tagSci-Fi & FantasySari Stone in Cyberspace Ch. 02

Sari Stone in Cyberspace Ch. 02



Mephisto Diablo is a demon, of sorts. Demons are really angels on the dark side of things. They also belong to a structured society. Like all beings, mortal and immortal, they are subject to rules and discipline. Mephisto promised an eighteen-year-old college coed, Sari Stone, an audience with the celibate cenobite and recluse scholar Faustus. He placed many conditions on her. She met each of his obscene demands. Now it is dessert time. Mephisto is having a problem.

Mephisto Diablo: Brother Faustus! A moment of your time, please.

Faustus Mortal: WTF do you want now?

Mephisto Diablo: Could I impose on you to grant a short audience to a charming girl?

Faustus Mortal: You know that I don't entertain students anymore.

Mephisto Diablo: But this is a small exception.

Faustus Mortal: You went and made a promise didn't you?

Mephisto Diablo nods.

Faustus Mortal: Now your ass is between a rock and a hard place. And---you want me to bail (Baal) you out, don't you? You are just SOL old spirit.

Mephisto Diablo grins nervously.

Mephisto Diablo: Didn't I give you some grand ideas?

Faustus Mortal: I prayed to Yahweh and you tricked me!

Mephisto Diablo: Prayers are prayers.

Faustus Mortal: And I was ridiculed and humiliated as a result.

Mephisto Diablo: You should have heeded the advice: "Tell a vision to no man."

Faustus Mortal: But a woman's ok?

Mephisto Diablo: "Man" in the classical sense of the word.

Faustus Mortal: No matter. I am not in a mood to see a girl.

Mephisto Diablo: She is pretty, beautiful in fact.

Faustus Mortal: I am a celibate cenobite, vegetarian, and transcendental contemplator.

Mephisto Diablo: Just this one favor. I can reward you!

Faustus Mortal: With another of your tricks? No thanks. Once burned twice shy. Or, as said: "Trick me once, shame on you. Trick me twice, shame on me!"

Mephisto Diablo: Faustus, please. He will be furious with me. I could get "fired," if you get my drift. This is no joking matter. Just name your price, tell me your black heart's desire, make a deal! Bargain! This is a seller's market.

Faustus Mortal: Mephisto Diablo, in His name be gone!

Mephisto Diablo is off line.

Sari Stone's parents return home within an hour of each other. Her mother, Melinda, arrives first. She notices Sari and comments: "You look pale girl. Didn't Fran bring you some 'eats'?"

"Yes, mom," Sari replies. "I just had a severe period and a cold, that's all."

"I want you to rest in bed this whole weekend, Sari," her mother commands. "Your father will be home shortly and I'll have him stop on the way and pick up some soup at the Chinese restaurant. Do you want Wanton or Chicken Noodle soup?"

"Chicken is fine," Sari answers. Her belly hurts from the implanted oval-shaped device in her uterus. It is drawing power from her every motion. It generates and stores energy as internal coils move in the earth's magnetic field, cutting magnetic lines of force. It gains power and begins its mission to monitor and report on Sari. It will "squawk" her location, blood pressure, pulse rate, temperature, and many other items in compact, short bursts.

While Mephisto has managed to subjugate Sari in many ways, he has failed to arrange her meeting with Faustus. This is a matter of honor and integrity. The angel of darkness deflowered Sari and has invaded her privacy in the worst ways. He assumed that the hoary old curmudgeon would leap at the opportunity to explain his flawed theories to a brilliant young scholar. But he overestimated the power of his persuasion.

In the past, every time the crusty cenobite would set aside the formative construct for the proton or a possible schema for the decomposition of the proton into a positron with much, much energy produced, Mephisto would pour out a new paradigm or mathematical coincidence. The underlying argument, like some oriental country's products, would "almost work." And Faustus would try again to explain the near approximations and their underlying constructs. Finally enough was enough. The best results were rejected by referees. It was time to cut his losses.

Sari's mother insists that her daughter take a few days off from the store. Sari does not disagree since she has fallen a bit behind in her Internet class. The experiences with Mephisto had changed the impressionable young eighteen-year-old college student, now a sophomore. Sari finds her dreams rife and replete with sexual and pornographic images. She masturbates in her bed in the dark of night. And she is taking up where Faustus left off, unbeknown that the coincidences and constructs are merely culs-de-sac. And maybe even the works of the Prince of Darkness himself!

Sari drops her mother off and says that she is going for a check up at the community hospital. She drives over to the hospital and inquires about an appointment with Nurse Warren. Sari hopes to have the oval-shaped device removed from her womb. She is surprised---but not totally unprepared---for the result that there is no such person. Mephisto is, after all, an illusive character with much technology.

Meanwhile Mephisto has tracked down Sari's residence. The oval-shaped device is also a GPS. It takes many cross-checks to learn that an eighteen-year-old college sophomore resides there. Then at last out pops the name: Sari Stone. Eventually, given enough information, her social is located, her college transcripts are downloaded, and much, much more is learned about this exceptional person. Mephisto Diablo hopes to gain release from his promise to let Sari meet with Faustus by making a counter offer.

Sari is busy doing her homework on line when an e-mail notice pops up. It is from Toy Euler. At first Sari wishes to disregard it completely. She has no intention of retrieving the box from behind her headboard again. Besides, with parents liable to barge in unannounced, it would be "suicide" to plug in all those horrid wires and tubes.

Sari finishes up her Internet homework and realizes that she is still tethered to Mephisto. She has a device inside her body which she does not understand and cannot remove. She decides to go online. But she will not be the submissive collared slave girl. Sari Stone elects an avatar resembling the "girl next door," blue jeans, tennis shoes, T-shirt, and pony tail. The Heads Up Display (HUD) is still there. She cannot close it. All of the items are gray except the egg-shaped apparatus. She IMs Toy Euler and Toy sends her a teleportation request (tp).

Toy Euler is naked except for a steel collar bearing the name "Mephisto." She is kneeling with her legs spread widely apart, revealing her engorged privates. Opening Toy's HUD Sari asks the one question that she was to shy to ask before. Before she can utter the question Toy greets: "Greetings Mistress." Now the roles are truly reversed.

"You are Artificial Intelligence (AI) aren't you girl?" Sari asks.

"Yes Mistress," Toy answers. "Please, Mistress, let me relate some information."

Sari stands akimbo. She is now the one in control, albeit she has been duped by Mephisto. "Go ahead, girl," she commands.

Toy goes to voice chat, removing any possibility of logging the conversation. "Master Mephisto is in trouble with the Powers-that-be. He must somehow placate you or change that celibate scholar's mind. The second seems unlikely."

"Is he AI?" Sari interjects.

"A girl does not know, Mistress," Toy replies. "Please let a girl continue, Mistress."

"Continue," Sari responds.

"Mistress has been given a uterine transducer," Toy speaks. "It is also a Global Positioning System (GPS). Soon and very soon Mephisto will locate you in real life and discover your true identity. For sure you are a true genius. The device is not just passive. It will embed itself into your tissue over time and allow Mephisto certain abilities. For sure you are shy to tell your parents."

Sari nods. Mom and dad can easily understand her loss of her virginity to some robust, strapping young lad. But for her to submit to a machine is a bit much? And the uterine device would be a bitter pill to swallow.

"Master Mephisto is already able to measure Mistress's temperature, pulse rate, blood pressure, and breathing. He can tell if you are awake or asleep, he can tell when you ovulate, menstruate, urinate, or defecate. He knows whether you are sitting, reclining, or standing. In time he will be able to tell when you are sexually aroused, disgusted, afraid, or stressed. He gathers information. You probably thought that the web camera on your computer was too low resolution (lores) for him to make a high resolution (hires) face print or do facial recognition. But that isn't so. He uses statistical averaging and curve fiting to ascertain your physique. Already a very highly detailed avatar is being detailed and digitized of you. Someday, when chat rooms are even better, you will be there in all your naked splendor." Toy is speaking in voice chat.

Sari shudders and trembles slightly. She has no idea of such possibilities. Now she is apprehensive. She mulls over telling her parents everything and seeing a gynecologist or internal medicine surgeon. Her embarrassment is acute. The humiliation of seeing her exact image displayed in pornographic sites is overwhelming. She thought that the anonymity of the Internet would protect her. Now she thinks that Mephisto has leverage. On the other hand, now is a good time to insist on Faustus and nothing else. That is her only ace in the hold.

Typing fingers pound out her demand. "I want to meet with Faustus. He is the hope of clean, copious, cheap energy. I want to be the one to propose the solution to the energy conundrum." Sari Stone insists. Does she really believe in the celibate cenobite and recluse scholar? Or is she just trying to leverage Mephisto Diablo. After all, Toy did say that the evil architect was in deep trouble with the "Powers-that-be."

Toy types again: "This girl has not seen Him, Mistress. And she is limited to this avatar and this tiny room in cyberspace. See, Mistress, this girl's collar has a chain linked to a floor ring. This girl is a 'Tower Slave,' condemned to spend all eternity in this one cell. But she is AI, so that is not a problem. At least not at this present level of technology."

Jane Smith: Once and for all, is Mephisto a human being or not?

Toy Euler: This girl does not know, Mistress.

Toy Euler: He passes each and every Turing Test.

Toy Euler: He is knowledgeable on human emotions and psychology.

Jane Smith: Will he show up on my doorsteps?

Toy Euler: Definitely not! The Powers-that-be wouldn't allow it.

Jane Smith: So, he is constrained?

Toy Euler: Absolutely.

Toy Euler: Mistress must know that Master Mephisto will try and get you to use the cybersex devices again. He is "bound and determined" in that way!

Jane Smith: That figures.

Jane Smith: What we have here is a stand-off.

Jane Smith: What is the best thing to do about this device inside my belly?

Toy Euler: This girl cannot say. Perhaps Mistress can wait a while to see what Master Mephisto proposes and negotiate a remove without parents or authorities becoming involved?

Jane Smith: That makes sense.

The next week passes with little incident. Sari senses the device inside of her functioning. She does find some deep depraved delight in her increased sexuality. Now her dreams have sexual content. She enjoys dreaming of being controlled, bound, and raped. Sometimes she wakes in the night to find her pussy wet and her vagina tightly constricted. She wonders: how much is her self-awareness? How much is a result of her cybersex? And how much is a result of the oval of revolution inside her uterus? The dreams are graphic, intense, and euphoric.

For a girl who had never experienced an orgasm before eighteen, Sari Stone is immersed in sexuality and sensuality. She waits and sure enough, before long, she receives e-mail from Mephisto Diablo himself. He wants to come to terms with "Jane Smith." He now addresses her as Sari Stone and uses her usual e-mail address supplied by her Internet Service Provider (ISP). In exchange for her disavowing her demand to meet with Faustus Mortal he will agree to have her uterine device removed. Sari wants more than a mere return to the status quo.

She replies to the e-mail. She mentions the chat logs and web cam pictures. "What about that avatar of me?" she inquires.

He replies that the avatar will become her with total copyright and patent. It was a very expensive undertaking for him; however, in light of all that has occurred, it seems fair.

Sari decides that this is all just about returning to the origin. She lost her virginity and suffered a maximum. She wants more than "bygones be bygones." And, besides, what about those theories and constructs of Faustus? She demands to know if they are correct or not!

Mephisto says that he does not know about physics and stuff like that. He just let the hoary old curmudgeon conjure up the numbers and geometry. That fails to satisfy Sari Stone. She knows damned good and well that all those years that Faustus found threads and coincidences should have unearthed something. It couldn't have all been smoke and mirrors. Things are going to get rough.

Mephisto can monitor and track and stimulate Sari to some degree. The full strength of the device takes time. And Mephisto Diablo is constrained as well. He is not the Prince of Darkness Himself. He must answer to the Powers-that-be. And now some of the saints and scholars who pestered Faustus are searching for the person behind the Jane Smith avatar. It seems that the real Jane Smith got busted putting steel spikes in trees. She spilled all the beans, including what little she knew about the genius girl she gave her student screen name and account to!

Unable to communicate with Faustus, the saints and scholars are looking for a "back door." This type of attention is unwanted and toxic in the worst way for the sinister stygian antagonist Mephisto. The Powers-That-Be behind him abhor the light of day. And with good reason as well. The saints are difficult to buy, manipulate, or bribe. And they never forget.

11/28/2008 Taunus

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