tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSara's Sweet Quarterback

Sara's Sweet Quarterback


I don't know how it is where you live, but in Florida football is right next to God, country and family and I'm not sure what order it goes in. Besides currently having three successful professional franchises in the Miami Dolphins, Tampa Bay Bucs, and the Jacksonville team, there are also three highly successful, major college football programs in The University of Florida, FSU, and the University of Miami. All of this success, of course, initially stemmed from the high school ranks, so even football at that level is taken quite seriously.

The university I attended was not part of the big three but their team had been practicing for most of the summer. Their first game would be in a few days. As we stood near the sidelines watching them, we could see the players cutting their eyes towards us, whenever they felt they could get away with it. Finally one of the coaches noticed we were being a distraction and chased us away, none too nicely I might add.

Naturally enough revenge immediately entered my mind and I turned to Kristine and suggested we investigate the boys locker room, while they were out at practice. Kristine indicated she was up for it and away we went to see what kind of trouble we could cause. Mwahaha!

Sneaking in wasn't hard, because the doors weren't locked. In the first place, everyone else was supposed to have already left and who would think anybody would mess around with the football team anyway. The scary part was right when we entered, because we weren't certain if there may still be someone in the locker room, but it was completely empty. We immediately attempted to open lockers, some of them had those combination locks on, but some were unlocked.

Let's get one thing straight, we weren't in there to rip anybody off. We just wanted to see what kind of havoc we might be able to cause. Haha! I found some jock straps at one point and began throwing them at Kristine. She screamed and was running around like a chicken with her head cut off and I was laughing my ass off.

When we heard the players beginning to enter the locker room, we became completely panicked! I'll admit it. We flipped out and ended up running the wrong way and became dead ended in the shower room. Kristine was looking all crazy and confused, when she asked, "What are we gonna do, Sara?!"

Kristine always looked to me to get us out of our jams. It was only right, because I was the one, who usually got us into them. I answered her by quickly stripping off my outfit, until I was standing stark naked.

"Here," I said, handing my clothes to my beautiful friend. "As soon as the shower room starts to fill up with players, run out and go to the nearest door to the right and out into the hallway. Don't try to make it to the door that leads outside. There'll still be players coming in and you would never make it. Once you hit the hallway, keep running until you find a janitor and explain to them you got locked in and they'll let you out. Then wait out front for me. For God's sake, don't panic and run home. I wouldn't relish trying to run home from school stark naked the way I used to when I was in the sixth grade!"

Kristine appeared completely aghast, when she replied, "Sara, you're not going to fuck the whole team, are you?"

"Oh relax," I giggled. "Even I'm not that slutty. Besides I don't even know these guys. I just know once they spot me naked, they won't pay any attention to you."

Sure enough, as soon as the shower room began to fill up with huge, nude, sweaty football players, Nicole was able to just waltz out, because they were all staring at me with their mouths hanging open and some pricks already becoming hard at the sight of me. Remember, these are young men. They can get hard for no reason just walking down the hallway at school.

Can you imagine that some of these guys were trying to hide their penis from me. God, I couldn't believe it. What a bunch of blushing virgins! I'll tell you some of these guys were just fat slobs, but those were the lineman. The rest of these guys were pretty good looking and then a boy sauntered in, who I did recognize.

He was the starting quarterback and he used to live in our neighborhood. His name was Eric and he was a blond Adonis, let me tell you. He was also purported to be a great quarterback and already in line as a candidate for the Heisman Trophy, but I didn't know about that. I wasn't much into football then. I did become quite a fan later, but that was when I was a cheerleader. That's a story for another time.

He stood about six feet, three and his prick looked to hang down halfway to his knees. I thought I had died and gone to heaven again. I could tell he fancied me, as he walked right towards me. The players in the crowded shower room cleared a path for him, as the Red Sea had for Moses. After all he was the starting quarterback and those guys are minor Gods in college in Florida.

Eric moved in until he was almost touching me with his giant cock that was already hard. I was completely ready to do this guy, I want you to know.

"And you are?" he asked me kindly, never once acting as though it was in any way odd to find a naked girl waiting in the men's shower room.

God, I could barely speak, I was shaking so much. This was a very unusual occurrence for me. It was usually I who was in compete charge of the situation.

I finally managed to eek out, "I'm Sara."

"And I'm -," he began to say until I interrupted. "Oh, I know who you are. You used to live in my neighborhood."

After that, Eric began to peer at me closely, until I saw recognition enter his eyes. "Oh, you're the girl we used to call Bubblegom," he declared and then he laughed heartily. He had a beautiful laugh.

Why did they used to call me Bubblegom? Well, that's an embarrassing story and I might tell it sometime or I might not. Suddenly he snapped his fingers and demanded, "Guard the room!"

Every last player left the shower room and stood in front of it out in the locker room. Believe it or not, I was relieved. I didn't particularly relish fucking this guy with the whole football team watching and I sure as hell wasn't pulling no train! There are limits, you know.

Eric spoke, "You surely have grown up, Sara."

"Hey Eric," I explained. "No offense, but to hell with the small talk. We're both naked. You don't have to chat me up, you know. Let's just fuck."

The handsome young quarterback appeared a little shocked, but more amused than anything. I don't suppose he was used to anybody as forward as I am. He was more familiar with those blushing debutantes, who acted as though they didn't want it as bad as he did.

They all were already looking for husbands, even though they had just entered college. Isn't that pathetic? You can't tell anything about a person, when they're still in college. I'm sure Jack the Ripper probably looked okay, when he was in school too.

Eric agreed simply, "Alright," and he pulled me towards him, until he was completely embracing me. God, he was so much taller than me his prick was poking me somewhere between my belly button and my breasts.

"Let's get it on," I whispered to him. "The coaches could force their way in here anytime."

The young man nodded and lowered his knees, as if he were doing a deep knee bend. I thought to myself it certainly was a strange time to exercise until I realized he was inserting his huge erection straight into my cunt hole.

Oh God! Talk about fucking good! Then he reached behind my legs and picked me completely up off the floor, until my pussy was waist high on him. I quickly caught on and wrapped my legs around his waist and crossed them at my ankles to keep me firmly entrenched on his cock.

Eric was so strong he walked me and him over to the wall and, using that for balance, he began to thrust into me hard, over and over and over.

"Oh Goddamn!" I screamed. It was lucky none of the coaches heard me, but I couldn't help myself. This guy might have the best I'd ever had and I'd had grown men too. He just kept thrusting over and over quicker and quicker. I thought I was going out of my mind, until suddenly the cum was literally ripped right out of me.

"Shit!" I screamed, as it rolled out and then Eric let loose his load of cum right into me. I could tell by the expression on his face he was lost somewhere for a moment. He had completely left reality.

When the young quarterback had completed his pass of cum to me, so to speak, he set me gently on to the shower room floor because, at the moment considering everything, he probably didn't have the strength to hold me any longer. We embraced for another moment or two and then I gently reminded him we probably needed to get me out of there, before I was discovered by some of the teaching staff.

He softly called out, "Hey, Tiny. Bring me a jersey." There always has to be some big guy on every high school football team named Tiny. That's a cosmic law.

The aforementioned Tiny acted with some alacrity and carried into the shower a brand new football jersey. It fittingly enough had the number 10 on the back. Tiny didn't waste the opportunity to look me over closely and I guess he liked what he saw also, because his prick became hard as a rock immediately.

Eric took the jersey from him, thanked him, and sent him on his way back into the locker room. Turning to me, he instructed me to hold my arms up and then slipped the jersey down over me. It was so large it hung down to my knees and, at the risk of seeming immodest, I have to admit I looked adorable in it.

The handsome young quarterback gave me one more passionate lingering kiss and then took me by the hand and granted me safe passageway from the locker room to outside the school.

I walked around the corner of the school in a complete daze, until I saw Kristine smiling and waving her right arm at me. I could tell she was very relieved to see me from the huge smile on her pretty features.

I didn't even bother putting on my outfit, but just carried it with me as I walked home beside Kristine. The jersey was way longer than my skirt had been anyway. Naturally enough, Kristine demanded to know what had occurred after she had made her great escape and, as I was recounting it to her, I realized something amazing – I was in love!

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