tagErotic HorrorSara's Seduction

Sara's Seduction


My thanks and best wishes go out to Kimtacular for her many hours of editing she spent on this story.


Sara stifled another yawn and looked at the clock again. 12:15am. She was used to getting up early and jogging as the sun came up so this late of an hour was hard on her. It probably wouldn't look too good to her new boss to be sleeping when he arrived.

Sara couldn't believe her luck on finding this job. Just married and fresh out of college, she had sent out applications to all the companies listed in the phone book that did interior decorating but hadn't even gotten one reply. It seemed everyone was laying off instead of hiring. She couldn't believe the phone call from out of the blue, from an attorney of all people, about a possible job. She and her new husband would have free use of the guest house and the pool, and receive a small paycheck every week. A place for her and her new husband Terry to live and to still be getting a paycheck was worth way more than she could have hoped for. All she had to do was oversee refurnishing the main house and help with getting it back in shape.

She loved the small guest house she was now living in; three bedrooms and two baths wasn't what she considered small. With several acres of wooded property surrounding the guest and main houses, it almost seemed like she was in the country. She had been working hard for weeks to fix up the main house before Frederic Montabalm got here tonight. But it did keep her mind off missing her husband, or at least helped.

She had been married for almost a month now, but had only spent about two weeks alone with her husband Terry. She missed him badly, but she knew this was his only chance to follow his dream of being a professional baseball player. He was in California trying out with the Bakersfield Blaze, hoping to become a relief pitcher in the majors. They both knew the odds were stacked against him but he had to give it a try.

They had met in college in their second year and had hit it off immediately. He had been on the baseball team and studying for his MBA in accounting. She had been a cheerleader in her first year but had not tried again as it took up so much of her time. They had gotten married soon after graduation.

She had been very conservative in high school and college and had only dated a few guys. She had never been serious with anyone before Terry. They had messed around some before getting married and had even had intercourse twice shortly before the weeding day. Now she missed it greatly. She smiled as she thought of their honeymoon. She even knew how many times they had "done it" in the twelve days of honeymoon bliss. Twenty-seven times seemed like a lot, looking back. But she looked forward to Terry returning in ten days to take up where they left off. Sara looked forward to starting a family some day but knew that could wait. They had only used condoms so far and they were both anxious to feel what sex would feel like "skin on skin."

Sara was 5'8" and went around 120 pounds with sandy blond hair down to around her shoulders. Usually she kept her hair pulled back into a ponytail to keep it out of her face when working or running. Running was something she had always loved and had even run track in high school. Her legs were still muscular as she still ran several days a week to keep in shape. Others had told her she was beautiful but she always thought these were horny boys wanting to get into her pants. Her eyes were a beautiful hazel and she almost always had a smile on her face. Having inherited her mothers high cheek bones, pert nose and flawless skin, she really was a beauty to behold. She tried not to get too much sun and always used sunscreen. Sara's breasts were the thing that lots of guys noticed first; She was a large B cup and was proud of how "perky" they were. She had very long nipples that always seemed erect. They had caused her much embarrassment over the years, especially when she was wearing a bathing suit. She really preferred to go bra-less, and she could at her new job, as so far the only other person she had met at the house was Manuela, the grounds keeper.

Manuela had been hired a few weeks before her and they had become friends. They usually had lunch together at the big house. She would throw together some sandwiches or a simple salad and they would sit outside on the back porch, talking about things they were doing to get the house ready after being empty for so long. Sara had found out that no one had lived in the house for almost 100 years. It was amazing how well kept it was after that long a time. Manuela was to meet Frederic Montabalm that night, but had called to say one of his children was throwing up and had a high fever. He and his wife had been blessed with three children, all under seven years of age. Manuela's wife worked the evening shift at a local motel so one of them would always be there with the kids.

Sara looked at the clock again and thought it would be hard for her to learn to work in the evenings. The lawyer had told her about Frederic Montabalm's allergy to the sun. He had also requested that special black-out curtains be used over the whole house. She had done as requested, but it was disheartening to see such a beautiful room blocked off from sunlight during the day. The room was large. It had a glass ceiling and two walls composed entirely of windows.

The one thing that was truly special about this room was the electric curtains. At the touch of a button you could open the curtains on both sides and retract the opaque covering for the roof. On a clear night like this you could look up and see the stars and the moon. There had been problems with the retracting top cover when she had gotten there so she had had electricians there just yesterday. They had ran new wires through the walls and put in a new switch by the curtains.

Sara sat there and let her mind drift back to the last night she spent with her husband. They had gone to bed early and had massaged each other until late that night. Then Terry had slid down under the covers

Sara came awake with a start. Had that been the front door closing? She jumped to her feet and looked at the clock. 3:35. She had been sleeping for over two hours! She walked toward the front of the house and almost ran into a young woman. Startled, she let out a gasp. The young lady entered the house with a few clothes on hangers thrown over her back. She turned and gave Sara a big smile.

"I'm sorry, you startled me," said Sara.

"I'm very sorry about that," replied the woman as she held out her hand for Sara to shake. "My name is Monique."

Sara reached out to take Monique's hand and looked into her eyes. What beautiful blue eyes this woman had. And her overall beauty was simply breathtaking. Sara finally found her voice again just as a tall gentleman walked into the room. "Hello," she croaked out, staring from the woman to the man who seemed to fill up the room. He had to be at least 6'4", with long dark hair pulled back into a ponytail. She felt an instant attraction to both people, then finally realized she was still holding Monique's hand.

"My name is Sara," she said to both as she held out her hand to the gentleman. He grasped her hand and brought it to his lips. The coldness of his lips and his hand was shocking.

"My name is Frederic Montabalm, and this is my companion, Monique," he said with a deep voice. Sara noticed he had a little bit of a southern accent.

As Sara took a step back to allow them both access on into the house she noticed a wetness between her legs. I guess it must have been caused by dreaming about my husband, she thought.

"Let me give you the tour of the house and the changes I've made so far," Sara said.

"So far I really like it. You know, I haven't ever been here," said Fredric. He thought she would run out screaming if he told her the truth; he hadn't been here for almost one-hundred years.

Sara started out by showing them the room she had been in while waiting for them. Both of them seemed thrilled with the view when the drapes and top covering retracted. Fredric immediately asked if the special fabrics had been used in the drapes.

"Yes," replied Sara, "Its completely dark in here, even in daylight."

"Good, good," replied Fredric. "Lets see the rest of the house, shall we?"

Sara took them both around the entire house, pointing out things she had done and things she planned to do. No matter how much she tried to keep her mind on showing them around, lewd thoughts kept jumping into her head. Things like how she would love to have time alone on the new couch with her new husband. Then her mind flashed an image of what Fredric would look like naked sitting on the couch with her.

What was wrong with her? Dreaming about her husband was one thing, but Fredric was way out of bounds. The wetness between her legs was spreading and she hoped she didn't have a wet spot on her jeans. She had trouble taking her eyes off either of them; Fredric was very handsome and Monique was beyond beautiful. Every time she looked at Monique she felt light headed, and when she looked into his eyes she couldn't look away until he broke eye contact.

"Please help Monique carry in her things from the car," asked Fredric, "and I will bring in the heavy luggage. Then I would like to have a drink and talk to you about your continued employment."

"Of course," replied Sara. She then spent the next twenty minutes helping to carry in various suitcases and boxes. She did take notice of the two very heavy boxes that Fredric carried in. She had tried to move them to get some other items out of the trunk and couldn't even budge them. Fredric carried them both as if they weighed nothing. She stood staring at his back as he carried them in; she again had flashes or images of him naked carrying her in his arms. A shiver went through her as Monique put a hand on her elbow and smiled.

"He almost takes your breath away, doesn't he?"

Sara blushed deeply and started to apologize. "I'm sorry, I don't'"

"Don't worry about it," Monique interrupted, "I still get excited just looking at him, too."

Oh, God, she caught me staring, Sara thought. I will have to quit, she'll never trust me.

"Relax," said Monique, "I'm just giving you a hard time. Besides, we are not married or anything. We're just enjoying each others company for now."

Sara followed Monique into the house, trying to calm down and think about anything else but the images that kept flashing through her mind. She took the last of the things from the car into the bedroom and returned to the large sun room where she had waited on them earlier. She took a seat across from Fredric who was sitting there with a glass of red wine. She politely waited for him to start the conversation with a small knot in the pit of her stomach. She thought she had done a good job for as little time as she had to get the house into shape.

"I am very pleased," began Fredric. "The house looks better than it has in many, many years. I would like you to stay and continue the improvements as you see fit. I am fully willing to increase your pay as I would like you to stay in my employ for many years to come."

Sara quit hearing him soon after looking into his eyes. She thought his lips moved but she heard nothing. Sara was startled to hear a voice in her head say "Stand up." The next thing she knew, she was standing and Fredric was in front of her. She continued to stare into his eyes and felt all the tension fade away. Fredrick placed his hands on both sides of her face and slowly bent her head toward her right side. She thought she must be dreaming when she saw fangs appear from between his lips. He then dipped his mouth to her neck and quickly sank his fangs deep into her flesh. Fredrick wrapped his right arm around her to support and steady her. Sara thought she felt pain for a second, but that was soon replaced with a feeling of euphoria. That quickly changed into something sexual. She soon was moaning and quickly approaching orgasm.

Fredric was jolted when he felt her shivering and obviously climaxing. He had never had a woman respond with such passion before. He reached down with his hand and quickly found her nipple through her blouse, rolling the hard nub between his thumb and forefinger. He stopped drinking from her neck, not because he was afraid of taking to much blood -- it takes a long time to drain a human body of blood from two small puncture wounds -- but he wanted her complete devotion to him which he would have with her slow seduction. He licked the two holes and the wounds instantly healed.

He drew his head back and looked into her eyes again. He raised his other hand to find her other nipple. He reached over and unfastened one of her buttons on her shirt so he could massage one of her breasts. He was amazed at the size of her nipples and at how much she obviously liked them played with. They were the size of the last joint on his little finger.

"Playing with your food again?" Monique said, laughing.

"Shut up, bitch," replied Fredric. But he did remove his hand from Sara's breast. "You will not remember any of this in the morning," Fredric said while looking into Sara's eyes. He quickly took a few steps away from Sara.

Sara slowly regained full awareness. She instantly noticed that she was now really soaked between her legs. She also had a serenity that comes after good sex.

Fredric said, "Now it's time to retire to your house. Do not bother me before tomorrow night."

Sara moved towards her place on rubber legs. She couldn't remember what they had just been talking about. She did remember that Fredric said he really liked her work so far. She opened the door to her house and walked in a daze into her bedroom. She took off her clothes and laid on the bed naked, letting the cool sheets quickly relax her into a deep sleep.

Sleep was disturbing that night for Sara. She had repeated dreams about Fredric, always involving her with no or very little clothes in various sexual situations.


After Sara left the main house, Fredric turned to Monique. "You will get your chance to feed soon. After I have drank from her just a few times, she will be forever in my service. She will gladly give up her husband and pay attention only to my needs."

With a smile on her face Monique said, "You could give me a little to tide me over."

"Two or three feedings are all that are normally required," replied Fredric. "In the meantime, please take her somewhere tomorrow and help get her relaxed, as I want her devotion before I leave next week for Boston. Also call the attorney tomorrow and have him come to the house at 10:00 pm. I have some changes I need to make with my holdings. Now, I feel tired and will retire to my room. Remember that you are not to feed on Sara, but the sooner I feed on her, the sooner your can have her husband."

Monique knew better than to cross Fredric. But a good succubus had ways to help the attraction, or feeding, as Fredric called it. She would have Sara so worked up that by tomorrow night she may just jump Fredric.

Fredric walked down into the basement, thinking of how perfect Sara was. And with blood that tasted better than the best champagne. He had an erection that was so hard it was almost painful. As he lay in bed in complete darkness, he remembered the first time he had met Monique.

It was over seventy-five years ago, in a tavern in New Orleans. He didn't know if he had chosen her or she had chosen him. They had gone to a local Inn and started stripping off clothes as soon and the door closed. She had immediately dropped to her knees in front of him, letting out a small gasp as she saw his cock up close.

Before he was bitten and turned in 1703, he had an average-sized cock. After he was turned, his cock grew two inches in length. It also doubled in girth. Now he couldn't reach around his dick with his thumb and forefinger and touch them together. His testicles doubled in size and his semen output became more than copious. He now had ten to twelve full squirts each time he came; more if it had been a few days.

Monique licked and kissed his cock and tried to fit it in her mouth, but there was no way to even fit in the tip, so she pulled down the foreskin and licked him under the head. The feeling of her wet tongue swirling around his cock quickly had him moaning and breathing hard. He pulled her to her feet and kissed her. However, Monique would have none of that; she turned and pushed him onto the bed. She jumped onto his hips and positioned herself over his dick. He thrust up at the same time she dropped onto him. Fredric couldn't believe how easy she took him into her body. Monique soon started a steady rhythm that had Fredric gasping and trying to hold off his orgasm.

Monique looked down at him, smiled, and said, "Give me your cum. I want to taste your cum."

Fredric thought, How can you taste my cum when you are riding me? Looking up at her swaying breasts, he found he couldn't hold off any longer. Fredric started spurting his load into her. Monique groaned all the while, still riding him hard. After coming more than a minute, he came down from his orgasm. He had never come that much or that hard in his long life.

Monique, still riding him, looked him in the eyes and said, "I want more. Give me more of your cum."

Fredric couldn't believe he had just finished coming and he felt like he was about to come again. It felt like there was a suction in her pussy, like a tongue was licking the head of his cock. With a shout he started coming again. This time his orgasm lasted much longer. As jet after jet shot into her pussy, she smiled and groaned.

"Give me all your cum, give me your soul."

He thought he was going to black out. The semen just flowed form his cock into Monique in a steady flow now. That was when he realized he was in trouble. This was no normal woman! She was going to kill him by fucking him to death. Fredric could feel his muscles weakening and thought he only had one chance of making it through this. He quickly reached out and brought her neck down. Fredric instantly drove his fangs into her neck, and began quickly sucking her blood out as she continued taking his cum into her body.

Monique couldn't believe what was happening. Most men were simply lying there by this time, quivering and shooting their sperm and souls into her pussy. After a few short moments they both stopped; Monique quickly rolled off and jumped to the side of the bed. Fredric saw she was breathing as hard as he was.

"What are you?" they both asked at once. After a little talk they both understood what they had gotten into. They quickly called a truce and had begun to work together from that point on. They helped each other with the hunt and disposing of the bodies. Over the years they had killed thousands, mostly runaways or people without families. They could feed without killing and they did sometimes, but killing was in their blood. They moved from one town to another if too many bodies came up missing. Moving back to his long dead family's house was just the latest move to keep suspicions down. This was close enough to several large cities that there would be easy hunting for both of them.


The next day, Sara awoke with a start. Someone was banging on the front door. She quickly put on a robe and went to answer it. Opening the door a crack, she peered out and saw Monique standing there.

"Good morning, is something wrong?" Sara asked.

"Are you going to sleep all day?" Monique said accusingly.

"What time is it?" Sara shrunk with dread at the thought of already screwing up with her employers.

"Almost 2 o'clock," replied Monique. "Do you know how to drive a car?"

"Well, yes, but I don't have a car here, my husband Terry has it out in California."

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