Sara's Car Trip Ch. 02


She looked at me. "How long do you. . ."

"You put it in as long as you want. The longer the better."

And she was up off the bed, pacing. "Will you, uh, put it in?"

"Sure!" It worked I thought. Smiling. "Here."

I grabbed her bikini bottom and pulled it off, she just stood there without even the slightest resistance. Her little bush standing directly in front of me now.

"Lets try. I want you to put it in." She was still turning it in her hand as I was pulling her bottoms off. "This one is pretty big."

"I thought I would get a medium. I have three."

Her eyes were wide.

"Three sizes. This is the smallest of the ones you got? . . .Um Ok, I want to try it. What do I do?"

"Get on the bed." She did. "Now uh put your ass in my face."

She laughed. "Can do!" And she backed her ass into me, wiggling her hips and looking back at me.

"Be careful," She set on the bed doggy style looking back at me.

I could see the cute little pucker of her ass.

I took the plug, placed a little of the lubricant on the surface and touched her anus and then pressed lightly. Harder and harder. It pressed into her slowly, and she was arching her back to me.

"Oh god. Mmmmm. So bad. Could we be any worse?"

I looked at her with a wicked grin, "Lets wait a few days and see."

And then it pressed all the way in and I could feel her anus clamp around the narrower part, but open now about a half inch.

"Oh my god, I can still feel it." It fells like when your fingers are in me." And she got up and started walking around. "Mmmmm, when I move. I’ve never felt like this before. Feel how wet I am."

And she stood in front of me with her little puss pouting in front of me.

I cupped her puss and pressed my fingers into her. She dropped her hair in front of herself. And she was so wet, I could feel the juices running out of her. This ripe piece of fruit.

And she was cooing the whole time. "Oh my god, press your finger all the way in. Finger fuck me. Oh, yeah. I can feel it when you do THAT."

And I felt her come right at that moment and her knees began to fold as she tipped her ass into me. She began to kiss me then, tilting my head back and we fell into the bed for our ‘nap.’

"Fuck. Oh my God," she cooed.


We were walking along the ocean shore, her hips swaying in an exaggerated motion. I knew she was trying to move so that she could feel the plug at all times.

After about a half mile up the beach she took my hand.

"I hurt." She was looking up at me.

"It hurts?"

"No. Not what I said. I said 'I' hurt. I have never been so fucking aroused my entire life. . . Jason?"


"Can we fuck with this thing still in me?

I want that."

Please write and let me know what you think of all my stories. What next?? I write these for your reactions, ideas and praise. Thanks for all your support.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous03/17/19

Brilliant writing

I have just found your stories. My only disappointment is that you don't seem to have written anything for some time.

However, I still have quite a few to enjoy.

5 Stars from me and I am sure an awfulmore...

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by Anonymous10/03/18

What a trip

I really loved your story. Hot hot hot!!!

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by Anonymous08/26/18


Just Wow

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