tagSci-Fi & FantasySari Stone in Cyberspace Ch. 04

Sari Stone in Cyberspace Ch. 04


It is Sunday. Tomorrow Sari Stone must turn over all of the devilish appliances, plugs, transducers, the VR helmet, and the like, to Dr. Cakewalk and the two special agents. But that is tomorrow. Tomorrow is a business day. Even though Jack the hacker might listen in and Mephisto might observe, Sari can see no reason not to pleasure herself for the few remaining hours. After all, Toy Euler never needs sleep or rest. She is insatiable as well. And Sari is rapidly becoming that way. If only Monday could wait a few more delicious hours?

Sari lubricates and inserts the two plugs, one in her vagina and the other in her rectum. The vaginal plug, or pussy plug, is shaped like a shrivel penis when deflated. Upon inflation it almost throbs with irregular veins and a perfect bowed angle or erection and direction. The anal plug, on the other hand, is tapered, almost like a classic coke bottle. It is designed to prevent easy expulsion, the taper working against normal peristaltic motion. The base has a wide flange to prevent the plug from working itself in too deeply and presenting a removal problem. Deflated it is cylindrical with a hard, flat, circular base.

The bra is thick latex with assorted clamps, wires, and pneumatic tubes. These are to allow simulated pinching, poking, prodding, pulling, or shocking with electricity. The back locks and is self-tightening, like the uncomfortable seatbelts in rental cars, always tightening with every squirm or motion. The Virtual Reality (VR) helmet has a 3D screen and sound as well as an intense mapping of magnetic vectors. Much can be determined about the inner workings of the mind by its effect on the magnetic lines of force passing in and out. Only the technology is lacking! But somehow Mephisto has a leg up on it. After all, he is a soulless creature. Could Mephisto be AI as well?

All of the wires, tubes, and cables run from Sari into a "black box." There pneumatic pumps inflate and stopcocks deflate the "inflatables," while wires carry information and energy. Sari goes on line. Toy Euler is waiting for her. Somewhere in the background Jack is monitoring everything and is doubly anxious to get his hands on the equipment. Mephisto is also lurking. His ace in the hold is the fiendish uterine device in Sari. Dr. Cakewalk deems it too difficult of a surgical task. But, with a deeper and more thorough understanding of the overall situation---or should the device pose a serious health problem to Sari---his opinion might be subject to change.

Such is the Sunday situation as Toy Euler pumps up Sari's pussy plug and anal plug and begins the arousal process. Warm, soft lips simulate osculation on human breasts. Sari's comely clit is rubbed, pinched, pulled, and twisted. She groans with pleasure and pain. More and more Sari is drawn into BDSM; more and more she is becoming a Goth girl, starting with the gift of earrings from Mephisto. Then comes an IM! It is Jane Smith. She is out on bail and is looking for somewhere to crash for a few days. The militant ecologists are long on rhetoric and dedication but short on cash and material resources. Sari has homework and things to do and she wants desperately to experience many orgasms before start of business Monday morning. What a disappointment!

Jane Smith: Sari! How are you doing? I need a place to flop for a few days.

Jane Smith: Jane, we are both logged on under the same USERID!

Jane Smith: But we know who is who!

Jane Smith: What happened?

Jane Smith: We were busted. And the strangest things have happened.

Jane Smith: Do tell.

Jane Smith: I have been accosted by strangers---religious and radicals---asking about some wacky monk.

Jane Smith: What do you make of that?

Jane Smith: It's a long story not worth telling.

Jane Smith: Where are you now?

Jane Smith: Over at the library.

Jane Smith: I am in Hoar Hall, Room 2006. There are two beds but only me here.

Jane Smith: On the way.

Jane Smith: Got any snacks? I'm famished.

Jane Smith: Oodles!

Jane Smith: Coolies!

Jane Smith: Do I need to fetch anything?

Jane Smith: I have some traveling money.

Jane Smith: We are fine---for now!

Jane Smith nods.

Jane Smith is off line.

Sari answers the door even before Jane Smith has time to knock. Jane walks into a Spartan room. "Are you the cenobite that the religious are crazy about?" Jane asks.

"No," Sari answers. "That is the reclusive scholar Faustus. He once claimed to have some energy ideas. They got shot down and he gave up academia for the life of a monk. Some kind of celibate cenobite. Makes no sense to me at all."

"Oh, you have changed, Sari," Jane remarks seeing the black box and butt plug and all the paraphernalia. "You said I was radical!" Sari blushes deeply. She didn't realize the implications and was out of time. Besides, she knows that she can trust Jane.

"Oh this?" Sari stammered, "It came in the mail, but FedEx in fact. Tomorrow I'm to turn it in to the FBI."

"Is that why those tubes are lubricated and the red LEDs are lit? I think you were doing a little 'independent research' myself," Jane remarks. "You have changed and so have I. Those few days in jail did a lot to curb my appetite for radical thinking. The sex in the woods was good. I have to hand it to those radical ecologists and their outdoor lifestyle for building a libido."

"How long are you planning to camp here, Jane," Sari asked. She is a bit apprehensive of the scrutiny from the agents, the spook, and Dr. Cakewalk.

"Only a few days," Jan replies. "Just enough time to make some connections with my parents' lawyer and see about getting some money. I may even move back home. Fancy that."

Sari is wearing a bathrobe and Jane [is wearing] the usual mufti: blue jeans, tennis shoes, a T-shirt and bra, and---since it was chilly---a heavy jacket. Jane notices Sari's elevator eyes. She shifts her gaze from Jane's crotch to her breasts but never makes eye contact. Jane pulls off her T-shirt and bra. "They are all yours, darling," Jane murmurs. Sari is slow at first, then touches Jane and in an instant she is kneading the flesh while Jane peels back the bathrobe and works her hands from shoulders down flanks and to Sari's carved ivory derriere. The web cam continues its feed. Jack and Mephisto are each enchanted, enthralled, enticed, and entangled in the robust erotic scene.

Soft, pouty lips kiss soft pouty lips. Tongues dart back and forth while hands invade each other's Holy of Holies. Jane even massages Sari's perfectly proportioned pearl, feeling it engorge and become tumescent with sanguine arousal. The congested pudendal blood in her vulva makes Sari twist and squirm while Jane squeals with delight as Sari pokes two fingers into her taboo treasure trove.

Jack is a spook hacker with state-of-the-art Internet software and a "sniffer" at the Internet Service Provider (ISP) gateway. Mephisto has planted a program of spyware, very sophisticated and undetectable, in Sari's computer. They are both able to view the webcam and listen. Jack knows Mephisto is accessing the computer, but is unable to locate him. Mephisto is unaware that he is the object of a manhunt. It is a high-stakes game of cat-and-mouse.

The two girls run fingers through each other's hair and rub their breasts together. Jane's voluptuous D-cups rub Sari's B-cups in an erotic crescendo of carnal craving. Fingers find, fiddle, fondle, and finger-fuck each other's love canals. They moan with atavistic animal animation. Mephisto records the sensual sounds; they are so vibrant, erotic, and euphoric. Jack is transported to a high not unlike classical music with the grunts, groans, and sighs.

Jane makes a request of Sari: "Can I kiss you?"

Sari replies: "We have been kissing. Do you mean my vulva? Then Sari rephrases it---Do you mean my pussy?"

"No, not that," Jane says with a smile. Sari is overcome with amazement then bares her butt. Jane works her lips to Sari's rosette and plants a wet kiss. The secret male audience struggle to concentrate. Jack is a paid operative. This is the most advanced adult toy complex he has encountered. Mephisto is a secretive being. Can Jack uncover Mephisto's true character?

12/4/2008 Taunus

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