tagSci-Fi & FantasySari Stone in Cyberspace Ch. 03

Sari Stone in Cyberspace Ch. 03


In the days following her conversation with Mephisto, Sari Stone realizes that his sinister device implanted into her is gaining information and influence over her. She endures knowing that school will begin again soon. At the university she will deal with the situation on her own terms. It is a calculated gamble.

School will begin soon at the university. Sari Stone convinces her Mom and Dad to send her off early. She will leave for school on the first day that the dorms open rather than on registration day. She wants the opportunity to go to the university medical center and inquire about what can be done with respect to the devilish implant in her uterus. She also wants to keep this affair from her mother and father. She is certain that they could weather a pregnancy, but something on this order of magnitude? She is totally unsure.

As soon as she secures her belongings in her room, she leaves for the student infirmary in the university medical center. There she is directed to the resident physician on call, Dr. Cakewalk. There is little going on, few students, and many of the staff are on vacation or paid leave. Sari wastes no time in explaining her situation.

"I can explain what happened but right now I want you to help me remove a device, a sinister apparatus from inside my uterus," Sari Stone states. The physician assumes that it is an Inter-Uterine Device (IUD). Sari immediately continues: "This is no IUD. Now listen to me! Take an X-Ray right now and you will understand. OK?"

Dr. Cakewalk is aghast at her forthright attitude. He decides to comply, figuring that little could be gained by argument. He writes out a direction to X-Ray for an abdominal film "Stat." Sari scurries down to radiology for her X-Ray. There are few people around. This is good, Sari decides. She knows that once the X-Ray is done that all hell will break loose.

When the X-Ray is developed and viewed by the radiologist, he nearly has a heart attack. Dr. Norman, the radiologist calls Dr. Cakewalk and demands that he come to radiology immediately. Dr. Cakewalk inquires as to why he should come there. Why not just send the girl back with the film?

Dr. Norman quickly explains: "This room is a lead-lined Faraday cage, Doctor. What we have here is some kind of tracking device and sensor. It is patently illegal and the technology is beyond state-of-the art. I am also calling the FBI. This is a serious problem. Get your ass down here now!" Dr. Cakewalk decides that he'd better do what was being requested of him.

The two physicians study the X-Ray film. "The fewer that know about this, the better," Dr. Norman explains. "This may even be alien technology!"

"Pschaw!" Dr. Cakewalk replies. Then he points to some lines emanating from the oval of revolution, the implanted "egg." "What is that?" he asks the radiologist.

"Those are antennae and sensors running up her fallopian tubes and circling her ovaries. Removal of this device is dangerous. If it is a tracking device, we need to move her at once to a safe location. I suggest we get the FBI to lend us an armored vehicle, so that no radio waves can be sent to whoever is monitoring this young lady." Dr. Norman explains. Dr. Cakewalk agrees.

Two FBI agents appear and the four all go into the X-Ray room where Sari is still sitting on the table, wearing only a hospital gown. She is slightly embarrassed for being so displayed in front of doctors and men wearing gray flannel business suits and sporting firearms.

"We are relocating you for a few days, Sari," the senior special agent explains. "At least until we sort this situation out. You will need to make a full statement. We know that it may be difficult, even embarrassing. Only the four of us and yourself will be involved. This is an unusual situation."


Sari Stone's Statement

Last year, while studying physics at the university, I found an article from someone claiming a clean, cheap, copious energy supply. His screen name was Faustus. I tried to track him down---but without success. He had several remarkable coincidences and some rather convincing geometric persuasions. His philosophy was also correct. He felt that intelligent life did not evolve simply to die in its own excrement. He detailed a view of evolution starting with microorganisms built only from Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, and Carbon. Then, as metazoan appears more elements are added: Calcium, Iron, Sodium, and Chlorine. Still higher up the evolutionary ladder, other elements are added such as Zinc, Potassium, and Sulfur. Still all is chemistry. Atomic isotopes cannot be discerned. Only the mind of man was able to construct the periodic table.

And, beyond energy from splitting the nucleus of the atom or from fusion of two atoms, Faustus claimed to directly convert mass into energy. He wanted to decompose a proton into energy plus a free positron. He claimed to have a scheme describing the formation of the proton at the Big Bang. He said that to undo something it is beneficial to know how it is done. Like the conjurer claiming to undo creation by reciting the name of god backwards. He had many coincidences but a weak theory.

Then I ran into Toy Euler on the web. She offered me a chance to meet Faustus if I would perform some lewd acts. I refused at first. Then she presented a log of an on line conversation. It was convincing. Faustus did have a model. Maybe not a perfect model, but a serious model anyway. I decided to make an anonymous avatar. I had a screen name and an account from another student. I knew that it was wrong, but what's the harm? Everybody "borrows" an identity here or there. This was just for chatting.

Then this creep Mephisto Diablo comes along with a promise to hook me up with that wacky Faustus if I would do lewd acts on line. He even sent me a cybersex controller box. I went along. It was a big mistake. I went the whole distance. I was a virgin. His cybersex vagina plug dilated my hymen. Then the last demand was for me to have this device implanted. I went to the community hospital and Nurse Warren inserted it. When Mephisto didn't hold up his end of the bargain, I went back to the community hospital looking for Nurse Warren. No one had heard of her and there was no record of any such person on the staff.

I was embarrassed and ashamed. I endured this device for several weeks because I didn't want the parents to find out. I learned that Mephisto is preparing a life-like avatar of me and has learned my real identity.

I really believe that there is hope for mankind. Faustus offered the best scheme yet. His theories are philosophically correct. But I never learned how he intended to decompose the proton. Whatever he planned, it is with him in his secret refuge on the Internet. He may even be an AI "bot," not even a human being. Mankind needs a cheap, clean, copious energy source. This was, this is, this will be "One Stone Unturned."

Signed Date

/S/ (date)

Sari Stone


The four---two physicians and two special FBI agents---read the statement. There are some misdemeanors involved, but nothing prosecutable. The identity switch was done, after all, by mutual consent and no money was involved. The fact that the device cannot be removed is a concern. The consensus is to try and locate, then apprehend this character Mephisto Diablo and convince him to undo the damage that has been done to the girl. Clearly he is perpetrating felonies. The consensus also was that Faustus is merely an empty suit, not any sentient being and that his theories are specious. Even he has refuted them.

"The cybersex apparatus," the first FBI agent asks, "did you bring it?"

"No," Sari answered, "it's behind the headboard of my bed."

"We could get a search warrant," the second agent suggested.

"No," the first agent retorted. "We have the element of surprise. He does not know that Sari has gone to the authorities. When Sari goes home next she can retrieve it."

"We could have a spook get it," the second agent pressed on. "Sari could loan us a key and we could pose as cable TV or the like?"

"I think it's best to see what happens and play it close hold," the first agent decided. The group agrees. Sari is to be given a secured Internet site to "copy and paste" anything from Mephisto. The idea that he has to secure some "release" from Sari for failing to introduce her to Faustus is just another "come on," at least in everyone's opinion. This is just some Internet pervert. If only Sari was still seventeen then he could be hung out for kiddy porn charges!

"Can we get the services of some electronics whiz to figure out just how this device works?" Dr Cakewalk asks.

"We have an operative who can back engineer any black box," the second agent answers. "He will determine as much as possible and try and decode the workings of the apparatus. Meanwhile, let's put some two-inch-thick steel plates around that dorm room before the students start arriving. Mephisto will think that it is a 'dead zone.' And the battery won't charge in the room either." They all smiled at this idea. "Furthermore," the first agent suggested, "Let's ensure that she has a private room. Just in case some embarrassing events unfurl."

After many sonograms, CAT Scans, electronic "sweeps" and the like, Sari is taken back to her dorm room. The next morning a special construction team will evacuate everyone from the dorm, install the steel plates, and patch everything up as if nothing ever happened. The operative has begun to study the X-Ray film and all the other information. Sari is also given a transmitter device, embedded in her cell phone, to rebroadcast anything emanating from the uterine apparatus.

A letter comes while everyone is outside waiting on whatever construction is going on. The few early-bird residents were told that a water line burst and the toilets were overflowing. They were told a clean-up crew needed unrestricted access. Without having to cope with residents getting in the way, they promised that the job would be done before nightfall. Staying out of the dorm for the day wasn't too great of a burden.

The resident manager sees Sari at the Student Union Building (SUB) and brings her a small package. Sari thanks her and searches for a secluded spot in the campus "grove" to open the mysterious package. It is a pair of earrings for pierced ears. There is a note: "Please wear." Sari calls her handler, the first FBI agent and they arrange to meet. This may be the opportunity.

The agent recognizes the ear ring as a tiny clandestine speaker. It is very sharply frequency sensitive. He tells Sari to "re-broadcast" the monologue through her cell phone. She attaches the earrings. They are activated. It is Mephisto. Either his is a human voice or the artificial voice synthesizer is beyond state-of-the-art. Advanced technology is not to be discounted.

"You dorm room is a dead zone, Sari," Mephisto announces. Are you alone? Nod your head if you are. Shake sideways if you are not." Sari nods her head; the agent takes notes. "Can you feel your vagina undulating? Soon your vulva will be damp and then your honey nectar will spill and wet your clothes. See how the little device inside you has learned? You have learned to love to cum. Now whenever I desire I can make you cum repeatedly and stay aroused. What is your pleasure? I desire release from our contract. I will give you Toy Euler?"

Sari shakes her head "no."

"Alright then," Mephisto concludes. "Enough for the day! We will see who you enjoy other induced responses. Maybe being wet in public isn't inducement enough? Soon I will control your sphincters as well---fore and aft---and we will see how you feel about incontinence and inability to be anal retentive."

The FBI operative is known as "Jack." He feeds the voice into a complicated voice analyzer. Although it is mathematically true that one cannot "hear the shape of a bell," it is also true that one can model a voice box perfectly by "back engineering" the voice. Still the mysterious abilities of the oval puzzle Jack. After some research on the size and shape of the "egg," he ascertained that it was a solid of revolution---the original curve being an oval of Cassini, with particular transcendental ratios of its parameters. Hair-like cilia attach into the neighboring tissues and two antennae worked their way up the girl's fallopian tubes.

Sari dumps all of the e-mail from Mephisto into the trash. She does read Toy Euler's e-mail since she supposes that the AI "bot" may have a bit of the truth in her assessment of Mephisto and those who constrain him. Not only that, Sari is beginning to want to enjoy sex with Toy. She makes a note to return home and fetch her Cybersex material---to turn over to the authorities, of course. But is it really that or could it be that she wants some fun and pleasure with Toy?

The earrings from Mephisto are Goth, not at all Sari's style. But she decides to "go Goth" to accommodate the Leitmotiv. The avatar for the "CyberGoth Chick" is awful! Mephisto has such poor taste in jewelry and avatars. However, if it's true what he says, she will soon see her exact replica as an avatar, perhaps a slut of the lowest order.

The weekend arrives and Sari goes home for a visit. She looks much better and is relaxed and at ease. She tells her parents that school is going well. Her mother asks who her roommate is. Sari quickly makes up a name, then replies: "She is a Goth Chick, we don't have much in common."

Her mother notices the antique earrings and comments: "Those are tenth century! If that's not Gothic I don't know what is! But I guess that "Goth" isn't the same as Gothic is it?"

"It isn't," Sari answers. "It's a gift from my roommate." She changes the subject and asks about the boutique. Sari's father does notice a subtle change. But he keeps his tongue silent. Sometimes saying nothing is a good idea. The next day Sari packs all of her cybersex material and flattens the FedEx box. She wants nothing to be left behind. For sure Mephisto and who knows else is aware of her true identity.

Having a private, sound proof room is a true luxury. Sari yields to temptation and wires up her cybersex devices. She starts with the pussy and anal plugs. Next the cybersex bra goes on. She knows that the catheter and enema sockets won't be used. Then, at last, she puts on the VR helmet. She knows that Toy Euler will be available. After all, she is an AI "bot," and Artificial Intelligence beings don't need sleep, rest room breaks, or other "down time."

Sari comes on as a slave girl wearing diaphanous, pellucid, gossamer, translucent silks. Toy Euler is totally nude except for a collar. Sari has tubes and bulb pumps hanging in her stride. Toy motions for Sari to mount the Saint Andrew's cross. She begins by massaging Sari's breasts and clitoris. After a little foreplay, Toy begins to pump up the inflatable devices in Sari's vagina and rectum. Sari groans with arousal. She knows that she must climax and have a true orgasm before the indwelling plugs will be deflated.

Inside Sari a device measures all her vital signs and reports on the HUD. It is clear that Sari has truly become a submissive and cannot go for an extended period of time without being used and abused. Toy Euler certainly intends to do both. Somewhere in the background Mephisto lurks. He must be staring through the webcam and listening to the sounds of arousal. The question is: "Will Mephisto allow the removal of Sari's uterine device or not?" It may depend on just how constrained this demon really is. What is known, anyway, about the hierarchy of angels of darkness?

1/30/2008 Taunus

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