tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSara's Fourth of July Bang

Sara's Fourth of July Bang


I don’t about where you live, but in Florida we’re not allowed to personally have any fireworks at all. They’re scared we’ll hurt ourselves or we’ll start brush fires. I don’t know where and how – the entire state is now made out of concrete. It seems as if the only fire works we’re allowed to have are snakes and sparklers. Man, talk about lame!

Of course, there is a brisk illegal trade of practically any kind of firework you might want, but what else would you expect from the state that would sell ‘anybody’ a gun and probably five or six at the same time. I’m fond of saying that in Florida you can’t own a fire cracker, but you can buy a semi-automatic hand gun to celebrate with.

As a matter of fact, several years ago some fat slob was sitting in a lawn chair, getting smashed on beer and watching the public display of fireworks and apparently a bullet that someone had fired straight up in the air started descending, after it reached its highest trajectory and came straight down and landed in the drunk’s gut. Mwahaha! He was so wasted he didn’t know it for a while and then started complaining of a stomach ache. What a dumb ass!

So anyway, since we can’t legally have any kind of real fireworks, most people go to the public display of fireworks put on by each ‘city.’ I have city in quotes because most of these areas are hardly cities in any traditional sense, but are just sprawling areas of suburbia incorporated with a city charter. But whatever, somebody pays for these firework displays and my family always goes.

We always attend the fireworks shown in one of the county’s parks. We go way early to get a good seat. It’s really insane, you wouldn’t believe it. In the first place, you have to bring your own seats in the form of a blanket or lawn chairs. The next thing is the fireworks aren’t set off until nine o’clock or sometimes later depending on when it finally becomes dark, but my family goes out there at three o’clock in the afternoon to get a good seat! God! You can’t believe it. It’s so hot, and dirty, and boring! But I have to put up with this every year.

I had wanted to wear my bikini, so I could continue to get a good tan, and maybe promote some action over in the bushes, but my mother said absolutely not. Darn her! So I compromised with an outfit that was almost as good with a halter top that left a lot of my breasts exposed and an extremely short skirt. Of course I wore no underwear and flashed my pussy at these good looking guys all day. It was the bomb!

Later we ate this lame picnic supper, where my mother served spam sandwiches. Can you believe that? I thought spam was only on the computer. This stuff was hideous. It finally got dark and the action started; in more ways than one.

They started to set off the fireworks and everyone went “ooh” and “ah” all over the place. Fireworks basically leave me cold. I mean, if you see one, you’ve seen them all. After all, how many different colors are there or different designs? Then some freak starts setting off a roman candle. You know what that is? You hold this long cylinder in your hand and it shoots out miniature fireballs that then explode hopefully up in the air into different colors and patterns.

Unfortunately, much like a bullet, what goes up must come down, and the still red hot embers started falling all around me. I let out with a loud shriek and I’m ashamed to admit that I started running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Then I really started to panic when the hot remnants began falling on my clothes and I didn’t remember that I needed to hit the ground and roll to put out any possible flames. Instead, like an idiot, I continued to move in my fright and my clothes began to smolder and then broke into a small blaze!

I really screamed then and luckily for me a young man leaped up and literally jumped on me and wrestled me to the ground and put out the fire by covering it with his body. He didn’t get burned anywhere on his body, but his clothes did get a little burned in a couple of areas. As for me I suffered no damage to my body, but luckily enough my clothes were burned right off my back. God, I loved it! There I was stark naked except for my shoes in front of this huge crowd of people and I didn’t have to do anything to get that way. My mother couldn’t even be upset with me. In fact, she was even solicitous toward me.

The only bummer was I had to act like I was all embarrassed and attempt to cover myself, which of course I managed to not do very well. My hands kept slipping off my breasts or my secret area. As I looked around at the crowd, I saw blushing mothers attempting to shield their children’s eyes and fathers, who were trying to act like they weren’t getting off on looking at me. You know when I really start thinking about it, I just don’t get it. It’s just the human body. Everybody has one, you know; not as good as mine, of course – haha, but still what’s the big deal? Everybody knows, even little kids, generally what everybody looks like beneath their clothes. Why all the big embarrassment and scandal?

Anyway it turns out the guy, who rescued me is this really good looking teen, maybe eighteen or nineteen years old. God, he was a hunk too. I couldn’t believe he was there by himself, but I guess his idiot of a girlfriend stood him up. He introduced himself as Billy Jack, while gazing right at me. You see, he had enough sense to realize that I would take it as an insult if he didn’t look at me and enjoy my beauty. He stood head and shoulders above me, had short black hair and resembled a young Robert Culp. I don’t know if you ever saw any of those old westerns that Robert Culp used to be in when he was real young, but he was incredibly handsome, believe it or not; well, so was Billy Jack. I was just about creaming right there, because of standing totally naked before him with his intense staring at me.

Suddenly he broke the mood by suggesting I follow him to his car to retrieve a blanket he had brought for him and his girlfriend to sit on. Since we had only brought lawn chairs with no blanket, and my mother didn’t want to strip off (thank God, if you’ve ever seen her – haha) any of her outer apparel for me to put on, she had to let me go with him against her better judgment. I mean would you agree to send your stark naked beautiful daughter off with a male stranger?

I cut quite a swath of attention from the crowd, as I sliced through them following my rescuer to where his car was parked. Women were blushing – I have no idea why, they’ve all seen the equipment before. Kids were laughing and screaming and pointing and men were staring. There was even a few teenage boys attempting to follow me until Billy turned around and discouraged them with his flat stare. It was really great! I laughed outloud all the way.

We finally reached the parking lot and his car. It was much darker there and there was not very many people around naturally. The handsome young man reached into the back seat to pull out his blanket. When he turned around to hand it to me, I dropped my left shoulder suddenly and knocked him back into the back seat. Before Billy could respond in any manner, I dove head first into the back seat landing on top of him! I think I knocked the wind out of him for a moment, because I heard him exclaim, “Umph!”

I took advantage of his momentary paralysis to unbuckle his belt, unbutton his skin tight blue jeans and pull them and his jockey shorts down and off his body. Sara strikes again! His prick was already fixed straight up as if standing at attention for inspection. So I gave it the quick once over and found it appeared perfectly beautiful, so I took most of it into my mouth and began to suckle it. Oh God! From the expression on his beautiful face (and this guy was beautiful) and the sounds he was making, I thought he was gonna cum right off.

I decided to suck him off until completion and then on the next go around he would be able to hold out until I had cummed myself. I continued to go down on him and I’ll tell you – I was absolutely taking as much of his joint as I could into my mouth. I was practically letting it gag me and I was really knob slobbing on it too. I was bringing my lips all the way back up to around the head and then running my tongue everywhere.

I’m telling you that to know what I doing to him was getting me almost as hot as he was, as he was thrashing around and moaning to beat the band. I mean I was practically cumming myself just by thinking about it. I was real wet down there and I jammed three fingers into myself, because I couldn’t stand it anymore. I was hoping he could recuperate quickly. I shouldn’t have worried. This guy was a real stud, let me tell you!

Suddenly he started going off in my mouth like he had his own roman candle, but I don’t think he was Italian. I was so hot by this time I took my mouth off his prick and let him stream his cum all over me. And this guy had a lot! It was like showering in cum. It was dripping off my face and hair. It was killer! I ripped open his shirt, buttons flying everywhere and rubbed some of his cum on his huge chest and then flung myself on top of him again and rubbed my naked body all over his. He was groaning with another hard-on in no time.

I sat up and then rose up on my haunches and plunged my completely distended dripping pussy straight down on that gorgeous prick of his. OH MY GOD! I’d never felt so good. It must have been a combination of everything that had come before it, but it seemed like his erection went straight through me and was coming out my asshole. Good God almighty! I moved maybe five times on him and I was off, the cum was just flowing out of me. It was the first time that I experienced multiple orgasms, as I just kept going and going. Finally of course he clutched me by my upper arms and halfway sitting up he began to twitch and spasm as he shot his hot semen into me. God! It was so hot!

Suddenly I heard someone knock on the car window and my mother’s voice called out, “Sara, come on, honey. We’re ready to leave.”

I glanced up and there was my mother peering in the window at us! Man, talk about a reality check, but you should have seen the look on her face when she got a good gander at us.

“Everybody, come wait in the car for Sara. Sara, you say goodbye to your little friend and let’s go,” I heard my mother say as she quickly moved away from the window.

Of course, Billy begged for my name and phone number, but I declined stating that any more sex like that would burn out my nervous system completely. I didn’t have the heart to tell him the real reason is I have learned not to get involved with guys who are already in relationships. It’s bad for my physical health.

Billy was kind enough to give me the blanket so I didn’t have to ride home stark naked with his cum all over me. As it was, my little sister knew something was up. She was sitting next to me and I saw her keep sniffing the air and looking around.

My mother never said a word to me about it, but the very next day she took down to the Health Department to get birth control pills.

The End

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