tagSci-Fi & FantasySari Stone in Cyberspace Ch. 05

Sari Stone in Cyberspace Ch. 05


It is Monday. Today Sari Stone must turn over all of the devilish appliances, plugs, transducers, the VR helmet, and the like, to Dr. Cakewalk and the two special agents. Today is a business day. It is a school day as well.

Sari comes back from morning classes and collects up the FedEx boxes. She heads across campus to the University Medical Center where she is to meet with Dr. Cakewalk, the federal agents, and the obscure Jack the cyber-sleuth. She notices a pain growing in her groin. Sari remembers that today her period begins. She stops by the Student Union Building (SUB) and buys some maxi-pads with wings. She continues across the concrete midway, replete with planters growing various shrubberies. At the medical center, the girl at the information booth has directions for her. She is to go to the Video Teleconference Center (VTC).

Dr. Cakewalk and two men in gray flannel suits are already there. Sari can't remember their names, but it doesn't really seem to matter. She hands one of the agents the boxes. He looks in them and hands them to the second agent, who is obviously the subordinate. The Video screen flickers and comes to life with the telltale pops, sixty-cycle AC hum, and static. The screen is a silhouette of Jack, who prefers to remain in the shadows.

All greet. Then Jack, the hacker and clearly the expert, begins: "The technology and software is far beyond state-of-the-art. Either Mephisto is a living human or the best AI software I could ever imagine. The key to his undoing is Toy Euler. She is the one in cyberspace who requires a capital investment. The Virtual Real estate---The House of Mephisto---costs good old American money to rent. Tracing money is always a good way to locate someone. Toy Euler, by the way, is AI---she or it has no physical body. All of her feelings and emotions are scripted and artificial.

"What concerns me," Dr. Cakewalk interjects, "isn't the stuff we have. Jack can back engineer and dissect that. Nor is it the software. Again, we have expert hackers and geeks. But the device inside of Sari is different. I am unwilling to attempt to extricate it. Moreover, it seems to be evolving and taking on more influence over her body. Have we any idea as to its point of origin or its manufacture?"

"We have some information," the first agent volunteered. "But we can't release it just yet. There seems to be a huge interest in cybersex growing on the internet. And the controlling of 'submissives' seems to have paramount attention."

"What am I to do?" Sari asks, somewhat irritated. She feels that she is being discussed more as an object of curiosity than as an eighteen-year-old girl. And she is having a very painful onset of her period. "I have given you that stuff. Now I have things to do. Goodbye." Sari gets up and exits. She stops by a rest room to change her pad.

Back in the dorm room she clicks on the computer. There is e-mail from Toy Euler. It says: "Trouble with your period darling? Maybe you should come to terms with my Master, Mephisto. For some reason your room is a dead zone. But you can't live in one room and survive. Release Mephisto from his promise and make a deal. There is only one point that is non-negotiable: Your uterine device remains. Mephisto wants to keep some control over you always." Sari sighs. Clearly Mephisto is not aware of the fact that Sari has gone to the authorities. Whatever would happen should he find out? Sari trembles at the thought. Dr. Cakewalk might have to do emergency surgery!

Jane has gone out but will return soon. Sari is looking forward to spending quality time with her. There is homework: Thermodynamics, statistics, and that horrid Spanish. Sari thinks to herself: "I'm not going to be a gardener or domestic helper, so why do I need to take Spanish?" Anyway, she rushes through her lessons on the computer. Everything seems to be done on the computer these days. And her computer has Mephisto's highly advanced and secretive software. Through the webcam the hoary old curmudgeon watches, listens, and waits. He is the consummate voyeur.

Jane Smith returns. "Are you as horny as I am darling?" she asks, peeling off her clothes.

"You bet!" Sari answers. She pulls off her pullover sweater and works to loosen bra and blue jeans. In a flash both gorgeous girls are naked and in each other's arms.

"You know what would be great right now?" Jane asks.

"Tell me," Sari replies.

"If we had some cock-strong man here to service," Jane responds, giggling.

"Oh, yes," Sari agrees. "I hadn't even thought about that! All this school and computer and stuff like that."

"By the way, whatever happened to that stuff you had here the other day?" Jane inquires. Sari puts a finger to Jane's lips, indicating that she should be quiet. Jane nods. Then Sari points to the webcam. Jane blinks and nods again.

"Whatever have you gotten yourself into, you little tart," Jane asks a rhetorical question.

"Well, try this on!" Jane exclaims, pulling a strap-on out of a brown paper shopping bag.

"Ooh!" Sari utters. "You strap it on, and get over in view of the webcam. Let's give Mephisto his money's worth." Sari knows that the voyeurism of Mephisto is totally illegal, for a sentient human being, that is. But of some other sentient being? What could be the law there?

On the bed breasts rub against breasts, areolas pucker, and nipples stand at attention. Tongues dart in and out and teeth nibble ears. The massive strap-on cock finds no difficulty entering Jane's cavernous cunt. The two moan and groan, grunt and squeal, squirm and wiggle, jiggle, wriggle, and tremble in unabashed carnal ecstasy. Jane's arousal builds as molten magma under a lava dome. Then, with an atavistic animal utterance, she experiences an earth-shattering orgasm.

"Your turn with the strap-on," Sari exclaims. Jane is still in the throws of a climax; however, she obliges her partner. The scene is a complete reenactment, only the roles have reversed. As Sari cums she grabs Jane's ass, spreads her glorious hemispheres, and shoves two fingers into her rectum. Jane jerks and squirts, experiencing her anal arousal. The two roll over and Sari sits upright taking the total dildo to her intense orgasm.

Sweaty and exhausted, the two girls fall into an embrace cuddling each other. Jane looks down and sees a mess. "You should have told me that you were on the rag, darling," Jane blurts out. The bed sheets are a mess.

"I just wanted to have you take me!" Sari retorts. "We can clean this up. Just damp the sheets and let them stay wet." Jane runs cold water over the sheets and leaves them wet.

"Let me rest a few moments and I'll get these down to the laundry room," Jane promises. The two rest for fifteen minutes. Jane gets up and takes off for the laundry room with the bed sheets. Sari wakes up her computer from its Standby Mode. More e-mail from Toy Euler. She is imparting a sense of urgency.

"This girl has a jpeg file with all of the arithmetic from Faustus," she writes. "You will see that it's all just coincidence. He even claims that the differences of the mass ratios of neutron-to-electron and proton-to-electron equals LN(4*pi). How absurd. First some kind of 'radius' of 4*pi and now its natural logarithm? Sheer claptrap." The virus checker stops the download for a moment. Then decides that the picture is harmless enough and lets it pass.

Sari gasps. The probability density function fits the theory. From 1 to 4pi it is 1/x, the inverse of the distance from the mass center. And the electron must "dwell" in that region, centered at the positron. Integrate 1/x from 1 to 4pi and one obtains ln(4pi)-ln(1) = ln(4pi). The lower limit vanishes, like it is supposed to. This can't be true? Or can it? Maybe the numbers are wrong. Figures don't lie but liars figure. Mephisto is a consummate liar as well as a consummate voyeur. And he isn't a male?

"Did you have a difficult time today with your period, darling?" Toy Euler asks. Then she quickly adds: "When you go out again, try and keep your arousal from being to noticeable---especially when you cum. Mephisto has finally gotten your womb calibrated to his commands."

Sari cursed the e-mail. Now she understands. Quickly she jots a note to Jane, who hasn't returned from the dormitory laundry, telling her that she will be back soon. Sari heads out to the SUB to pick up some incidentals.

Two blocks from the dormitory and Sari feels her tummy churn and turn. She realizes that something is going on. She feels feverish then chills as her sexual arousal is induced. Like a rape victim who has an orgasm, she tries to overcome the crescendo of lust, desire, and animal drive.

She sits down on the ledge of one of the ubiquitous shrubbery planters. Blushing and also flushed with sanguine emotion she has multiple orgasms. Several passing coeds stare briefly and walk on by. The male students are unaware of what Sari is going through, having never experienced a female climax.

Back in the dorm room, Sari wants to tell all to Jane. But she knows better. Now Mephisto can torment her or make her cum, at his discretion. Maybe it's time to cut the losses and suffer a hysterectomy, if needs be. How could she function under constant manipulation from some satanic force or power? She thought that what she was doing was for the greater good, the good of all mankind.

Totally aware of Mephisto's influence and control, Sari decides to wait until tomorrow and call Dr. Cakewalk on a public pay phone. (There are any of them left in existence?) She worries that Mephisto has tapped into her dorm land line and her cell phone. He seems to have no end of technological resources.

12/7/2008 Taunus

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