Sara's Story


Sliding his hands to the side of her neck, he pulled her closer, parting her lips with his tongue, eager to explore the inner reaches of her mouth. She could still taste the wine on his lips, and she sucked them eagerly between her own. His kisses broke free of her mouth, working their way down her throat to her shoulder. With his teeth he pulled the strap on her dress aside, kissing and nibbling the flesh beneath. A soft moan escaped her lips and he knew she wanted more. Tonight she was his.

The Limo came to a halt outside an enormous house with a porch that over looked the beach, and Sara new at once she would not be going back to the motel tonight. His home was luxurious and warm, and his bedroom was even more so. He took her hand and led her to the end of the bed, but first she had to see what he thought of the garments she had bought earlier in the day. Taking a step back, she undid the zipper on her dress. Slowly, deliberately, she let it fall to the floor, revealing what little she had underneath. His mouth curled up in a devilish smile.

"Did you get that for me?" She stepped towards him, moving seductively, sliding her hands over his shoulders and whispering into his mouth,

"Yes" He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her roughly to him, kissing her with intensity that set her body on fire. This would be no tender love making, but an animalistic frenzy borne of desire and need. He pulled the tiny top from her body, taking her tender breast full in his mouth, sucking hard. Biting her nipple between his top lip and his teeth, pulling a little, then sucking it back into his hungry mouth. She whimpered a little, but it only served to make him more aroused. Her hands went to his shirt, almost ripping it from him in her desire to feel his flesh. Digging her fingers into his broad shoulders, she leaned over and bit into his shoulder, sucking hard as she pulled he mouth away.

Picking her up, he all but threw her to the bed, ripping the g-string away with his teeth, burying his face between her slender thighs. His tongue, hungry for the taste of her sweet juices, plunged into her hot and wanting hole. She cried out in pleasure and pain as his mouth took to her tender clit like a hungry animal, sucking and biting, driving her need higher and higher. She reached down, grabbing him by his hair, forcing his face harder against her sex. He growled softly, sending vibrations through her clit that seemed to consume her entire body.

Removing his trousers while he feasted on her delicious pussy, he kicked them to one side. Standing, he grabbed her legs and pulled her back down the bed, sitting her up so her beautiful face was before his throbbing, erect cock.

"Suck it." He commanded, and she did not have to be told twice. Taking his shaft in her hand, she began worshiping it with her mouth. Kissing and licking, teasing him with her lips, looking up into his lust filled eyes. He groaned, grabbing her head and forcing his cock between her lips, not stopping until he could feel his balls on her chin. She began to suck, moving him in and out of her mouth in hard, fast sucks. She was a woman on a mission now; she wanted to taste him. Sucking harder and faster, she moved her hands over his ass, gently touching and teasing his most sensitive places. He groaned softly again, and she knew exactly what to do. Reaching between her wet thighs, she slipped a finger inside her dripping pussy, making it wet, then returning it to his ass. Sucking him harder, she teased his tight hole, pushing the tip of her finger in, pulling it out, and pushing it back in a little further. His back arched and his hands pulled her mouth even harder against him. She pushed her finger in a little deeper, teasing and stimulating him until he could take it no more. With a roar, his cock exploded, shooting hot seed down the back of her throat, covering her mouth, her face, her hair, running down over her breasts. She swallowed hungrily, trying not to miss a drop of his wonderful cum.

He pulled her to her feet, looking into her eyes for a moment, grabbing a hand full of her hair, pulling her head back and smothering her mouth in a hard, hot kiss. Tasting his own juices mixed with hers on his tongue, he moaned softly into her mouth, sending a vibrating sensation through her lips. He laid her back on the bed, sliding up between her thighs, kissing and licking the soft flesh. His tongue returned to her throbbing clit, but with more tenderness than before. Sliding his mouth over her swollen pussy lips, he began to lick, and suck, sending a shudder through her entire body. She whimpered a little in her need for completion, and he slipped a finger into her ready sex. Sara's pussy was wet with heat, and he delighted in the feel of her silky smooth cream on his fingers. He began to tease the sensitive area between her pussy and her ass, moving a wet finger down to tease her tight pink hole. She moaned in anticipation. Sucking hard on her clit, he slowly pushed his finger into her tight ass, moving it only slightly back and forward, twisting it, making her ready for him.

He added a second finger, sliding them a little faster in and out, delighting in the responses of her body. Sara could do nothing but await his readiness to make her cum, her heat rising higher and higher. Slowly pulling his fingers from her ass, he pushed in his tongue, licking and tasting her. He could feel her climax building. Her muscles tightening. Her juices were starting to flow.

Quickly he made his way up her body, pushing his hard throbbing cock hard into her. She cried out, grabbing his shoulders as her body erupted in wave after wave of heated orgasm. Driving him self hard into her over and over again, not letting her pleasure subside. Feeling the inside of her pussy contracting and pulsing with her release. All at once his own pleasure was once again released hot and hard inside her, mixing the juices of their passion deep inside her hot hole. He collapsed on top of her sweating, heaving form, kissing her mouth and face in renewed tenderness. She held him to her, feeling his heart beating against her chest as she rode the final waves of her ultimate release.

Robert rolled off her relaxing body, pulling her over on top of him, his softening cock still inside her hot depts. Sara rested her head against his broad chest, happy and satisfied. He held her close, kissing the top of her head, whispering,

"Sleep awhile my Darling." He kissed her forehead and she sighed, slipping into deep, dreamless, sleep.

When Sara woke the following morning, she found herself alone in Robert's bed. She felt a little disappointed. On the pillow beside hers were a single red rose, and a note.

My darling Sara, You looked so much like an angel as you slept I could not find the strength to wake you, so I watched you sleep. Unfortunately I had matters to tend to today I could not avoid, I would have much preferred to spend the day with you. I took the liberty of having my people collect your belongings from the motel and bring them up to this room. I hope I have not over stepped my boundaries, but I wish you to spend the remainder of your time in the States with me. I will pick you up at seven for dinner, unless you would prefer to eat in. I will call you at my first opportunity. Lustfully yours Robert.

As much as Sara was touched but his somewhat possessive gesture, he did have a nerve presuming he could make such a discussion for her without asking. She climbed out of bed and went to the neatly stacked pile of suite cases and bags, looking at the clock on the way. Ten thirty. Damn, she had slept half the day away. On top of her suite case was an envelope from Bradley containing about a dozen messages, all from James. He must have been up half the night checking if she had returned to the motel. She wondered what he would think when he finds out she has been moved from the motel to a mans residence. He would have to have one hell of an explanation for the things he seemed to have forgotten to tell her before she would give a damn what he thought.

Who was she kidding, she still couldn't get the man out of her thoughts, and she would have to hear the truth straight from him before she made any real judgements. She picked up the phone and called the motel.

"Hello Brad, it's Sara Mason, are there any more messages for me?" Bradley seemed very annoyed with her, and she could not blame him considering the circumstances.

"Yes you have messages, but if you want them, you will have to come and get them yourself. I won't give to anyone but you." And with that, he hung up. She shook her head in disbelief. He was sulking. Oh well, if he would not tell her the messages, she would just have to go and get them herself. She needed to know what was going on with James. She dressed and called a cab.

When she reached the motel her stomach was rumbling. She'd not had any breakfast, so she would collect her massages, and go out to lunch. Bradley greeted her with puppy dog eyes. He was truly hurt by the way she had been moved out. When she explained she knew nothing about it, and it was not her idea, he brightened a little. He gave her the massages. James truly had stayed up all night waiting for her to come back, and he already knew she had checked out. She would have to call him. Her time left in the States was running short, and if she went home without at least meeting him, she would always be wondering. She did need a way to make things up to Bradley for his hurt feelings though. She thought for a moment.

"Brad honey, they left a pair of my favorite ear rings up in the room I was in. I don't suppose you could take me up and help me find them? They mean a lot to me." She gave him back the sad puppy eyes he had given her, and he took the key to the room off the hook.

"How could I refuse such a request from a lady as pretty as your self? Come on, I will help you find them."

When the entered the room Sara didn't say a word. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him with a slow, lingering tongue. He pulled back, a little stunned.

"Shouldn't we look for your ear rings?" it was an honest question, and deserved an honest answer.

"What ear rings?" She gave him a wicked smile, and pressed her hip against his crotch. He caught on quickly, wrapping his arms around her, grabbing her by the firm cheeks of her ass, and pulling her hard against him. His kiss was urgent, but soft, savoring the taste of her lips and tongue. She undid the buttons on his shirt, kissing her way down his broad chest, unfastening his belt buckle with her teeth, and sliding his pants down his well built, muscular legs. Taking his already erect cock in her hand, she stroked it gently, making it even harder. He moaned a little, looking down at her, watching her every move. His smile was hungry as she began to tease the head of his cock with her tongue, forcing the tip of her tongue into the tight hole in his swollen head. Licking her lips, she took him full in her mouth in one quick suck, making him moan a little louder. She kissed and licked the head again, teasing him, then sucking him hard into her mouth once more. His cock was the biggest she had ever encountered, a full nine and a half inches, and very thick. She loved the feel of it in her hands and mouth, and she began to suck in earnest. He ran his fingers through her hair, watching her enjoying sucking his cock.

Taking his balls in her hand, she squeezed them gently, running her fingertips through the course hair that covered them. Reaching down, he took her shoulders and lifted her to her feet. She was a little disappointed in having her plaything taken from her, but she followed his lead. Sliding her skirt up over her hips, he ran his hands over her ass, taking her panties off in one smooth movement. Lifting her gently, he sat her on the edge of the table, pushing the chairs aside with his foot. Laying her back on the table, he stood between her legs, his huge cock resting on her clean mound. He pushed her shirt up, revealing her ample breasts, and began to massage and fondle them as he positioned the head of his cock in the opening of her wet and ready pussy. Without warning his pushed himself deep inside her, holding firm to her breasts as he pushed. She cried out a little in both pleasure and pain, her tight hole not quite ready to accept his immense size. Slowly he began thrusting into her, pushing his cock all the way to the hilt in her hot depts. With one hand he pinched her nipples, the other he made wet with her juices, and stoked her now throbbing clit. Over and over he thrust his hard member into her, bringing her closer and closer to the edge. All of a sudden he stopped, and she whimpered a little as he withdrew the greatest cock she had ever had inside her. Falling to his knees, he took her aching pussy between his lips, licking and sucking all the juices that soaked her now very wanting pussy. Sucking her clit into his mouth, he licked it hard with his tongue, and he could feel she was close. Pushing his cock back inside her, much slower this time, he could feel the walls inside her love hole tightening, milking his cock. Holding tight to her thighs he began pounding her. Thrusting into her harder and harder, until at last her body shuddered with orgasm. She cried out, grabbing his arms as his cock began to swell, then explode inside her. She could feel the hot juices flowing out of her, down over her thighs and ass. She delighted in the sensation. With his softening cock still inside her, he pull her up to sit on the edge of the table, her legs wrapped around him so she would not lose him from her creamy depths. Their mouths met in a moment of tender passion, and he whispered,

"Thank you." She touched his cheek tenderly. How could this boy, this young man of nineteen, be so skilled at using his cock? But then she supposed with a cock like that, he was probably never short of a skirt to lift. And yet there was loneliness in his eyes. She held him tight for a moment, then headed for the bathroom. It would not be good if Robert was to find her full of another mans seed, no matter how much she enjoyed getting it.

When she returned from the bathroom he was sitting on the end of the bed. He looked sad.

"I'm never going to see you again, am I?" She bit her bottom lip for a moment. The last thing she ever wanted to do was hurt him, but she would not lie to him either.

"No, you won't, but I could not go without saying good bye to you. You have been so kind to me since I arrived. You're a very special guy Brad. I had to have you. Just once. And I am so glad I did. You're wonderful." She kissed him lightly, and left the room, wishing there was another way, but knowing it was for the best. Now to sort things out with James.

In the lobby of another motel she checked her email. Again there was a number of them from James, all sounding a little desperate and confused. She closed the account, and picked up a near by phone.

"Hello?" The voice on the other end this time was the one she knew, James.

"Hello James." Her emotions wear a mess, she was so thrilled to finally hear his voice, and yet she feared the outcome of this conversation would be far from what she had dreamed it would be.

"Babe, where are you? I have been looking everywhere. Are you alright?" his voiced echoed genuine concern.

"I'm fine, I'm staying with a friend."

"I thought I was your friend." She could feel a sense of bitterness and anger building inside her and she had to fight for calm.

"I thought you were too. James why didn't you tell me you had a family?" She could almost hear him struggling for an answer.

"I didn't think it mattered Babe. You and I are friends, I didn't think anything outside of that was important." She wanted to scream. How did men come to such illogical decisions?

"How could it not be important? It's like you have been lying to me all this time. How could you do that? I really thought you loved me." She could feel the tears building in her eyes, but she held them back. Now was not the time.

"Oh Baby, I do love you, more than anything in the world. Where are you? I will come and get you so we can talk." She hesitated, not sure if she really wanted to talk. He had always had a gift for getting her to forgive anything he said or did. Would this time be any different? She hoped so. She gave him the name of a café across the street, and said she would wait for him there.

"I'm on my way." And the phone went dead.

It was almost an hour before James arrived at the café. Cursing the traffic, he sat down across from her, then leaned over the table to kiss her cheek. She had to swallow hard. Damn he smelt good. And he looked even better.

"I am sorry I never told you about Jenny and the kids, but I thought if you knew I would lose you, and I could not bear that. I really do love you Sara." She looked into his eyes and saw a desperate man.

"I am sorry too Babe, but is you truly loved me, you would not have lied to me for so long. You would not have talked to me of moving to the States, of marriage, of forever. You made me promise you could never keep, and never intended to. You betrayed me James. You betrayed my trust, my love, my hopes and my dreams, and nothing you can say is ever going to make me forgive you for that."

"Sara, I'm sorry, I don't want to lose you." She stood and looked at him for a moment. All of a sudden he looked quite pathetic.

"To late. You lost me the moment you told me a lie. Goodbye James. I am glad I got to meet you, even if it wasn't how I thought it would be. I wish you and your family well." With that she left the café, leaving him sitting with his reflections and lies. She would have no part of a man like that. She almost felt sorry for his wife. Almost.

After purchasing herself a few treats, and attempting to eat some lunch, she returned to Roberts beach house where she was greeted at the door by Rose, the housekeeper. She was informed that Mr. Bateman had called and would be home around five, and they would be eating in tonight. Sara thanked the short, overweight woman, but right now she could not care less where or even if she ate dinner tonight. A curiosity struck her, and she took a better look at her surroundings. There was nothing here to indicate the presence of a woman in his life, but her trust had already been shattered. Seeking out Rose in the kitchen, she asked if there was a woman in Roberts life, and Rose assured her that there had been no one in his life since his wife died in a car accident two years earlier. Satisfied with the answer she had been given, she collected the unsigned contract, and headed down to the beach.

Making her self comfortable on the warm sand, she began reading the contract, being sure not to miss one word of the fine print. Until a few days ago she would have trusted Robert at his word, but she had trusted James, and look where that got her. The contract was pretty standard, except for the fact that it was offering her twice what she has expected, and the option for more books over the next three years. It was the answer to all her dreams, all her prayers, and the foundation for a new and better life.

The afternoon was growing late, so she headed back to the house to get herself cleaned up before Robert got home. It had been a rough day, but there was no need for him to know that. She showered, washed her hair, and dressed comfortably, but made sure she was looking her best. Greeting him at the door with a kiss, she asked if his day had gone well? If had been upset at her not being there when he called, he showed no sign of it, but he did ask what she did today. She kept it simple, leaving out anything that was really none of his business anyway, and picked up the contract. He seemed thrilled when she accepted the terms, and they signed it there and then. Filing it in his brief case, he had other things on his mind.

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