Sara's Seduction Ch. 04


The woman was in the middle of a giant orgasm when she felt him bury his fangs into her neck. A feeling of euphoria overtook the young girl as her blood was drained from her body. Fredric had to take time that night to dispose of the bodies, making it too late to chance a trip home that night.

Not taking any chances that he would have to spend another night away from Sara, he hired a private jet to rush home the next night. On his way back, the thought of drinking from Sara again had him more excited than he had been in decade's. He would turn her as soon as he returned. All he had to do was get rid of Monique: her usefulness was over.


Monique was waiting for his return and planned to tell Fredric about the whore Sara had become. That should kill any feeling he had for her!

Fredric walked in the front door about 1:00 am, eager to visit Sara.

"Where is Sara? I am taking her tonight."

"Her husband's here, and I think we better talk before you do that," Monique said with a smirk. "Your girlfriend has become quit the slut since you've been gone. She's entertained several different men, even spending the night with a black detective last night. I tried to tell you to go slow and find out about this woman first."

Fredric looked at the succubus with a fury she hadn't seen before. "What have you done?"

"I didn't do any..."

Fredric's hand around her throat shut off any sounds before they could escape her mouth. Balling his hand into a fist he punched her in the face before throwing her across the room.

Monique was stunned; she tried to pick herself up but he was on her again. Hitting her in the stomach, he knocked her breath from her lungs. He picked her up by her neck and squeezed, ready to snap her like a twig.

Monique could do no more than whisper as he applied pressure. "You can kill me, but remember, my soul goes to the devil. He will return me in one hundred years to harvest more souls. That is just a blink of an eye to you and I. And mark my words, I will find you and kill you and your precious Sara!"

Fredric looked into her eyes and could see that see she meant what she said. Thinking about it but a few seconds, he threw her across the room into a wall.

"Get your things and get out. I don't want to see you ever again after tonight. I expect you gone before sunrise."

"But you promised me I could have the husband."

"I have changed my mind, I will let Sara drain her own husband after I turn her." With that, he walked from his house toward Sara's.


Darius heard the doorbell but was ignoring it; it was late and he needed to get some strength back. Turning over in his bed, he tried putting a pillow over his head to shut out the noise. Finally he threw off the covers and went to the door. Looking out the peep hole, he saw his cousin Jalen and a young black man.

"What the hell do you want?" Darius yelled after opening the door.

"I think you need to listen to Andre here, he saw something that I think you should know," Jalen said.

"Now what the fuck do I need to know at this time of night?"

"He might have some information about the missing couple they have been showing on the TV."

"I'm not really part of that search. Go tell someone downtown, IN THE MORNING!" he yelled. As he tried to shut the door, Jalen's foot stopped it.

"No, now," Jalen demanded. "All the cops want to do was hassle him about his record, I'm telling you, he has some information that might help!"

Darius was tired and just wanted to get this over with, so he grabbed a pen and paper to act like he was taking notes. "OK, tell me what,s so important."

Andre told him about working at a club downtown and seeing a young couple leave with another couple.

"Great, now I can tell everyone at the station that I've cracked the case. Thanks for coming by and see you later."

"Dumb ass, listen to what I'm saying: I can identify the couple if you get them in a lineup!" Andre knew this wasn't going anywhere, but his wife back home with their new baby daughter wanted him to tell someone.

"So now you want me to just bring in random people so you can try to identify someone who may or may not have been involved with their disappearance?"

"Maybe it would help if you started with a couple owning a Mercedes, asshole!" Andre was ready to give up, this cop wasn't going to listen, either.

Darius did a double take, realizing he was making a mistake. "What kind of Mercedes, what color, anything stand out about the couple?"

"A red c-class coupe, out-of-state plates, somewhere out east I think. The dude was 6'4, maybe around 200 pounds. Dark hair and very white. I mean, like, translucent white.

"Now, the woman I will never forget. Beautiful! She had long blond hair and was probably 120 pounds or so, maybe heavier. She had the greatest set of jugs I've ever seen on such a small woman. Eyes that when she looked at me I immediately got hard, I mean this woman oozed sex."

Darius couldn't help but think back to earlier in the day when he had fucked Monique; he would probably describe her the same way Andre was this woman. "OK, all that's great, but some names, or the plate number would help even more."

"I have no idea what the dude's name was, but I heard him call the woman something like Macayle, Mistique or something like that."

With out even thinking Darius said, "Monique?"

"That's it man, I knew I would remember," Andre said in triumph.

Darius only thought it over for a second before he left the two men standing at the doorway. Grabbing his clothes he had just taken off, he was dressed and out the door in less that five minutes. I need to go check this out for myself, he thought. I can at least find out if they drive a Mercedes. I can also check on Sara to make sure she is alright. A bad feeling was coming over him as he got into his car and took off.


Fredric entered the house quietly, and entered the bedroom with the sleeping couple. He could see in complete darkness, so he unplugged the night light that gave minimal light to the room. He next went back into the hall and took a coin from his pocket, throwing it at the sleeping husband.

Terry woke with a start. had something hit him? Must be a bug flying around in the dark. Hearing an odd sound, he sat up in bed. Someone was in the house, he thought. Letting his tired wife sleep, he quietly slipped out of bed, and without putting on any clothes, he made his way into the hall. He never saw or heard the blow that hit him in the head.

Fredric grabbed the young man before he hit the floor; he wasn't ready to wake his soon-to-be mate yet.

Pulling a straight backed chair up to the foot of the bed, he took the duct tape he had brought from the big house and began to tape Terry to the chair. He taped his mouth shut, and taped his ankles to the chair legs so his feet didn't reach the floor. He taped his arms so they were straight down at his sides, and then wrapped tape around his chest and the back of the chair.

He now just had to find the perfect light to complete the job. He found just what he wanted on a desk in another room. He was able to position the light so it would shine directly into the eyes of anyone in the bed. Turning it on, he went to the side of the bed that Sara was sleeping on. Looking back at the husband(,) he knew Sara couldn't see anything but shadows, as the light was blinding.

"Time to wake up, my lovely," Fredric said while rubbing her bare arms. He sent a little mental jab at the unconscious Terry, who began to come to.


Monique was seething; no one could treat her like this!She was a succubus. She was one of the devil's chosen, she would show Fredric she was something to respect and fear. The husband was hers, and she would take everything that was Fredric's for her own.

She went and prepared her clothes and belongings just in case. Grabbing her secret stash of cash, she thought about his own reserves. She went into the basement to find where he slept. She knew he had a secret panel somewhere hiding his lair. Looking around she saw a button hidden beside a light fixture mounted on the wall. Pushing it, a panel swung open, revealing his sleeping quarters. She wasn't interested in anything but the two heavy chests he had carried in their first night there. Opening the first one, she found it filled with stacks of one hundred dollar bills. There had to be a million dollars there, she thought. When she opened the other chest, she was stunned by what she found. She picked up one of the shiny gold coins: it said Suid-Afrika on one side and South Africa on the other. This chest was filled to the top with gold Kruger-rands. There had to be millions of dollars worth of the shiny coins. She carried both chests upstairs and placed them both by the door with her other possessions. Now she just had to find the right weapon to use against Fredric.


Sara slowly became aware of someone rubbing her shoulders. she turned, expecting to see her husband, and was shocked to see Fredric.

"Time for us to finish your transformation," the vampire said. "We will make love one final time with you as a mortal, then I will take you as my companion forever."

Sara's first instinct was to scream or slap the man, and was getting ready to do just that when she looked into his eyes. Suddenly, all she could think about was her lust for this man. She had to have him, had to show her devotion to her new master.

"Yes, take me, I am yours to do with as you please. I will give you anything and everything I have to give," said the entranced young woman.

Terry was now awake and couldn't believe his ears: his new bride was declaring her devotion to another man? What had she done while he was gone, who had she become? He struggled with all his might but couldn't break the tape holding him, couldn't even yell with tape over his mouth.

Sara sat up in bed and threw off the covers, reaching for her new lover. she quickly unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off, She then leaned forward and licked his nipples, hoping it would please him.

Fredric stood up and removed his pants, but let Sara pull his boxers down, exposing his cold prick. He pulled her up and fastened his mouth to one of her nipples.

Sara leaned her head back and pulled his head harder to her breast. "Suck on my nipples, please, it's been so long."

She didn't know her husband was in the room- wouldn't have cared if she had known. She was completely caught up in the ecstasy she knew was coming.

Terry couldn't believe what he was hearing; had she been a slut the whole time he had know her? Looking down at the cock between this man's legs, he knew why she hadn't felt as tight as she had before.

Sara pulled her lover from her breast and looked him in the eyes. "I want you to fuck me. I want you to take my ass."

Fredric grabbed her face in both hands, looking in her eyes. "I will give you this last fuck. I will take your life tonight, I will take your soul, and later I will take your ass again and again. I will give you immortality and you will be mine for eternity. We will feed on the weak and live like gods forever."

What the fuck, Terry thought, this guy thinks he's a vampire? He must be on drugs, surely his wife wasn't also. How could he have been so blind to his wife's shortcomings?

Fredric pushed her back into the middle of the bed, letting her move over the top of him as he lay down. He knew the husband would have an excellent view of what his wife was going to get.

Sara could hardly wait to feel his huge cock slip inside her again. She wasn't wet enough yet but would be soon, she thought.

Fredric wanted this last fuck to be her best, one she would never forget for eternity. He pulled her up his body until her breasts were hanging down in his face. He reached out and grabbed one of her tits, squeezing it to make the nipple stick out as far as possible. Letting his fangs grow he placed one in the center of Sara's nipple and just held it there.

Sara would see his fang ready to pierce her nipple and found herself wanting it, and when he didn't move, she grabbed his head, pulling it toward her chest. The pain was terrible as she forced her breast onto his fang. She watched it enter her breast about two inches.

Fredric thought he was in heaven, never before had any women shown such desire and wanton behavior. He closed his lips over her breast before pulling his fang from her nipple. The blood running into his throat was exquisite. He sucked deeply, pulling even more blood into his mouth.

Sara started to orgasm as soon as he started pulling blood from her breast. She was straddling her lover with her pussy exposed; it was soon so wet it was running out and dripping onto her lover's stomach.

Terry couldn't see what this man was doing to his wife except sucking on her nipple, but could tell she was in the throes of an orgasm. He was close enough to see the moisture seeping from her cunt. How could she come this easily with someone else, had he been deficient in some way?

Fredric pulled one more time on her nipple before licking it to heal the wound. Pulling her down, he kissed her, pushing his tongue inside her mouth. He was ready to claim his prize, a new companion forever.

When Sara opened her mouth, she could taste her blood. This seemed like the most erotic thing anyone could do. She reached down between her legs and rubbed his prick up and down her wet slit. When there was enough lubrication, she began to settle down onto his cold cock. She was still tight enough that his large member wasn't going to easily enter her tunnel. Practically sitting on it with all her weight, she finally felt it begin its descent into her depths. After taking about four inches, she paused, leaning forward to slip her tongue inside his mouth.

Fredric couldn't wait any longer-- he had to sink his meat all the way inside her tight sheath. Grabbing her ass with both hands, he pulled her down onto his cock. He hit bottom with about an inch remaining.

Sara groaned in pain at the sudden intrusion; he was just too big to take that quickly. She stayed still, waiting for the pain to subside. "God, you have a big dick." She moaned loudly. "I think I can feel you in the back of my throat."

Fredric kissed her deeply and enjoyed the feeling of her tight cunt on his cock. He decided to shame her husband by asking a few questions.

"Have you ever had such a big cock before?"

"No, not even close to someone as big as you," the young wife relented.

"Is your husband's cock as big as mine?"

Sara didn't answer--she still loved her husband. OK, then what was she doing here with another man's dick lodged inside her! she thought.

When she didn't answer, Fredric lifted her up a few inches and then slammed back inside the young woman.

"NO, you're going in too far!! I cant take all of you inside me."

"Then answer my questions: Is your husband's cock as big as mine?"

"No, of course it isn't, your the biggest I've ever seen," moaned Sara.

Pulling out a couple of inches to reduce her pain, he asked, "Does your husband give you orgasms like I do?

"No, please don't talk about Terry, I feel like a whore cheating on him with you."

"Well, maybe he doesn't satisfy you. Does he have a little prick?" When she didn't answer right away, he pulled her back down onto his hard cock.

"Yes, he has a small prick," Sara practically yelled. The pain was so intense she would say whatever he wanted.

"OK, now you can start fucking me."With that, he lifted her almost off his cock before letting her slide back down his hard member. He had made his point, that he was in complete control-- she was only there to please him.

The pain left and Sara could only think about how good this was beginning to feel. With her on top she could regulate how far he went in, and began sliding up and down his throbbing pole. She didn't know if it felt so good because he was so big or because of the taboo of having sex with another man besides her husband.

Terry was in tears, he wanted to kill both of them. How could she humiliate him like this, even if she didn't know he was there sitting at the bottom of the bed? He could see her lubrication on the oversized prick ravaging his wife's pussy. He closed his eyes and tried to pretend he was back on the ball diamond. He could shut out the sight of his wife, but couldn't shut out the sounds of the copulating couple.

Sara was now sliding up and down as fast as she could; the great sensations were coming in waves. "Fuck me faster," she cried.

Fredric rolled her over, keeping his dick inside the young wife. When he was on top, he began to thrust as fast as he could. "Is this how you want me to fuck you?" he taunted.

"Yesssss, this is so good, I'm going to come on your big prick. Please keep fucking me, I'm almost there, yes,yes,yes!" she moaned as her orgasm swept over her.

Fredric slowed his thrusting as she finished coming. When she was finished, he pulled her legs up over his shoulders and resumed fucking her with slow, deep strokes. He would pull out till just the head was left inside and then slip back into her clenching sheath. In and out he thrust, feeling his own orgasm approaching. He let her legs down and pulled out of her tight pussy for a moment.

"No, don't stop, I want you to come inside me," said the gasping woman.

"Close your eyes," the vampire commanded. "Now turn with your back toward me and sit on my cock."

Sara had heard this called the reverse cowgirl before but had never tried it. Keeping her eyes closed, she got into position, and rising up she guided his large member into her dripping cunt. She tried a few short strokes and found that it was indeed pleasurable.

Fredric reached over and turned on a bedside lamp. He knew she would be able to see her husband now. "Open your eyes."

Sara didn't look up for a few strokes but when she did he had to hold onto her hips to keep her from leaping off his plunging member. Sara was horrified to see her husband bound to the chair, looking at her fucking another man. She didn't realize it but she raised her arms up as if to cover her breasts from her husband's sight. "No, let me go, I can't do this," cried the newlywed. She couldn't stand to let her husband see her like this, just like a common whore, she thought.

Fredric had her by the hips and began to lift her up and then pull her back onto his cock. It wasn't long before the woman was overcome by the intense sensations his huge prick was causing. She soon lowered her hands and placed them on Fredric's legs, rising and falling on the cock of her own accord. She couldn't stop the orgasm that was building in her loins. Closing her eyes so she couldn't see her husbands horrified look, she moved one hand to her clit and began to rub her clitoris in rhythm to his plunging prick.

"Oh GOD," she yelled as she came, "come in me, I want you to fill me with your cum!" Sara had lost all control and could only think of the delicious feeling her new lover was giving her. "Keep fucking me hard!"

Fredric let go of her hips and the woman kept moving up and down on his cock of her own accord. As Sara's orgasm slowed she reached up and pinched her nipples to bring more pleasurable feelings from her body.

"Sara, do you want me to come inside you?"

Sara opened her eyes and looked at her husband. "Yes, come in me, I want you to fill me with your seed."

With that, the vampire began shooting his load inside the moaning woman. Spitting long ropes of cold semen inside her pussy, she was soon overflowing with his discharge.

Terry could see cum being forced out of her pussy as she continued ride his cock, only to be followed by more. A puddle began to form as it ran off the two lovers and onto the bed. He couldn't stand any more humiliation, please let this end, he thought.

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