tagBDSMSara's Training Ch. 01

Sara's Training Ch. 01


For those of you who have not been following the story, my series, Sara Submits, was based on characters created by Couture in his story Soccer Mom. You can find this story linked under my favorites.

I took his characters and expanded to include a number of additional characters and a week of time in the life of our heroine, Sara the soccer mom. One week into the story, Sara's will has been broken and she has accepted her life as a submissive. The one week time framed seemed like a good place to end that part of our story. The characters will live on here in Sara's Training.

Cast of Characters:

Sara - The soccer mom who is taken by the wife of her husband's boss in Couture's Soccer Mom.

Frank - Sara's husband. He doesn't know Sara has fallen into a life of submission, although her increased sex drive has benefits for him.

Cindy Anderson - Sara's first mistress after seducing her in the park.

Jim Anderson - Cindy's husband and Frank's boss. He enjoyed bursting Sara's anal cherry in chapter 6.

Maggie - Owner of the "Professional Woman" clothing store who has enjoyed Sara's attentions.

Andi - Works for Maggie at the store and has also played with Sara.

Susan - Manager of the "Victoria's Secret" in the same mall as Maggie's store. Sara was sent on an errand to buy a thong, which Susan enjoyed very much.

Heather - Sara's new mistress. Heather is best described as a Barbie doll with red hair. She is a trophy wife whose husband owns a network of car dealerships. They have an open marriage and Heather leads a group of women who enjoy taking other women as their slaves.

Now on with the show...


Sara awoke on a bright, sunny Sunday morning very sore. The afternoon before she had been teased almost to the point of insanity. Then, before she allowed her release, she had to perform cunnilingus on four different women, was spanked and fondled by a fifth and finally double penetrated by her husband's boss and his wife.

Sara lost track of how many orgasms she had. All week, Cindy had manipulated the young housewife and controlled how often and where she would be allowed to cum. Sara spent the entire week seeking her next orgasm and was aroused more often than not. Sara's submission to Cindy grew with each successive kinky task she was given. During Sara's final exam of submission last night, she learned she had been "traded" to Heather Chandler, the sexiest woman Sara had ever seen. Heather could best be described as having a body proportioned like a Barbie doll, including large surgically enhanced breasts. Normally Sara thought fake breasts looked bad, but on Heather, they completed the sex bomb look she was going for. As Sara would soon learn, breast worship was a favorite of Mistress Heather.

Sunday was supposed to be family day, frequently taken up by soccer games. Sara had left her car at Cindy and Jim's house the night before. She explained to Frank that she had drunk a little too much wine and got a ride home. This was certainly a plausible excuse, much better than I walked home because I was too sexed out to drive.

Frank drove Sara over to the house. Sara jumped out of the car a quickly slid behind the driver's seat of her SUV. She sped away before Cindy and Jim could notice. That afternoon the entire family went to the park. There was no game scheduled. Instead they just had a picnic by the lake. Spending the day in the park with her family was a favorite activity of Sara's. At least it had been until a week ago. Now every time Sara was not focused on her family, her mind drifted back to what Cindy Anderson had done to her in this same park last week.

Sara had been instructed to expect Mistress Heather would contact her to begin her formal training. Sunday passed with no phone calls or email. Sunday night Frank began to make amorous overtures to his wife. Sara was still a little sore from the fucking she received the night before, but she was cognizant of needing not to neglect her husband. Although Frank was a good lover, Sara secretly wished he would treat her rougher like Cindy and Jim had done. Sara wasn't sure where these feelings had come from. Before last week, she had only had sex with three different people and had never cheated on her husband. But ever since Cindy had forced her to orgasm in the park, she could not resist anything the domineering woman requested. Sara felt guilty over her actions of the past week. She loved her husband and did not want to jeopardize her marriage. At the same time, she had never felt as alive as when she was submitting to the will of one of the several women she serviced last week. Even when Cindy's obnoxious husband Jim took his turn, Sara came like a banshee. Normally Sara would not give that type of man the time of day, but last night she let him fuck her ass, had sucked his cock and even thanked him.

Sara was determined that she had to tell Frank. But how? That was the real problem. Sara though maybe she could slowly start talking to Frank about some of the activities. Kind of fantasy exploration, not "guess what I did last week honey?" She and Frank had never really talked about their fantasies. For all she knew, Frank had the same desires. Sara also thought of renting a dirty movie. She was sure Frank had watched a porno before, he was a guy after all, but he never talked about them. Or maybe she could get him to go with her to a strip club. She had heard that some couples enjoy going together. If she admitted a dancer was attractive, maybe she could convince him that having a three way (with Mistress Heather or one of her other new friends) was a good idea. Once Frank had bought off on the idea, Sara theorized, he would not be in a position to object to Sara's other activities.

After thinking for a while, Sara determined none of these options was really all that good. Sara reflected on the possibility that Heather really wasn't interested in her and that Cindy and Jim would leave her alone now that they had fucked her senseless. Sara determined that the best course of action was to pretend nothing happened until Mistress Heather contacted her.

Sara enthusiastically accepted Frank's invitation to passion. Even though the sex was "vanilla" Sara enjoyed herself and was happy to give Frank pleasure. She began by sucking his cock, something she typically resisted except on "special occasions." Frank and Sara made love twice that night and Sara woke him Monday morning by servicing him again. Although Frank was certainly pleased, Sara did not allow herself to orgasm. Although she had been given permission to cum as much as she wanted on Saturday, she wasn't sure if that instruction was in force only for that day or until Mistress Heather changed her order. Sara felt the prudent course was to hold back until she was sure. Besides, Frank had difficulty determining when she was faking, so he was happy either way.

Monday morning started the week like any other. Frank was off to the office early and the kids were off to school. Sara busied herself around the house, but stopped every half hour to check her email. Surely Mistress Heather would contact her today. Sara went back and checked her emails from last week. As she reread her instructions from Cindy, Sara began to get aroused. She even rewatched the video clips of herself tied to her bed in her wedding dress. As she did this, Sara's hand absentmindedly began rubbing her crotch. As her arousal grew, Sara moved on to the submission movies she had download at Cindy's command. Sara's hand was moving faster and faster as she approached her orgasm. Just as she was about to cum, her phone rang. She contemplated not answering, but figured it might be Mistress Heather. It took three rings before she picked up the phone to look at the caller id. Bruce Chandler was the name. It was her. Sara hesitated. What could she say? Should Sara thank Heather for spanking her on Saturday? Or thank Heather for sitting on her face that fateful day the Monday before? What would Heather order her to do?

As these thoughts raced through Sara's head, two more rings happened and the call transferred to voicemail. Because Frank and Sara had Vonage as their phone service they didn't have a regular answering machine. Once the call clicked over, Sara could not pick it up. She kept waiting for the message light to come on her phone, but it never did. Apparently Heather did not leave a message.

Sara assumed she would call back soon. Heather knew Sara's situation and would be aware of her kids and husband's schedules. Sara sat by the phone determined to pick up quicker when Heather called back. She sat at her desk with Outlook open waiting for an email or the phone to ring. After an hour, Sara really had to go the bathroom, but she was unwilling to risk missing another call.

Sara's thoughts kept drifting back to Saturday's events. She was horny and wanted to orgasm. Finally after waiting two hours, she gave up. As she walked out of their home office, Sara looked at the doorknob and smiled.

Tuesday and Wednesday were uneventful. There was no contact from Heather, Cindy, Maggie or Andi. Sara's willpower to deny herself an orgasm was floundering. On Thursday morning, Sara remembered something. Saturday night Cindy had sent her home with a butt plug buried in her ass and Ben Wa balls dancing in her pussy. She had agreed to return them on Sunday, but had completely forgot. This would give her an excuse to see Cindy.

Sara contemplated how to return the items. She had hidden them in the garage when she came home Saturday night. Should she just drive over and hand them back hoping Cindy would take the lead? Should she wear them? The phone rang startling her from her thoughts. It was Frank. He was calling to see how Sara was doing. While they were making small talk and Sara had an idea. Said she was going for a run. Frank said that sounded like a good idea and to have fun. Sara snickered. If only Frank knew how much fun she was going to have.

Sara grabbed the toys and sprinted upstairs. She quickly stripped down pausing to look at herself in the mirror. She was proud of her looks and rubbed her fingertips on the point of her nipples. The feeling was electric. Sara followed her nipple play with an exploration of her pussy. As she expected, her juices had started to flow. The arousal of last week was returning just with the thoughts of what she was about to do.

Sara took the butt plug and quickly washed it. It had been sitting in the garage and was foul smelling. Not being an expert in washing sex toys, she used cold water. Sara didn't have any lube and hoped a little pussy juice would suffice. As Sara began to slide the plug into her now dripping snatch, she realized the folly of using cold water to clean the plug. Her pussy lips quickly contracted at the suddenly cold intrusion. "What an idiot," Sara exclaimed. She knew a little hot water was all that was needed, but then a lewd thought struck her. Sara bent over the bathroom counter. She felt like she was back serving drinks at Cindy's party. She calmly took the butt plug and put it in her mouth. She had to stretch her jaw just a bit to fit the wide apex of the plug into her mouth. This brought back a flood of memories of her ass stretching to accommodate both the insertion and retrieval of the plug a few days earlier.

While she was bent over, Sara reached between her legs and gave her pussy a little rub. Her fingers came back coated with her juice. Sara knew she could come right there in the bathroom with little additional effort, but she tried to hold back. She had learned the lesson well that denying her release always led to a better orgasm later. With her right hand now slick with her personal lubricant, Sara reached around to her butt. Without a hand to support herself, Sara had to lean onto the counter, her ample bosom pressed into the countertop. With her left hand, Sara pulled her ass cheek outward exposing her brown-eye. Her right hand moved into position behind Sara as she tried to push a finger in her own ass. Instantaneously her asshole puckered to protect itself and Sara was unsuccessful.

"How the hell did they get this plug in me," she wondered aloud.

Sara looked back into the mirror. Bent over the counter with the plug in her mouth and hands behind her, she looked every bit the slut of a week ago. Her pussy continued to juice. Sara determined that she had to get the plug where it belonged. Perhaps a different approach would work better. Sara pulled the plug from her mouth and quickly inserted it into her pussy. Her lips had to stretch a little, but they accommodated the phallus with little difficulty. While the plug was in her pussy, she resisted the idea to fuck herself by turning her attention to the Ben Wa balls. She washed them, this time in hot water, and put them aside. Sara knew she had to be ready to put her panties on immediately after inserting the balls or they would slide right out.

Sara looked around the bathroom for the item she needed, but she could not find it. Maybe Frank had used it and not returned it to the room. Sara then had another thought, but completing her task would require a trip to the kitchen. Not wanting to waste any time, she sprinted down the stairs and into the kitchen. She kept one hand on the outside of the plug to hold it in place and used the other to balance herself on the banister.

As she entered the kitchen, she suddenly remembered she was naked. She had been too focus on her own pleasure to remember such a little detail. As she had just streaked through the living room and the blinds were open, she hoped nobody happened to be looking. By now, she was too aroused to care. If somebody saw her, she figured they probably enjoyed the show.

Sara quickly grabbed the item she needed, a kitchen chair. The chair was wooden and without a pad, perfect for her mission. Not wasting any time, Sara pulled the plug from her pussy and stuck it upright on the chair. She then turned her back to the chair, and holding the plug with one hand and her butt cheek with the other, guided the plug to its destination. As wet as the plug was, Sara found that pussy juice is not the best lubricant. It certainly helped as she sat down stretching her asshole over the tapered plug, but she resolved to buy something better. Once again Sara felt as if she was being split in two. She now knew from experience, however, that once the apex was reached, the rest would dart inside. Sara gave constant pressure and tried to relax her ass muscles. Eventually she achieved her goal. The plug was buried to the handle.

Sara was panting at this point. She contemplated giving herself an orgasm. She reasoned that if Mistress Heather did not want to play with her, then she would play with herself. All of a sudden Sara heard the kids arriving home from school. Was it that late already? No, it was just after noon. Then Sara remembered they only had a half-day because of some damn teachers' meetings. She was trapped, naked in the kitchen. Sara was frantic. Would the kids go straight to their rooms to drop off their stuff giving her a chance to get to the master bedroom? Unlikely. They usually grabbed a snack. Could she hide in the dinning room connected to the kitchen then sprint up the stairs without being seen? That too seemed like a long shot. As she contemplated her ifs, Sara's nose detected the unmistakable smell of her arousal. Not now, she thought. How could this be turning her on?

Sara determined the basement was the safest course of action. She quickly headed down the stairs just moments before the kids entered the kitchen. Sara looked around for a place to hide. She opened the door to the unfinished section and dashed to the dryer. She hoped she would find clothes, but alas it was empty. She then heard footsteps on the stairs. In a panic, Sara moved behind some storage boxes and sat down. Her kids rarely did their own laundry so she felt temporarily safe. She heard the TV turn on and a movie start.

"Why are they staying inside?" Sara murmured to herself. "It is a beautiful day today."

Sara sat down on the cold cement floor to wait. The chilly sensation on her butt temporarily sated her arousal. Sara tortured herself for getting into this situation. Had she just used the bathroom counter to steady the plug instead of the kitchen chair, this situation would have been avoided. In horror, Sara remembered the Ben Wa balls were still out in her bathroom. Sara didn't think her kids would go in there, but then again, she couldn't understand why they were in the basement. If they went looking for her, they may find much more than they bargained.

Sara's body temperature slowly warmed the foundation under her. Sitting on the handle of the butt plug made sure it was as deep as possible into her bowels. Unconsciously, Sara's hips began to undulate ever so subtly putting varying amounts of pressure on the plug. Sara didn't even know she was doing it. Her conscious mind was worried about being discovered while her body was doing what it could to receive satisfaction. Once again the bouquet of her arousal was the trigger to bring her mind back to reality.

"Oh my God. I've got to cum," she said to herself. Sara knew it would only take a few strokes on her clit to reach the climax she needed. She was worried, however, about making too much noise. She had learned that she could be a screamer without much warning. She began stroking her pussy as she imagined a wicked orgasm bringing the kids running to the back of the basement.

Sara decided she needed something to muffle the sound. She stood up, stretching her legs to get the blood flowing again and began her search. Most of the things they had stored in the basement were in boxes. She was sure there was something appropriate to gag herself, but she worried that she might drop the box or otherwise make too much noise while searching. The only item she could find was the family's dog's old nylon bone. The dog had only chewed it once and only for about a minute. He preferred rawhide. The bone had remained on the shelf because Sara was a packrat and she figured someday the dog might change his tune. It was a little small, but Sara thought she could at least bite down on it. The bone was dusty and probably still had remnants of dog slobber on it, but Sara was desperate and didn't want to risk the sound of running water in the slop sink.

She looked around a little more, hoping to find a substitute, but her search was in vain. It was now or never, Sara determined. The movie had at least an hour to run and there was no guarantee the kids would not watch another one. Sara's arousal was clearly in control. She had not cum for four days and that was three days too many in her book.

Sara moved back behind the boxes. The space was tight. Once again she started to rub her pussy and coat her fingers with juice. She was horrified by the thought of using the dog bone as a gag, but from her point of view, there was no alternative. Sara backed as far behind the boxes as she could. She got down on her knees. She didn't sit this time, but instead spread her legs as far as the boxes would allow.

Sara took her now slick right fingers and coated the top of the bone with her own fragrance. She put the bone in her mouth and bit down. The nylon was actually taste neutral. This is probably why the dog didn't like it. The small strip of pussy juice on the top of the bone was right beneath Sara's nose. She had become very in tune with her scent during the last two weeks and she could clearly smell the aroma. Sara took a deep whiff and leaned over. She didn't want to knock down the boxes when she came. She put her left arm under her forehead for support and jammed her right hand into her crotch. She alternated finger fucking herself and rubbing her clit, but was surprised to find she could not quite get over the top. Sara stroked herself faster and faster. Her mind played visions of her serving the women of last week and others. Celebrities, neighbors and people she had never even met. Sara could feel her climax approaching. She bit down harder on the bone to suppress her craving to yell out in pleasure. Her last thought before orgasm was what she must look like right then. Naked on her hands and knees with a dog bone in her mouth. She was rocking back a forth as if she was fucking an imaginary stud while her free hand frigged her pussy like a wanton slut. It was the perfect image to send Sara over the edge.

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