tagLoving WivesSara's Sexcapades

Sara's Sexcapades

bySensuous Storyteller©

'I'm going out to work on the truck!' The screen door slammed shut behind his shouted words.

Sara peeked out the kitchen window to see her husband grab his toolbox and crawl under the big black truck. He was so proud of that thing. It was a 76 Jimmy 4X4, complete with a lift kit that raised the truck so high that she needed a milk crate to climb into it or at the very least a running start and a good boost.


As her hands returned to the soapy water in the sink to finish washing the dishes, Sara's thoughts drifted to the time they went to the cottage with all of Joe's family. It was a big enough cottage but not big enough for a couple to have enough privacy for sex. That first morning, Sara woke up and knew it was going to be a hot one, so she donned her red bikini and came out to join the rest of the family for breakfast. After a piece of toast and a cup of coffee and a few special glances from Joe, he came around the table and took her hand and stated to everyone or anyone that he and Sara were going for a drive.

Surprised but pleased, Sara jumped up from the table and followed Joe out to the big black truck. He helped her in and slammed the door. Going around to the driver's side, Joe jumped in and started the truck and off they went. Sara had no idea where Joe was taking her but it didn't matter, her heart soared with the knowledge that her handsome husband wanted a little time alone with her. She happily enjoyed the drive.

They hadn't gone far when Joe pulled off the main road and drove along a dirt path to a spot that was not visible from the road. Once they were in far enough, he put the truck in park and shut it off. Turning to Sara he told her to get in the back seat. A smile graced her lips as she realized Joe wanted to 'play' in the truck. Sara did as he told her and climbed in the back. She had scooted to one side but he grabbed her small bikini clad hips and slid her across to the centre seat. Joe then sat on the centre consol facing her.

'Take your bottoms off', he demanded.

Excited with the game, Sara hooked her fingers into the sides of her bikini and slid the panties off. Joe grabbed her ankles and pulled. Sara's bottom slid to the edge of the seat as Joe placed each heel on the top of the front bucket seats. Looking up from her distorted position, Sara saw her husband looked down between her legs. His burning gaze made her tummy tense as she felt her womanly fluid seep from her shaven lips to make them shine. The scent of hot cunt filled the humid truck and she shivered as Joe lowered his head to look closer and inhale deeply of her scent.

Her arousal was so strong, she closed her eyes as if it was too much to take in but they quickly popped open when his tongue traced a line along her wet slit. The rough tongue slit up slowly along the soft wet petals and stopped when it hit her clit. Just the tip of his tongue flickered back and forth quickly over her bud causing her legs to tremble and more of her juices to flow. When she felt as though she was about to come, Joe already knew and dipped his head in close to drink in her scent and slurp her juices. He loved to watch his wife's petals unfold and open like a flower to the sun but his passion took over and his mouth rasped over her sucking and tasting her roughly. Moaning, Sara came hard where she often did, one the face of the man she loved.

Not even a full moment after her orgasm, Sara looked up to see her husband drop his shorts and watched as his erection bounced against his navel. His cock was hard and proud and ready to take her. Her hand reached out to hold it and her thumb grazed the wet tip causing Joe to gasp aloud. Leaning forward, she took him in her mouth and sucked his cock softly. She sucked the tip; just the sensitive head. She had an iron grip on the shaft and slowly stroked him as she sucked. Joe ripped her bikini top off and grabbed her nipples hard, pinching them in a way that would have hurt had she not been so close to coming again herself.

Joe grabbed her head and fucked her mouth but could only manage two strokes before he felt that he would for sure loose it. Pushing her back, none too gently, Joe gripped her ankles again and spread her legs wide. Seeing his mark, the wet, shaven folds that covered the gate to heaven, he aimed and pushed, hard. Sliding inside her wet cunt like hot knife through butter.

'Ohhhhhhhhh yessssssss!' Joe moaned. His hips pumped his cock deep into her and with every stroke he heard her soft mewling moans until she screamed. That scream undid him, and not even a second later, hot semen pushed through his shaft and splashed the walls of heaven until they were both done and ready to collapse. Their ragged breathing from sweat covered bodies was the only sound in the hot humid truck.

Joe helped Sara find her bikini bottoms and seeing that he ruined her top, he took his tee shirt and gave it to her. As they dressed they quickly climbed into the front seat to head back to the cottage. Once they returned, they knew that they were not ready to walk into the big room filled with people, family to boot, so they ran to the dock and jumped in the lake for a refreshing cool and cleansing dip. They giggled and played like children.


Hearing the giggles in real time, brought Sara back from her memories and she looked to see her daughter and her girlfriend talking to her dad who had slid out from under the truck long enough to tease them. A few moments later, she watched the girls hop on their bikes and wave goodbye. Joe returned to his work under the truck.

Sarah dried her hands and left the kitchen to join her husband in the driveway. It was another warm summer day and the sun was hot as she stood there asking him where the girls went.

'They said they were going over to Krista's' he answered as he reached for another tool.

Watching her husband working, her eyes went to his crotch and saw the bulge in his shorts and again she allowed her mind to drift back to the next summer at that same cottage. They had taken their boat that year. Sara loved that boat. She insisted they buy one with a cuddy cabin and a head so they would all have privacy when they were on the boat. She remembered the day they anchored in the middle of the small lake. Sara was in the cuddy cabin and she lifted the hatch and stuck her head out to look around. Joe came in to see what she was doing and saw his wife from the waist down only. Smiling to himself, he knew he was going to have some fun.

He placed his hands on her waist and Sara was about to come down to see what her husband wanted when he told her to stay there. Knowing she was hearing her husband's playful tone, she was more than happy to play along.

Sara felt his hands as they hooked into the waistband of her shorts and he slowly pulled them down, panties and all. When Joe sat on the cushioned seat in the cabin, his face was at the perfect height to view one of his wife's best features. He looked at her well trimmed muff and her slim legs close together trying to hide the prize he was seeking.

'That's enough of that' he thought. He took her legs and spread her feet one at a time. He was careful to place each foot on a secure spot but far enough apart to allow him the pleasure of her treasure. His hand stroked her thighs and slid up to tease her lips as they started to shine from the moisture seeping slowly. He put his face close to her to inhale her arousing scent and she jumped startled as his beard tickled her thighs.

She expected his mouth to close over her but instead she felt his fingers spread the petals open wide. Still no mouth so she knew he was looking at her. He knew this embarrassed her slightly but at the same time that embarrassment aroused her. The evidence was in the extra wetness that painted her lips. When he felt he had teased her enough, he dipped his head and let his tongue slide across her slit to her clit. Softly at first like the gentle first licks of an ice cream cone, but like a child who realized he loved the taste he went at her with a renewed passion. His tongue slid in deep as his wet slippery fingers danced across her clit bringing her closer and closer to losing it.

Joe felt his cock throbbing in his shorts with each lick. It was a delicious ache and the taste of her was driving him crazy. When he felt her legs begin to tremble, he knew it was time his arms gripped her hips tightly as his mouth fucked her to orgasm. If her head wasn't outside through the hatch she would have heard his slurping as he drank her juices greedily. Her legs lost their strength as she almost sat on his face, his tongue aching but not ready to quit.

Her trembling came to an end and he allowed his pretty wife to slide through the hatch and fall into his arms. Holding her like a baby he kissed her hard with lips that smelled and tasted of her.


Shivering in the driveway, Sara returned from another great memory of her past. Joe peeked out and saw the shiver and asked her if she was cold. It was another hot day and he couldn't believe that she shivered.

'No, maybe someone walked on my grave' she answered with the old explanation for someone shivering when it's not cold.

Climbing back under the truck, Joe asked Sara to pass him a wrench. Slipping down to join him under the truck, Sara handed him the tool. She saw that he was lying on an old sheet so she climbed under next to him.

'You're going to get dirty' he warned her.

'That's ok, I love dirty' she answered.

Joe laughed because nothing could be further from the truth, Sara hated dirty. She was the girliest girl he ever knew.

She stayed under the raised truck with Joe while he worked. Her eyes left what he was doing to scan down his body. She saw a very nice chest, flat tummy that was hairy and she knew got even hairier beneath the waistband of his shorts. Her hand ran along his chest and tummy and her finger traced along the waistband of his shorts.

'What are you doing?' Joe asked. 'You know where that is going to lead.'

Grinning Sara answered. 'Yeah, I know.'

'Hand me that other wrench please, the one there in my tool box.'

Sara peeked in and saw the wrench but she saw something else too; a jar of Vaseline. She took the wrench and handed it to him and also for the jar of Vaseline.

While he worked, Sara removed the top of the jar and scooped out a dollop of jelly. Rolling to her side she slid her hand up the wide leg of his short shorts and grabbed his cock. It was soft but it grew in her wet fist almost immediately.

'Sara, what are you doing?' He asked again.

"Nothing' she answered, 'You just keep working there.'

Her hand enjoyed the feel of his cock filling her jellied hand and she began to slide it up and down. She stroked him very slowly so her fun would not end too quickly. He moaned a little but tried to keep up the pretense of working. Her hand slid up the shaft of his cock and she rolled her fingers over the head and she could feel the wetness of precum seeping out.

'Hmmm, you feel really good to me.' Sara said as she kept stroking him

'It feels pretty damn good from my side, too' he countered.

Now on her side, Sara placed one hand under his balls, opening and closing her hand over the tightening sac. Her other hand was greased and sliding up and down the shaft and over the tip. The spongy head swelled with every stroke. She made sure her slippery fingers danced over the sensitive tipd and she enjoyed watching his chest move up and down as his breathing raced.

'Hello there, you two. Helping Joe fix the truck, Sara?' Her neighbour shouted.

'No,' she answered, 'I am just helping Joe out with his tools'

'Have fun, you two.' Kathy shouted as she took her groceries from her car to the house.

"We will' Sara shouted back relieved that Kathy didn't come any closer or worse stay and chat.

The swelling of Joe's cock in her hand told her that nearly getting caught aroused him even more. Sara wasted no time in returning her attention to her husbands impending orgasm. Her soft, small hands all covered in the slippery Vaseline stroked and slid over his cock and balls, slowly at first but faster as she felt his hips move in rhythm. Squeezing gently on his balls, her fingertips slid down to the soft spot below just before his anus. Her nails scratched lightly on the sensitive area and made him moan aloud. Her other hand was stroking faster as she felt his tummy muscles tighten. The swell of his cock told her he was close. Faster and faster she stroked until she knew he was going to come. Then she slowed her strokes but held him tight in her fist making sure the top stroke rolled right over the head of his cock.

He moaned and his face looked like he was in pain as blue eyes stared into her brown ones. It was time. She could almost feel the jet of come as it rose up the shaft to gush out the tip and pool in his navel. Her greasy hands spread the white liquid over his skin as if it were an expensive cream. His cock bounced every time her hand grazed the tip.

Joe let his head fall back and he closed his eyes to take a moment to recover. The rise and fall of his chest was slowing from his rapid breathing just seconds earlier. He turned his head to look at his pretty wife and leaned over to kiss her.

'I hope you will always be here to help me with my tools!' Joe laughed.

'You bet, I don't want anyone else ever helping you with your tools. That is MY job!'

© Misty's Erotic Stories…2005

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