tagLoving WivesSara's Wonderful Blackmail

Sara's Wonderful Blackmail


Reader, this is a story of a loving wife's blackmail, and subsequent loving acceptance of her lover, including his son, there is a touch of lesbianism too.


Sara was on the phone talking to a friend who she was meeting for lunch, they hadn't met for 3 years and she was on her way to meet her. Her phone beeped it was another call coming in but she didn't recognise the number, she asked her friend wait a moment and took the call.

'Sara, Sara White?' a voice said.

'Yes,' she replied, 'can I help you?'

'Yes, this is Dimitri Astronkis, your husband works for me, I need to see you at lunch time, 12 noon.'

'Have you made a mistake Mr Astronkis, this is his wife, I can give you Stephens number, please wait a moment.'

'I don't want to talk to him; I want to talk to you, be in my office at noon and don't be late.' He told her gruffly.

This riled Sara. 'Now just wait a minute,' she said, 'you may be my husband's boss, but you're not mine.'

'Your husband is in trouble and I think the only person that can get him out of it is you, be in my office at noon!' And he hung up.

Now she was nonplussed, she went back to her friend and told her what had just happened. Her friend advised her to go, it sounded serious, she said.

Sara apologised to her friend and made a promise to meet later. She went home and tried to call her husband but he didn't answer his phone. She showered and started to get ready for this strange meeting. Sara wondered what to wear, she decided to wear something nice, sexy and alluring, she would keep his boss off balance.

She was also very worried, what could be wrong, what had happened? Sara dressed slowly; her heart was heavy, sick now with worry. 'But whatever it is I will be there at Stephen's side.' Said to herself. The 28 year old 5ft 10" tall and strikingly beautiful woman with her long flowing golden blond hair, picked clothes from her wardrobe, she selected a black pencil skirt that finished just above her shapely knees, a white silk blouse that in certain light was almost sheer, you could see her bra that contained her superb tits and big brown nipples through it. But she was okay with that, it didn't matter a lot in this day and age, a jacket to match and sheer nylons with heels that lifted her to around 6ft 1" or 2". She looked at herself in the mirror, 'you look great again Sara,' she smiled to herself, but really, it was easy for her to look good, Stephen would say she would look good in a bin liner.

Her face was angelic, soft and sensuous, cherub in first sight. Her huge grey eyes could tempt any man or woman, and she constantly had to fight off admirers of both sexes. But she had got used to it over the years and could fend off even the most ardent of them.

Her cheek bones were a sexy as they could be, high and slightly proud, her nose was delicately placed, and her lips were those of the sexiest, full and tempting. Her breasts were large and sensitive, but not overly large, they fitted her properly. Her waist was narrow spreading to flowing sensual hips, all carried by legs that went on forever.

She arrived at the building that housed the financial business of Dimitri Associates, it was something to do with bonds, investment banking and the like, Sara didn't fully get what they did but her husband made a more than good living from it since he had joined them 18 months ago.

She entered and presented herself at the security desk where a man in a uniform directed her to the correct elevator, but not before thinking to himself, 'Jesus what a fucking beauty, I wouldn't mind some of that for an hour or two,' he thought lewdly, and laughed to himself too. Sara's perfume lingered in the air leaving a trail to follow her.

She arrived on the correct floor and saw another reception desk, this time a very pretty young woman who looked about her own age manned it. She introduced herself and she was asked to wait a moment. The woman walked off, so Sara sat on the comfy seat and waited. A door at the end of the hall opened and she came down to her.

'Mr Dimitri will see you now Mrs White.' She told her, but the look on her face wasn't very friendly, Sara wondered why? She walked up the hall, and knocked on the door, she was going to walk straight in, she didn't like this man already but decided to show some respect because of her husband.

'Come in,' a voice shouted. Sara opened the door and walked into an enormous exquisitely furnished office. A huge oak desk dominated it, but the office was so big it fitted beautifully, Sara despite herself was impressed. There paintings hung around it and the wall paper looked fantastically expensive, 'the mans got taste anyway,' she told herself.

She was confronted by a man as big as any she had ever seen, and from his name she supposed he was Greek or something like that, He had a bushy head of black hair, 6ft 4 or 5 inches, about 40 to 45, very good looking in a Mediterranean swarthy sort of way, huge shoulders, and there didn't seem to be any amount of excess fat on him, he was wearing a blue shirt, matching silk tie and grey slacks with red braces, no jacket.

He asked her to sit and give him just a moment while he finished something on his PC. She waited patiently; he got done, lifted his head and smiled at her.

'Well I never expected you to look so good Mrs White, Sara,' he corrected himself; 'I knew you were a lovely woman, you really are very beautiful, but I'll bet you hear that a lot?' In fact he had had them both investigated as soon as he knew of her husbands shady dealings. He had photographs and detailed notes on all their finances including her husband's bank records. And knew everything about them, and the reason her husband wasn't yet in custody was his wife, Dimitri had decided he wanted her and would take her.

Sara was up against an immovable object, She had no idea of the trouble she and her husband were in.

She said to him. 'Yes Mr Astronkis, now what am I here for and why were you so rude, are you always like this?' She could see he wasn't used to being challenged, his cheeks reddened.

'I am a busy man Sara, and when I tell people to do something I expect them to do it, even wives of my employees, and that,' he said pointing at her, 'includes you!'

'Do you now, and why pray should I do whatever it is you tell me, as I said, you are not my boss, you are my husbands.' She said forcefully.

He smiled he liked strong minded women, and now he knew he had done the right thing by getting her in here, he already had the upper hand, she was more than worried, he could see that.

He stood and poured some wine for her and himself, she sipped it carefully still waiting to hear what he had to say.

He began by saying. 'Do you know your husband has been insider trading Sara?'

'Insider trading, what do you mean, I don't understand?'

'He has been trading on stocks and shares while holding knowledge that only he is aware of and that is illegal under the law, and if proven he will certainly go to jail for at least 5 years maybe more.' He told her, his eyes locked on hers. He saw the shift from assured confidence to real uncertainty.

'But why, why would he do such a thing, he doesn't need the money,' then added, 'that's if you are telling the truth, which I somehow think you may not be,'

'Oh I'm telling the truth Sara, it's all on here,' he said, pointing at the computer. 'If I were to call in the FSA he would be gone in minutes, however because I know what he is up to I have blocked everything he does, and he doesn't know about it, but on Friday, that's when I have to either call them in, or?'

Sara wasn't stupid, she sensed a 'but' here, 'and what is the cost of this relief from the FSA whoever they are,' she asked. She was being distracted by the unremitting stare from him, she constantly dropped her gaze from his, never once did he do that. She suddenly felt very small it wasn't often she could be intimidated but she was being so now.

'Your husband Sara has been dealing illegally for the last 4 months, luckily it hasn't affected us, but he has pocketed a large amount of money, in fact he has made a huge amount of money for us, but all illegally, and there's the rub, its illegal, and that is something that cannot and will not be tolerated.'

'If he has made you lots of money and he has made some and you know about it, you are in control of it, you have stopped it, you know about it, so what is the problem' She asked.

'The problem Sara is how I cover it, or do I hold up my hands and give them your husband, who as I have said, will go to jail, make no mistake about it, he will lose everything, including you probably, but we could still keep the money he illegally made us, or we get fined the sum total he has made, because we cannot give it back.'

'Ah now I see, you want something from us, is that it?' She said.

'Sara, what I suggest is you go home to your husband right now, because he is on gardening leave at the moment, and talk about it with him.'

'Yes okay Mr Astronkis I will do just that.' She said, with real uncertainty in her voice now, she had been suspecting it was some sort of elaborate hoax, but he was telling her to go and talk to Stephen, so it had to be true?

She got up to leave and he returned to his work, as she reached the door, he said. 'Be here by 11am tomorrow I want to discuss his situation with you.'

'Wouldn't you be better talking to him personally Mr Astronkis?' she asked.

'I already have, 11am and don't be late, goodbye.' She had been summarily dismissed. Sara closed the door behind her, what the hell had her husband been doing and why had she been involved?

She hurried home to find Stephen sat in the room and drinking a large whiskey, she knew straight away that he had done something wrong, and he also knew where she had been.

'What's going on Stephen, what have you done, I don't understand any of it, I spent an hour with your boss and he is not a happy bunny, he says you can go to jail for 5 years or more?' Sara asked seriously concerned.

'I'm so sorry Sara, I was building us a nest egg, and I have been caught fiddling, I'll be ruined forever, no one will ever employ me again unless he decides not to prosecute this.'

'Is there a lot of money involved in all this?' Sara was still unaware of the gravity of his situation.

'I had stashed away nearly 2 million Sara, but I made the firm 74 million,' he told her sadly but with pride too.

Sara sucked in a deep breath, now she knew, and now she understood the seriousness of it.

'Stephen what the hell, and it's all illegal is that what's behind this?' she gasped. He nodded his head.

'Oh no, oh my God, oh Jesus Christ Stephen, so he wasn't joking about you going to jail?'

'No he wasn't Sara, but I know he has some sort of plan, I know the devious bastard, he's up to something, and its something that can keep me out of jail and free.' He bleated.

'He told me to come home and talk to you, and instructed me to be at his office again by 11am tomorrow.' She told him.

'Well I don't know why he should want to talk to you again Sara, maybe he just doesn't want to talk to me, I have been told to stay away until I'm called back in.' he said quietly.

Sara's heart sank; she suddenly thought that the price might be something she wouldn't want them to pay.

Sara was unbelievably randy that night and near on fucked her husband to death, she screamed out her orgasm, he had all on to keep up with her, but he tried valiantly. In the morning he helped her around the house, then it was time to get ready, she dressed much the same way as yesterday, but with her hair piled on top of her beautiful head. Her perfectly made up face topped it off, she looked fantastic, yet again, and her husband had a troubled look in his eyes.

He dropped her off at 10 minutes to 11; she made her way up, and went through the same routine to see him. She again sat and waited, then she was called. And again she knocked and waited while he called her, she entered and he greeted her warmly taking her soft hand in his.

'Well Sara what did you find when you talked to your husband?' He asked.

Sara was at a definite disadvantage, 'He told me more or less what you did.' She answered.


'What do you want us to do Mr Astronkis? I know we or he, are in serious trouble.'

'What I want Sara is only payable by you and with your total consent.' He said.

'What do you mean sir?' she asked already feeling the cold hand of fate closing in and clutching her heart.

'My people work hard Sara, but they also get well rewarded, I want, demand and get my pound of flesh . I am a hard task master but I believe I am fair to those who are fair with me, this kind of thing could bring my house crashing down forever, do you see what the sea of ill will I am now sailing?.

Yes sir, I think I do, please tell me what you want from me?'

'Sara you are a superbly beautiful woman, if you think seriously about all thus then I believe we will arrive at some conclusion?'

Sara knew now what her fate was to be, her husband had placed her in great danger, unless she could somehow alleviate it.

'Please Mr Astronkis this can't be, I am happily married, there must be another way sir?' she whispered, wishing she could run away.

'There is Sara; your husband can be in prison by tomorrow night,' was his cold reply.

Sara's head dropped, tears filled her lovely eyes but it didn't bother him, he was a red blooded Greek male, he was in heat, and his intended lover was there right in front of him.

'Come here Sara.' It was a clear request.

She could only shake her head, and whisper, 'please Mr Astronkis please?'

He just sat there, he wasn't going to force her physically, but he was coercing her.

'Come here Sara,' he said again.

Sara staggered to her feet, looked at him, and turned on wooden legs and headed for the door, as her trembling hand gained a hold on the handle, he said.

'If you leave Sara your husband will go to jail for a long time, ask him that when you get home, or come here.' He told the shaking beauty.

Sara stood at the door, handle in her hand, her fore head resting on it, she was defeated, she raised her gorgeous head, turned the key and locked it. She swung around and faced him, hesitated, he just sat and waited, he wanted to defeat her, bring her to heel, make her his, gain control of her. But more to the point he would let her husband know what he was doing with her, he would break him for what he had done, but keep him at the firm. He would learn a very hard lesson that to cheat him was a downward spiral with no return staircase.

He smiled inwardly as the fabulous serenely gorgeous woman stepped to him, Sara stood in front of him now, head bowed.

'That's better Sara, now that wasn't so hard was it'' he asked her.

'No sir,' she answered softly, big tears sliding down her face.

'What do you think we should do Sara, now that you have decided that my way is really the only option for you and him?'

'I don't know Mr Astronkis, I don't know what to think,' she said to the huge man sat in front of her.

'Well why don't you think of something nice then?'

Sara knew exactly what the something nice was in his mind.

She slipped her jacket off and let it fall to the floor, then she slowly took off her blouse, followed by her skirt, it all fell away, and then the big show, her bra slid down her slim arms and there they were, the fabulous high firm tits, and bullet pointed nipples the bra fell away along with her dignity. He murmured in appreciation as she showed her beautiful frame of to him.

She stood there for a moment then slid to her knees and reached for the buttons on his trousers. She undid them with shaking hands, he just looked down on her with keen anticipation, the sexy beautiful woman was his now, she was married to another man yes, but she was his, he owned her now he thought gleefully. Sara didn't know it but he was going to take her completely.

She undid the hook at the top, unclipped the braces, and reached in for him. Her soft cool hand slipped into his shorts and there he was, she collected it but couldn't stop the small gasp as her hand and fingers automatically measured its size, it was big, it was half erect already but she knew by her touch it was big, well, he was a big man she thought, so it stands to reason his cock is in sync with him.

It grew under her touch it got bigger and bigger, she struggled to get it out, it suddenly broke free of its confinement, and pointed at her face swaying about like a cobra waiting to strike.

'God,' she thought, as she looked at it, 'its massive.' It was at least 8 or 9 inches in length, and maybe 2 inches wide, and the light brown skin that encased it was taut but she could see the veins running up it keeping it filled with hot blood, the head and pee hole seemed to be winking at her, the ridge around it was prominent.

Her husband's boss slid slightly down his chair to encircle her with his legs either side, her grip tightened without bidding, it felt like a teak rod, she ran her hand up and down it, she couldn't help but feel the power she felt emanating to her from it. Sara raised her lovely grey eyes and stared him straight on, then keeping them locked on his she leaned forward and kissed it, it made him shudder, the thought of what she was about to do excited him greatly.

Picturing his prick sliding in and out of his employees beautiful wife's mouth while she sucked him was making his balls twitch, Sara closed her lips over the head and hooked them behind the heavy ridge of it, her tongue licked at him. If there were two things that Sara would score a 100% pass rate on, one was her kiss, it had been perfected over the years and was irresistible. The other was a blow job; it was her most favourite part of making love to a man, she had given many in her student years, and her husband was the grateful receiver of many heart rending ball busting blow job ejaculations.

Dimitri was unaware of her prowess but he would soon find out. Sara's nails caressed his prick, dug down and found his balls; she had decided that if she were to give him her best, then maybe he would let her go. She couldn't have been more wrong! She went to work on him, Sara had learned to deep throat but getting him down was a problem, his prick lodged in her throat and she had to pull back, take another deep breath and jammed her mouth down his shaft, it went past her tonsils and she had got him in, ludicrously she felt justifiably proud.

Dimitri being a Greek of some sexual note himself felt his insides surge and his balls tighten as he saw his prick almost disappear. Then the suction and sensation of the head of his prick being scrubbed overtook him, he breathed deeply as a worried frown creased his face before it gave way to exquisite pleasure as Sara worked her mouth up and down, her throat expanding to take him in all the way.

He stretched back in his chair now safe in the knowledge that she was giving him a BJ to end all BJs. Her soft hands at his balls, her nails scratching his scrotum all added the wonderful feeling creeping through his body as she took him on. He didn't try to force himself to cum, urgent though that the need was uppermost in his mind, he wanted to savour this, he had never been deep throated and he wanted the pleasure to last for as long as it took, the first time for this was always going to be the best time for him.

Sara was working feverishly her mind had gone to where it always goes when she deep throated her guy, it went to the need to complete her loving task, she wanted to make him cum, she needed to make him cum, cum for her, she may have been on her knees before her husbands boss, but her womanly intuition made her want to serve him and give him what he desired from her. Then Dimitiri's hips jerked, Sara went after him even harder, he had no control over his body for the first time in his adult life, he wasn't deciding when he would cum, Sara was.

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