Sara's Panties


She was staring at it, running her fingers along its length. Flying around it like a flame. Her mouth was wet, open, and she looked up at me, her lower lip out and a little smile. "I want to." I could hear her will crumbling.

"Go on. It's ok." My hand was still on her craddling the back of her head as she looked up at me.

"No. I can't." I could see her breasts and her puss as she sat kneeling between my legs.

She was looking at it again, the end dripping with cum, and she kissed just the tip of it with a thin stream of cum sticking to her lips pulling back a thin strand which hung off her chin. And then silence, her staring stolidly at my cock.

I looked around and saw the panties she had taken off laying on the table, laying crumpled next to my wine glass in that moment she was thinking. She kissed my cock lightly one more time.

“Stay and watch some TV with me,” I said trying to think of something to bring her back, just to keep her there.

She laughed, "I don't think we would be watching any TV."

"Sit on it with your cunt then," I said.

And then in one motion she brought her lips around me again, sucking me deep into her mouth again, and rising and falling on my cock. She continued, hungry, rising a falling in a firm and steady pace, holding my balls, pressing her fingers between my legs and scratching down my thighs.

I was pushing her down on my cock now. I was holding her there with my legs open sucking on me, her white teeth grazing my skin, she would nibble and chew and suck. I could feel the cum begin to rise from deep inside and I began to rock my hips into her harder holding her tight against me. She could not have backed away now if she had wanted to.

I had my fingers wrapped in her hair and I was holding her to me by her hair. Once she tried to pull away at the last minute and I pressed her back down, moving her head up and down my cock, literally fucking her mouth. I was pressing her against me harder and harder, guiding her motions. She had her arms wrapped around my knees and I had my feet around her back.

She was moving with my guidance, held in place until the cum was rising and I could see her cheeks filling with the cum that was spraying into her. Wave after wave into my little girls mouth.

Her hair was wet with saliva which was fallen around my lap, cum was leaking from the edges of her lips, she pulled back a little and a spray hit her on her chin and hair. Her chin was wet. She drank and drank, as I held her onto me moaning and crying out.

She looked up at me, still on her knees. I knew she still had not cum. She made no mention of what she had just done, only saying, “I really have to go to bed now. It is so late. I got some business to attend to tomorrow.”

“But . . . ”

“I’m good at saying no, remember."

I stared after her.

"Night dad.”

And she turned and walked from the room naked, cum-filled, her cunny dripping wet, bare footed, her hair hanging in strands. Her night shirt crumpled in her hand dragging on the floor.

She reappeared once in the doorway, just a shadow a good distance away.


"Yes hon?"

"Would you . . . really fuck me, if I let you?"

"What do you mean?"

"It's a yes or no question dad."

I set there blinking at her shadow. She was leaning by the door. I couldn't tell if she were in her night shirt or not. She still looked naked.


There was a pause, "Night."

I sat there for a long time. It was like there was no possible way to process what happened. I stared at the little yellow silk panties which lay by my hand. Small flowers in the fabric. Little white flowers sewn at each hip. Her flower.

I took them in my hand, opening and spread them in my palm. They were soaking wet, wet from the top of the fabric from one side to the other. The wetness was cool to the touch. They were held up by a thin elastic at each hip. So wet to my touch, and I smelled her wetness, let my tongue touch the cum. Tasting it tasting her in my mouth, feeling it on my fingers. Her smell, her taste.

Pure liquid fire.

Please email me and let me know what you think of the story so far. Your emails are why I write. Give me ideas about where this story should go, and if I get enough interest paired with interesting ideas the story of Sara and her panties can continue for long time.


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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous01/07/18


Please continue this story.

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by Anonymous11/17/17

Teaser!! You and she are teasers!!

I loved your story but so want to read about her fucking her daddy. I so want to read how daddy loved her puss and worshiped it every day and night. I want a love story of daddy and daughter. Please writemore...

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by MAJOR0411/16/17

SARA: A Fathers Love

Keep the story going with just the two of them becoming lovers and doing erotic things indoors and outdoors.. please do not introduce anyone else into their love!!!

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