Sara's Seduction Ch. 04


Fredric finished shooting his cum into the young bride and sat up so he could wrap his arms around his new love. "Are you ready to take the next stop, Sara? Do you love me? Are you ready for me to take you as my companion?"

No, she thought, I don't love this man, I love my husband. But the words that came from her lips told another story. "Yes, take me, I am yours and only yours!"

Fredric moved her hair from one side of her neck, waiting till the husband was watching, he then let his fangs grow. Making sure Terry was looking, he sank his teeth into her neck, letting a little blood spurt out so there could be no mistaking what he was doing.

What the fuck, Terry screamed into the gag. This couldn't be happening! This guy really was a vampire. Now he understood what was going on: his wife had been attacked by a fucking vampire, the undead, a real live monster.

Fredric drank heavily from the young woman, draining her until he felt her begin to slump in his arms. Fredric licked her neck, healing the wounds, before he lifted her from his still hard cock. He moved down until his legs were hanging over the end of the bed, then picked Sara back up and placed her on his lap. He could feel her pussy dripping his cum on his lap. Sara was now on a couple of feet away from her husband. Lifting up, she reached for Fredric's hard cock, and lining it up with her opening, she pushed down until it was lodged deeply inside her cunt.

Fredric again drove his fangs into the willing wife, bringing moans of pleasure from her lips. As Fredric sucked the blood from her body, she came on his cock. He pulled blood from her neck and swallowed quickly, feeling her pussy quivering in orgasm. He drained enough blood so she became weak and light-headed. Licking the wounds, he pulled back from the young woman. "Are you ready to join me for eternity?"

"Yes, I will always be yours," replied Sara.

Fredric reached down, and with a fingernail opened a small gash in his chest. "Drink from me and you will live forever".


Monique had found the the weapon she wanted in the the closet, a wooden handle broom. Breaking it over her leg, she went to the kitchen, and using a meat cleaver, she hacked a point on the end, giving her a stake about one foot long. Going to Sara's house, she opened the door, leaving it open so as not to make any noise while closing it. If she was going to do this, she would have to be quick and quiet. She figured she would find him in the bedroom with Sara and wasn't disappointed. She saw Fredric with his back toward her with Sara facing him. Without hesitation, she crossed the room and drove the stake through the heart of the vampire.

Sara didn't understand what had happened: she was just getting ready to close her mouth over the wound when a stake was suddenly pushed through his chest. She screamed, "NO!" at the top of her lungs, scared that her master had been hurt.

Monique knew she had succeeded in vanquishing the vampire, all that was left was the carcass of her tormenter. Grabbing him by the arm, she pulled him off the bed and onto the floor. Squatting down beside him, she looked in his disbelieving eyes. "Don't ever fuck with succubi; we are much smarter than simple creatures like you." Standing back up, she watched as his body aged and disintegrated, leaving only the stake and dust to mark the vampires demise.

Turning to Sara, Monique said, "Now it's time for us to play." She leaped onto the bed, knocking the stunned woman flat on her back. "Now you and your husband are going to be my playthings for a while." She reached over and twisted Sara's nipple hard, bringing a yelp of pain from the tormented woman. Spying the duct tape Fredric had used to bind Terry, she reached for it and quickly wrapped Sara's hand and ankles.

Monique smiled as she glanced at Terry. "What do you say we get to know each other better?" With that, she got off the bed and started to undress. Seeing his eyes never leave her body, she knew she had him in the palm of her hand. After disrobing, she went to the young man and ripped the tape from his mouth.

Terry wanted to say thank you but her mouth covered his before he got anything out. As the aphrodisiac flowed form her mouth to his, his thoughts turned to lust for this beautiful woman standing before him.

"We are going to have such a good time," Monique whispered to the husband. "You don't want a slut like that anyway, do you?"

Terry could only shake his head no as the aphrodisiac flowed through his body straight to his groin. He could feel his prick spring to life, getting so hard it almost hurt.

Monique moved into position and sat down on his cock, taking him all the way in. "Oh, you are going to taste so good," moaned the enchanting succubus. "And as fit as you are, I bet you last a long time."

She felt like molten lava to the horny husband, and tight like his wife used to be. He knew he should resist but the sensations were just too intense. He hadn't been in a woman without a condom since he had met his wife. He looked toward her to see if she was OK. He was horrified to see her looking back at him with tears in her eyes. He couldn't bear to let her see him this way, but his body was betraying him.

"Hey, look at me, silly, I will deal with your slut wife soon enough. Or maybe you would like to see me take her soul, I bet you would get off on that, wouldn't you? When I take a man's soul, he only knows ecstasy. When I take a woman's soul, I tear it from her, causing indescribable pain. I'll make a deal with you: I will only drain you halfway, then I will take your wife's soul while you watch."

Terry tried to move and shake off this monster that was riding his cock. As hard as he tried, he couldn't free any of his arms or legs from the tape binding him. He had to try something, as his orgasm was close--he tried to think about his failure to make the team.

The woman riding him could tell he was trying to hold off the approaching orgasm. "Now, don't fight it, it will not be as fun that way. You are mine now, I have won. Just let me have what I have earned," said the gloating succubus.

Terry could feel his first spurt of cum fly from his cock, followed by at least a dozen more. It wasn't possible to come so much, he thought.

Monique moaned as she felt him filling her hungry pussy. "Yes, that's a good boy, give it all to me. I will give you the ecstasy your wife never could."

He thought he would never stop coming, but at least she had what she wanted and would stop now. He didn't know the aphrodisiac she secreted from her loins would be absorbed through the skin on his dick. He could feel her continuing to slide up and down his tired member and didn't feel his cock getting soft like it usually did after coming. He was just as hard, or maybe even harder than when she first sat down on him. He could even feel another mind--numbing orgasm approaching.

"That's it, just give in and let me have a little more, then I will take your whore of a wife. Did she tell you about all the fun she had while you were away? Let's see, she had two men at the same time, what, was that a few nights ago, Sara? And less than twenty--four hours ago she was fucking this adorable black man all night, weren't you, Sara."

Sara was in shock. She didn't understand what had happened. She had been fucking Fredric and had leaned over to suck his blood into her body and now he was dead, just a pile of ashes. Now her husband was fucking her friend in front of her.

Terry couldn't hold back any longer, he gave up and let his cum blast into the pulsating pussy. He felt jet after jet shoot from the tip; the spurts were coming closer together until it was a solid stream entering the laughing succubus. The pleasure was too much, his only thoughts were to give her more of his cum.

Monique loved this part, where the man gave up and wanted to give his cum and his soul to her. She continued to slowly rise up a few inches before settling back down on his squirting rod. She continued to drain his seed for several minutes until she could feel him getting weak. Reaching her hand down to a spot right below his balls she pressed, stopping the flow of semen. This did bring a groan of protest from the sweating husband. "Don't worry, I will be right back to finish, I thought you could watch your precious wife die first."

Lifting off the husband she stepped to the bed. "Now it's time for us to play," she said to the terrified wife. "Don't worry, you will enjoy the first few times you come--that's when you will be giving me your life force. Then we get to the really yummy stuff, your soul. Now that will hurt like hell, but that's where you will be going when I rip out your soul."

With that, Monique tore the tape around her ankles and ripped it off. "Now if you think that hurts, wait till I take your soul,"she said to the moaning woman. After removing the tape from her wrists, Sara tried to fight with the woman, but she felt like a child trying to fight a grownup. Pinning her arms down to her sides, Monique moved up until her crotch was just inches from the young woman's face.

"I think if you would lick me for a few minutes you would begin to enjoy this a little." With that, she moved forward until her wet folds were over the struggling woman's face.

Sara tried to fight with everything she had, but as hard as she tried, she couldn't budge the woman sitting on her face. She wouldn't open her mouth but the aphrodisiac flowing from Monique's pussy was absorbed into the skin of her face and lips. It only took a few minutes before a lust began to race through her blood. After that it was a forgone conclusion that she would open her mouth and start licking deeply in the gushing pussy.

Monique felt the fight leave Sara and lust overtake the young wife. "Now it's time for me to get what I want." She slid down until her face was even with Sara's. "Now I am going to take your soul, bitch! I will send you to Hell for all entirety!"

Monique turned around so they were in the classic "69" position. Pulling Sara's legs up and apart, she brought her face to the newlywed's wet snatch. "Now, Terry, you might want to watch this," she said with a chuckle. She then ran her tongue down through the wet slit in front of her. She could feel Sara try to raise her head to continue licking but could tell She didn't have the strength to hold her head up.

Monique began to move her tongue around the quivering pussy before sucking her clit into her hungry mouth. She knew with the aphrodisiac flowing through the girl's body it would only take a few seconds before she would have her first orgasm. She heard Sara begin to moan and felt her shaking as she began to climax.) Monique continued to lick her love button, knowing she would have this woman's soul in minutes.

Sara couldn't believe the wonderful explosions happening inside her body. She didn't care about anything except that the feeling continued. She could already feel another orgasm approaching.

Monique continued licking the young woman's slit and soon another climax overtook her. This time, as Sara's body was in the throes of coming, a thin wisp of white smoke started to slowly escape from her trembling vagina. The succubus looked to make sure the husband was still watching before raising her head to suck the white mist into her mouth.

"That's so delicious," said the grinning succubus. "This is her life's energy, I will drain that then I will take her soul." She lowered her face down and took Sara's pleasure nub back into her mouth. It was only a few minutes before she had Sara moaning that she was coming again. This time there was a large amount of thick white smoke rising from the dying woman's pussy. Monique again slowly pulled the smoke into her lungs.

"Does it make you feel better, watching this slut die first, Terry? It wont be long till the white smoke turns to a pink mist--that will be her soul. When I take that, she will be sent to Hell, isn't that what you want?"

Terry knew his wife was dying. He couldn't believe she would betray him so soon after their wedding, but he didn't want her to die. This was the woman he still loved, even if she had done the things Monique claimed. She wouldn't have done those things without being drugged or forced, he was convinced. "Please don't kill her, take me instead," he said in a weak voice.

"No, I am going to take her life, then I will take yours, there is no one to stop me." With that said, she dropped her mouth back to the wet pussy, eager to drain more into her mouth. This time it took longer to get her to climax as the soul was getting ready to separate from its host.

Sara was feeling euphoric with the incredible orgasms this woman was inducing. She didn't have to wait but a few minutes before she was having the strongest climax yet. It seemed the room was moving, like she couldn't focus her eyes anymore.

Monique lifted her mouth from the coming woman. A thick white smoke rose from the new bride's pussy, "Ah, more energy," said the succubus as she pulled it into her body with her breath. The thick white smoke began to thin into smaller thin threads that she also devoured.

Sara was in orgasmic heaven as the succubus drained her body of energy. But with a sudden shock, the pain was intense. In fact, the pain was more intense than the orgasms had been pleasurable. The anguished wife let out a scream that was long and ear-splitting.

"Here is some of her soul, Terry," yelled the excited succubus. "Look how pink it is! Lucifer will really enjoy this innocent soul." She placed her finger into the pink mist and wrapped it around her finger like a person would cotton candy. Only a small amount left the screaming woman's core before it stopped, with the last tendrils of pink mist reentering the quivering vagina.

Terry tried in vain to free himself, thinking if he just pulled a little harder he could free his hands. But no matter how hard he tried, he could not save his wife.


Darius pulled into the drive and sat in his car for a few minutes. He was here with out backup,.and had no viable reason to charge the occupants with anything. He just knew something wasn't right about the two women he had met here earlier. He didn't know how Monique had enticed him to have sex with her, neither did he understand how she left him so weak. Sara didn't act right the first time they met, either, but he felt like her actions the next morning were genuine and was more like a woman who had made a terrible mistake. Had they been given drugs? He didn't know of any drug that could cause you to lose all morals and inhibitions.

Looking at the house again, he could tell lights were on in most of the rooms. I'll knock and see if anyone answers the door, he thought. Walking to the front porch, he was reaching for the doorbell when he heard a scream that raised the hair on the back of his neck. Pulling his gun, he moved swiftly in the direction of the scream.


Sara thought she was losing her mind; when the pleasure had turned to pain, she felt like her brain was sucked down into her body and was now centered in her chest. She had no energy to hold on anymore, and knew her soul was lost.

"This should do it, Terry! This time I will take her soul and send it to the devil. But don't worry, I will take yours next, just keep watching as I kill this bitch of a wife!"

Monique pulled Sara's clit into her mouth for the last time, licking it with her tongue and lightly biting the hard little nub. It didn't take long before a pink mist began to escape from the woman; it began to form into a round orb that continued to grow.

Sara didn't know what was happening— she could hear screaming and began to see images. She could see Monique looking at her with hunger in her eyes, she could see a woman's bare crotch. It quickly became obvious that her consciousness and soul were outside her body and looking back at her dying body.

Darius had entered the house though the open front door. He heard sounds coming from upstairs and moved as quickly as he could toward the screaming woman. When he got to the bedroom door and looked in he was stunned. There were the two women in a "69" position, but it was obvious that Sara was screaming for her life. The man strapped to the chair was crying and cursing at Monique to let his wife go and not to kill her. He could see a pink round mist that shimmered in the light, then he saw Monique sucking it into her mouth.

Monique was really enjoying causing Sara so much pain, as she had ruined a relationship that had lasted decades with Fredric. Looking at the pink mist, Monique said, "Say hello to Lucifer for me, will you, bitch?" before she began sucking the rest of Sara's soul into her lungs.

Darius was scared out of his mind! He had never seen or heard of anything like this. His hand was shaking so bad, he wasn't sure he could even aim. The pink ball that had been the size of a softball was now nothing more than a few stray threads of pink mist.

Terry was yelling at the top of his lungs and didn't recognize the loud bang as a gun shot. But he did notice the succubus flinch and bend over into his wife's crotch. It looked like she was throwing up, but all that left her mouth was a white and pink cloud that sank down between his wife's legs.

Darius didn't even know he had fired his gun—he was trying to steady his hands before announcing his presence. He saw the woman on top of Sara rise to a sitting position, and in the blink of an eye, she changed.

Now Monique was mad as hell: a bullet to her body would hurt but was nothing serious. What she was most upset about was upchucking the soul she had just harvested. She let her body revert to its natural state. Now someone was going to pay for interrupting her feeding.

Darius looked at the monster in disbelief. her whole body had turned blood red, with short horns emerging on both sides of her head. Black wings unfurled from her back and spread, and was that a tail he saw twitching? Without thinking, he fired again and again with seemingly no effect on the creature.

Finally his training took over, and he took aim at her head. His hands were shaking so much that the bullet didn't hit in the center of her forehead where he aimed. But the hole that appeared over her right eye was just a s deadly to the succubus. She fell back over Sara's motionless body. In just seconds, her body began to buzz like a hive of bees, and before the disbelieving eyes, she became a swarm of flies. Moving in mass, the thousands of flies flew from the room and headed for the early morning light shining through the front door.

Darius dropped his gun to the floor. "What the fuck just happened?"

"Untie me," pleaded the young husband, "let me take care of my wife."

Darius crossed to the chair, and after removing a pocket knife quickly cut the tape holding the man to the chair. "I'll call for an ambulance," he said, and left the room to find a phone.

Terry approached his wife's side but didn't know how to help— there was still a ball of pink mist gathered around his wife's pussy. But how do you get it back in? he thought. Reaching for her hand, he squeezed it and begged, "Please stay with me, Sara, I love you!" He reached for her neck and found a weak pulse. When he looked down, he couldn't see the pink mist anymore. He didn't know if it had reentered her body or just evaporated in thin air.


In less than ten minutes, the EMT s were there and checking her vital signs. Blood pressure was low, slow heart rate and fixed, dilated pupils didn't look good for the beautiful young woman lying on the bed. In the ride to the hospital, there didn't seem to be any improvement.


Two days later, Terry sat by his wife's bed, holding her hand. The doctors prognosis had not been good. There was no brain activity and there had been little hope of a recovery. The doctors had recommended against inserting a feeding tube—there didn't seem to be any point, or so they had implied. But Terry just couldn't give up on his new wife; he had promised for better or worse, he thought. He just started talking, telling her the things he would if she was awake, sometimes he would stop and tell her how much he loved her.

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