tagSci-Fi & FantasySari Stone in Cyberspace

Sari Stone in Cyberspace


Sari Stone is a coed freshman at a major university. She has been tested in high school and found to have an IQ of 155, which is very high indeed. She is taking Calculus, Chemistry, English, Physics, and Spanish. She is now in the second semester, having accrued a very high Grade Point Average (GPA) in the first semester. She had all "A's" except for Spanish, where she made a "B."

In high school Sari took the basic calculus course, one semester each of differential and integral calculus. She made a remarkable discovery: The derivative of the volume of a sphere turns out to be its surface; the derivative of the area of a circle turns out to be its circumference. Her teacher had never taken topology and did not understand that in some sense of the word that the derivative of a set is its boundary. Sari is also a science fiction aficionado. Some of her science fiction readings are leading her into the dark and treacherous regions of cyberspace. But she knows how to remain anonymous!

Still, she remains perplexed about the way that the calculus derivative of the volume of a sphere becomes its surface. The circle to its circumference is equally puzzling. Could the volume "morph" somehow into a surface? That would mean that the derivative would somehow have to assume fractional values! This is all too confusing for Sari. When she mentioned the very idea of a fractional derivative to her calculus instructor, a graduate student, he knew at once she was way beyond the common knowledge. Sari Stone could visualize the transformation from solid ball to hollow sphere as the function V(r) was differentiated "fractionally" to S(r), the surface. This type of "morphing" isn't freshman calculus at all!

Often ideas get buried in the busy work and make work of academia. Routine chores, homework, and test push many thoughts out of the way. A few scribbled lines in a diary are pushed aside and "out of sight" becomes "out of mind." In the hustle and bustle of her academics, Sari forgets her fractional derivatives and the derivative viewed as a boundary. She has less leisure to surf the net. Then, too quickly to believe, the semester is done and she has a free night with nothing to do.

Looking in a full-length mirror, Sari is generally pleased with her "girl next door" image. She is five-foot-six, one hundred eighteen pounds, light brown hair, and measurements of 34B-25-34. It will be next January before she turns nineteen, so she has plenty of time to enjoy being "barely legal." She has dark, jade green eyes and an oriental complexion and the characteristic Chinese slant-eyes. She is the product of the union of a man of European descent and a woman of Chinese ancestry. Her gorgeous physique and blemish-free, flawless complexion is another blessing.

While she is acutely aware of her sexuality and carnal cravings, Sari masks these animal drives and suborns them to her academic studies. At times the mathematics and physics seem to take on extra meanings---meanings sensual, sexual, or erotic in nature. But she brushes these anomalies and singularities aside. The important thing is to sustain her GPA. Her ultimate ambition is to attain a terminal degree and do advanced research. She wonders why Spanish was included in her curriculum instead of the traditional German. But one does what one's advisor suggests. Spanish doesn't seem overly scientific to her.

With a deserted dorm and vacant computer terminals, Sari takes the bit in her teeth and quickly navigates around the firewall. She has an account from another student who had failed out and left her a "present" to play with. It is wrong and a little bit of indiscretion, but what is the harm? At least, she feels that surfing into some forbidden region with non-academic science fiction is innocuous. Sari searches for a solution to the energy conundrum among the darker Internet sites.

The eighteen-year-old freshman is astonished and astounded to discover a character, who claimed a clean, cheap, copious energy source. It was none other than Faustus, who allegedly sold his immortal soul to the devil. He supported his claim with several formulas giving approximations to the mass ratios of various particles to the electron. The electron, and its antiparticle the positron, he claimed were the fundamentals; he claimed all other particles had pure geometrical derivations. The geometric arguments were not presented, only vague claims to some mathematical constructs.

Sari is intrigued. She looks at the various formulas and tries her techniques of calculus. She differentiates the volume equation. It looks very promising. The original solid ball unwraps nicely into a hollow sphere. Then by integration, reversing the differentiation process, she is able to obtain one of the approximations. Now she begins a quest of locating this cenobite named Faustus and picking his brain of the model. Sari has 99% confidence that even if the energy source is not forthcoming that the adventure is worth the effort.

The fictional character "Faustus" is much like other mythical and legendary entities: big foot, Yeti, the Loch Ness monster, &c. The identity can also serve as a persona, or mask, for one with an agenda. Faustus did have some theories on the big bang and on penultimate energy production. He claimed that the ancient folklore about undoing creation by saying the name of God backwards might even have a kernel of truth in it. Once upon a time the human hiding behind the anonymity of Faustus was a graduate student in physics. Not only were his theories rejected---he was also! He was a military veteran; the military was held in low esteem by the physics faculty. They applied pressures on him. It worked; he became discouraged and left graduate school, taking his rejected theories with him.

Sari Stone begins her quest to locate the elusive and mysterious Faustus and determine whether or not his theories had substance or were just "smoke and mirrors." She knew all too well that if V(r) = (4/3)*pi*r^3 then for V'(r) = dV/dr = S(r) = 4*pi*r^2. The remarkable coincidence in Faustus's model is more than Sari is prepared to accept as "coincidence" or "pure chance." Since she discovered so much on her own, she was not afraid to explore. Other students would blindly accept some teacher's judgment, but Sari was the exception.

Various saints and scholars had sought Faustus out to pick his brain when gasoline was selling at an exalted price. With the price of gas reduced, the urgency of finding a solution to the energy conundrum had abated. Having been pestered and hounded, Faustus retreated to his tiny virtual apartment and contemplated the vast unknown of human knowledge. The fundamental particle approximations and the possibility of success pique Sari's imagination. With the school account of Jane Smith, Sari sets out to locate the true avatar of Faustus and pick his brain. Not only is she intrigued by his numerology but his claim that to drive a non-linear system to ruin one must have a non-linear driver. Faustus claims that the men of present day science are trying to dissolve a non-linear system with a linear operator. Their approach is doomed prima facie to failure.

It is three o'clock in the morning and Sari is still online searching for the elusive celibate cenobite Faustus. At last she locates someone who claims to be able to communicate with him. It is the avatar Toy Euler, who claims to share some corner of cyberspace with the man. While they share some virtual real estate, Faustus is only vaguely aware of her existence. This is not uncommon in cyberspace. Sari is excited. Then she remembers that she has not even begun to pack and is supposed to leave for home tomorrow. She decides to sleep in and leave the next day. A quick phone call home with a fib about an English paper solves her problem and allows her time to chat with this avatar.

Toy Euler: This girl was offered to Faustus for his knowledge but he refused.

Toy Euler: This girl then escaped from her Master and has been hiding ever since.

Toy Euler: See, she still wears a collar!

Jane Smith: Yes, I can see it.

Jane Smith: Can't you have it removed?

Toy Euler: No. A girl would have to seek out a blacksmith (a hacker).

Toy Euler: She might be discovered and turned over to the Master.

Jane Smith: I see!

Jane Smith: I heard it through the grapevine that you might hook me up with Faustus? Is it possible?

Toy Euler: It is possible. I offered him friendship and he accepted. But he has never uttered a peep since; I am afraid to IM him, lest he remove me from the friend's list.

Jane Smith: I see. But maybe it is worth a gamble. Just try for my sake!

Toy Euler: Mistress! What should a girl do?

Jane Smith: Take a chance and give him my screen name.

Toy Euler: Yes, Mistress.

Sari locks the terminal and leaves the chat world open. She hurries to her dorm room and starts throwing clothes into a suitcase. For sure she will be back on line soonest and might not have time to pack later. Tossing toilet articles into a plastic garbage bag, she hurries to the hall and finds a box for her books. Then she returns to the terminal to see what is going on. She calculates that it will take the hoary old curmudgeon Faustus some time to explain all to her.

Toy Euler: A girl has bad news Mistress!

Jane Smith: What is it?

Toy Euler: Master Faustus send a teleport and when a girl arrived her Master was there as well. He left word that the only way that You would be permitted to visit and talk with Faustus, the celibate cenobite, monk and philosopher, would be to submit to wearing a cybersex skin plugged into the computer's USB. And, of course, be on web cam and voice.

Jane Smith: Outrageous!

Jane Smith: No way.

Jane Smith: What is it, some dildo and plugs?

Toy Euler: A girl thinks so. Her Master is calling her now. She must go.

Toy Euler: Send your real life mailing address to "Mephisto Diablo"

Toy Euler: ((This is his new screen name.))

Toy Euler: This is not negotiable.

Jane Smith: No thanks.

Toy Euler: My Master's offer may only be open for a week at most.

Jane Smith frowns.

Sari is disgusted at even the thought of plugs and dildos in her body cavities. She can not believe that anyone could be so bold to make such a proposal. As interesting as the conversation might be, she certainly wouldn't want to prostitute herself that way. She returns to her packing, this time in no hurry. The desire to understand the geometry behind the Big Bang is growing. Little by little she compromises in her mind and considers just what harm is it to anonymously be aroused, stimulated, and induced into orgasms. After all, her identity is safe. This is all anonymous.

Sari has an uneventful trip home. Her parents came and fetched their precocious offspring. Sari is silent most of the trip. Responding concisely, her replies bordered on being laconic. Finally her mother queries her pointedly.

"Why are you so distant, Sari?" her mother asks.

"It's just some school thing," Sari answers. "I have been thinking about some fundamental physics problem, that's all."

"School is out!" her father interjects. "What are your thoughts for the summer?"

"I'll work in mom's shop some and maybe take a course on the Internet," Sari replies.

"Sounds fine to me," her father responds. Her mother nods. With her husband's remark she knows better than to press her daughter with more interrogation.

In the hypnagogic state between consciousness and slumber Sari Stone is tormented by demons and devils. She is so curious about the theories of Faustus. But the demands of that creature Mephisto Diablo are so excessive. Still, Sari Stone has the alias of Jane Smith and can slip on anonymously! What harm could there be? Who would know? No one would be able to find out her true identity. And she would be able to resolve the energy conundrum! Web cams are grainy and lores (low resolution) at best. Even those who might know her would never make a positive identification. Sari has no birthmarks, tattoos, or distinguishing piercings. For sure she could also negotiate never to have her pic released by that servant of Satan.

Sari writhes and twists are her libido fills her mind with the usual female fantasy of being bound and raped. She wakes up several times, drinks water, and sits on the toilet. Fortunately her parents are sound sleepers, or they would worry. He mother is the last person Sari will ever mention her fantasy to, for fear of exorcism or worse! Religion will go to no end to suppress healthy sexuality and bring forth the dark side. Basic black stands for secrecy.

Out of darkness Sari has a vision. She sees a solid ball morph into a hollow sphere. The sphere then transforms into a punctured disk, a disk with area 4*pi*r^2, where r is the radius of the original solid ball. The fractional derivative morphs the area A(r) = 4*pi*r^2 into a circle of circumference 8*pi*r. Finally, new ball forms of radius 2*r and the standing wave is tangent and of length 4*pi. A foggy inversion and mapping process forms the new stable ball in three-space. The geometry is clear but the algebra and topology are confusing, convoluted, convolved, and complex---complex both mathematically and intellectually. Still, in her bewildered delirium she has the vision.

Sari is not a religious girl. But she is smart and well-read. She did read the bible cover to cover, the Koran, and some occult Hebrew texts. As far as delirious visions go, she knows damned good and well to "tell a vision to no one." Unlike many damned souls in hell, she struggles to keep from blurting out her nightmare or scream in terror. She holds her secret and grew stronger from the effort.

Although she has met the first obstacle and succeeded, there is the character Mephisto Diablo standing between her and the celibate cenobite. Had Sari studied a little more Christian, Hebrew, and Moslem demonology, she might have conjectured that the delirium driving her curiosity was an artifact. It could just be a coincidence planted by the dark side to trap the unsuspecting. There are those who do not believe in "all things visible and invisible." There are also those who have no fear of "things that go bump in the night." To Sari Stone, if the laws of physics can't explain it, then it doesn't exist at all.

Sari's mother, Melinda, is partnered with another woman in a boutique. The other lady's name is Fran. The store name is "Fran and Linda's Boutique." Sari works there part time, giving her mom and Fran long lunch breaks and rest days. There are times when business is slack and the computer, which serves as the business cash register, accounts receivable, and check protector, is idle. Sari is able to pop-up her 3D chat and go on line. She sent an IM to Faustus. Later she sent him a BMP file with her geometric construct. She is certain that the intricate, "to scale" drawings will fascinate and impress him. Those few confidents she showed the image were muchly enthralled, enchanted, enslaved, and entrapped by the arcane, Byzantine image and the hypnotic surrealism. But she is writing more to express than to impress. Why won't that hermit respond?

Sari Stone recalls Toy Euler's words: "submit to wearing a cybersex skin plugged into the computer's USB... be on web cam and voice... not negotiable." Sari logs on and pulls up the profile of Mephisto Diablo. He belongs to the most outrageous, lewd, lascivious, licentious, lecherous groups in cyberspace. His favorite picks are diabolical and demonic. She is disgusted and closes the browser. Now she has uneasiness as if she had done something wrong but hadn't been caught. Sari promises herself not to use the computer at work again. She also makes a vow to herself to avoid those dark, depraved dungeons and places pushing perverse pleasures.

The Prince of Darkness has a favorite ally. That is boredom. The quotidian, mundane, and banal things lead inextricably to ennui. Not being a Church-going gal, Sari Stone fancies herself as a Druid or a Buddhist. And why not? What is the harm anyway? The girl Jane Smith has merged into a coven of eco-terrorists and, if luck is on her side, should be invisible to the government's radar for a decade or more. Jane Smith tossed aside all electronic devices and dropped off the cybernet security grid. That is the way of the hard-core ecologist!

Sari can almost form the entire image of the formation of the proton from the positron, the muon from the electron, and the neutron from the merging wave distributions of the proton and the electron. But there is a step or two missing and no amount of pretending can set it right. Only that celibate cenobite could have such "Third Knowledge." Why isn't he answering her IMs or queries?

Tossing and turning for hours Sari can stand it no more. She powers up the computer and types in her real life address onto an IM to Mephisto Diablo. She then erases it and types in the store's address. Tomorrow she will tell Fran that a girl named Jane Smith placed an order through the store and it will arrive via FedEx. She asks Fran to hold it, unopened for her. This did not seem at all unusual to Fran. A small business is concerned about customer wishes.

Old Faustus had said that to undo some things it helps to know how they are put together. Knowing the construction of the proton and particles other than the elementary electron and positron might give some idea as to their conversion into energy. The neutron, after all, is "nearly stable," with a half-life of about eleven minutes. Faustus claimed that modern physicists are slamming proton against proton in the same manner as trying to open a combination lock with a sledge hammer. Opening it in such a manner destroys the inner workings. How much better it is to ascertain the combination. Faustus gave his "combination" to the proton: "Left 64, Right 48, Left eight, Right zero, and open!" Sari can see the philosophical correctness of Faustus's argument. She wants to be the one to propose a clean, copious, cheap energy source. The ramifications are obvious. But the price that Mephisto Diablo set is dear for a conservative, modest barely-legal virgin. More than being the "anal virgin" of porn, Sari Stone was so attentive to her studies that her hymen was intact and her virginity was preserved.

The package arrives after a few days. It is part of a larger shipment and came, joyfully when Sari was alone minding the shop. Now she can secure the package without even having to ask Fran. This felicitous arrangement exceeds her wildest expectations. It was almost as if the fates conspire to bring her into cybersex! In many ways the eighteen-year-old coed was intensely curious as to the contents, use, and effect of the apparatus.

Once home Sari makes a quick trip to her bedroom. Behind the large headboard is a space, just enough to secure the package. Once, Sari hid a dirty magazine there for several weeks. She then tossed it away. This time it is different. She needs a clear coast to surf the web. Her parents would be aghast and never trust her again if she were caught in the throws of an orgasm with appliances wired into the portals of a computer. It would be so, so "out of character."

Night after night Sari Stone dreams of becoming an Edison, an inventor on a cosmic scale. Navigating among the stars of the galaxy and "burning" the loose particles emanating from the solar wind. She can even see going to the black hole in the center of the galaxy, riding on sails of stellar winds and accelerating to mimic gravity and gain relativistic effects. But she can not figure out what it would take to travel to another galaxy. Maybe one would have to tap a star and direct all its energy into a stream? Maybe a black hole somehow could be used? Then there was the undercurrent lust and longing, the thrill of forbidden fruit.

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