. She did not move. I took her head in my hands and turned her face to mine. She opened her eyes.

We lay like that for quite awhile. My cock still hard, still inside her and I gradually began to move once again. She looked down the length of her body to see my cock and she laughed.

"You're still hard? Oh my god, I can't even move."

"Should I keep going. You ok?"

She tipped her head to the side, her eyes closed. "Don't ever stop."

I began to move upon her unmoving body. She was exhausted. I don't think she had come down from the orgasm she had just had.

She whispered, "Oh, go slow. I’m sore."

I stopped. "No. Keep fucking, don't stop. I love it, it hurts so good."

Another time she said, "I feel like your splitting me open Jason."

I began to rise and fall, the hard length of my cock reaching up into her. Back and back and back. I could feel the cum rising again, but I had been making love to her so long that it was like it was farther back inside me, cumming cumming a greater distance. And then I was falling on her filling her and she was cuming with me again beneath me, our bodies wet with sweat, sliding against one another. Her tummy was literally dripping and I could slide along her front. Wrapped tightly holding ourselves together, she was scratching my sides as we fell exhausted into one another, and then simply fell asleep.

I have no idea when we actually fell into sleep.


Near morning she woke and snuggled tightly against me. Skin to skin. I wrapped my arms around her so that she was nestled into my chest like a coccoon. Her leg was lifted and set between mine. My cock was laying along the length of her belly. She opened her eyes at the same time I did, and kissed my chastely lightly on the lips. Then she turned herself around and nestled herself back into me, placing my cock perfectly at the crack of her ass.

I, of course, went immediately hard.

I heard her groan. “That wasn’t such a great idea was it.”

She let me slide my cock between her legs. "Just for a little minute, but I'm sorry - I'm too sore," she whispered. So I so gently just let my cock slide between her legs.

After only a little while she growled lightly and said, "Oh God. I am so hungry for you. God damn you . . . Put your fingers in me. Like last time."

I remembered immediately what she meant. And so I reached down and slipped one finger up into her ass.

"Mmmmm God soooo good."

And I let her undulate on my finger which was pressed deeply inside her in the dark, after awhile slipping a second finger inside. She was so wet there still.

"No one ever done that to me before."

After awhile I took my fingers away, and she protested lightly until she realized what I was about to do next and she went deathly silent, still. I took my cock and slid it into the crack of her ass and let it slide around her anus, letting my cum soak her there. Her juices were everywhere and she realized . . .

I placed the head of my cock right at the opening of her ass hole. She reached back and took my arm. "I don’t know about THAT!"

I just said, "I’ll take it slow. See how it feels. Its better than my fingers."

And she let go, laying silent and still, tilting her hips back to meet the head of my cock. I pressed and pressed. She began to press back as well positioning herself, arching herself. I could feel her begin to open to me, her tight little ass pressing, and stretching around my cock; but then she would pull herself away.

And then she would say, "Oh, I don’t know."

I would try once more. Then at a moment that was pure heaven, I felt just the tip, the head of my cock drop into her. Her anus clamping down around the head of my cock, and at that moment I held perfectly still. She also did not move.

I could hear her moaning now. "Oh my god, Jason! Oh that feels . . . Mmmm. No no no further. . . Just stay there."

But I was so aroused, I was shaking now and I began to undulate my hips ever so slightly when she pulled away from me again and turned toward me. "I think. I think I’m just to small for you there. It hurts. It feels good, but just a . . . little. I don't know." Her little girl voice, and she showered me with kisses.


Oh I needed to cum just then. I was inside her tight little ass just a moment before she pulled away.

I said, "It’s fine. It’s fine. We’ve been pretty experimental today."

She kissed me, and I could see her dropping back off to sleep her breasts rising and falling with her breath, the sheets down around our waist, and my cock harder than it had ever been.

I lay there and stroked myself in the dark, until I came into the sheets with visions of my sisters ass.


Next day I had decided on a mission.

A secret mission, that would be like a fortuitous accident.

We got up the next day the way we did now. Another comfortable day of dressing, undressing each other. Standing at the bathroom mirror naked as I showered. Kisses and touch, sun and sand. Lotions and shade. Warmth and relaxation.

But I had a mission today.

I wandered into the City near the beach and found the shop. A little sex shop and went inside. At noon we were going to take a little nap, we told our folks. But when we got to the bed, on my sisters pillow was a little plastic box.

"Open it," I said.

"Is this where you went today?"

"Maybe. Just open it."

She lifted the lid and looked at me. It looked like a ring box and I’m sure she thought it was jewelry of some kind.

"What is it?" She took the shiny clear plastic object out of the box. It was tapered and had a soft narrow top that tappered down to a blunt point.

I took a breath, "It’s called a butt plug."

Her eyes went totally wide. Almost a look of panic.

She kept turning it in her hand, sitting on the bed in her bikini.

I continued, "It’s for uh, when your too tight. Uh, it loosens you up.”

"Perverted," was all she said as she stared at the shiny object turning it in her hand.

"I thought you liked it. Last night I mean."

She nodded, kept staring at it.

"How does it work?"

"This end here." I pointed. "You press it into your little rose."

"My rose?"

"Your ass."

She laughed now, clapped her hand together. "You named my ass Jason." And then she asked, "Does it hurt?"


"It’s gradual. You build up, bigger and bigger for. . ."

"Ohhhh." She gave me a sidelong glance.

"I got the kind with the flat top, so it uh doesn’t show."

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